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Destru general discussion

05 December 2014 - 02:01 PM

Hello guys ...

first sry for my english i hope u understand what i want to say....

I play destru since i started playing this game (bc) and im really disappointet now... i rly dont want to reroll other shit i would like to stick with destru..

Whats are u base talents / gylphs atm against wich teams?

for example i use shadowfury + cataclysm against meele heavy teams and coils + soullink against non meele teams... if i use coils then cataclysm is totally useless
what u think about charred remains ? how u handle the shitty ember regen atm??
or am i the only destru atm?^^
I should rly know everythink about destru but know im fucking useless.. i played this spec to 2.7k but this season it seams rly pointless to even try it...
what u think about this?

thanks and peace out