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#3796910 BANNED for selling Belt Buckles

Posted ChopLee on 30 October 2012 - 02:43 PM

So i came home from school yesterday evening and went  to play some arena only to find out my account had been perma banned for apparently cheating with economys.
i wrote them explaining I havent done anything but playing arenas and selling belt buckles on the auction house.

The Gm i contacted then told me something about proxys.

"Due to the circumstances the account is now under a 48 hour suspension, please make sure to read our policies to avoid this type of action and to stop your heavy use of a proxy.

Ok. I then replied that telling I had no idea it was against the rules using a proxy since i had seen them advertised on wow stream etc since I kinda understood in the e-mail I had gotten that the issue was that I was using  that.

Another Gm then replies:
"The suspension is not due to the use of a proxy. We do not encourage their use, but you can use them."
Also telling me that the reason for the ban is explained in the first e-mail i recieved. That e-mail only says the reason im banned is for economy cheats.

I then Call the customer support and talk with a lady that works there.
I explain my situation and she tells me that the reason I am banned is because I have been using a proxy. The only reason I got my perma ban lifted was because it was the first time it happened to me.

I then ask if its against the rule to use a proxy and she tells me it aint, but they dont recommend it. I ask why is that. She answers that cause then this happens.

Ok. So i been banned for using a proxy?
She tells me no, and I ask why then? she tells me if i want an explanation I gotta write a ticket on the customer support. Wich i then went and did.
I show the last messages wich I found confusing. I cant find the answer for the ban in any of them and I ask for an explanation.
This is what i get:

"We can confirm that the actions here that were taken were correct, and a violation of our rules, however we are not going to go into any more details about this.

I understand you wish to know more about this, but we are not in a position where we can give that to you.

If you want to persue this more, you will have to have a legal representative contact our legal department."
What they are saying is that I have been cheating with economy. The only thing I have done with the economy is undercutting Living Steel Belt Buckles by 1g.
So im taking thats what im banned for, since the phone lady and the e-mail clearly stated its allowed to use proxys and you cant get banned for using proxys.

Just a warning for you people that undercuts on AH. Be careful.

#3792874 Safeguarding War Banners

Posted Pritchard on 19 October 2012 - 09:37 PM

#showtooltip Mocking Banner
/cleartarget [help]
/target mocking banner
/use Intervene
/use mocking banner
/targetlasttarget [help]

will not drop target, only need to press once, not mash. works perfect, change banner name to whatever banner you want to use, also change intervene to safeguard

#3725734 High rated 5v5s - Sign up!

Posted Starcookie on 05 July 2012 - 09:53 PM

Be nice; Shear and Frankbusion.

#3721610 My first movie :P

Posted rckdm on 28 June 2012 - 09:59 AM



Hello everyone! This is my first movie.
Video contains - lsp, lsd v2, rls

Well, this is my first movie and is possible that you gonna see some mistakes^^ But if you enjoyed, let me know! I will try to improve and do more.

Miike Snow - Black and Blue -NAPT Remix-
Pendulum - Set Me On Fire
Feed Me - Grand Theft Ecstasy Original Mix
Mt Eden Dubstep - Prodigy - Omen -HD-
Pendulum - Blood Sugar
nneka - heartbeat -chase status remix-



#3689949 Latency in WoW

Posted Lewisxo on 21 April 2012 - 02:46 PM

Windows 7 keeps 20% of ur bandwidth constantly for updates, you can stop this by following this step by step


#2918994 Miirkat's Druid and Class Icon Portrait Addon

Posted Miirkat on 22 December 2010 - 08:32 PM

Since I've been constantly bugged about this, I've put the addon on Curse!

This addon changes the portrait art into class icons, but more importantly, it shows specific form icons for Druids when in a form. This tracks Cat, Bear, Moonkin, Tree of Life, Travel, Aquatic, and Flight forms.

Also included is Midna's script to track Predator's Swiftness using the in game Power Auras.

To see the addon in progress, you can check this video out here:

Posted Image

#3657367 lvl 80 Priest/Warrior guide!

Posted Z4muZ on 06 March 2012 - 12:45 PM

Hi how are you? I am going to strategy about this comp. It is rare but if you good than you can JACK IN THE BOX SURPRISE other teams and get very big rating. Play good fun play have fun!

:warrior::warrior::warrior:--Make sure warrior have good gear, my warrior weared only 350 resil. Warrior on team must do much big damage to force other team defense mode, worth risk of low resil. Warrior in comp play angry mode at all times, keep pressure high, keep napkin healer safe. If warrior plays to soft, other team will take control quickly. Most warrior used to play with paladine or druid, never oom hard to kill. But now you play with napkin. PLAY LIKE IT. Must learn to play very angry and risky and go for quickest kills.

:priest::priest::priest:---Priest have 850 resil or around, can have more but not big huge problem. Dispel dispel dispel to make sure warrior is moving, he is not rogue or mage, he needs assistance now. Worry more about dispel and keep mana blue up than worry about going offense mode. Not same as rogue you are used to, will get kills often without help from you, so better safe never be sorry!


:paladin::warrior:-- Ugly Paladine probably will throw shields and stuns in what you thought was tank spec. Ugly Warrior will probably push washing machine to spin cycle often. This ugly team is very super for bad players to get big with, so you will clash battle with them often. You will defeat!

Defeat now!--To defeat team you should put warrior on warrior.

:warrior:What warrior do:warrior:-- Warrior attack ugly warrior often and trade stuns, keep pressure heavy and big. do not switch to paladine unless big storm has him low. Switching when paladine is high in health stature will leave ugly warrior to attack your napkin healer. BAD! This bad because your healer will never outlast ugly cheap spec paladine, so cannot waste mana trying to tank ugly angry warrior. Stay on warrior unless paladine low, crush warrior, wait for right time, spin storm. BoP still up, do storm? YES! Trust napkin healer with quick dispel, if low and good time to storm. STORM.

:priest:Priest:priest: do-- As priest in match such in this shape you must dispel dispel dispel. Sacred shield is only time ugly paladine does big healing, keep shield off all time! Keep warrior health high and dispel dispel dispel. DO NOT burn paladine, wasting your own mana. DO NOT go offense unless kill is 95% probable, waste too much mana! Dispel Dispel. Sacred shield and BoP not be up for more than 2 seconds ever if you are not scrubbing it. DO I now fear paladine? Good question napkin healer. Do not fear paladine in open, make warrior LoS paladine then go for fear when he come to health up.

Ok that all for this afternoon, I add more later on. Any question ask. have fun play fun hard!


:druid::deathknight:-- Druid probably play as nature bar, mighty oak form all time of match, keep range hope to out mana napkin healer. OR Druid might be angry nature bar, if so and play more offense mode I also cover to defeat now! Dead knight probably play as bone spin creature summon spec, if snowman spec instead I cover strategize too.

:warrior:Warrior do?:warrior:-- Warrior job not mouse trap cheese in match shaped this way. Much harder.. Warrior open on dead knight keep pressure big heavy. dead knight went freezepop presence? Keep big pressure with many stun, worry more of getting napkin healer free than do big damage if freezepop presence activate. Stay on dead knight for 35 second, then when nature bar becomes comfort, spring trap now! Warrior attack nature bar! Go big full force mode, make sure have many cds up. Druid have 2 hots and 50% or lower health stature, but have barkskin active, do I storm? Storm warrior! If kill does not come, ok nature bar will be low in blue bar and should be able to kill either when oom.

:priest:Priest do:priest::priest:-- Priest job in match this shape is to confuse dead night and help with spring trap! Dispel dipsl ice lasoo on warrior when he springs trap on nature bar. dead night will panic mode and spam ice lasoo often, dispe dispel! Warrior on nature bar will force oom quick. Fear dead knight often, he lich king now! What do I do!? It ok napkin healer, he has fallen into trap, shackle lich king mode! When trinket and lich king on cd, you fear and help kill nature bar or burn if kill not seem obvious. Control match now, dispel dispel warrior. Collect victory!

:druid::druid:-- Is he play more like angry nature bar? Many tornado captures on warrior? Ok Warrior go on him right away instead of start on dead night if he play offense mode. This make angry bar now scaredbar, then play same as 35 second into other described match. Keep pressure big heavy and get kill. Remember tip day-- Angry nature bar should make warrior angry and punish bar for trying to be offense mode.

:deathknight::deathknight:-- Is he play as snowman spec and putting you in ice tomb? This make fight much more easy to victory. No pet mean napkin healer is less anooyed mode and only threat from snowman spec is ice tomb. To defeat ice tomb! If he tomb you both and attack napkin healer, dispel dispel warrior out. If he attack warrior that mean they are going to golden chain cc priest. Warrior go defense mode until priest is out. If nature bar want to cyclone priest out of tomb to make chain complete. Warrior interceptor or charge druid to stop cyclone! good job team!

That all for today give bigger tips to teams later. If you have struggles with certain team say so now! I give you guide to victory.

thank have fun play good!


Ok hi hello! Seem many priest fellow friends say Mage now what we do!? I give you strategize to defeat merlin team now! Play good have be fun!


:mage::rogue:-- In match of shape like this magician will probably play as father winter spec. Dangerous assasin will be mutilator. Strategize will be to sap napkin healer and explosion on warrior. Sound dangerous!? Is dangerous! Ok though, we defeat now!

:warrior::warrior:What I do?:warrior:-- Ok warrior you play like mighty turtle in match such as this shape, but snapping turtle with strong jaw. They sap napkin and open your cabinet! Warrior listen now! Start out in turtle mode and use all turtle mode cd to live, DO NOT TRINKET WARRRIOR! Napkin friend should be near pole, so warrior when out of stun you intervenius back to napkin healer! Ok now turtle turn tables! Napkin and you get behind pole get heals good. Now lancelot that magician warrior! Now you and napkin attack magacian full force, but keep turtle shell on! Forces deadly assasin out of hide mode, now if he open on napkin, you stun get bleed up and storm warrior! If he open on you, napkin fear, you stun and get bleed up might be time for storm! Not trying to kill with storm, just make them go scared mode, now you have double killer team playing like double rainbow team. Collect Victory!

:priest:DO what?:priest::priest:-- Make sure be by pole in match of this shape. You will get sapped priest creature, accept! Now when out of sap, you and warrior pole dance and get health stature up. Now make sure not drop combat, attack attck magician with much anger, keep warrior dispel, holy nova around magician to make dangerous assasin seem less like he not there. He is there! Pain surprise on your warrior early so you can dispel more than heal! When dangerous assasin come out, put shadowy squid on him and dots dots! Want to make magician and assasin scared, so play offense mode when time come! Must cactus death sheeps! Have trouble poking self out of sheep balloon? Ok priest creature, I give you macro below, help lot. Cast when magician is 3/4 cast time through sheep baloon! Collect Victory!
/target focus (should be magician)
/cast Shadow Word: Death

Now no excuse to not pop baloon!


:priest::mage:-- Napkin healer has betrayed warrior adventure friend and now play with merlin creature! Evil napkin will be playing an pain surprise rainbow of hope heal spec. Magician will be playing as father winter spec. Strategize for team of combined adventure friend evil will be to cc and burn lovely napkin healer and destroy warrior! Sound like stupid thing!? Is stupid thing! But can defeat heart hope now! Defeat now!

:warrior::warrior:What do i?:warrior:-- You love lovely napkin in match of this shape, live to love lovely napkin healer! Your adventure friend will be dispel dispeling you. You go after magician, anytime priest creature cc'd, you put turtle shell on and teflon magician spells back in merlin face. Keep big heavy pressure heavy on magician. When lovely napkin fears evil napkin healer, you and lovely adventure friend make big damage on magician, until then play safe now! Magician will ice tent, when magician makes his tent, you are now ready to crush now! Stun magician often, he will be forced to blink, now is time to storm when you get back to him! Lovely adventure friend will always be keeping ice from grabbing your feet! Tip day-- Play as turtle often when napkin healer say so!

:priest::priest:do?:priest::priest:-- Ok priest creature, this fight in this shape is about using stones to be safe. LoS so magician cannot baloon you! Keep running, do not let evil napkin fear you. Dispel dispel dispel adventure friend! When must heal use rainbow beam, but STOP after 1st tick halfway to 2nd, almost all magician counterspelled at such a point! Must not get full one! Fear other napkin healer and dispel dispel, do some offense mode if enough time. If other napkin finally come close enough to fear, this where you ward off fear on yourself! I give you macro bellow to do this, never start fight with fear ward, other priest creatures will do this, you simply dispel dispel! Tip day-- LoS all time, juke counter attack from magician, dispel dispel, free warrior will put big heavy pressure on merlin. Collect victory!

/target Priestcreature
/cast Fear Ward

Minusfourte says wait! What if I play such shaped game as cloudy priest creature!? Ok I give quick tip. Warrior turtle mode through sap. Now priest out of sap, bubble adventure friend! Now Warrior charge evil napkin and storm! As stun break from warrior, NOW cloudy napkin, silence effect other priest creature! Soon as storm end evil napkin will have been running away, warrior now interceptor and stun again, cloudy napkin horror priest creature! Do all that timing correct and collect victory! Tip day-- Cloudy creature stand near adventure friend and scare dangerous assasin if he shows self. But if do correct, dangerous assasin should never get chance to open second time on warrior adventure friend.

Ok all for today, now make merlin men pay using these strategize! Have fun good!

#2991411 Cataclysm Hunter PvP Beginners Guide

Posted Kujaqt on 04 January 2011 - 01:52 AM

Cataclysm Hunter PvP Beginners Guide

Table of Content:
1. History
2. Talent Trees and Glyphs
3. Pets!
4. Gear, Gems, Enchants and Stat Priorities
5. Play-style
6. Macros
7. Video Links
8. Crowd Control
9. Focus: the do's and dont's.

1 History:


(You can skip this section if you wish)
Firstly, it is important to know that Hunter play-style is something that has changed throughout the expansions. In The Burning Crusade (TBC), Hunters did not have many of the tools we have today; we had no Disengage, we had no Deterrence, Chimera Shot  or Explosive Shot and our ranged attacks required different distances than they do now – which created a true ‘Deadzone’, which has recently become known as players in melee range – rather than players too close to shoot and too far away to melee. Now that may sound like we were useless baggage to a team, but we brought viper sting, which drained a large portion of Mana from a target. In The Burning Crusade arena was all about Mana, which made us great additions to comps aiming to outlast.

Hunter damage in The Burning Crusade came in a variety of ways, but mostly based around a rotation. (It is worth noting that in The Burning Crusade an auto attack would not be fired while we were casting Steady Shot!) As Marksman and Survival we could use something called a 3:2 rotation, this meant 3 attacks (Steady Shot > Arcane Shot/Multi-Shot/Steady Shot) to 2 auto-attacks. Beast Mastery damage came from a 1:1 rotation, because of an ability that we no longer have that increased our haste by 20% - making our steady shots just short enough to fit between our auto shots.

In Wrath of the Lich King, Hunters were redesigned, we were given the ability to fire auto shots during our Steady Shot, thus our rotation went from 1:1/3:2 to a more priority based system. The main focus of early PvP in Wrath of the Lich King was burst, which, with the change to Aimed Shot (now instant cast instead of 3 seconds), made us the only class with a ranged, undispellable 50% Mortal Strike effect (50% healing reduction). We were also granted Master’s Call and disengage which were huge ‘anti-gap closers’ and have since become key abilities in Arena as a Hunter.

Wrath of the Lich King was a good expansion for Hunters in terms of Arena, especially in the later seasons which gave birth to some of the most overpowered comps that ever got nerfed.  Holy Paladin, Enhancement Shaman, Beast Mastery Hunter aka ‘Beast Cleave’ was a high powered rush down comp – the strengths of which included being almost unstoppable during the duration of bloodlust, and having a spammable offensive dispel on the target you were trying to kill – this was bad news for mages. Holy Paladin, Protection Warrior, Marksman Hunter aka ‘African Turtle Cleave’ or ‘ATC’ was a high power, control comp. The stuns (and with enough gear, damage) of a protection warrior allowed the Hunter to do pretty much anything he wanted while the warrior controlled a team. Tools such as AOE spell-reflect, improved intervene (damage reduction on the target of your intervene) and shockwave (AOE stun) were just a taste of what a Protection Warrior could offer a Hunter.

And so Cataclysm hit. And it hit hard, Hunters are in a rough shape in terms of damage in PvP (although our PvE damage is pretty much top). Beast Mastery just doesn’t have the damage against high armor targets, Marksman is slightly lacking in terms of damage with the low top end on our weapons, and thus most of us are forced to turn to Survival during the start of Season 9.


2 Talent Trees and Glyphs

Since the huge change to Hunters AND talent trees in general, most have found that there is little diversity in our specs amongst our fellow Hunters. With so few talents and so many abilities that are pretty much necessary, we have little room for personal touches to our specs.

Beast Mastery:
About Beast Mastery:

(You can skip this if you wish) Beast Mastery is a spec orientated around balancing damage between the Hunter and his pet. Beast Mastery also gains access to some very unique pet abilities such as Ancient Hysteria (bloodlust) and Spirit Mend (a heal on a 28second cooldown). These abilities are unique to their respective pets that are covered in the next section of this guide.

There is really only one way to go with Beast Mastery, since the core abilities that give pet focus are based in the early Marksmanship tree, we have no choice but to pick them up after completing our BM tree (of which little can be changed – the only real controversy is whether or not to pick up Focus Fire along the way).


The core build for Beast Mastery hunters, with 3 talent points left out to place at your choosing. Most will go with 10% increased stamina, I, personally prefer to go with 3% haste.

http://www.wowhead.com/item=42915 (Kill command)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=42898 (Arcane Shot)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=45732 (Kill Shot)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=45735 (Raptor Strike)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=45733 (Master's Call)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=42902 (Bestial Wrath)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=43351 (Glyph of Feign Death)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=43356 (Glyph of Scare Beast)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=43350 (Glyph of Mend Pet)

About Marksmanship:

(You can skip this if you wish)
Marksmanship in PvP is all about control, increased survivability and mobility through the use of Rediness, and the only spec to gain Silencing Shot – a 3 second silence that can also interrupt a school for 3 seconds if you catch them on cast. Marksman has long been thought of as the ‘true’ PvP spec thanks to Silencing Shot – however it is a spec that relies heavily on gear – making it rather useless during the beginning of an expansion.

Marksmanship allows for the most diversity in terms of spec. The core build looking something like this:


There is some debate about Improved Steady Shot as Marksmanship; some believe that the damage of Steady Shot is far inferior to Cobra Shot (which is true against high armor targets), while others believe the damage you gain from the 15% haste it provides out ways the instant damage loss. Personally I have found that you can pick up 3/3 Improved Steady Shot if you only take one point in Termination (which is a useless talent anyway, due to the fact it refunds the cost, rather than making it free). This then allows for 10 talent points to be put in one of two ways:

http://www.wowhead.c...cZfMGRhkMuroIMM A control build, which is probably the strongest Marksmanship arena spec.

http://www.wowhead.c...cbbZfMGRhkMuroh A survival build, which is great for battlegrounds when you don’t have a pocket healer.

You can always change the little details in the specs, for example speccing into Improved Serpent Sting to help keep your damage high against spam dispellers.

http://www.wowhead.com/item=45625 (Chimera Shot)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=42898 (Arcane Shot)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=45732 (Kill Shot) OR http://www.wowhead.com/item=42914 (Steady Shot)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=45735 (Raptor Strike)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=45733 (Master's Call)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=42904 (Disengage)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=43351 (Glyph of Feign Death)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=43356 (Glyph of Scare Beast)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=43350 (Glyph of Mend Pet)

About Survival:

(You can skip this if you wish)
Survival’s main attraction is that it is almost entirely Elemental Damage – making it great against high armor targets. It’s also widely known for the use of many traps – the talent resourcefulness, coupled with the glove bonus (-4 seconds on trap cooldown) makes for 20second cooldown on traps. Survival’s ‘burst’ comes from the talent ‘Lock and Load’ which makes your next two Explosive Shots or Arcane Shots free, and trigger no cooldown – this is huge for PvP as focus can be an issue when people begin to line of sight your Cobra Shots.

Survival has an obvious trend to its spec. Blizzard has given us little room to be creative, and leaves us with this spec, and very little room for change:


This is the spec pretty much every Survival Hunter is using in arena at the moment (second week of season 9 at the time of writing this). Black arrow is still under debate; it costs a lot of focus, is dispellable, has a long cooldown and does very little burst damage. Most do not take it, it is far easier and more efficient to drop an explosive trap instead.


This is a spec I am trying out at the moment; the increased crit chance on targets affected by our frost trap is something that really pays off while we have low gear, and thus low crit chance. I’m also quite partial to one point in Mirrored blades, giving our deterrence a 50% chance to reflect spells back at attackers. It makes it less useful for purposefully reflecting CC or damage, but instead gives us a way to let RNG play its course during deterrence, and potentially keep pressure high against un-focused players.

http://www.wowhead.com/item=45731 (Explosive Shot)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=42898 (Arcane Shot)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=45732 (Kill Shot)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=45735 (Raptor Strike)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=45733 (Master's Call)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=42904 (Disengage)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=43351 (Glyph of Feign Death)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=43356 (Glyph of Scare Beast)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=43350 (Glyph of Mend Pet)

3 Pets!

Pets! We all love them, it is the reason most of us chose to play Hunter. There is one very useful site for information on pets: http://www.wow-petopia.com/ get used to using it for finding pets, updates on pet abilities and even the new spirit beasts!

Marksman and Survival Pets:

The beauty of the pet overhaul some time ago is that we now have a pet for every occasion. In addition, we now have the ability to swap our pets in combat – meaning that with thought we can have a pet to counter whatever comp we come across.
The usual pet line-up for non Beast Mastery hunters will consist of some of the following:

Monkey – Gives a 4 second disorient, (however counts as controlled stun that cannot be blinked out of).

Scorpid/Bird of Prey – 10 second disarm (1 minute cooldown).

Moth – 4 second lockout (1 minute cooldown).

Spider – 5 second root that does not break on damage (40 second cooldown).

Wind Serpent – Increases magic damage taken by the target by 8% (great for Survival Hunters or if you are playing with a caster, that is not a warlock).

These 5 pets together provide a well balanced group of pets that can be used to increase the utility of your team.

Beast Mastery Pets:

Core Hound - provides bloodlust and a casting speed debuff.

Spirit Beast – Provides a heal (scaling with attack power) and an equivalent Horn of Winter buff. (Multiple Spirit beasts is highly recommended for double DPS 2s as the heal cooldown is not shared among the different beasts).

Side notes: There are many other pets that give a variety of debuffs, mostly for PVE purposes, in certain situations where you might know who you are facing (such as a tournament) you may find these other pets to be of better use. I highly recommend using http://www.wow-petopia.com/ regularly, add it to your favourites and have a browse through the various pet abilities.

4 Gear, Gems, Enchants and Stat Priorities

Hunters are squishy. Very squishy – and with the current state of Warriors, Ferals and Death Knights, it is pretty important for us to get as much resilience as we can! There are various setups you can use, but, trinket wise for new users I would recommend using http://www.wowhead.com/item=64687, it has good on-demand burst when you need it. The rest of your gear is usually decided by your spec; as Marksmanship you want to get as much crit as you can, as Survival you want a balance between the two – they should be roughly equal with crit possibly being slightly higher, and as Beast Mastery you should aim towards Mastery. I highly recommend going full PvP gear, the Engineering helm, although very powerful, has 0 resilience and Hunters are very weak against Damage Over Time (DOTs) - resilience is the only way to reduce DOT damage.

Stat Priorities:
Agility. Love it, live it, smoke it, lick it. It’s amazing, your best friend as any spec (currently). If you ever have the option, it’s the best, when hit-capped. There are a lot of different opinions about how we should prioritise our stats, the main controversy being between weather Mastery is better than Haste.

Hit Rating (until capped) > Agility > Crit > Mastery > Haste
Hit Rating (until capped) > Agility > Crit (where Mastery is higher) > Mastery (where Crit is higher) > Haste
Beast Mastery:
Hit Rating (until capped) > Agility > Mastery > Crit > Haste

Our enchants follow the same pattern as our Stat Priorities, they change with specs. The basic setup looks like this:
Head: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=86934
Shoulder: http://www.wowhead.com/item=62346
Back: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=74192
Chest: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=74214
Bracer:  http://www.wowhead.com/spell=74201
Gloves: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=74255 (for high end gloves)
Legs: http://www.wowhead.com/item=56550
Boots: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=74252 (for high end boots)

Gemming for all specs is generally the same. We should generally aim for anywhere between 100 to 170 spell penetration.
Meta: http://www.wowhead.com/item=52291 (There are many choices, for new hunters this will generally work out best)
Red slots: http://www.wowhead.com/item=52212
Yellow:  http://www.wowhead.com/item=52204 as Survival and Beast Mastery - http://www.wowhead.com/item=52209 as Marksman
Blue: http://www.wowhead.com/item=52246 x2 then http://www.wowhead.com/item=52237

5 Play-style

The beauty of playing a Hunter is that almost every Hunter is different – even among similar specs you will find different players do different things in different situations. But to start you off, you need only know of two different styles.

1) The offensive Hunter: A great start for most people, making your enemy go defensive is the best way to prevent your enemy from creating any real pressure. However this can cause many problems, and you will quickly see how easy it is for enemies to Line of Sight you – while this keeps them from being offensive, it also prevents you from creating opportunities so fluidly.

2) The defensive Hunter: Most players experienced in other classes will start off defensive rather than offensive – because they know what other classes are capable of. With the addition of Aspect of the Fox, Hunters are now able to pull off their entire rotation on the move, which allows you to go begin a cast, then move out of Line of Sight of a target, and then move back in when the cast is about to end, fire and instant shot with that cast, move back out of los until your Global Cooldown Ends, and so on and so forth. This is a great style for Hunters, and it makes things a whole lot easier for your healer. However you also miss out on opportunities that you otherwise could have created had you been more offensive.

Naturally the best thing to do is combine the two, play defensive and pull your opponents into you, so that their healer will follow into the open – giving you an opening to go offensive with some Crowd Control on the healer. Remember one thing though: You should adapt with the season, if games are long, go with some Marksman for some decent control – if Burst is high, go BM and help your caster out with bloodlust, or even Survival with Wind Serpent pet to give him that extra 8% magic damage. Hunters have an amazing amount of utility outside the arena, make sure you think things through before queuing up.

6 Macros

For fear of plagiarism, I won’t copy all the macros in this thread but instead link this very sturdy list of macros http://www.arenajunk...ad.php?t=223898 which can be found in the Hunter forums.
A note on Hunter Macros:
If you want to be REALLY efficient I recommend adding ‘/stopcasting’ to the start of all of your macros, and creating further macros for all important abilities such as Scatter shot and Deterrence – and adding ‘/stopcasting’ to the front of the macro. This will cancel your Steady Shot or Cobra Shot casts, since moving will no longer stop casting whilst in aspect of the fox.

7 Video Links

Currently on Arena Junkies there is only one thread dedicated to Hunter specific videos (Cataclysm).

http://www.arenajunk...ad.php?t=225717 thanks to Squanky for this!

There is another thread that consists of purely non Cataclysm videos, which can be educational at times.


8. Crowd Control

Crowd Control in arena is something everyone will get a feel for. You can use it in many ways; You can use it on a healer to score a kill, you can use it on a DPS to prevent a kill or you can use it to help your team reset.

There are other things you can use crowd control for, but for now lets cover the process of 'doing' it.

With scatter shot available to all specs, all specs have a sure fire way to get a trap (or at least get a good chance of landing one).

Scatter (usually focus scatter: see macros section) into Freezing Trap (thrown through the use of trap launcher) is a great CC chain. Keep practising it, in duels or arena. Make sure you can almost always hit it.

There are a number of ways people can stop you from getting the trap, however. One is to stun or silence you when you scatter, so the target will break free if scatter before trap lands. Another is to eat the trap (stand on top of it before the target gets trapped). You can do things to prevent this, however.

When a trap actually lands with a trinket down, its devistating to a healer, its just like a full poly really - its the time to go for a kill. You should therefor not be afraid to do everything you can do to get that trap.

Lets take RMP for example.
You need to trap the priest, but the rogue and mage keep eating the traps! When you scatter, you should web or stun the rogue (depending on your pet) and silence or sleep the mage (depending on your spec). This will pretty much 'cover' your trap. You can then use rediness if you are marksman and silence the healer after trap ends should you need it.

Although it is posted ALL over the forums I will post it here to:


You do not get spell pen for traps, you get it for offensive damaging abilities. We all hope it will be fixed one day!

9. Focus: the do's and dont's.

**Coming Soon**

I hope this guide was helpful to you, feel free to post any questions and general hate here at your pleasure.

#3656312 Ice Lance

Posted avoid on 04 March 2012 - 01:37 AM

sure if you make haste viable or change the casttime from the passive 2 sec as it is now from frostbolt

also note that mages have 2 novas and with their pet freeze makes 3, not even close to your 50 stated number.

also ice lance does not do 25k everytime it is cast, it's the mastery that makes up for it which requires the target to be frozen solid or novaed, which also triples ice lances damage.

go read up a WoW guide or something

#3656166 Teamfind - better profiles and new tooltips!

Posted Pyrilus on 03 March 2012 - 11:27 PM

Just thought I'd share that Teamfind now has much more useful profile pages and some performance improvements (though we're still tracking down a memory leak).

Check it out: http://www.teamfind....ondrius/Pyrilus

Now, also, you can mouse over people's names in the search table and get a quick overview of their profile info.

Posted Image

If you think it's not enough info or if there's something you're looking for that you don't find, please let me know in this thread. :)

Happy PvPing.

#3613013 Heroic Leap Reliability

Posted Annihilate on 13 January 2012 - 07:23 AM

View Postkannetixx, on 11 January 2012 - 05:47 PM, said:

you guys must have sat in one too many novas ... i was simply saying warriors are not exactly horrible to play right now thats all <3 no hate <3

Actually they are kind of horrible to play right now.

#3607336 Blizzard making class balance changes for PvE not PvP

Posted Pattzi on 06 January 2012 - 03:06 PM

View PostMinpojke, on 06 January 2012 - 12:45 PM, said:

Plz, atleast ur not a rdruid. /2 LF HUNTER & ROGUE FOR 3v3 TRIPPLE DEEPZ

Yeah man.

At least I'm not a class that can just respec and be overpowered.

Damn right.

#3539258 Ziqo 1 released

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View PostZiqoo, on 05 November 2011 - 02:52 AM, said:

My first movie ever released, http://www.warcraftm...w.php?id=203053




#3079880 DK Basics 4.0

Posted Guest on 21 February 2011 - 05:48 PM

Posted Image

5.0 Notes:

- Dark Simulacrum does not copy Divine Shield or Ice Block.
- Corpse Explosion is a vanity minor glyph and does not do damage.

The following is out of date (4.0):

Press CTRL+F and then type index number you wish to view.

1. New Spells
2. Tips
3. Macros
4. Recommended Glyphs
5. Dark Simulacrum
6. Builds
7. Stats, Gemming, and Enchants
8. Runeforging
9. Professions
10. Team Compositions
11. Changes to note
12. General Addons
13. DK-specific Addons
14. Other DK Resources
15. UI [coming soon!]
16. Contributors

1. New Spells:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

2. Tips:

Posted Image Bind focus macros for the following abilities. Use /cast [@focus] spellname. Check out the macro section of this guide for alternate macros for each of the following spells.
● Death Grip
● Mind Freeze
● Gnaw
● Strangulate
● Chains of Ice
● Leap
● Dark Simulacrum* (see below)

Posted Image There's a lot of confusion over which spells are considered an immunity when using Glyph of Resilient Grip. Spells such as roots or a hunter's deterrence are not considered immunities. Spells that are considered immunities are:
● Divine Shield
● Ice Block
● Banish
● Cyclone
● Blessing of Protection
● Pillar of Frost

Posted Image Lichborne can be used for many things other than just breaking fear. Lichborne also prevents:
● Seduce (Will also break this effect on use)
● Sap
● Polymorph
● Hex
● Any form of fear (Will also break this effect on use)
● Mind Control (Will also break this effect on use)

*Note: Lichborne can be used at any time during a crowd control effect. This is great for preventing back to back polymorphs which overlap and do not allow any time between each other. An example of this would be using Lichborne to prevent Warstomp -> Hexs

Posted Image Your opponents will probably kill your ghoul if they are training you, or planning a quick switch for a kill on you while your Summon Ghoul is on cooldown. Keep in mind that you're able to also Death Pact your Gargoyle (see the macro section of this guide).

Posted Image Get comfortable with controlling your ghoul - it's underrated. Personally, I have Alt+Scroll up set to /petattack [@focus], while having Alt+Scroll down set to /petfollow me. This is great for keeping shamans in combat who are using water-shield. You're easily able to toggle your pet on and off the shaman without giving him too much mana.

Posted Image Death and Decay is great for interrupting healers which are out of line of sight and drinking. For example, you can be in the middle of Nagrand Arena and interrupt a healer drinking almost anywhere on the map.

Posted Image While Chains of Ice is effected by Cloak of Shadows, Plague Strike is not. When a rogue uses this ability it's best to reapply Plague Strike right away. Outbreak now has a chance to be resisted by Cloak of Shadows.

Posted Image Dark Simulacrum works through immunities such as Divine Shield and Ice Block. This means the debuff is guaranteed to be applied regardless of the target's state. If you cast it during a Divine Shield, it will copy either the spell casted during the Divine Shield, or the spell casted after the shield is down.

Posted Image I mentioned using a focus Death Grip macro in the first tip. I cannot stress enough how huge this is for interrupts. Don't just use it to close gaps.

Posted Image If you're running with a Warrior, Chains of Ice -> Death Grip another target into range of the Bladestorm for more pressure.

Posted Image Remember that both your Death Grip and Mind Freeze can be grounded. You can use an addon to show an alert for the "Grounding Totem" buff (I use Elkano's Buff Bars). If you need to use either of these abilities and there is a Grounding Totem down, just cast a quick Chains of Ice to get rid of the totem.

Posted Image Take note that Anti-Magic Shell not only prevents magic spells from being applied, but also poisons. Another great use for Anti-Magic Shell is preventing Nature's Grasp or traps.

Posted Image Bind a focus Unholy Command to your main attack(s). This will keep any healers in combat, assuming they are in range and line of sight, without using and runes or runic power.

Posted Image Gargoyle is affected by Unholy Presence, however Frost Presence does not provide any bonus. By using your Gargoyle in Unholy Presence, it will gain extra haste allowing 3 more casts. Also, if you're going to Bloodlust/Heroism, do it before you summon your gargoyle or it will not receive the benefit.

Posted Image When a Warrior is Bladestorming one of your team-mates, Death Grip it off them. When in Dalaran, Blade's Edge, and Ring of Valor, you're able to Death Grip the Warrior off a pillar or ledge during the Bladestorm, but you have to watch for a Grounding Totem and Spell Reflect.

Posted Image It never hurts to carry an extra weapon engraved with Swordshattering. Using this will reduce the duration of those disarms that feel like they will never end. A rogues rotation usually starts with a Cheap Shot -> Kidney Shot -> Dismantle with 1 second left. If you are able to Gnaw the rogue with 1 second left on his Cheap Shot, you can equip your Swordshattering weapon.

Posted Image If you notice that the priest is low on mana, has not used Hymn of Hope, and is running out of line of sight, he is most likely going to first check to see if there's a Ghoul he has to Shackle. Pulling your Ghoul off the Priest just temporarily can "juke" him into casting it when you are perfectly aware and can easily have your pet switch back to him for the Gnaw.

Posted Image If your diseases are about to fall off and the target Death Knight uses Anti-Magic Shell, you are still able to refresh them via Festering Strike.

Posted Image 5v5 Clutch Death Grips are very important in 5s, and one of the best places to do this is in Dalaran Sewers. You can grip the kill targets down to the lower area, using the wall to line of sight its healers. At each corner in Dalaran Sewers, there is a Shadowsight that spawns after 90 seconds. You are able to grip a player into this Shadow Sight, and it will increase the targets damage taken by 5% for the next 15 seconds.

Posted Image [Bug Fix] There's a bug where you will be in line of sight and range, not be silenced, and have enough runic power, yet Summon Gargoyle will not work. This only known fix for this is to drop your current target and re-target.

Posted Image Unholy Frenzy will break crowd control effects if it is active. However, it cannot be used while controlled. You are able to cast this on your partner, but it takes approximately 3 seconds for the first damage tick.

Posted Image The damage portion of Chains of Ice will work on a hunter with Deterence when using Glyph of Chains of Ice. However, this won't slow the hunter.

Posted Image When Sudden Doom procs, you are able to gain 20 runic power if you choose to use it to heal instead of doing damage.

Posted Image When going against a death knight, strangulate prevents the use of lichborne healing.

Posted Image Killing pets/mirror images will refresh the cooldown on Death Grip if you have Unholy Command talented. Also works for Shadowy Apparitions, which only have 5 HP.

Posted Image Although Cloak of Shadows causes Chains of Ice to resist, Outbreak bypasses it. So if you don't want the rogue to vanish, immediately use Outbreak soon as he pops Cloak of Shadows. NO LONGER WORKS.

Posted Image If you're an engineer who uses Nitro Boosts, you'll notice that sometimes it will fail and cause a debuff called Rocket Fuel Leak. This causes you to lose 15% hp every 8 seconds as fire damage. If you use anti-magic shell during this debuff, you will absorb the fire damage and receive a full runic power bar from 0. Nitro Boosts are not usable in arena or rated battlegrounds, however you can use them in normal battlegrounds, Tol Barad, or other world PvP.

Posted Image Mind Freeze is considered a spell and thus removes spell reflect from the Warrior. Using this is situational.

Posted Image Dark Command has a chance to proc Unholy Strength.

Posted Image You can put your pet on /petstay at a distance away from you, so that when the rogue opens on you with a Cheap Shot, your ghoul will Leap behind the rogue, circumventing any problems you would have with your initial Gnaw being dodged via Evasion.

Posted Image You only need 80 runic power to grant 5 stacks of Shadow Infusion, assuming you use it to heal and have and have Glyph of Death's Embrace. Although you lose the death coil damage, transforming the pet and being able to take advantage of its abilities is often even more beneficial.

Posted Image And do your teammates and self a favor and do not whine in skype or ventrilo.

3. Macros:

It's helpful to bind /startattack to as many abilities as you can for easy targeting and switches. If you really want to get the most use out of your Dark Command, then you're either going to have to avoid using the Scourge Strike macro in certain times, or just straight up not bind Focus Dark Command in the macro. If you don't have dispels or your dispeler is CC'd, you can taunt a Water Elemental, Gargoyle, or pretty much any form of pet to break a CC such as a Polymorph, anticipated Blind, etc. If you are running with a rogue, you should probably avoid using this macro because it can prevent potential saps.

#show scourge strike
/cast scourge strike
/cast [@focus] dark command
#show obliterate
/cast obliterate
/cast [@focus] dark command
Posted Image Alexek has found a working macro that will both apply Dark Simulacrum to the focus target, and also use the copied spell on the focus target. This requires the Bartender4 addon in the addons section of this guide. To use this, change the "5" in the macro to whatever number keybind you have your normal Dark Simulacrum bound to in Bartender. This can be found by typing /bt, clicking Key Bindings at the top of the menu, then hovering over your buttons to display the keybind # in the tooltip.

#showtooltip dark simulacrum
/target focus
/click BT4Button#
Dominos users can use /click DominosButton#

For a macro that both copies and uses Dark Simulacrum using the default UI:

#showtooltip dark simulacrum
/target focus
/click ActionButton#
OR /click MultiBarBottomLeftButton#
OR /click MultiBarBottomRightButton#
OR /click MultiBarLeftButton#
OR /click MultiBarRightButton#

The # part of the macro should reference your non-macro Dark Transformation. To check this, type /framestack and mouse over the bind.

Posted Image By default, using Death Pact will sacrifice your ghoul. If you would prefer to sacrifice your Gargoyle instead, use:

/use [nopet]Raise Dead
/targetexact Ebon Gargoyle
/use Death Pact
/stopmacro [harm]
Posted Image Here is macro that allows you to control your not-so-well-designed Gargoyle, while keeping your ghoul on its current target.

/use Summon Gargoyle
/target focus
/focus pettarget
/petattack [@focus]
Posted Image Use a Chains of Ice macro for Shadowfiend if you have any binds available.

/cast [@Shadowfiend, harm, exists, nodead] chains of ice
Posted Image Use a macro to Lichborne-heal yourself. As of 4.0.6, Glyph of Death's Embrace no longer refunds 20 runic power when healing yourself. This glyph now only refunds runic power when healing your pet.

/cast !lichborne;
/cast [@player] Death Coil
Another option is this 3-in-1 modifier macro provided by Proditor that allows you to use Death Coil on your current target, your pet, and yourself.

#showtooltip death coil
/cast [mod:alt,@pet][mod:shift,@player][] death coil
Posted Image Remember to cancel Lichborne if you see a Priest casting Shackle or a Paladin using Turn Evil on you.

/cancelaura Lichborne
Posted Image In order to better utilize your Ghoul, you can use a mouseover petattack macro. This macro will cause your ghoul to attack your mouseover, and if there is no mouseover, then it will attack your current target. It is great for stomping totems without switching your current target.

/petattack [target=mouseover,exists][exists]
Posted Image Sick of using Death and Decay only to have it not work due an invalid area? You can't really spam it because it will toggle on and off. This macro will prevent it from toggling so you can spam the macro and click in your desired area simultaneously:

/cast !Death and Decay
Posted Image If you press Huddle more than once, then it will cancel the cast. By adding an exclamation mark before the spell name, it will not cast a spell if it's already active. Also, remember that when your ghoul is Dark Transformed it can use huddle simultaneously with it's other abilities and still move.

/cast !Huddle
Posted Image Presence dance. (If you play in Frost  Presence, just switch that with Unholy Presence).

/cast Blood Presence
/cast Unholy Presence
Posted Image Here's a macro that allows you to summon a ghoul, and if it's already summoned, it will cast Dark Transformation.

/cast [nopet] raise dead; !dark transformation
Posted Image Note that it can also be used on partners, so depending on the situation, you may want to cast it on your partner so they can avoid CC.

/cast [@PartnersName] Unholy Frenzy
Posted Image Press this macro once to leap, and a second time to gnaw. This is especially useful when your ghoul is Dark Transformed and Leap causes a stun for an interrupt. It is very simple but cuts down an extra keybind.

/cast Leap
/cast Gnaw
/cast [@focus] Leap
/cast [@focus] Gnaw
Posted Image Use this to cancel the following buffs that you may receive from using Dark Simulacrum.

/cancelaura Divine Shield
/cancelaura Ice Block
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
Posted Image These macros will either toggle your Claw's autocast on or off. You can use them in a macro if you want. The reason for this is because Claw triggers a pet GCD, so if your Claw goes off at the same time you want to Gnaw, Gnaw will not work. It's also a pain to have to mash Claw all the time, so it's easier to just toggle it on and off as you please. You shouldn't include it in your strike macros because if you need to use them simultaneously while bursting, it will trigger a pet GCD.

/petautocaston Claw
/petautocastoff Claw
And if you just want 1 bind to toggle Claw on and off:

/petautocasttoggle Claw
Posted Image [2v2] The following can be performed by any class, but I will explain how a Death Knight would do so. Druids will often try and open with a Cyclone right out of Prowl. Cyclone is a 1.5 second cast, not including haste, so you will have a hard time targeting the Druid in time to interupt the opening Cyclone. Here is a macro to instantly Death Grip the druid, assuming he is the 2nd to appear in a 2v2 match. You have to use this at your own discretion. If you're going to use it, you best spam it while going heads up versus the druids partner.

/cast [@arena2] Death Grip
4. Recommended Glyphs:

Posted Image Unholy


Glyph of Death Coil - Increases the damage or healing done by Death Coil by 15%.
Glyph of Raise Dead - Your Ghoul receives an additional 40% of your Strength and 40% of your Stamina.
Glyph of Scourge Strike - Increases the Shadow damage portion of your Scourge Strike by 30%.


Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell - Increases the duration of your Anti-Magic Shell by 2 sec.
Glyph of Dark Succor - Causes your Death Strike ability to always restore at least 15% of your maximum health when used while in Frost or Unholy Presence.
Glyph of Strangulate - Increases the Silence duration of your Strangulate ability by 2 sec when used on a target who is casting a spell.


Glyph of Horn of Winter - Increases the duration of your Horn of Winter ability by 1 min.
Glyph of Resilient Grip - When your Death Grip ability fails because its target is immune, its cooldown is reset.
Glyph of Death's Embrace - Your Death Coil refunds 20 runic power when used to heal.

Posted Image Frost


Glyph of Obliterate - Increases the damage of your Obliterate ability by 20%.
Glyph of Howling Blast - Your Howling Blast ability now infects your targets with Frost Fever.
Glyph of Frost Strike - Reduces the cost of your Frost Strike by 8 Runic Power.


Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell - Increases the duration of your Anti-Magic Shell by 2 sec.
Glyph of Hungering Cold - Your Hungering Cold ability no longer costs runic power.
Glyph of Strangulate - Increases the Silence duration of your Strangulate ability by 2 sec when used on a target who is casting a spell.


Glyph of Horn of Winter - Increases the duration of your Horn of Winter ability by 1 min.
Glyph of Resilient Grip - When your Death Grip ability fails because its target is immune, its cooldown is reset.
Glyph of Death's Embrace - Your Death Coil refunds 20 runic power when used to heal.

5. Dark Simulacrum (Author: Bashel)

The following applies to Dark Simulacrum:

Posted Image The spell must cost mana.

Posted Image Phsyical abilities, despite using mana, do not work.

Posted Image You cannot copy pet summons.

Posted Image You can copy pet abilities.

Posted Image Spell power, talents, and glyphs will not be copied.

Posted Image When using the copied spell, it will always be an instant cast.

Posted Image Dark Simulacrum cannot be grounded.

Posted Image Dark Simulacrum can be applied through immunities.

Posted Image The copied spell can be grounded.

Posted Image Copied spells still have cooldowns.

Posted Image You can copy spells casted by opponent DK's Dark Simulacrum.

Posted Image

Can be copied:

● Cyclone
● Entangling Roots
● Solar Beam
● Star Fall
● Typhoon
● Starsurge
● Faerie Fire
● Swiftmend (requires Rejuvenation or Regrowth)

Cannot be copied:

● Shapeshifts
● Spells and attacks requiring shapeshifts.
● Nature's Grasp

Posted Image

Can be copied:

● Polymorph
● Mirror Images
● Dragon's Breath
● Pyroblast
● Living Bomb
● Counterspell
● Time Warp
● Ring of Frost
● Ice Block
● Blink
● Frost Nova
● Cone of Cold
● Mana Shield
● Ice Barrier
● Invisibility
● Deep freeze (requires frozen target, ex. freezing trap or hungering cold)
● Slow Fall
● Armors, Ice/Mage/Molten

Can be copied, but not applicable:

● Icy Veins
● Deep freeze (without a method of freezing the target)

Posted Image

Can be copied:

● Seals
● Hammer of Justice
● Divine Shield
● Divine Protection
● Hand of Protection
● Hand of Freedom
● Avenging Wrath
● Holy Wrath
● Consecration

Cannot be copied:

● Avenger's Shield
● Hammer of Wrath
● Any spell costing Holy Power (remember: requires mana to be spent)

Posted Image

Can be copied:

● Pain Suppression
● Power Word: Barrier
● Power Word: Shield
● Divine Hymn
● Mass Dispel
● Fear Ward
● Psychic Scream
● Psychic Horror
● Mana Burn
● Silence
● Mind Control
● Leap of Faith (aka Life Grip)
● Guardian Spirit
● Levitate

Posted Image

Can be copied:

● Hex
● Earth shield

Cannot be copied:

● Ghost Wolf
● Feral Spirits
● Totems

Can be copied, but not applicable:

● Spiritwalker's Gracefont

Posted Image

Can be copied:

● Fear
● Death Coil
● Shadowfury
● Howl of Terror
● Chaos Bolt
● Infernal
● Unstable Affliction
● Succubus' Seduction
● Felhunter's Spell Lock
● Haunt (increases the damage of your own dots)
● Drain Mana
● Drain Life
● Hellfire
● Hand of Guldan (although does not copy talents)
● Armors

Can be copied, but not applicable:

● Shadow Ward/Nether Protection
● Demonic Portal
● Spells that requires Metamorphosis
● Demonic Empowerment
● Demon Soul
● Soul Link

6. Builds

The following are builds that are popular at the moment. The code following each build can be used to automatically learn each talent. This can be done by pasting the code in the chat log, and requires a blank talent tree.

Posted Image Unholy 1 - 0/8/33

Posted Image
/run t,p,a={3,12,23,42,63,72,81,103,112,123,133,141,151,162,171,182,191,201,1,2,13,22,51,72,}SetPreviewPrimaryTalentTree(t[1],GetActiveTalentGroup())for i=1,#t do a=t[i]if a<9 then p=a else AddPreviewTalentPoints(p,floor(a/10),a%10)end end

Posted Image Unholy 2 - 0/8/33

Posted Image
/run t,p,a={3,12,23,42,63,72,81,103,112,123,133,141,151,162,171,181,192,201,1,2,13,22,51,72,}SetPreviewPrimaryTalentTree(t[1],GetActiveTalentGroup())for i=1,#t do a=t[i]if a<9 then p=a else AddPreviewTalentPoints(p,floor(a/10),a%10)end end

Posted Image Frost 1 - 8/31/2

Posted Image
/run t,p,a={2,13,22,43,51,72,82,92,103,112,121,131,142,152,161,193,201,1,23,33,72,3,12,}SetPreviewPrimaryTalentTree(t[1],GetActiveTalentGroup())for i=1,#t do a=t[i]if a<9 then p=a else AddPreviewTalentPoints(p,floor(a/10),a%10)end end

7. Stats, Gemming, and Enchants

Posted Image +54 Critical Strike Rating and 1% Spell Reflect: Destructive Shadowspirit Diamond

Posted Image +40 Strength: Bold Infernal Ruby

Posted Image +40 Resilience: Mystic Amberjewel

Posted Image +50 Spell Penetration: Stormy Ocean Sapphire

Spell Penetration:

● Reduces the target's resistance to your spells.
● The spell penetration cap is 195
● Enchant your cloak with Enchant Cloak - Greater Spell Piercing
● Spell penetration gems - Stormy Ocean Sapphire, Stormy Chimera's Eye

Hit Rating:

● The melee hit cap for 2 handed weapons is 5% (601 hit rating).

Unholy Stat Priority:

5% Hit Rating Posted Image 195 Spell Penetration Posted Image Resilience Posted Image Strength Posted Image Haste Posted Image Critical Strike Posted Image Mastery Posted Image Expertise

Frost Stat Priority:

5% Hit Rating Posted Image 195 Spell Penetration Posted Image Resilience Posted Image Strength Posted Image Mastery Posted Image Haste Posted Image Critical Strike Posted Image Expertise

8. Runeforging

Rune of the Fallen Crusader is considered the best runeforge for both Unholy and Frost PvP. This affixes your rune weapon with a rune that has a chance to heal you for 3% and increase total Strength by 15% for 15 sec.

9. Professions

While professions are still debated on the forums, Jewelcrafting is widely considered a definite for the gems with additional stats. Regarding your second profession, it's up to you, but personally I recommend leather-working due to the Draconic Embossment - Strength which enchants your bracers. With jewelcrafting, you can achieve 194 spell penetration, with 195 being the cap. The difference of 1 spell penetration should not concern you.

Draconic Embossment - Strength - Emboss the pattern of dragons onto your bracers, permanently increasing Strength by 130. Embossing your bracers causes them to become soulbound.  The embossment requires at least 500 skill in Leatherworking to remain active.

10. Team Compositions

Popular setups:

:deathknight: :hunter: :paladin: - PHD: Unholy/Frost, Marksmanship, Holy

Posted Image - TSG: Unholy/Frost, Arms, Holy

Posted Image - Shadowcleave: Unholy/Frost, Affliction, Restoration

Posted Image - Shadowcleave: Unholy/Frost, Affliction, Restoration

:deathknight: :priest: :druid: - Boringcleave: Unholy, Discipline, Restoration

:deathknight: :priest: :paladin: - Boringcleave: Unholy, Discipline, Holy

:deathknight: :priest: :shaman: - Boringcleave: Unholy, Discipline, Restoration

Posted Image - Ebolacleave*: Unholy/Frost, Feral, Holy

:deathknight: :priest: :paladin: - Unholyplay: Unholy/Frost, Shadow, Holy

:deathknight: :priest: :druid: - Unholyplay: Unholy/Frost, Shadow, Restoration

Posted Image - Untitled: Unholy/Frost, Frost, Holy

Posted Image - Untitled: Unholy/Frost, Enhancement, Restoration

11. Changes to note:

Posted Image [4.0.6] Outbreak is now properly effected by Cloak of Shadows.

Posted Image [4.0.6 - Unnecessary now that Icebound Fortitude breaks stuns on use] When a rogue opens up on you with a Cheap Shot, use your Gnaw with 1 second left on the Cheap Shot so you're able to Chains of Ice for runic power -> Icebound Fortitude to avoid being Kidney Shot.

Posted Image [4.0.6 - Fixed and no longer works] To avoid being sapped, you are able to send your pet in to attack the rogues partner from any distance. Your partner can heal you, but they will still be vulnerable to sap, so technically you're not in combat. You need to spam pet attack on any visible target and rush in on foot to do this.

Posted Image You can no longer Leap to partners.

Posted Image Chains of Ice no longer works through Cloak of Shadows. This is a bug that has been fixed.

Posted Image There's a bug which causes your Summon Ghoul cooldown to reset to 2 minutes cooldown upon mounting.

Posted Image Glyph of Disease has been removed, but you are still able to refresh diseases through Anti-magic Shell via Festering Strike.

Posted Image Death and Decaying mirror images is no longer as effective as their hp has been increased to that of the mage.

Posted Image Frost Presence and Blood Presence have switched roles. Blood Presence is now the presence to use to reduce damage intake.

Posted Image Using Rune Strike in Blood Presence no longer requires you to dodge or parry.

Posted Image The bug which allowed you to stack 5x Shadow Infusion before the gates opened in arena has been fixed.

12. General Addons:

Pharaunmizz has compiled both an addon FAQ and video tutorial that can be found here:
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13. DK-specific Addons:

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Posted Image

Posted Image I recommend an addon called TellMeWhen. You can use it to show the number of Shadow Infusion stacks on your ghoul. I have mine set to display the duration of Shadow Infusion, the stacks, and change to the duration of Dark Transformation after it is casted. Since only 80 runic power is needed (with Glyph of Death's Embrace) to transform your ghoul, I also use Power Auras to display an texture that informs me when I have the 80 runic power.

Detailed instructions below the images.
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Posted Image
1. Download Power Auras and TellMeWhen.
2. Type /tmw to config.
3. Right click any of the transparent icons.
4. Click Choose spell/item/buff/etc.
5. Type Shadow Infusion
6. Right click the icon again and check Enable icon.
7. Go to Icon type and check Buff/Debuff.
8. Check Show timer and Show timer number.
9. Go to Unit to watch and check Pet
10. Place the icon anywheres on your screen and resize by dragging the bottom right corner of the icon.

To display the Dark Transformation icon after using it:

1. Type /tmw to config.
2. Right click any of the transparent icons.
3. Click Choose spell/item/buff/etc.
4. Type Dark Transformation
5. Right click the icon again and check Enable icon.
6. Go to Icon type and check Buff/Debuff.
7. Check Show timer and Show timer number.
8. Go to Unit to watch and check Pet.
9. Resize and position the icon to that of the Shadow Infusion icon.

To display the Power Auras icon that displays when you have 80 runic power:

1. Type /powa.
2. Click New.
3. Choose your texture, position and size.
4. Under the Activation by: dropdown menu, choose Rage/Energy/Power.
5. Set the Threshold to 60% (80/130 runic power = ~60).
6. Check the </> to set the Threshold as inverted.
7. Under the Power Type: dropdown menu, choose Runic Power.

14. Other DK Resources:

1. The Dark Simulacrum List
2. Gear/Stat Discussion (Season 9)
3. Seed's DK FAQ Thread
4. Death Knight DPS Compendium

15: UI

Coming soon!
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16. Contributors:


#3356248 S10 - The Perfect Hit

Posted Ironcladd on 09 July 2011 - 10:07 PM

If you are like me and you like to get as close to 600 hit rating as possible, then this thread will hopefully save you hours of pouring over chardev.

I created a spread sheet simulation that took the base hit from S10 Ruthless gear and added to it all available +hit from sources like reforging, the 3 blue slots, and the neck piece. I disregarded any enchants, and unless specified, assumes +expertise necklace.

Here's a link to download my spreadsheet:

This assumes reforging values given by wowhead in that:
Helm gives +90 hit
Chest and Legs give +98 hit
Belt and Boots give +77 hit
Cloak and Crit Ring give +64 hit
T2 Thrown gives +38 hit
Hands give -77 hit
Hit Ring gives -64 hit
Base hit from Ruthless gear (excluding hit necklace) = 354

Combinations are:

600 = Cloak / T2 Thrown / Ring / 2 Purple Gems (20hit/20x) / 1 Blue Gems (40hit)
600 = Cloak / T2 Thrown / Ring / 2 Blue Gems (40hit)
600 = Helm / T2 Thrown / Legs / 1 Purple Gems (20hit/20x)
600 = Cloak / Crit Ring / Legs / 1 Purple Gems (20hit/20x)
600 = Helm / 160 Hit Necklace / Hit Ring / 3 Purple Gems (20hit/20x)
601 = Helm / Belt / 2 Purple Gems (20hit/20x) / 1 Blue Gems (40hit)
601 = Helm / Belt / 2 Blue Gems (40hit)
601 = Cloak / 160 Hit Necklace / Hands / 1 Purple Gems (20hit/20x) / 2 Blue Gems (40hit)
601 = Cloak / Crit Ring / Legs / Chest / Gloves
602 = Helm / Legs / 3 Purple Gems (20hit/20x)
602 = Belt / Boots / Legs / Hit Ring / 3 Purple Gems (20hit/20x)
602 = Cloak / Belt / 3 Blue Gems (40hit)
603 = Helm / Legs / Chest / Hands / 2 Purple Gems (20hit/20x)
603 = Belt / T2 Thrown / Legs / 1 Purple Gems (20hit/20x) / 2 Blue Gems (40hit)
603 = T2 Thrown / Helm / Legs / Hands / 1 Purple Gems (20hit/20x) / 2 Blue Gems (40hit)
604 = Helm / 160 Hit Necklace
605 = T2 Thrown / Helm / Hit Necklace / Hands / 2 Purple Gems (20hit/20x)
606 = Cloak / T2 Thrown / Helm / 3 Purple Gems (20hit/20x)
606 = Legs / Chest / Hit Ring / 3 Blue Gems (40hit)

I've bolded the combinations that fill the 3 blue gem slots in our gear and allow us to wear the expertise necklace.

If my values are incorrect, please let me know and I'll correct them in my spreadsheet and search for new combinations. I would gladly share my spreadsheet, if anyone would care to take the time to tell me how to attach it to this thread.

P.S. I hope this helps anyone.

*edit* added a couple more combinations.

*edit2* I've adjusted the base hit on Ruthless gear to 354 from 355. I removed the old 600 combinations since they are now 599. I've taken in account for combinations that reforge out of hit on hands and ring, but since their reforge values are the same for belts and cloaks (respectively), a lot of them offset each other, thus making them meaningless. I've added more total combinations.

*edit3* I've adjusted for the corrected hit values in legs and removed the combinations that used the old leg reforging values. I've added some more combinations.

*edit4* Added a link to download my spreadsheet.