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Yesterday, 02:07 PM

i dont think those statistics make too much sense anyways.

i might be wrong but i read somewhere that Sweden is the country with the highest amount of rapes (and you would think that Sweden is civilized and all that!). well point is that everyone has the community feeling to actually REPORT rape, AND in sweden any general "sexual offense" can be considered rape (i basically heard that their threshold is a lot lower hence why its easy to put everything into the rape category).

on the other hand, i was born in southern italy (kinda around mafia hot zones) where the community is sort of rural and with sometimes medieval mindset and reporting a rape is a shame for the woman, for her mother, and for the family as well, so they rather shut up. of course this isn't an isolated situation that you can find only in italy.

at the same time, if 10 french out of 500 are rapists, the other 490 are normal and treat women equally (i guess atleast). in a strong muslim community, maybe out of 500 7 can be rapists but another 450 have 3 wives and treat their women like shit, trading them for camels.     i guess another sort of problem still stands even if "muslims rape less than the french"?

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23 August 2016 - 11:28 PM

i was just asking in general but i guess mostly to you eugene as you were the one being active in the conversation with jim.

i'm basically wondering if we can all agree that if a muslim comes to your house saying he doesnt like your xmas tree he can very well fuck off - without having to define ourselves as racist piece of shits. this is the problem about a relevant part of islam. too easily offended and some of its prehistoric views on society collide with our constitutional values, creating social conflict. avoid eating pork, follow your ramadan month, pray to mecca however you want, but don't touch the values all of our past generations died for. (sadly human greed and lust for power goes beyond anything though hence why we will always have wars).

i also want to highlight how even if all of european countries are secular, they are the result of most christian values and doctrine. freedom, acceptance, respect, love for your enemy, and all that. it's a part of our culture and if the crucifix symbolizes such ideals, then let it hang on the wall. you don't like it? ignore it, we're not shaving it up your ass anyways, its just hanging there.

no need to hide christianity was also pretty fucked up back when "we" burned witches, black cats, when spanish and roman inquisition tortured and killed anyone who had a different scientific theory than what was said in the bible.. or even when we asked for money to believers for their sins to be forgiven.  
its just that it all happened 500 years ago (due to a wrong interpretation / pursue of personal gain), and crusades are even a couple more centuries older.

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23 August 2016 - 06:29 PM

apart from racism and whatever point was brought up in the last 2 pages, im genuinely curious of what you think about these two examples:

1) people complaining about the crucifix being shown in classrooms in the western world

2) muslims getting offended and potentially harmful as well if you draw a picture of Allah on a satiric newspaper that also pictures jesus or whatever

[giving out meal options to muslims so that they can avoid eating pork is obviously fine - not trolling or anything]

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23 August 2016 - 02:50 PM

it's fine in austria you need to cheat votes to let the left party win (by 30k votes with cities having 150% affluence to voting). glad you're rehosting elections in a few months

talk about democracy

hope ure trolling @Saori

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22 August 2016 - 05:44 PM

racism is always bad but the situation being very similar in italy, i can quite understand jimjim. hating on someone cos he's black or blue is seriously retarded, but disliking a religion with opposite beliefs to western culture shouldnt be that stigmatized.

obviously a huge percentage of muslim population is peaceful else way more people would be blown up or beheaded, but the problem still stands when one guy can easily harm many innocents by himself (including other muslims obviously) just cause he believes in pathetic ideals that have nothing to do with culture and education.

the real issue i cannot stand is the sort of "silent agreement" from many muslims though. very few actually protest. so many muslims were interviewed in italy after the terror attacks in france and they all said "well they kinda deserve it if they insult allah" and shit like that. and you can't do anything to these people. how can you say they aren't a threat?

there were some more satiric frontpages on Charlie Hebdo after the terror attack that still pictured Allah and so many ""peaceful muslims"" actually spammed on facebook "may the earth swallow you, disrespectful infidels! haven't you learned yet? stop this! you offend us! god bless allah!". with SO MANY likes.   if you think this is something to close an eye upon then you're damn stupid.  10 Mohamed every arab couple vs 1 son / 1 cat / dog from europeans that rather get their PHD or browse AJ instead of breeding.   statistically, things will change in a few decades and idk what will be left of our culture and freedom all of our grandfathers died for.

what about immigrants? italy has spent more than 2 billion picking up CLANDESTINES from 2km away from Libian coasts (like we cant really mind our own fucking business at all) and the state pays 30€ each to whoever hosts 1 clandestine, DAILY. people have been renting old buildings and setting up shit hotels (INVESTMENTS) to "be politically correct" and help clandestines, hosting like 30-40 and in a  year they've bought themselves fucking ferraris and porsches. this is a shallow and disgusting market.
i'm all ok for syrians (REFUGEE is different from clandestine and immigrant) but fuck grown and strong men in their twenties (statistics show that theres less than 5% women/children) who come here for "opportunities". there isnt any for them and for our populace either, sadly. if we really have to spend all that money, what about building a school and hospital in countries where people run away from?

Europol and Eurojust (police/crime cooperation organizations) have both confirmed how many of the terrorists involved in germany+paris attacks passed through italy as they were "normal and poor clandestines".

the interviews i talked about earlier were actually also done to groups of clandestines that do nothing all day and sit in parks cause sadly there actually is nothing to do.  keep in mind that a human being having nothing to lose will have more reasons to become a criminal for his own survival.

OBVIOUSLY this is not the case for every single one of them and i actually feel pity for their life conditions but this isn't the correct way of fixing the problem.   this is not doing anything else but cause social conflict amongst europeans as well.

an important political figure in italy is so fucking retarded that said 2 weeks ago "italians are not breeding anymore, our population keeps getting older and older. the only solution is bolstering our numbers with immigrants".   ?????????????????????????? RETARDATION.

look at it another way: the problem is this bad that people actually start becoming racists and Jimjim is pictured as a nazi.

inb4 im a racist and fascist piece of shit too now  (i've never talked to jimjim before and he's not my friend so no, i'm not being the devil's advocate just cause we're buddies).

i just want to repeat how being racist is completely wrong and is always unjustified, and even through WoW ive played with a lot of people from different cultures, with different skin colors and religions, and that's awesome.  but you cannot deny there is a deep problem in europe right now.

last but not least, i didnt think you had to be politically correct even on AJ?