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#4413846 Primal Glad Mount

Posted zzatbrah on 23 April 2015 - 06:17 PM

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the WOTLK ones had no armory either
ur a pretty big chode bumping this thread

#4412586 6.2 DK changes & discussion thread.

Posted Ownu on 20 April 2015 - 07:19 PM

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#4412457 6.2 DK changes & discussion thread.

Posted Jim_Jim on 20 April 2015 - 04:27 PM



#4409348 DK/WW/Hpally - Correct playstyle

Posted Lightningx on 14 April 2015 - 02:44 AM

frost is usually better, run strang unless druid comp then u should run asphyx. at least thats how we do it. Unh is better against teams that u don't need to oneshot. like WLS / hunter comps / basically anything that isn't rmd/godcomp

for RMD go hurricane strike+asphyx. After their retarded oneshot opener and you have used every single CD to survive the first 10 seconds, paralyze druid and walk at him. Have your DK stun him and pop every swifty CD you have, if he trinkets then legsweep insta into hurricane. If he doesn't trinket then legsweep hurricane after he will blink, DK grips him and he dies. If you face that same team again the druid will be hiding and bearform abusing like a little bitch and mage will be spam sheeping more so you have to change the strat. Take rouge behind pillar, stun+hurricane with no trinket = dead have ur DK stun druid on the burst on rogue. RMP is really easy just tunnel priest and win

Godcomp druid go hurricane+strang. Open priest and the INSTANT druid leave stealth (so he won't get hots up) grip into double legsweep and swifty the priest. Strang druid off the stun into paralyze on the end. Should be 100% disperse + at least SP trinket. Maybe NS or druid trinket. Do it again 45s later win. Or just lose coz they are godcomp and unless you have a perfect burst they win by default coz holinka :)

godcomp hpala go chi exp + strang. U need to force bubble ASAP so pop EVERYthing u have in the start and have your pala trinket+bubble to keep u up with his CDs coz there is literally no point using karma at this point unless you want to give them the free win. Stun pala into strang. he aura's and cast use DR stun on the cast depending on procs u might force bubble or maybe his NS will crit you have to wait till next stun to get bubble. Force bubble then wait until their next burst (which will usually be in 10-15 second coz godcomp infinite CC and burst) let ur pala sit CC (he will probably have used everything at this point anyway) use karma on paladin he can't get rid of it, go ham and kill him right there. Hpala godcomp games very rarely go over 2-3 min

anything with rsham+notret chi explosion+strang tunnel blue and win. vs Rsham+ret tunnel blue and win a few mins later coz ret peels are aids. mby swap him if he's retarded and bubbles a CC or something. Warlocks are a trick you should only touch it if the shaman gets a full reset 100% HP behind a pillar and your team is at like 20% with few CDs (at this point you deserve to lose tbh). Just hit lock and kick him until you can stabilize and get back on the blue.

hunter/melee/X chi explosion+strang go on the healer, no particular MLG tactics here you pretty much just have to tunnel the healer and win. If there is a paladin you need to hold Karma until BOP or lose. I honestly rather die with Karma off CD than use it into a BOP

turbocleave i don't have a specific tactic. After a LOT of games against nepho turbo (3100+ highest world) they keep changing up the strat after we would win and make it really hard for us until we discovered something new. The most generally effective strat is to tunnel monk unless bridge. If bridge then monk go on MW and DK sit on DPS to peel them off the paladin. you WILL easy win on mana so as long as you force the DPS to hit the DK you automatically win, good turbos will be able to connect on pala though and they will kill him/force CDs 10x faster than you will on the monk. Monk is very hard to kill you need to catch him with his pants down and take advantage of the pressure. Can be really easy or really hard matchup depending on the players

TSG is rly easy, tunnel healer and win. If your healer is getting farmed then drop back to make a peel, you benefit more from the long game than they do so take your time and keep the melees off your healer, and connect with ur DK when their healer runs in. easy matchup

Don't overthink the comp, that's the biggest mistake you can possibly make. Don't be fooled by venruki's stream discussing different MLG tactics for each scenario. The only reason they can make it work like that is coz they are fucking insane players who and extremely good tactic-wise on a fundamental basis. For the average joe running this comp it is 10x more effective to tunnel the healer instead of trying random stupid shit.

GL and hope u have fun in this awful game.

#4408550 Rank 1 Shadow Priest Streaming 3v3 on Twitch

Posted Snoopyjk on 11 April 2015 - 03:34 PM

Hello AJ! I've been getting new people everyday joining my stream and say that they didn't know that a shadow priest or me specifically streamed, so I decided to make this post.

I'm a 2900+ 3x gladiator and a rank 1 in s14 shadow priest. I stream almost everyday but mostly on US, my EU priest is only around 2500 as I don't really play it that much because of latency. I usually stream 2700+ 3v3 as shadow, but every now and then I'd stream double dps 2v2 or would play disc/holy, or on one of my alts sub/combat rogue and resto/boomkin druid.

Even though it's pretty much an arena gameplay stream, I try to make it as much educational as I could, as I have an interactive chat and always answer questions in between games or during short breaks; I like helping other priests, or any other player of different classes (as I've played almost every class/spec to 2200+) improve. If you are trying to learn, just let me know and I'll do my best providing you with all the information you need.

I'll be adding the full list of my macros to my page soon for everyone to use (I got around 80 priest macro's, some of these macros are pretty common, but some I've made myself that you will probably not find anywhere else), I'll also be adding a list of my addons.

Comps that I've played this season on stream on my shadow priest at around gladiator range: mw fireplay, rdruid fireplay, hpala fireplay, rsham fireplay, mw shatterplay, rsham shatterplay, hpala shatterplay, godcomp, arcaneplay, (arms) wps, (arms) wppala, (prot) wpd, sp/dk/rsham, sp/dk/rdruid, sp/ret/rsham, scatterplay, fps, fppala, rpd, wwps, wwppala, wwpd, shadowplay.

You can find many VOD's & Highlights on my stream, and I also have 150+ VOD's uploaded to youtube that you can find below my stream if you would like to see a specific match up vs certain comps. Feel free to follow if you like what you see :)

Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/snoopyjk

Highest Fireplay on US Video: https://www.youtube....h?v=vUa41b656gg

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube....0adUCYFXRrjEAeQ

Good day! <3

#4400926 PvP damage reduced by 10% in hotfix

Posted Thasta on 15 March 2015 - 11:04 PM

Arena is extremely frustrating for me after this hotfix. It feel almost impossible to get kills until like 10 minutes into the game where dampening is stacked high enough that damage starts to actually matter. I don't remember arena ever being this boring :mad:

#4393094 i'd like to add my complaint about 6.1

Posted jam420 on 26 February 2015 - 03:17 AM

panooch youre barely 2500 you're not even close to r1 range pls

#4370168 Is Holinka the worst thing that happenned to WoW PvP ?

Posted Thasta on 24 January 2015 - 05:23 PM

I think Holinka is doing a great job. This is just the first season of WoD, and I think s16 is infinitely better than s5, s9 and s12. You can see Blizzard is doing a better job of making changes earlier on to tweak PvP. Hotfixes are being rolled out multiple times per week. What you have to remember is that WoW is a PvE game, and most of the damage/healing numbers will be based on PvE performance, which Holinka doesn't have control of. As previous posters have pointed out, PvP balancing really can't reach its full potential until they separate the functionality of abilities in PvP and PvE.

#4369742 Is Holinka the worst thing that happenned to WoW PvP ?

Posted Kidneygod on 24 January 2015 - 02:08 PM

View PostImSoAesthetic, on 24 January 2015 - 12:54 PM, said:

MoP has been a complet piece of shit since the beginning to WoD ...
WoD is the exact same thing as MoP or maybe even worse
Oh well, he added Swifty NPC and Bajheera NPC, yeah nice change ...
He had to make arena cross realm and everything because the game came very unpopular in PvP/Arena
They also had to merge realms together because customers keep de-subbing ...

MoP and WoD are still far superior to Cataclysm - the "masterpiece" of Ghostcrawler. Xrealm arenas and removing teams was actually a really good chance - people can actually play more now and try different comps. It was very sad that people was sitting at their ratings from the first two weeks of the season - only the bottom of the ladder was active. There has been dead realms since TBC and again it was really good change to start the server merges.

This thread is just attention seeking bullshit with zero clue about anything. Holinka has made some mistakes, but he has done far better job than Ghostcrawler ever did.

#4180441 scumbag reckful

Posted Raak on 27 July 2014 - 05:12 PM

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Main difference between Santa Claus and Reckful is that Santa Claus goes down the chimney.

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#4360953 Freezing trap NERFED 21 sec CD

Posted Kettu on 15 January 2015 - 06:26 PM

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#4359432 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Posted abolishedtehe on 14 January 2015 - 10:17 PM

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Ps. What the fuck do you mean with "this season its not even debatable". Was it debatable last season ROFL!?

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#4358454 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Posted Forumz on 14 January 2015 - 11:26 AM

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#4300863 Buff Frost Dks Heals

Posted Rabidhobo on 15 December 2014 - 09:43 PM

I'll address your complaint about you saying "X is overpowered" and people saying "So is Y". Your post is really a gripe about a larger problem but is made too specific due to your personal experiences which makes it appear you are biased. This post is a particularly useful example of this perceived bias.

The issue here is that some DPS classes have been given WAY too much self healing. It is really frustrating to a lot of people to be having their damage completely counteracted by the sustain of a class that is supposed to be a damage dealer. It's even more frustrating when the healing isn't self healing but rather healing in general.

However your approach to this topic was that frost DKs have too much self healing. You cited this by posting a screenshot of an arena scoreboard in what can only be described as a contentless salt post. yet this is in glaring contrast to the fact your teamate is a FERAL DRUID. One of the biggest offenders of this whole DPS have too much healing gripe. I can only imagine that means youve seen dozens if not hundreds of game scoreboards where you won in part due to ferals sick self healing and never thought it was a problem. yet suddenly when a frost dk on the other team is commiting this sin it's worth a passive aggressive #icefrog2stupid5me post. Your post makes it look like you're totally ok with the self healing mechanic, but want it nerfed on classes you don't happen to comp with.

#4285194 Bow down to the ret paladin gods

Posted Volb on 04 December 2014 - 04:04 PM

okay so for starters, you only get 30 second wall if you don't take double hands. So the whole first 4 points you make are contradicting.

10% less dmg for 6 seconds only after using exorcism/TV, why not complain about shadowform/boomkin too (100% armour) or warrior/dk dstance/blood pres (20% dmg reduction). Or iron hawk for hunters for that matter (10% passive dmg reduction). So you're literally complaining that rets have a small passive dmg reduction, the same with almost every other class in the game.

Fist of justice is gamebreaking how? complain about asphyxiate/kidney shot/shockwave too then?

"chance to heal" ... really?

all those nasty poisons that are clearly breaking the game for everyone with the exception of hunters who take wyvern.

aura mastery is exclusive to holy, so there goes that point.

Not defending rets but holy shit perhaps you should atleast look up their talents/abilities before you start trying to blow them out of the water.

Also rets lost nothing because rets had nothing to begin with. 4 buttons to press and sitting around waiting for cds to come back to actually play the game and then waiting until wings are up to actually make someone consider healing through their dmg.