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New Mage Glyphs (and others 5.4)

06 July 2013 - 07:42 AM

Abolish curse glyph combined with the Glyph of Remove Curse will be amazing against lock teams

Blink glyph seems interesting, definitely could have its occasional uses.

Heres the other new glyphs:


Holy Paladin - Using Blinding Light Creatively

20 April 2013 - 11:04 PM

Hello all, I figured I would share this as it is one of my favorite Paladin abilities, even with the cast time.  I've figured out a lot of ways and positions to use this ability pretty creatively and put my team in the position to gain momentum.  I'm unable to make a video as I couldn't find any help (so if anyone would like to help me with wargames etc to make a video, please contact me), so I've instead decided to use some screenshots with a bit of pretty simple explaining.  I'm using the outside world arenas for the screenshots, so until a video would be made, only Blade's Edge and Nagrand arenas are used, however, the concepts can be applied in all arenas.  On to the screenshots!

Blinding through walls as well as vertical height:

Nagrand Arena

Blade's Edge Arena

Blinding Light can be used similarly on Dalaran Sewers/Ruins/etc with the middle tomb, as well as the boxes and ledges on Dalaran Sewers, etc.

My second concept I use, which I like to refer to as "Leading the Blind".  Think sort of like you are shooting someone from distance in an FPS, you always have to lead your shot a little bit, well, a lot of times in arena you are put into a position where you can "Lead the Blind".  I only have one photo example from Blade's Edge, but will give a brief text example for a few other arenas.


In this example,  say for instance you are playing with a knock back class, the healer, represented by my mage here, gets knocked off, while the rest of their team (water elemental, or  X) is still middle bridge.  If this is done during a pressure situations (stuns/etc) where the rest of the team cannot jump off the bridge, the healer is put into a predicament where he has to run back into position or face a loss, this is where i start casting my blind.  If this healer doesn't have a way to stop the blind (aka no shaman with shock up), they are pretty much put into a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" kind of situation.

Some other times you can "Lead the Blind":

Getting chased around a pillar/boxes by dps, but have a little bit of space on them?  Start casting the blind, by the time they get to you (and even if they don't, aka blinding through the boxes as seen above), they will be hit with the blind.  See a priest with no trinket running at you for fear, and aren't too worried about the fear?  Lead the blind, most of the time you will both get cc'd, and depending on timing, sometimes the priest will get blinded with no fear on you.


The cast time on Blinding Light for holy, in my opinion, was needed.  However, this hasn't stopped me from using the ability at all, you just need to find creative ways to put yourself into a position that it can be used, and be useful.  The purpose of this "guide" is to show you some tricks, and maybe spark a little creativity with your Blinding Light usage.  Hope it can be helpful and inspire some even more creative usage!