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#4608136 EU regionals thread

Posted by joaq on 30 September 2016 - 06:20 PM

thats just a script, those are allowed, no addons whatsoever

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#3873874 Razer Comms, the new possibly Skype solution?

Posted by joaq on 11 April 2013 - 11:50 AM

i'm not sure why you're under the impression popularity and security vulnerabilities have any correlation. some of the most popular software is also some of the most poorly coded. skype is built like shit and the fact that a lot of people use it doesn't really affect that.

most popular software gets more hackers trying to find flaws in it. theres just no use for a linux trojan/adbot because so few people who have money to be stolen use it. windows programs just attract more of that. and dont tell me that there is some software that cannot be reversed to find vulnerabilities in it. since u know shit just shut up. or do you claim that there is some god programmer who writes nothing but perfect code?
the more users there is the more there is money to be taken thats so simple so the more popular an application gets the more it attracts hackers trying to profit from it.
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#3866545 huge pvp overhaul 5.3

Posted by joaq on 25 March 2013 - 08:31 AM

it allows people (like me) that haven't got alot of hours available every week for pc-gaming to be competitive.

yep! its amazing what a wife, a pair of kids, a full time job and a mortgage can do for your gaming :(
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#3864240 Hunter Weapon

Posted by joaq on 20 March 2013 - 11:07 AM

pvp power is supposed to be a better damaging stat for any class than any of the base stats. so the pvp weapon is better. IMO you would need a HC pve weapon to overcome the lack of pvp power in a pve wep- close call with ilvl 502 stuff but it feels pvp power would still top it. maybe someone else can provide some maths on this instead of feel.. i read some maths before that seemed to comfirm PVP powers supremacy but that was pre 5.2.
so go for resi/pvp power now and experiment with a high lvl pve wep later if you manage to land one..

i trust you have seen this?
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#3688459 How to become a 2200+ rated player

Posted by joaq on 19 April 2012 - 06:53 AM

roll a rogue/DK/ret pala and play triple dps
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#3666929 New Forms in MoP

Posted by joaq on 20 March 2012 - 08:14 AM

cant wait to have those nelf females as my mount :P
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#3657322 Need Help with Shatterplay

Posted by joaq on 06 March 2012 - 10:01 AM

(only won one match against them, because we were able to destroy the Shaman in the opener).

Do you have any hints for me how we could win against them?

i think you answered your own question ^up there. just train the shaman hard and take control right from the opener with as much pressure u can put out. if u fail the opener try to set up a hard swap to the shaman later while playing very defensively. for example train the lock( preferably ) or rogue ( not ideal IMO )for some then swap to shaman if u are able to get CD's from the shaman.

maybe someone with more XP on shatterplay can help more though and with more insight
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#3642822 **just re-activated, few rogue/comp questions plz-

Posted by joaq on 16 February 2012 - 05:44 AM

garrote silence + blanket cs silence + kidney+ deep= should be a dead pala especially if bubble is on cd
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#3578640 Hunter/Rogue/R.Druid vs TSG

Posted by joaq on 08 December 2011 - 08:11 AM

offensively if ure killing the dk a disarm on him can get u a kill because he cant heal himself disarmed.
defensively i would only disarm bladestorm on warrior to peel your druid/whoever they are killing.

if u can land a cc on the pala when their warrior pops recklessnes that might be a good time to swap on him but i would open on dk with a sap on pala every time

/edit: typo fixed
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