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#3190350 US-Rampage 3v3 S9

Posted Donald on 18 April 2011 - 02:23 PM

View PostFilovirus, on 18 April 2011 - 04:03 AM, said:

devildriver noob band

parkway drive (the adam d albums mostly)
lamb of god (first 2 albums shrieked; not my sound)
august burns red (last 2 albums)

you'll have to explain to me how 2:50 breakdown here is noob and not god mode

#3177092 Spriests Feel 1-Dimensional

Posted Donald on 11 April 2011 - 07:41 AM

tldr: fucking read it if you are interested in someone who knows what their talking about regarding these topics.

idk its not up to us to have cool, balanced ideas

@ppl thinking shadow became brokenly OP in 4.0
nope, thats blizzard doubling the amount of dispellers, giving every single comp at least 1 dispeller by homogenizing healers (on a tangent; homogenization means at least one of the healer classes is going to be unplayable forever post 4.0 because they spread dispel around, whereas each healer had a niche pre 4.0). priests have always had dispel (its our most core ability), what changed is healers.

*homogenization has many more negative aspects, basically fuck you blizz youre bad at balancing shit. before, the roles were the classes, they were unique, had niches, etc. blizzard is taking one more step away from unique classes and one step towards a retarded homogenized role based game, the roles being dps, healer, and tank. the problem with having a role based game where roles>classes means that certain classes will be unplayable because classes are so similar that the little differences will make you tier 1 or unplayable. before there needed to be classes synergy, now you just throw together the most OP classes of each role and you have the top comp.

@ppl thinking double dispel means its god mode
it is against some comps, its unusable against others. its very good against mages, hunters, and pallies. its unusable against locks, and when rmp plays well. against non lock teams it is possible to coordinate cc so they have full durations. against lock teams, gg.

@warlock vs spriest debate, pre and post 4.1
the debate has been this; locks have spammable cc, priests have dispel. to a lesser extent: locks have better dispel protection, infinite mana and more spread dmg, priests can burst harder and can offheal. there is nothing to debate about after 4.1; blizz is decapitating shadow. this change is like taking cyclone away from resto because of a philosophy like "we want dps to cc and healers to heal."

@any resto shams
fuck you, you single handedly take shadow out of every game with cleansing waters and tremor totem. if sin and punishment was worth a shit maybe we wouldnt be countered so hard, but we are, and shams are very popular right now; i see them in like 50% of games i play and 90% of the top ten comps. locks and shamans single handedly take shadow out of tier 1 because of their popularity.

tier 1: warrs, rshams, locks, dks, and moonkin
tier 1.5: rogues, shadow, mage, feral and rdruid, disc, hunters, ret
tier 2: enhancement, other shit im forgetting
retard tier: holy pal, ele sham, destro, all the other specs

if they could just bring down the top tier and bump up the retard tier things could be good, but thats idol idealism. i dont see the point in nerfing anything thats not tier 1, or not buffing anything thats below 1.5. and to take away the spell that we've been using so heavily since beta..... unbelievable.

tldr: fucking read it if you are interested in someone who knows what their talking about regarding these topics.

#3150105 anyone else considering quitting?

Posted Donald on 27 March 2011 - 11:23 PM

View PostBraindeadly, on 27 March 2011 - 04:28 PM, said:

think people who think shadow priests with all their tools and then defensive dispel on top are balanced should get their head checked

priest having dispel since beta is one thing, blizzard letting some retarded ape dev team give dispel to druid and shamans is another, the imbalance is cuz of that fuckup.