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In Topic: PvP Like a Pro

17 August 2017 - 12:07 AM

pvp like a pro:  wait 15 minutes before dampening to actually attack anyone

In Topic: Upcoming Class Tuning Hotfixes

14 January 2017 - 05:15 AM

why do they keep buffing multiple abilities by the same percentages?  it doesn't make sense, abilities need tuned separately not just one number across the board

In Topic: cyclone is broken, time for a nerf ?

04 January 2017 - 10:47 PM

Are you for real saying that frostbite/comestorm specc is a  good specc? xD

i am.  the only thing it doesn't have going for it is that you can't occasionally with blessing from rng gods spike someone for 1 million.  instead every 30 seconds you can reliably burst someone for half their health.  getting 3 FOF with a flurry and icy nova up is no joke, and all instant cast.   flurry->icy nova shatter->ice lancex3  can do between 600k-1million depending on if you have chain reaction stacks.  that is reliable, and not really rng, and usable while getting trained into the dirt.  and yes, frostbite works with it mainly because to use the FOF you have to not take deep shatter and the frost nova talent is an actual joke, frostbite has its uses.  combining that with original icy veins on comps with no dispel or against people that don't really dispel you can arguably do more damage than spike spec.  also if someone takes full comet storms over the course of the game it can average out to 5-10% of your damage, which isn't bad for something you don't have to cast.



tl;dr I don't like glacial spike spec so I play something different that has imo comparable if not better sustained pressure.

In Topic: cyclone is broken, time for a nerf ?

04 January 2017 - 04:39 AM

You get options and choices mages don't....that is what I was meaning. Clearly you haven't a clue. Being locked to 1 talent in a area cause the others are "weaker" "or are just dog shit" I would trade shimmer for deepfreeze 100% every day of the week. Every class should have to choose from 1-3 GOOD TIER abilitys not like 1 default "this is the only 1 worth a fuck" and you get 2 others that either like "well this is ok but not as strong" and the last one is like "lol why would I ever take this"

i understand that frost mages are kind of forced into one set choice of talents, however you can slightly modify them and still do really good pressure, if even a little easier and more consistand than spike spec.  icy nova/um(or even fb)/comet storm/frostbite with old school icy veins makes a very solid spec.

In Topic: Thoughts on 10% int nerf?

01 November 2016 - 11:38 AM

i would much rather see the entire bottom pvp tier redesigned so there is actually some other playstyle besides stack massive frostbolts and try to one shot with glacial spike.  frozen orb talent is seriously like.....hahahahahahaha.  cone of cold reset?  minuscule damage from frost nova expiring early or getting dispelled?  lol.  frostbite is an awesome, classic frost mage thing that i would love to play with, however its just simply not an option if you want to do anything.  if you don't take deep shatter and choose for the normal fingers of frost and casting playstyle, it would take ~4-7 ice lances to equal the damage of one deep shatter frostbolt lol. 


10% int nerf is fine for the current state of mages, because we are forced to play with one set of talents.  I would love to see the bottom talents redesigned and then maybe the stats changed when things would be sorted out.  prolly won't happen, but eh, whatevs.  just keep on keepin on