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[Warrior] Prot Warrior attack priority?

04 August 2010 - 11:14 PM

So me and two friends are gonna try out African Turtle cleave (me being the hunter) on our furious geared alts, and my warrior friend had some questions I couldn't answer (since I've been only playing arms on my alt):

1) Most important - damage priority: Which attacks to prioritize first (which one hits the hardest)?

2) Is it worth doing Heroic Strike at 100 rage?

3) Is it ever worth to switch into battle stance and use Retaliation?

4) 2p T10? If so, which parts (I assume hands and legs)?

5) Why do all Prot warrior run around with like 400-800 resilience?

6) Which PvE offset pieces are worth to pick up? Does it follow the same rule as arms (Badge cloak, chest and waist for example)?

7) Block cap - is there one? Is it worth to strive for (is it good)? If so, what good offpieces are worthy to pick up?

8) Slow or fast one-handers?

Hope you've got some answers to there questions, would appreciate it very much.