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Party/Raid Frames in Arena

22 November 2014 - 03:51 PM

Hi everyone,
I'm having a big problem with the raid frames to use in WoD in arena. I've always been using Grid and it's been amazing because I could customize all kind of debuffs in many side icons and such - UA center icon, Fear bottom icon, so you know, I could see everything with various priorities.

All the grid plugins I use seem outdated and stopped working in WoD so I started using the standard Blizzard ones (I love the way it shows absorbs and shields). However it only shows "magic" debuffs, and a little amount of things. I can't get it to show warrior's Storm Bolt for example, and much more is needed...I basically don't have awareness of what's going on.

Am I using some wrong options in the interface menu, not showing all debuffs?
Or do you guys suggest something new?
Or do you have working grid plug-ins?