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#3812651 Disabling red bars - working method

Posted Thaya on 29 November 2012 - 02:06 AM

f=CreateFrame("Frame") f:RegisterEvent("LOSS_OF_CONTROL_ADDED") f:RegisterEvent("LOSS_OF_CONTROL_UPDATE") f:SetScript("OnEvent",function() for b in pairs(ActionBarActionEventsFrame.frames) do b.cooldown:SetLossOfControlCooldown(0,0) end end)

Choose one:
  • download and install this addon: http://www.mediafire...rstnhs03hiabt2g - it just runs the script above;
  • or put the script above in an addon you always run in its main .lua file;
  • or create your own addon to run the script above - a simple guide is in my signature;
  • or simply /run the script above in-game every time you log in.

Update 1: added a downloadable addon.

Update 2: updated both the script and the download with a more efficient version - it'll run only when you actually do get controlled instead of on every action bar update/event. Save yourself some CPU cycles.

Update 3: a version that hooks into Bartender as well: http://www.wowinterf...rolRemover.html

#3814105 blizzard's genius addition to pvp

Posted drmongrel on 01 December 2012 - 04:10 PM

View PostJacklin, on 01 December 2012 - 03:54 PM, said:

What? I have Bartender and this annoying red shit is all over it. It's like Jurassic Park in arenas <_<

incase u missed it

#3811837 blizzard's genius addition to pvp

Posted averagepriestz on 27 November 2012 - 11:34 PM

So what you're saying is, that you can't just mindlessly dispel your enemy like any other mongoloid anymore, and keep them clean of buffs an entire game?? Not to mention never being able to die vs. a rdruid team by taking all of his hots if god forbid, you get low.

God, I feel so sorry for you!

#3810317 S5 vs S12

Posted Shouri on 24 November 2012 - 08:19 PM

i think people are forgetting what s5 was actually like

#3810782 Juggernaut vs Double Time

Posted Draedx on 25 November 2012 - 10:40 PM

No problem, just thought I would clear up some ignorant statements regarding mobility with double time and how it requires more "brain" to use.

You obviously always have to play with what you prefer and what works for you.

#3810560 Juggernaut vs Double Time

Posted Krigoz on 25 November 2012 - 11:20 AM

If you can manage your charges and dont brainlessly charge randomly then Double time is by far the best talent of the two.
Considering that, Warbringer is usualy what i use in 2s tho. The fact that it doesent DR with your shockwave is just beyond OP, and is stronly underated as a talent.
its basicly 3 sec charge stun into 4 sec Shockwave into 3 sec Gag.
As a healer in this small rotation you are either dead or out of all that is defensive CD's, (Yes this is without the warrior popping annything) (( Immagine when he does.. ))

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#3805563 Another Wintrade/MMR abuser team 2700 in 1 day

Posted Raak on 15 November 2012 - 04:12 PM

View PostMelbyz, on 14 November 2012 - 05:53 PM, said:

Why the fuck do you even have access here? your a fucking wintrading elk and I would shoot you anyfuckingday cy@ bitch

Now this guy is just furious.

#3565790 Gowan

Posted Ifix on 29 November 2011 - 06:26 AM

lol sucks dota2/hon ftw

#3466836 4.3 - Best contents ever.

Posted rageTG on 02 September 2011 - 01:07 AM

View PostJrmint, on 02 September 2011 - 01:05 AM, said:

People have been saying this for so long.

Usually slow things take long.

#3432525 FAQ for U.S. Regionals

Posted syeren on 12 August 2011 - 11:24 PM

For those of you mindlessly trying to defend Blizzard for this decision with the excuse of setting up on the player's behalf, you do realise that the regional tournaments are played on the Tournament Server right? This means you have full access to the characters you already used to qualify. Now that combined with advanced technology called a USB Flash Drive or the complex process of zipping your settings folder up and putting it on very hard to access websites like MediaFire make this process take all of.... 20 seconds.

As for the arguments about the editing and so on... How many people do you know that would realistically choose to watch an event that they are not only interested in but also potentially emotionally invested in, in an edited version 1 week after the event had taken place instead of watching it live with the rest of the community?

People honestly wonder why this game gets worse? Look at the shit Blizzard feed you, that you happily consume, declare it delicious, and then defend it to anyone with an actual brain.

#3418115 European Battle.net Invitational!

Posted Monstructer on 06 August 2011 - 08:31 PM

After going through this topic, I can't believe how disgusting and embarassing the WoW community has become. I have gone through posts people insulting players of competitive e-sports for their looks, how old they are and European racism in such a few pages alone. I honestly believe the community is surrounded by a bunch of 13 year olds who think only WoW Arena is the only kind of Player vs Player game out there that deserves the spotlight, when it's honestly being taken over by SC2, Street Fighter and League of Legends by a huge amount.

I don't understand why the haters in this thread can't appreciate other games (made by the same developer so people who enjoy WoW can easily get into). It's immature, and down right dumb. So keep hating haters, and continue to ruin your e-sport so people keep moving further away from WoW pvp instead of embracing it.

#3416851 European Battle.net Invitational!

Posted Demun on 06 August 2011 - 01:46 PM

i try keep posting updates, we havent started round 1 yet and winner bracket finals and lower brakcet was only thing being played on main stage so dont expect wow stream for while

#3415359 WOW lost another 300,000 subscribers in the second quarter

Posted Kelarm on 05 August 2011 - 07:48 PM

If WLS and WMP are top-tier comps, then I'm the king of cambodia.

#3407620 blade storm bug ?

Posted drmongrel on 01 August 2011 - 02:28 PM

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#3394178 ThE gOdSqUaD

Posted Snappi on 25 July 2011 - 04:13 PM

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