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#3075122 why we only have 1 tree

Posted Nadagast on 19 February 2011 - 11:34 AM

Warlock is becoming so boring to play...  Demo and Destro are terrible and Affliction is alright/good but very boring.  Affliction's damage is so spread out that you are pretty much just spreading tiny amounts of damage on everything and casting CC, waiting for your partners to get a kill.  Often times the damage you spread doesn't even mean anything (like on a Rogue for example, Recup which they need for damage will easily heal through your dots).

It's like you're a S8 DK with the small amount of single target damage they had removed.  All you are is Pestilenced diseases and utility like Fear/Tongues.

Affliction was so much more fun in Wrath where dots could do a meaningful amount of damage to a player.  You could punish bad positioning.  You could set up great swaps onto targets that had already taken real damage from dots.  When you got 3 full sets of dots rolling on all 3 players it felt like it meant something, not like it is now where in 15 seconds they will all dip to 90% (ooh scary!).

Sadly, it seems to me that dots are so weak that often the best strategy is to only cast dots on one target and sit there like a moron spamming drain life on a fully dotted target.  The best strategy for a lot of situations in PvP now is to just stand there and PvE.  It was not like that in Wrath.  When dots were powerful, yes you could help with a kill by spamming drain life or searing pain on it, but most of the time you were better off dotting the next target (and the next one) instead of standing there casting your pathetic nuke spells.  Now if you try to do this your swap target is between 90-100% when you want to swap to them--you wasted your time, should have just been spamming drain life like an idiot.

Warlock control is pretty strong, UA fear and howl are quite good.  Portal is amazing.  Shadowflame is great.  But the mechanisms by which all three Warlock specs do damage are terrible.  Affliction is not horribly underpowered (but I wouldn't say its very strong either, probably overrated) but it is extremely boring to play.  Demo and Destro are horribly underpowered--they both get owned far too hard by interrupts and dispels, and their damage isn't even very good ignoring those two crippling problems.

#2777958 Affliction!

Posted Nadagast on 01 November 2010 - 06:29 PM

I just logged on Cata beta to test how Aff is at 85 and it's pretty disappointing.  In premade gear (blues) with 5.2k sp with Fel Armor and 1163 Mastery Rating from gear, Drain Soul hits for about 6k on a dummy with full dots (full Soul Siphon) and CoE.  It only does double under 25% now so it'll tick for 12k and crit for 24k on a dummy under 25%.  Add in resil and it'll probably be ticking for 8k critting for ~15k on players with ~100k HP.  That's like the equivalent of hitting for ~2.5k critting for ~5k, right now.  Pretty bad.

With the same stats and CoE on the dummy
Corruption ticks for 2200
UA ticks for 2100
BoA starts at 982 and goes to 1345
Fel Flame 2750
Haunt 4k
Shadow Bolt 7k
Death Coil 2.6k
Healthstone heals for ~17k

Felhunter hits for ~1k and Shadow Bites for ~2k on a lvl 85 dummy

Drain Life on a dummy with BoA, Corr, UA, Haunt and CoE ticks for 2900

Aff damage seems very low, it really worries me.

#2688933 Mastery

Posted Myowndk on 08 October 2010 - 04:07 PM

Hey guys, thanks a lot for all your kind words.

To answer some questions:

Yes, the second corruption graph was a bit off. However, I found the small error and corrected it, no major changes.

Haste definitely still affects channeling spells, however, I'm not sure it affects the cast time(it might just affect the time between each tick).

Oh and the stats you can reforge would be:

-Spell penetration

So basically all the non primary stats excluding Spirit.

Also, you can only change one stat into another per item(and only 40% of it, as someone already noted). So if you have a item with spirit and mastery, and you want to reforge to haste, you can only do so with one of the stats.

If I find myself with some free time this weekend, I'll make the same graphs for Drain Life, Shadow Bolt, Bane of Doom and perhaps Bane of Agony(If I can figure out the formula for that, as it's damage is increasing and all that).

Again thanks for all the positive reactions!

Edit: Also, remember that is calculation if for level 80, using level 80 combat rating conversions and not level 85 ones. However, since all conversions change as much relatively to each other, this comparision should still hold.

#2687633 How's Affliction and Destro at 85?

Posted Mimil on 08 October 2010 - 02:33 AM

Nadagast said:

Can people post real info instead of arguing about the word gander?

Some damage numbers would be nice (alongside some damage numbers of other classes).

What's the damage of:
Chaos Bolt
Corr tick
UA tick
CoA tick (all of these with CoE, without crit)
Felguard dps
Legion Strike damage
FG Bladestorm damage
CoA+Immo+Corr as Demo spec

and roughly how many HP do people have?

With full blue pve gear with no enchant etc: 83k Hps

Just made 2 little videos to show both affliction and demonology dps right now:
-Affliction: megaupload.com/?d=2KOD0IMR
-Demonology: megaupload.com/?d=2378979B

This is not bad damage at all, but some classes / specs are doing much more (mage, spriest).

P.S: Can't put direct links cause I don't have 50 posts sent :/