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#4583565 Arena bugged?

Posted Phoo on 20 May 2016 - 10:21 PM

Fair play to blizzard for finally listening to their fans. Welcome to wotlk.

#4347842 team names

Posted Smooviex on 11 January 2015 - 08:07 AM

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#4552341 Turbocleave The Movie

Posted Hexur on 10 December 2015 - 11:20 PM

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#4582332 MW PoV: Got Into Alpha.

Posted sarma on 14 May 2016 - 04:00 AM

View PostFrosteye, on 14 May 2016 - 01:14 AM, said:

2) We have one way to get out of stuns with our PVP Trinket (or Dampen Harm to help mitigate some damage) -- we are easily killed in a single stun. It would be nice if we could have Dematerialize back from MOP, would really fit this Meta.

Because of 3 rolls and port only way you can kill a monk is in stun

So lets try it by stunning monk on CD on DR

1) stun > nimble - port , roll roll = safe

2) stun > coocoon - port roll roll = safe

3) stun > trinket - port roll roll = safe

4) stun > if nimble is not offcd ask your warrior friend to press vigilance and port + roll roll = safe

Rinse and repeat untill dampenging SUCH AMAZING PLAYS !

#4581927 Incoming legacy servers!

Posted ROKMODE on 12 May 2016 - 12:02 AM

too hard to pull off
just like spectator mode

#4581930 Incoming legacy servers!

Posted Dubsidia on 12 May 2016 - 12:21 AM

"A meeting" - ha , Remember when they had a Meeting about pvp with various high regarded pvpers? All that came from that was ingame characters for most the attendees. Maybe they will add a grave ingame for Nostalrius Kappa.

#4581918 Incoming legacy servers!

Posted Railander on 11 May 2016 - 07:14 PM

not sure if this has been brought up, but i dont think there's any doubt that at least a part of what they said about the difficulties in making a legacy server that isnt complete bullshit.

the "right" way to do it would be to keep all the old aspects of the game, but implement all the technical and behind-the-scenes advantages and polishes we have today.

for one, we wouldnt have the old crappy friends list. no, we'd need to have the old game fully integrated with the new battle.net system we have today. im not a programmer but my conservative guess is that wouldnt be exactly quick do get done, which takes development time away from other things.

then there's the more performance stuff like the new file format blizzard has developed in the past couple of years so it can take full advantage of the new battle.net dynamic update and stuff like that. i suspect it'd be as easy to convert to the new format as pressing a single button, but perhaps there are compatibility issues that first require addressing given how old the original game is compared to when they implemented the new format.

then there's other, possibly controversial stuff, like server tick rate. pre-wod the internal server tick rate was once every 0.4 sec and now its once every 0.02 sec. im sure you all remember the "great" things that provided such as interrupts locking schools after the spell finished casting. i personally would prefer they implemented that into the legacy servers, but i do acknowledge it might make the game feel different from what it was back then, but really that was nothing more than an engineering constraint and there's no reason they shouldnt implement the fix. i also remember they saying during WoD development that making that wasnt necessarily easy to do and its possible it would sort of take them to "reinvent the wheel" to get it done for legacy servers.

those are just some things off the top of my head. i have no doubt a lot of bullshit came out of that announcement of theirs, but let's not pretend there arent at least some reasonable levels of difficulty involved in getting it done right.

#4581735 Incoming legacy servers!

Posted Xinowl on 10 May 2016 - 11:16 AM

View PostRippedLife, on 10 May 2016 - 09:48 AM, said:

100% blizz told them to shut up if they want any kind of deal - understandable

And in Blizz office, the police will be waiting for them :)

#4581126 The Links Podcast Episode #3 Feat. Tosan

Posted Glink on 08 May 2016 - 05:58 AM

View PostImahacker, on 08 May 2016 - 05:29 AM, said:

Do we really have to see your gorilla face every time?
Lets see your's instead

#4581114 The Links Podcast Episode #3 Feat. Tosan

Posted Glink on 08 May 2016 - 04:42 AM

Hey guys, this is episode 3 of the weekly podcast I do, this time with special guest Tosan. In this episode we discuss the direction Blizzard is taking with their games, the state WoW is in, the growth of esports, amd harkening back to the good old days of WoW and to the future.


Let me know what you think, thanks!

#4580886 Bias And Favoritism On Twitch

Posted Slappajack on 06 May 2016 - 10:59 AM

View PostHeyimJack, on 06 May 2016 - 07:40 AM, said:

Nice post Jack we still on for Odeon on WoW movie release ye?

O shit fam, I completely forgot that was a thing, in the deep south now so no Odeon here.

Face time it to me, I require the full Odeon experience.

I expect to see you in your Bulgarian rogue DFA crit inspired cosplay.

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#4580766 Bias And Favoritism On Twitch

Posted Korzul on 06 May 2016 - 02:55 AM

Whompin explained it better but in short:

Gross was partnered with twitch. Slander/defamation of character like that over such a media not only opens up himself to being sued but also twitch as a company. Who ultimately has a responsibility to the content that goes out.
If they'd done nothing and he'd continued throwing out random accusations eventually getting himself in trouble you can be damn sure with the resulting coverage it got people would be asking why the hell twitch didn't step in and stop it.

Also the whole twitter issue, if your affiliated with a company (sponsored/work for them etc) and you go and say some stupidly hateful/racist etc shit ANYWHERE they have the right to end that relationship. It DOES reflect badly on their image if they partner with morons.

#4580541 Bias And Favoritism On Twitch

Posted Glink on 04 May 2016 - 06:21 PM

Hey there, after this recent ban with a big streamer, GrossGore, and his apology video basically, a few things seemed to go unnoticed which I feel like people should be made aware of.

In this video I explain a few problems I see with this guy's mentality, but more importantly with the favoritism and bias I see on twitch.


Let me know what you think, thanks!

#4580175 So how's the gameplay in Legion?

Posted Speedymart on 02 May 2016 - 04:07 PM

I played about an hour before logging off in disgust. I then proceeded to log onto AT and played 5 hours nonstop having an absolute blast.

The only way you're going to enjoy Legion is if you play a class you've never played before. They've completely overhauled nearly every spec to the point where they're unrecognizable to any past iteration.

Warriors are an absolute disgrace to me, and I haven't bothered giving feedback this time around as they don't listen. They get it to how -they- like it and then promptly tell us to fuck off, like always.

I probably won't be buying Legion anyway, as the first expansion I didn't pre-order. Nostalrius ruined live for me to the point where I'd rather fuck off and read reddit or someshit then play this garbage game. Here's hoping legacy happens.

#4580022 Incoming legacy servers!

Posted Niezeremake on 01 May 2016 - 12:19 PM


probably big bait