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#4517217 So legion suggestions - share your thoughts

Posted Jim_Jim on Yesterday, 12:33 PM

Let me finish my day at work, and i will assassinate you for this blasphemy you said about transmog.

#4516872 So legion suggestions - share your thoughts

Posted Jim_Jim on 08 October 2015 - 09:36 PM


- Removal of transmog.

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Faerie Swarm

I don't know if it's only for priest, but when when i dispel a fearie swarm when i'm with angelic feathers on my panda-disc, i have no debuff at all, but i'm still snare for some times after. No way to remove it unless you wait few (very long) second.

#4516830 So legion suggestions - share your thoughts

Posted Ashleyirl on 08 October 2015 - 08:02 PM

im fairly confident in saying none of these suggestions will ever become reality lol

#4516788 So legion suggestions - share your thoughts

Posted ROKMODE on 08 October 2015 - 06:16 PM

Glad mount token lol. Yes def need legion gladiators, who weren't even old enough for the ESRB rating in tbc/wotlk, to run around with netherdragons and frostwyrms. Seems legit

#4516677 So legion suggestions - share your thoughts

Posted amirdaheat on 08 October 2015 - 03:20 PM

its not like our feedback matters for shit so i dont understand the purpose of this thread

#4514955 Season 15, A new frontier?

Posted BalanceRexxar on 06 October 2015 - 06:00 AM

i miss the days of being able to watch jahmilli abn and shwayzee play enh arcane holy priest and WIN

i miss the days of watching sodapoppin do 1v3s against RETARDS

i miss watching thugonomix lob throbbing fat chaos bolts in peoples EYES

i miss unscripted PVP

i miss the days where the biggest problem of pvp was a goat fucking MAGES

i miss the days of qing into or with all of my friends who are GONE

i miss the days where i could que more than one comp and not lose to WODGODS

i miss the days where i could attack a druid or hunter for more than 3 seconds at a TIME

i miss the days where i could go into mitch jones stream and see him doing something other than run around DALARAN

i miss the days where i could watch cdews stream without watching him watch his own VODS

i miss the days where reckful would dance to the farmer SONG

i miss the days where durotar was full of LIFE

i miss the days where people would enjoy the GAME

i miss not MOP

i miss the WOW factor

i miss wow

#4515114 Season 15, A new frontier?

Posted Fedx on 06 October 2015 - 08:20 AM

Anyone else remember when dps casters actually went oom? If you went oom as lock you used lifetap or as mage the gem. Those kind off unique things is what I miss. They brought a depth to the game together with many more spells that have just been removed. (Not saying it was like this in s15 but I remember cata/wotlk)

#4063925 Season 15, A new frontier?

Posted hekumzx on 24 February 2014 - 07:49 PM

Looking forward to a new season and a new meta game.  And 30 more item levels.

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#4514709 Progressive Wotlk Server Launched Today

Posted Lirox on 05 October 2015 - 07:04 PM

View PostLzd, on 05 October 2015 - 05:34 PM, said:

Anyone tested honorbuddy with it?
youre an idiot if you want to honorbuddy on these servers

#4514772 Arena Dead?? Private servers/WOW

Posted justicecute on 05 October 2015 - 10:13 PM

I will keep playing until i get glad. Im having genuine fun in arena (exception is when we face fls/lds3). I will be doing my mandatory military duty in legion soo this is my only chance. The dream

#4513464 what a joke joke joke of a company

Posted Lolflay on 04 October 2015 - 12:45 AM

View PostGlink, on 04 October 2015 - 12:24 AM, said:

So how much does holinka pay you?

Holongo doesn't need to pay anyone to have an opinion on something.

If I had it my way, everyone who broke rules in any way wouldn't be allowed to play. You're boosting ? Okay, tough luck buddy, you can't attend, it's one or the other. I have nothing against boosting, even though I view certain opinions borderline retarded. It's one of those things that fall into "you're doing it ? Okay, then at least don't be a fucking imbecile about it" category.

Be silent, don't voice your opinion on it, do it as quietly as you can, and don't act like a "force of good for the community", spewing random shit like "boosting doesn't take ladder spots", "it creates queues", etc. Just shut the fuck the fuck up - if you find yourself annoyed at this comment, stick a black dildo in your mouth.

Kid got caught and got DQ'd, the same way Nolifer got rekt. Timing doesn't really matter. And hey, I'm pretty sure Blizzard bought him the ticket to Prague and back, that's not a horrible deal at all.

Boring drama, the same kid that's being felt sorry for right now is a subject of half of community hating his guts due to how arrogant he acts usually. He didn't get banned for logging on a different PC, that's a fact lol.

See you for Blizzcon drama, I'm not checking or writing on here until then.

( and like, I'm not trying to be a douchebag to Xonika, however I have no problem speaking up my mind about this - no offense intended )

#4513068 Alessia #2

Posted Avizura on 03 October 2015 - 04:32 PM


Hey guys,

me & my friend decided to make another movie since people were asking for it.

The movie also features a few skype games as requested.

Make sure to watch til the very end!

Thanks for watching hope you enjoy ;D

Put it on FULL HD!


Urban Contact - aurora

Rameses B - Safe Haven

odesza - How Did i Get Here

Pretty Lights - One Day They'll Know (Odesza Remix)

Philter - Flutterby

Thanks to Ayunix for the help!

#4511985 Progressive Wotlk Server Launched Today

Posted ROKMODE on 03 October 2015 - 07:50 AM

Dude, Where's my Rank 1 Frostbolt?

#4512867 what a joke joke joke of a company

Posted Gelu on 03 October 2015 - 02:33 PM

breaking news,
Xonika found playing underneath infernions jacket on the character 'Ripxonika'Posted Image

#4512861 what a joke joke joke of a company

Posted Knaittiz on 03 October 2015 - 02:30 PM

i spent 3 points on improved blizzard and the company still sux XDD