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Resto Shaman End Game Stats

14 January 2015 - 05:35 AM

I've been trying to make the best theoretical set for full gear rsham.


I've pretty much come to the conclusion that mastery >= versa > crit with mastery having more output and versa offering better mitigation. But since wizards are gaining popularity and you can pillar hug so much I really like mastery output.

However I did not calculate the +261 mastery / 733 versa trinket in my gearing setups..

Basically with full gear and aiming for near perfect itemization (WITHOUT mythic raiding) the set comes out with 90% mastery and 6.5% versa on wowhead. This doesn't include ring enchants (cant get them to work) and this may be the 660 version, in which case the actual value is somewhere near 110% mastery and 8% versa..

110% mastery is a bloody lot.

At what point do you begin to sacrifice mastery for versa or critical? Already I've aimed for as much versa as I can reasonably get. I've already decided to forgo the 4pc since it's mediocre and put in mastery/versa items instead, and use the PVE Legendary DPS ring since it has perfectly itemized stats.

But there is wiggle room here.. you can go crit/versa belt instead of haste/mastery. Or go full versa enchants, or even crit enchants. Or crit pvp trinket instead of spirit, etc.

Does anyone have any opinions on when to start to devaluing mastery as a stat? Is there EVER a point? 90% mastery > aim for 15% crit and max versa or something?