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05 June 2016 - 01:31 PM

i personally loved the movie, however the problem is that it can't really be appreciated by non-wow players, hence why i'm afraid of its average success.

the movie itself has a nice plot, lovely effects, but yeah, if you haven't played wow, you leave the cinema and even if you go home with no regrets, you won't really feel passionate about what you just saw.

the movie doesn't explain anything about draeneis and takes many things for granted, as if the audience already knows 30% of the background plot / storyline. it should have spent around 5-10 mins explaining what is azeroth and what are the races (an external movie spectator won't really follow what's going in with dwarves, elves, the kirin tor etc..they just appear on screen at some point)

however as a wow player what i loved was: the murloc, the roof in the king llane's room with old eastern kingdoms zones (Stromgarde, anyone remember the lvl 40 castle full of elites in arathi highlands that everyone used to attack in TBC to farm mageweave cloth?),  the reason why deadwind pass becomes grey and obscure rather than a blossoming area, Medivh's butler being the 2nd karazhan boss in the game (Moroes), the creation of the golem (we've fought those kind of mobs for decades), the WANTED: Kobolds in lion's pride inn, the gryphon effects..and a lot more.

what i disliked was the marketing (i honestly thought Lothar was going to be a retard trying to be funny through the whole movie looking at the trailers, where as in reality the comic aspect is kept to a bare minimum which doesn't seem to hurt the plotline at all) + the fighting scenes looked horrid on MMO champion where as in the movie they were pretty sick; something i also frowned upon was a bit of the director's choices in regard to scene swapping. Duncan jones basically tried to swap from different events through the whole movie, to follow each storyline and each character, by some damn annoying fade in - fade outs. it didn't feel natural. whenever he didn't use the fade in/out effect, the scenes seemed to have a better connection and everything flowed very well.

they could make this big if they make some movies centered upon some main villains (arthas, illidan), but that will take time and support. critics are very bad on the movie, showing how MOST of non-wow players probably won't like it at all.

i think the best idea would be making a TV series out of the Warcraft world. it would probably be one of the best things ever, as they could include players' spells and mix the lore with WORLD OF warcraft. imagine having a 5men team as main characters of the tv show, where they actually use WoW spells (a rogue using stealth, cloak of shadows etc...CGI is very capable of this all). they could follow the storyline of these 5 heroes whilst also sticking to the lore, like for example helping Tirion kill Arthas and so on.  the reason why i'm pretty convinced that'd be amazing is that the whole audience started laughing when Khadgar polymorphs the guard in the stockades, saying it only lasts for a minute and works on weak minded people (similar to how it doesn't work on bosses in the game).

but yeah, totally worth every cent i spent. make sure you watch it in 3d!

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22 May 2016 - 12:45 PM

no offence or anything but how can you win the 2nd game if ure literally sitting in CC and locked on every possible school through all the match?

frankly have no words

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06 March 2016 - 02:09 PM

where's your neck

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11 December 2015 - 08:29 PM

let me ask for your service ID

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11 December 2015 - 04:35 PM

but if dizzeeyo is boosted by shakemilk, then why is he against boosting?