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In Topic: Holy Paladin: Spell Firing Order, Finger Movement, and Cast Sequence Macro's

30 March 2015 - 02:26 AM

I haven't fully read the thread but from what I could gather you're basically discussing keybinds optimization.

I'm going to be very honest, I think this could have been a "serious" concern back in cataclysm and maybe mists as well.
In fact we had way more spells back then, which did indeed make necessary a "clever" keybinding setup.

However this doesn't mean you shouldn't think about doing it in WoD. The point I'd like to make though is that it doesn't really matter and it won't turn you into a better player - there's many more and totally different factors that increase your skill.

I'm pretty convinced that you need a keybinding overhaul once your left hand starts HURTING, cause that means you're doing some fucked up movements with your fingers.

Example: I've always played healer since the dawn of time hence why I can heal for a week straight without feeling any stress on my hands because it's all bound to "simple" binds like 1 2 3 4 5 and a few modifiers, plus as a paladin for example BoP / Sacrifice etc is all set on binds like F C T and so on, which are all very easy to reach. This means I put dps spells on weirder and "harder" keybinds because I don't use them too often. I've always had crusader strike on CTRL+E...then I started playing ret now and then and arena sessions of a few hours with me using all weird dps keybinds would truly hurt as fuck. (I keep my flash of light on 3 for example even if I'm ret, I don't really put dps spells on 12345).

Another small problem I've encountered with my own binds is when 6.1 came and they buffed Execution Sentence; you need to try to use it with wings and on use trinket, which has always been bound on Shift+D for me. Wings+Trinket+Sentence can be used in the same gcd pretty much, and having my hand twist on 5 + 6 + ShiftD as quickly as possible is a bit hard, hence why I'm considering to make a separate macro for that or changing those binds.

Long story short, I think these are the situations that point out to you when you need to switch some keybinds. Doing it for the sake of "rotation" is excessive, in my opinion (unless as ret for example you put crusader strike on 1 and judgement on 8, but in that case you're stupid, it's not about optimization).

Remember that long sessions of playing whilst spamming keybinds do hurt your joints and fingers on the long run. After all my years of playing WoW, if my fingers stay still for a while, just bending them will make them slightly crack, and I'm afraid it can get worse.

In Topic: Ret Divine Protection Glyph

30 March 2015 - 02:15 AM

i don't really ever use it if i happen to play ret in 3s. burden of guilt, freedom glyph, and exorcism/final verdict """Passive""" -10% damage reduction.

keep in mind that there's no REAL teams that ONLY have melee damage. even WW monks have got nature / magic damage which you can reduce with 40% magic. death knights as well can be countered with 40% magic, same goes for survival hunters. the only real case would be against jungle indeed, no magic damage whatsoever there, but i still prefer having traps on the healer last 5 seconds instead of 8 rather than a 20% damage reduction. it's a personal choice really though.

In Topic: Best healer at the moment?

19 March 2015 - 10:22 PM

View PostFeliclandelo, on 19 March 2015 - 03:23 PM, said:

Can someone tell me what's been going on since 6.1? I haven't pvp'ed for months.

Why are Holy Paladins suddenly good? What did I miss?

the game became very cooldown dependant with red buffs (on use trinket) receiving a huge buff and holy paladins have always shone the brighter in CDs vs CDs situations. they actually became better with the 10% dmg nerf because the game became slower, and holy paladin short (but good) cds could actually almost always be up to counter damage. paladins also got a 1min cd strong heal now, that obviously heals a lot stacked up with said cds, in a cd-based game.

however, it's still the worst healer design-wise, and cc-avoidability wise, blabla. you know what it feelsl ike to play a paladin in arena in general. also, if trained ,a holy paladin is totally worthless as it's the only healing class that has to cast a lot.

example: combat rogue is retarded as fuck with killing spree, but a paladin has got a few countering answers to that with bops, wings, and the strong heal (execution sentence).

now the hotfix got reverted so games are faster ( i don't remember much complaints about paladins pre-hotfix, or am i wrong?) once again, so we will see.

oh and i was forgetting about hunter's tranq shot nerf (costs 50 focus now). for once, against some match ups (with hunters), sacrifice is slightly useful. apparently this made holy paladins god class.

it's a matter of opinions though really, resto druids are still ridiculous with ironbark, mobility, tree form, cc, and everything like that.

gonna refrain from explaining this again though cos apparently im a brainless fucking dog even if this is simple facts that you can retrieve from patch notes, and from other posts in this very thread.

In Topic: Best healer at the moment?

18 March 2015 - 10:23 PM

you probably don't even play the game anymore, go talk to anyone and ask what healer they rather face.

ps against paladin teams, try going on the holy paladin rather than tunneling a dps, works like a charm

anyways apart from the useless argument with brainless useless fuckery blabla, HOTFIX REVERTED! :D check mmo-champion blue post

In Topic: Best healer at the moment?

18 March 2015 - 09:50 PM

said the druid. no need to even reply. enjoy your yolo aj way of talking