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In Topic: Requirements to use Glad mount

Yesterday, 04:22 PM

I'm pretty sure Gladiator achievement used to say that you get Title + automatically learn the riding skill? What have they changed?

In Topic: Redesign the human's racial

06 July 2015 - 04:17 AM

I'm afraid they will kill the human racial and force everyone to race change. i seriously hope they still keep humans appealable somehow....maybe something like....+500 versatility to all humans...hehe fuk u ashran

In Topic: Should we take the middle road with the dispel system?

06 July 2015 - 04:10 AM

maybe i was deaf but i hadn't ever heard those terms before the actual mop hero concept was invented! obviously wotlk/cata hero came as logical consquences.

MoP was just very different (starting from the cleanse change indeed) and many interesting mechanics were slowly removed, together with the addition of various retardation. blood fear anyone? paladins with turn evil? SYMBIOSIS? hunters with NO MIN RANGE? the sub drop was huge as well, and many "no namers" suddently became "gods", which was also a consequence of the very top and famous players quitting and leaving their place for the "new generation". that's kind of natural, but like I've always said in various posts, it can't ALWAYS be sudden people buying the game and being so talented to hit rank 1 in one season or two. there are just too many cases.

even pve got hit by this phenomena; i was in an average guild in dragon soul, killing Madness as like world 90, and in first MoP tier we were actually competing for top 20 world? sure, we became better, but something didn't feel right.

getting a bit back on topic, introducing a cleanse with a CD that removed all debuffs was one of the first moves towards homogenization, that then led to ability pruning, and we all know the story.

sorry but any decent healer can be ready with the cleanse keybind as the poly cast is incoming and cleanse right away. let alone the fact the mage is gonna cast poly again and GG(that's another topic), when you had to choose between casting holy shock or cleanse vs a dot cleave, that was what would differentiate healers' skill into making the right decision at the right time, enhancing the importance of micro management. if you totally take away that aspect of the arena game, the skill level starts flattening out. average players can perform at a the same high level of good players with half the effort good players had to put in in order to get there the first time. and that's how the conflict starts, we're human.

so yes I strongly believe the cleanse system should be reverted, even if in the current meta it would be a bit impossible to apply. at the same time, like Jimjim's video shows, having 3 stacks of winter's chill and polymorph at the same time was very stupid as well. no expansion has ever been perfect, but I think Cataclysm was the middle ground that people actually liked, with some nostalgic competition against Wotlk (go check out wotlk and cata arena tournament servers, they literally explode with people).

personal taste can let people think S15 was good and i'm no one to judge that, but let's not forget all the complaints about MoP that stormed forums for years...which coincides, like I said, with the cleanse change, just to start with.

edit: please note how i've said multiple times, and i will keep saying, that the CURRENT top players sadly don't even have the spells to show how in reality they're better than the oldschool gods. it's just a wrong pvp system as a whole. the same goes with pve, as they think the rotation is STILL too complicated. HOW will those mad theorycrafters over IcyVeins keep going? I remember when as a hunter in wotlk you could greatly increase your dps by keeping up two serpent stings at a time by carefully timing your chimera shot. now chimera shot fucking breaks traps as it cleaves, and a potential better hunter from TODAY can't show how good he is in comparison to a Wotlk one.

In Topic: Should we take the middle road with the dispel system?

06 July 2015 - 12:32 AM

Just cause WoD seems worse than MoP, please don't let MoP seem like a good expansion. It wasn't.

why do you think the term "mop hero" was even born?

In Topic: ashran hahahaha

04 July 2015 - 05:46 AM

AV was very similar to ashran. you could summon the tree boss as ally and the ice elemental as horde, and today you have fandral vs kromog.. and yes AV was a mess, the same way Ashran is a huge mess today. the problem, in my opinion, is that today in ashran you, alone, as a player, make NO DIFFERENCE.

of course that's normal in an mmorpg game where you need to cooperate, but HOW do you cooperate with total RANDOMS, if you cant even queue with your friends??? randoms don't even listen to the leader in the majority of cases.

AV was messy but i think it looked better and had far more interesting lore (REAL horde vs alliance in a REAL hotspot of the eastern kingdoms) together with having better ENVIRONMENT DESIGN. the idea of having to climb towers and cap the flag was harder than "rush in and aoe everything down". no one really listened in AV, but you and a few friends of yours (lol you could Q with a grp) could go to dun baldar's bridge and knock people down, or hold important GYs, or even as a rogue spam sap the guy trying to cap the towers in dun baldar. even if it was / is still 40vs40, there is/was pve etc...it felt like you could atleast make SOMEWHAT of a difference.

now imagine yourself into a place where YOU CAN'T MAKE A DIFFERENCE, NO ONE LISTENS, everyone has the same spells (WoD pruning, as we all know, was a huge mistake)...oh and force people to play in this place forever whilst hoping to get the BiS gear...and you get Ashran.


maybe a solution would be small off-missions (instanced, like separate assaults) of 5v5 or 10vs10 every 15 minutes (you would sub-queue for it while being in the 40men raid at your stronghold) that would rotate x1 healer and 4 dps, for example, amongst the people who sub-queued for it. the winning group (ally or horde) lets his faction gain a stacking 5% buff in damage/healing/health for one hour...which would be an AoE increase that casuals would like, seeing as giving a closer graveyard or checkpoint would be too complicated or just make no sense as you have to randomly go accross the map for events.

what do you think? it could let good players make a difference. oh and of course you would need to be able to queue with your friends. then again human racial needs a nerf so you'd have good pvpers on horde side too. i came up with this idea in 10 minutes, of course it would need to be redefined on various points, but i swear to god, joining ashran after the endless queue whilst knowing i won't really be of help is depressing.