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#4637036 Never thought i would miss wod gameplay

Posted by Odrareg on 14 January 2018 - 05:14 AM

in all fairness i think the beginning of the end was mop.


i always say that the term "mop hero" was not invented by chance. cataclysm saw some subs drop, but there was still the feeling of "community" and reputation on realms or battlegroups. there was drama amongst pvpers. it was actually possible to outplay the enemy and do something about it.  yes you had triple dps, or RLS with rogue having legendaries and warlock with firelands staff and cunning trinket from dragon soul. more shit ensued as well. nothing was ever balanced, it was just more fun (maybe slightly worse than wotlk?). 


i'll give you few examples: 


1 - in Cataclysm instant roots did not exist. when a boomkin had to roots+beam me, he needed to bait my hand of freedom, or press solar beam quickly enough before i maybe instantly cleansed myself after the roots landed on my character.   Now you have instant roots and instant solar beam.  skill, hello? my skill and the boomkin's are irrelevant now.

2 - Cleanse cooldown. IT KILLED THE GAME. could i cleanse myself if roots weren't instant? NO CAUSE THEN I CANNOT CLEANSE THE POLYMORPH or whatever else.  cleansing added a huge depth to a healer's skill.  in MoP it got to the point where you couldn't cleanse polymorphs but had to save it for the frost bomb because that was what took 60% of your hp. cool i guess, that's not scripted right?

3 - in Season 12, which was MoP season 1, I literally remember shadowpriest - warrior - resto shamans popping out of nowhere. people who literally had challenger and maybe rival accross wotlk and cataclysm. I faced this team with my multi glad Cataclysm team mates and even if we won, there was nothing to do: they could have been shit, but CHARGE STUN + SHADOW PRIEST SILENCE on the healer = guaranteed kill / trinket / bubble or whatever. just NO CHANCE OF OUTPLAYING THEM WITHOUT MAJOR CDS!


in Cataclysm you could still outheal a full enemy's cds by playing better.  lately, if I don't use wings as soon as a feral druid uses incarnation, as in, if i'm a fool and try to outplay him for 10 seconds, he'll still force me to use them sooner or later. this means there will eventually be a point where he uses incarnation again and my wings aren't ready yet because i've used them too late when he FIRST used incarnation. 


it's funny how we spend time typing here for absolutely no reason, but it just feels like the solution is at hand all the time but they're too stupid to actually apply it. increase overall healing and overall dps for everyone. make wings or dps cds increase throughput by MAX 10/20%. Game is almost fixed.



edit: damn AJ not showing full helmets :S 

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#4636297 Enough with wintrading

Posted by Odrareg on 25 August 2017 - 03:58 PM

Can anyone relevant tweet shit like this to Warcraftdevs, Lore, Holinka, or whatever?




and there's many more people with 3v3 history like this in r1 range as we speak.


Not sure if games at 11 AM etc are actually wintrading but there's more than enough evidence with the ones at 6 AM.



it's really discouraging to watch, especially cause the ban is not guaranteed.

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#4635586 Holinka leaving the World of Warcraft dev team

Posted by Odrareg on 16 June 2017 - 06:16 PM

anyone who's any relevant please propose them on twitter or something (with actual harassment) to introduce a simple change for pvp:


increase flat healing and dmg

reduce the power of dmg / healing cooldowns



i've always been strongly convinced that this simple change can mean the world.  if you allow a good healer to outheal the enemy cds cause he fake casts and positions himself well, rather than countering enemy cds with his own cooldowns, then the game becomes 10 times better.

something is wrong when you fake both the enemy dps and you still die regardless of spamming heals.


last but not least we have the obvious problem of the huge lack of spells to press during arena games but that's for next expansion

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#4634833 Anyone play on PandaWoW mop private server?

Posted by Odrareg on 29 May 2017 - 01:26 AM

Lore plays on ipad doesnt he?


they are not doing bad with pve though, the game is definitely more alive than WoD and there is more to do. however, they could make it so much better by simply adding reasons (hard achievements with fun content or something) to go back to previous continents and zones..I think their BIGGEST mistake is the wrong philosophy of focusing ONLY on the current patch's content, even if the game is actually overwhelmingly huge.

another stupid decision was not allowing people that did the artifact challenge once to actually do it again for weekly AP / or whatever. It was fun for me to do but I literally can't do it again even if I wanted to; i would also love to play it on a harder difficulty with something similar to mythic+. I don't understand why this is so complicated to conceive in their minds.


pvp is just pathetic though. it's a completely separate instance/game, I really do not understand how hard it is for them to increase healing and maybe dmg some more, whilst reducing cooldowns dmg/healing increase.

even with this simple change, regardless of 200+ deleted/pruned spells, the game could be playable.


it becomes horrible the moment where fake casting doesnt make a difference because after all you will die to the damage anyways. this is basically the core issue of the game right now. kicking in time and outplaying doesnt mean anything cause you only have to maximize dps and CLEAVE in order to win an arena. i loved back when dmg done wouldnt mean ANYTHING. could win games with your team doing half the enemy's team damage; nowadays, instead, if your dps is doing lower damage than enemies you are gonna have to replace him.


and what about melee wings as hpal, which you CAN NOT use if the enemy feral druid hasn't used incarnation yet? like are we fucking serious? reduce incarnation's crazy burst and increase feral base damage, and increase healing in general too. GG, problem fixed, if this was applied to every class.


this is so simple to understand that I basically think they gave up with it or they are true mongoloids. we've been saying this on so many threads for years, and nothing will ever ever change.

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#4629271 Can we make Blizzard listen somehow?

Posted by Odrareg on 27 February 2017 - 01:20 PM

Jim in all fairness in order to kill someone with "pure damage" you actually needed to have a clue. Rage management etc, just to mention warriors. not every player was able to pull out very high dps and tbh with you isn't that how its meant to be? Killing someone "for nothing" ? why should I feel safe in arena just cause my omni cc addon says that the enemy doesn't have cds? that death "by nothing" could have been avoided by a good healer who knew how to fake and position himself (probably)


Shadowmourne, Deathbringer's Will and whatever else were very retarded but there were plenty of people with those who wouldn't break 1800 anyways because they were actually bad in pvp. The same goes for pve trinkets from dragon soul in S11  and people who also had Tarecgosa legendary from Firelands - they gave a very unfair advantage which hurt pvp balance but it wouldnt mean insta win JUST BECAUSE you had those anyways. it "just" gave you an edge over the enemy team..which was wrong obviously, dont get me wrong.


just for clarification, wotlk had sacred cleansing, bauble of true blood from the blood princess in ICC25 and FAR MORE stupid things but it just felt like you could make the difference if you played well.

there still were some rock/paper/scissors problems (arms warrior / hpala vs frost mage / disc priest  usually let the war/pala leave instantly) but it was very very rare so you'd still spam queue 2v2.


today I can't break 2400/2500 in 2v2 and die at 40% dampening with 0 mana (not being able to top myself for the previous 3 minutes already) where as the rdruid/mw monk enemy guy has got 70% mana and is able to top himself and his partner just fine.


just met a belf demon hunter / mw monk on 2600 and on 30% dampening he switches on me (i was on 80% roughly) - i holy shock myself, light of dawn, bestow faith for some seconds as i try to fake him a bit. regardless of those 3 healing spells, i'm actually on 50% and i manage to fake him. i start chain casting flash of light and holy light on myself and my hp still goes lower and lower and lower. it doesnt go up. belf silence and some stupid 2 sec stun and im at 10%. holy shock doesnt crit and my hp just doesnt go up whatsoever. dead. this guy's max rating in 3v3 was 2450 and his 2v2 was 2610. he hit 110 in December.


this shit wouldnt even have happened in mop. fucking pathetic. and no, the "well 2v2 is not balanced anyways" is not an excuse. its just accepting to be anally raped by a company we pay 12€ to cause they fucking cba. I don't always have time to look for a decent team, get on discord etc and play some hours of 3s. its literally impossible to find someone and enjoy some 2v2 even for 30 mins (as hol paladin atleast).


this is why games that allow you to do such a thing (battlefield, for honor, etc) are actually more interesting - you log, play as long as you want, and actually leave the pc with a smile on your face

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#4629142 Can we make Blizzard listen somehow?

Posted by Odrareg on 26 February 2017 - 01:43 PM

I honestly didn't play a lot in S15 but i basically recall that cds vs cds was already a thing and you didn't really have to worry about dieing if enemies weren't going swifty. i'm going to repeat myself here but i just want to highlight how the game is really enjoyable when fake casting is rewarding, for example. if you faked someone in cata / wotlk you could survive and outheal their damage. dmg was higher, healing was higher, which means that getting locked (and outplayed) or fake casting (and outplaying) would make a hell of a difference.


nowadays I don't fake cast on full hp and HOPE TO GET KICKED ON HIGH HP so I'll have 10 secs of free casting on 70% =) then again, from a holy pala perspective, its just amazing when you get x2 melee on you, fake cast them both, and still have to bubble or use wings on 80% hp (assuming you fake them very quickly) cos they still have 4 ways to stop your cast whilst getting you to 1% hp in few globals. so fake casting them and outplaying them means jack shit cause you risk to use your defensive cd too late and actually soak "unneded" damage just cause you didn't react quickly enough to their offensive cds (playing smart is punished like fuck).

however i did manage a few times to survive enemy cds without wings, so i used them later like 1 min later to keep my partners offensive but we didn't get the kill and when enemy offensive cds came back, i didnt have wings so i died. essentially, using wings at my "own pace" (not coordinated with  enemy cds) made me lose the game. heh. amazing.


in wotlk / cata you could kill outside of cds just cause you played well. remember the good old combustion from fire mages? or the crazy burst from RLS on single target? if you faked counterspell or spell lock or shadowstep kick and were in a good position, you could keep your partner up on decent hp with NO problems as any healing class because HP bars jumped up and down through ALL the arena and any small good play would build up to a huge gap between the two teams and between players. the only exception was triple dps, which was very very retarded and needed to be countered with cds (insta dispersion, iceblock..).


This being said, I hardly have any memories of the same thing in MoP for some reason! it started shifting towards this direction..maybe i'm wrong.


to finish up this endless discussion (based on point of views after all), we should just acknowledge how bad it is today and try to get frustrated the least possible. literally no other solution available.


[last but not least, I actually agree that there's a lot of wotlk-cata players who were very good back then but can't break 2k today and  instantly quit because of not wanting to "learn". that's very stupid but please don't justify it as "as you can see, the game is not easy today!" but blame it on their stuck up attitude instead, that'd be more correct].

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#4628953 Can we make Blizzard listen somehow?

Posted by Odrareg on 25 February 2017 - 02:09 AM



"cata hero" or "wotlk hero" doesn't exist. Mop was the beginning of this annoying downfall. it obviously was far better than WoD / Legion cause they still hadn't pruned anything so it was more enjoyable to queue and yes you DID meet more comps than you meet today but hello wasn't it a mop blizzcon where LSD vs LSD only ended due to crazy dampening? you could tryhard gladiator with a good variety of comps (but not EVERY SPEC) and it was decent fun to queue but let's not praise that expansion please, everyone hated it when it was actually "live".


i also have strong memories of S13 filled with warrior/spriest/shaman and KFCs all over the place btw. you would die in a warbringer stun followed by spriest silence 100-0 regardless of how bad / good you were.


skill cap started going down because any decent player could create a lot of trouble to a very good player just cause he used that X spell that was uncounterable by simple good play. go back to 2013/2014 and try healing BM hunter stampede without popping a healing CD - you'd fall behind and waste the CD and slowly lose. this wasn't the case in cata/wotlk expansions at all. just seriously go look at videos (there's so many on youtube?) and you will notice how the meta was so different. look at Braindeadly's videos for example in Cataclysm. You will understand a lot. Cataclysm was the LAST expansion where you could beat the enemy team OUTSIDE of your cooldowns just cause you were playing well.


cleanse CD killed everything and put on the same line a lot of healers (players, not classes). Spammable CC (uncleansable) became a thing and blablabla.


I've played every single expansion and season on glad/r1 and to be fair with you i never had as much fun as i did in cataclysm S11. WMD, Triple Dps, RLS, Fireplay, RMP, Spriest/rogue/X, Godcomp, LSD, KFC and even TSG - 30 mins of 3v3 and you'd meet all of these comps (+ lock-feral-shaman, boomkin-fire mage, warlock mage). Comp variety wasn't just a S15 thing! I have countless frapsed games from S11 and there's like 6+ combos every queue session.


long story short though, these discussions are pointless. "I played wow and was high rated when it was harder!" doesn't mean anything on the long run. times change!

Quitting WoW right now is not very smart in my opinion, it's still possible to enjoy the game with some arenas now and then and especially PvE. just don't bang your head against the wall and make sure you play battlefield or anything else alongside WoW and you will be less frustrated, trust

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#4627135 Few questions before playing again

Posted by Odrareg on 09 February 2017 - 05:21 PM

come back if you plan to pve too because pvp can easily be a let down. i look forward to my weekly nighthold raid more than a 3v3 arena session and it has pretty much never been this way

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#4626913 Best holy paladin comp

Posted by Odrareg on 07 February 2017 - 09:47 AM

haven't tried a comp that works decently yet as i'm literally doing 10 games per week on shit rating with some old time friends but its depressing to see how low the hps is. it actually feels worse than last season


sustained healing outside of wings is ridiculously low. had a shaman argue with me "your flash of light heals as much as my lesser healing wave anyways, what's the problem?"  - ye he has earthshield, healing stream, and riptide ticking at the same time.


or am i just disabled out of nowhere and can't heal for shit? I even feel forced to use flash of light instead of holy light (neglecting light's grace) because holy light feels too slow to do any good. i'm partially considering using the haste buff instead of divine favor..


or do you think it is better to "take the risk" seeing your partner drop lower on HP as i'd be hardcasting holy light, but getting the -%dmg reduction off atleast?




getting declined on LFG from most people because of my class. yesterday a duelist demon hunter on 2600 in 2v2 LFG says "sorry i don't care if you link 8 gladiator mounts, your class is bad" + rogue/mage on 2500 in 3v3 declined me because "sorry we would lose against all RMDs".  oh and let's not talk about RBG - almost no one wants to take a holy pally because of how dog the healing is (mind you, beacon of virtue and melee wings can help but still not even close to mistweavers' healing)

luckily enough i have contacts to play up something but this kind of behavior, even in LFG, is starting to worry me



2nd edit: don't get me wrong, its still possible to be high rated and get glad / r1 as pala obviously. but it seems like we're sinking deeper and deeper into the "carried by your partners' classes" problem once again.


Bring back saved by the light!!!!!!! : - )

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#4626700 Spirit link nerf

Posted by Odrareg on 04 February 2017 - 08:37 PM

I like when i fake enemy interrupts and my HP doesn't move even if i free cast

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#4626568 The King has Fallen

Posted by Odrareg on 04 February 2017 - 01:24 AM

rumors say it's due to a grounding totem :P

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#4624168 Patch Notes 7.1.5

Posted by Odrareg on 11 January 2017 - 09:03 PM

wotlk had many flaws(burst was sometimes out of control, especially during heroism) but u could outplay people and personal play was relevant in a team.

go do that now..

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#4624105 Patch Notes 7.1.5

Posted by Odrareg on 11 January 2017 - 02:33 PM

well if dmg is higher then healing is higher too due to the traits over lvl 34. its just that i think healing should be higher in general.


very probably, a "normal" heal vs that rog/dk would have maybe got the shaman 10% hp which is nothing, so even if he faked them and managed to get a healing surge he wouldnt have made that much of a difference. so it comes about using wall vs their cds in order to survive, and not actually "saving wall and healing myself because i'm better than them" <- this is what makes the game good.


as a holy paladin i either heal nothing with my flash of light or i just have a stupid HUGE heal (divine favor + wings + artifact proc every 30 sec). too much during cds, nothing outside of it.


i think that a stun should get you from full to 30-40% ideally and that's where if you play well you should be able to recover if you play well with your spells rather than counteracting their cds with your own. the game was completely murdered when in WoD as a holy pala vs thug cleave you had to bop yourself in the opener on 100% hp as soon as you saw on yourself crows+full kidney. just horrid gameplay, and walling as soon as they start to hit you can be correct but just not fun, in my opinion

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#4623775 Patch Notes 7.1.5

Posted by Odrareg on 10 January 2017 - 04:55 AM

they want to give a reason to pvpers to still farm AP so that you have a reason to log on everyday to become more of an addict of their farming oriented expansion.


tbh missing out on some "useless" traits wasnt even that noticeable but the healing/damage difference is actually the same old concept of being behind with gear. literally no difference.

do they even realize that people who spammed AP farming since the beginning of the expansion (some people are on 45 traits or something) are gonna stomp anyone who is behind?

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#4622677 cyclone is broken, time for a nerf ?

Posted by Odrareg on 30 December 2016 - 02:47 AM

for example looking at holy pala (this has been said countless times) you just have to reduce healing during wings by 25% and increase healing outside of wings by 20% or something. do the same with damage for every class and now you need to play well during the whole game.  and being ontopic, this might probably stop druids from being able to cyclone so much as they'd have to heal more as the game would be more bursty? not sure.


btw for every mop hero and what not, this is how wotlk worked which is why it was fun even if it obviously had a lot of imbalance as well, like every season has had so far. 

it feels fun to see hp bars go up and down, you are more "excited" and actually can get a kill in many more occasions. personal play becomes very relevant, too, from the healer and the dps perspective.


i mean we have recently witnessed a blizzcon where it was all about fabio using vendetta (or maybe it was regionals when he played rogue?). how many times was it said by the casters? that was fucking retarded.



blizzcon champions also posted on twitter their "blizzcon preparation". what was it? a paper with a scheme of all potential comps they could play and counters. like, really? that's so sad for the game, not saying anything against the players themselves obviously as they deserved to win

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