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In Topic: Best healer at the moment?

19 March 2015 - 10:22 PM

View PostFeliclandelo, on 19 March 2015 - 03:23 PM, said:

Can someone tell me what's been going on since 6.1? I haven't pvp'ed for months.

Why are Holy Paladins suddenly good? What did I miss?

the game became very cooldown dependant with red buffs (on use trinket) receiving a huge buff and holy paladins have always shone the brighter in CDs vs CDs situations. they actually became better with the 10% dmg nerf because the game became slower, and holy paladin short (but good) cds could actually almost always be up to counter damage. paladins also got a 1min cd strong heal now, that obviously heals a lot stacked up with said cds, in a cd-based game.

however, it's still the worst healer design-wise, and cc-avoidability wise, blabla. you know what it feelsl ike to play a paladin in arena in general. also, if trained ,a holy paladin is totally worthless as it's the only healing class that has to cast a lot.

example: combat rogue is retarded as fuck with killing spree, but a paladin has got a few countering answers to that with bops, wings, and the strong heal (execution sentence).

now the hotfix got reverted so games are faster ( i don't remember much complaints about paladins pre-hotfix, or am i wrong?) once again, so we will see.

oh and i was forgetting about hunter's tranq shot nerf (costs 50 focus now). for once, against some match ups (with hunters), sacrifice is slightly useful. apparently this made holy paladins god class.

it's a matter of opinions though really, resto druids are still ridiculous with ironbark, mobility, tree form, cc, and everything like that.

gonna refrain from explaining this again though cos apparently im a brainless fucking dog even if this is simple facts that you can retrieve from patch notes, and from other posts in this very thread.

In Topic: Best healer at the moment?

18 March 2015 - 10:23 PM

you probably don't even play the game anymore, go talk to anyone and ask what healer they rather face.

ps against paladin teams, try going on the holy paladin rather than tunneling a dps, works like a charm

anyways apart from the useless argument with brainless useless fuckery blabla, HOTFIX REVERTED! :D check mmo-champion blue post

In Topic: Best healer at the moment?

18 March 2015 - 09:50 PM

said the druid. no need to even reply. enjoy your yolo aj way of talking

In Topic: Best healer at the moment?

18 March 2015 - 04:01 PM

i don't want to sound stupid just because i play holy paladin but seriously do you still not understand how paladins only rely on the classes they are playing with? the current state of the game allows paladins to be a good healing class because they have CDs to counter stuff most of the time.

but mechanics wise, i'm always going to say it's the worst healer just for the way it has been designed since vanilla.

i already posted this in another thread, do you guys know what happened to paladins in 6.1?

execution sentence was put on par with holy prism; 15% damage reduction on word of glory -> DISPELLABLE CYA; you can afford not to denounce for 4 seconds longer as the stealing-crit buff lasts 12 secs instead of 8.

Holy shit holy paladins n1 healer?
why the hell don't you understand that this is all a result of the current meta game / 10% hotfix etc? (in my other post i thought paladins were going to be worse with the hotfix, but maybe i was actually wrong :D! )

please open your eyes. paladins have had saved by the light and 30 sec forbearance since november when wod was launched. no one complained about it and people said it was the worst healer and druid was n1 etc etc.

before someone complains about "retarded execution sentence", please keep in mind that like jimjim said it heals like saving grace. it will heal a lot if it crits and you time it with trinket / wings. but that's NOTHING that holy prism wouldn't do.

holy prism with wings and trinkets can do 30k damage and heal aoe for 70k both of your partners, including yourself if you're nearby. that's 210k without counting multristrikes (assuming all 3 crit, which is rare though). you simply notice execution sentence more because it's focused healing on 1 target instead of aoe "constant" throughput (prism is 20 sec cd, and sentence is 1min). like i said sentence was only balanced so that it wasn't THAT BAD compared to prism, but some paladins ACTUALLY still pick prism, and i am fairly "convinced" that prism is better against a dot cleave, for example.

remember that EVERYONE has bigger crits on red buff now because EVERYONE got their trinkets buffed; paladins rely on 30 sec saved by the light, 30 sec forbearance etc. why do you think it's op now? because you don't kill within those 30 seconds anymore due to the 10% damage hotfix...so it feels like "oh god paladins always have something!!! nerf!!!!" this honestly isn't rocket science. i'd happily give up some of my stuff for cyclone, immunity to polymorph, and all the stuff druids have.

please don't say i'm biased or whatever because you can read all of this on patch notes, i'm not making up anything. ty

In Topic: PvP damage reduced by 10% in hotfix

16 March 2015 - 03:17 AM

View Postjam420, on 15 March 2015 - 08:43 AM, said:

youre literally beating the deadest horse in the world by complaining about pve gear in pvp, and you're wrong

the absolute best, possess only a handful of elite raiders pve gear in the game downscales to worse than every piece of conquest gear available

erm i thought that it's common knowledge that pve gear isn't really usable in arena as you draw no advantage outside of it and it didn't need any clarification? i'm complaining about more of a thing like mop's timeless isle where a pve hero could rape anyone due to his gear. disparity means disparity, i didn't say anything about it being stronger in arena whatsoever. learn to read please