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Enough with wintrading

25 August 2017 - 03:58 PM

Can anyone relevant tweet shit like this to Warcraftdevs, Lore, Holinka, or whatever?




and there's many more people with 3v3 history like this in r1 range as we speak.


Not sure if games at 11 AM etc are actually wintrading but there's more than enough evidence with the ones at 6 AM.



it's really discouraging to watch, especially cause the ban is not guaranteed.

Required Wins for S3 Titles

23 May 2017 - 02:40 PM

hi guys,

does anyone know how many wins you need to be eligible for titles this season?

is it 50 and then 150 after you faction change, or 150 even if you stay on the same faction?


i'm receiving a lot of contradicting information so I just wanted to be sure


What happened to PvP stats equalization concept?

24 March 2017 - 03:59 AM

hi guys, so i was thinking about the next season and the 54 artifact traits being enabled. anyone who hasn't farmed AP will be very behind on stamina / dmg / healing, and this will last for the first month as people will have to catch up.


this leads to the main question (thread name) - didn't they say that a player in green gear would be behind a fully geared one by something like 8% max (instead of the usual 25% gap in previous expansions between each season)?

This seems to have completely failed.


Any player with low artifact traits or low gear seems to have WAY LESS hp than other players and the gap is still going strong amongst players. if you try to apply for a team in LFG for your daily RBG win on something like 820 ilvl, you will get instantly declined. hell, even I decline those people when I make my own group.


am I missing something? are they even updating basic stats between each season in order for new lvl 110 characters to be almost on par with geared players (gear obviously gets higher each season)? As time goes by, if players reach 920+ ilvl and a fully leveled up Artifact weapon, the gap will be bigger and bigger from the fresh level 110 in greens regardless of the stats being pvp-specific. please correct me if i'm wrong.


I basically had these thoughts as I am heavily discouraged from leveling up my alts and maybe this could be brought up to their attention by someone relevant.

S19 Cut offs

20 January 2017 - 06:02 PM

what were the cut offs eventually for EU / US  ally / horde, for glad and rank one?


it'd be nice to understand the precision of arenamate and such for the future