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So uh... Horde again in legion?

15 November 2015 - 06:40 PM

Lets make this happen pls.

[Serious] What does wow need to be good again?

24 April 2015 - 07:55 PM

So as everyone can agree, wow is in a pretty sad state right now. I think that everyone I've played with has had a comment to make on the overall balance or "flow" of the gameplay.

Let me define flow - I remember in TBC, Wotlk, and even cata to some extent there being an element of finesse or flow to the way a game played out. In mop and wod games can be randomly won out of no where and without strategy. Not to say those things didn't happen in earlier seasons, but it was rare.

I remember specifically getting pissed at a team in S8 for training my healer all game several games in a row. I believe it was arms/prot pally/disc. That just didn't happen back then, now shamans are perpetually trained and no healer is safe from the trainfest. I know that good healers can survive, but its still extremely frustrating to be trained 100% of  a match. Back in earlier seasons, most games were won with switches or good CC chains. You can literally train one target all the way to glad now which is pretty sad. I remember there being a strategy section on this website on how to play certain comps vs other comps because there might be only one way to win. The game has evolved and is more dynamic now so having one strategy in place doesn't work anymore which adds complexity in a way but it also leads to the game being very unfun often times.

For example, I know 2s are a terrible example, but this is a really good one. If you play double DPS or even DPs/healer vs certain double DPS comps it can be extremely difficult to win without the other team doing anything special. I have played countless games against feral/x where the feral did the most DMG in the game AND outhealed his own damage.

I digress. So basically what I'm asking is, what do you think the game needs to add or subtract to get back to where the majority of people are happy again. I'm going to give my opinion on a per class basis.

I think resto is in a pretty good spot. HPS might be a little high.
Boomkins seems fine balance wise, I just feel that they're missing something utility wise to be strong again.
Feral healing is absurd, getting chain stunned during incarn is beyond annoying.

Frost should be less burst centric by relying on icy nova less to do damage in my opinion. Poly should DR with clone for sure. Ring of Frost should be a frost and arcane spell so you don't interrupt a deep poly and get ringed anyway. Flameglow should be looked at.

Combat has to go. No one likes playing against a combat rogue that trains one target all game long. I think most people will agree that sub is what a rogue PvP spec should be. I personally find sub much more enjoyable to play, playing combat feels like playing a frost dk. Mindless.

BM damage is already getting nerfed. Most people dislike the new trap design though. I liked it better in mop where is was much harder to get off and more easily preventable. Marks should be buffed to be the viable PvP spec in my personal opinion. Having most of your damage bound to an NPC is a terrible idea for PvP. Spirit bond has to go.

Fix MW mama issues and increase the cool down on coocoon to 75 seconds and I think they would be fine. Maybe sap and leg sweep shouldn't both be accessible, I don't really know monks that well so I might get hate for that.
WW I can't comment on because I hate them and don't know how to fix them.

Make ascendance do damage again for enhance, give enh more damage and almost no healing capabilities. I think slightly less damage than mop and equivalent healing to cats is a good balance for enh.
Buff lightning bolt damage for ele for more single target pressure.
Resto needs something to prevent them from being trained to the ground. I think the new echo buff helped a lot but it shouldn't be a viable start against any shaman team to just train the blue in my opinion. It really sucks from a resto sham POV.

I think warriors are pretty balance right now actually minus the amount of damage execute deals. Nerf that by a bit and I like warriors.

Needs a separate school for affliction or fel flame back. Playing against a kick bitter right now will make you hate life as affliction. Destro needs some love.

Just remove self healing and let them be a damage bot. Whatever. I'd like UH to be good again myself.

Forbearance needs to be longer I feel. Double bop and bubble are so annoying to play against. Makes the paladin a completely inviable kill target for some comps, and heaven forbid they're playing with mage.

I honestly don't know what they need to be good. I never see healing priests. My only complaint with shadow is somewhat spammable horror.

In short I think all healing from non healing specs should be toned waaaaaay down. CC still needs work, and some specs just need some buffs in the damage department to be viable. I would like to see all specs minus tanking specs to be viable again. Typed this on my phone so I apologize for typos and punctuation but I'm interested to see what people have to say.

28k Conquest Cap on fresh 100s?

07 April 2015 - 10:45 PM

Anyone else seeing this?

bug? intended?

My heals are stuck healing for 23304

17 February 2015 - 03:10 AM

Anyone else experiencing this bug?

edit: removed stream link, wanted it to be recorded basically..