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#3537599 Wintrading teams

Posted Mitad on 03 November 2011 - 03:31 PM

So every now and then we get threads with teams wintrading/exploiting to glad - so here's the thread that sums them all up.

Your dads bald head // Rating: 2702 (Win/Loss: 83 – 0)
Comment: shitgear, probably done at lvl 70 as they got their 2700 achievment before their 85 achiev
(Original post: http://eu.battle.net...opic/2868764048 )

nenenen // Rating: 2675 (Win/loss: 721 – 870)
Comment: 45% team winratio and 212 – 116 player stats, with a 65% player win ratio at 2652 player rating, fishy much?
(Original post: http://www.arenajunk...ok-legit-mejts/ )

pot of flowers // Rating: 2654 (Win/loss: 759 – 863)
Comment: legit?

HYDRA PLAY SHIN/ // Rating: 3106 (Win/loss: 72 – 0)
Comment: never glad suddently r1, getting all his arena achievs in 1 day? I don't think so

CALL NINE WHINE WHINE/ // Rating: 2920 (Win/loss: 47-21)
Comment: Neverglads suddently rank1? Rumours say they wintraded with Necrotic cleave and also had more or less full 371 gear and S9 t1 when they hit their ratingz

Necrotic Cleave // Rating: 2729 (Win/loss: 48-48)
Comment: Double DK + priest with sketchy winratio? Rumours say they wintraded with CALL NINE WHINE WHINE and had pretty shitgear when hitting their current rating

EU Stats:
Possible trade/exploits to rank1: 2
Possible trade/exploits to glad: 4

Dynomyte // Rating: 2645 (Win/loss: 383-260)
Comment: 383 – 260 @ 2645, looks fishy as fuck.
(Original post: http://us.battle.net...n/3v3/Dynomyte/ )

US Stats:
Possible trade/exploits to rank1: 0
Possible trade/exploits to glad: 1

If I missed any post them below


Posted Exitwoundsz on 03 November 2011 - 01:23 AM



Posted breuerx on 03 November 2011 - 01:03 AM

643 matches in 1 day?...


Posted navajaz on 03 November 2011 - 12:53 AM


theres no way this team got that rating in a day with this gear. Theres a xploit in here.

#3530559 why do people play 2s

Posted Exitwoundsz on 27 October 2011 - 01:49 AM

to go undefeated! http://us.battle.net.../Khryl/advanced 100-0? get Jelly

#3529607 If you could make one change

Posted Exitwoundsz on 26 October 2011 - 12:59 AM

blade storm fans away smoke bomb

#3529169 WCMpremium REUPLOADS

Posted cochonhalal on 25 October 2011 - 04:15 PM

So I decided to make a thread about this since I've been getting some feedback on this idea and it was only positive actually.

Basically on WCM I will download many old and good movies for everyone to watch ( only for premium users on WCM )

EDIT: Youtube is a fag and wont let me upload shit longer than 15min ( after being verified ) because of copyrights on the video's audio.

I will upload everything HERE
Never used dailymotion before but someone told me it was very good.

+ rep please if you like!:)

#3526307 Because this will be posted here eventually

Posted hoodrych on 23 October 2011 - 05:03 AM

Won't disclose information my ass.. seems like the community needs some clarification

Let's go back to the beginning of TR. Snutz, Toez and I had paired up with confidence since WLS was good and Warriors were looking like the best melee class. WLS beat DKLS which was running rampant, and stomped most caster cleaves (pre-patched shamans were talking), and generally felt like one of the strongest comps on TR. We never got to play as much as we wanted because Snutz was never around as he just got his first girlfriend and lost his virginity, frequently asking me for sex advice and telling me about his girlfriend's yeast infection. We got maybe 2 decent sessions in on the first week of TR, and easily held 1st place, putting most of our confidence in what felt like a very strong WLS comp.

Then blizzard patches mid TR, warrior 2h damage was nerfed by 8%, rogue damage was buffed by 6%, DK unholy buffed and the soul swap nerf hurt us as well. We started having trouble with teams like Diziet's cleave, who we had no trouble with before. RLS was getting hard, DKLS seemed so much different than before and Shadowplay close to impossible after the spriest buffs. We had 2 teams going with 1 that was 100% safe for qualification. We didn't have the same confidence as before the patch and were pretty frustrated by lack of practice, but mainly by lack of playtime because of Snutzs first girlfriend.

At this time we were approached by Pookz who was concerned with qualifying and was scared his DK/Mage/Priest would be hit too hard with the frost DK nerf. We eventually agreed to give them some games on our alt team, put them in qual range, and they'd give us a game on our main team (which was already qual'd). This happened and was fairly easy to organize as it was the last day of Season 9 and most players were queuing on live. A week passes with no changes to the top 8. With about 2-3 days left before TR ends, and with Snutz showing no sign of trying to be on to practice or committing, Toez decided to leave and try to qualify a last minute Shadowplay with Shouri/Imbadz. Toez came forward and told me he would do this, which I respected and understood. However, this did not go well. They capped out at around rank 15 and it seemed Toez,Snutz and I were destined to go to regional's un-confident and more so just for the free trip.

1 day before TR ends, Snutz comes online and tries to get our WLS to play and Toez isn't having it. Toez had no desire to play with Snutz since he was never on and was screwing our WLS out of practice. After seeing how the EU TR was dominated by MLS, Snutz starts queuing  with Kollektiv and Pookz, they do EXTREMELY well and go something like 60-3 up to almost qual range. Kollektiv of course is already teaming up with Massive/Nadagast and can't really commit to this new MLS team. This is where Toez comes in. Toez wanted to qual really bad and came "CrawlingBack" to Snutz to try a last minute MLS run. This went well. MLS dominated all the DKLS and melee cleaves, and had a very good shot at beating EG's Shadowplay. I had no problem with any of these players before this. I wasn't told they were going to try MLS, and how it would potentially screw me out of qualifying. I feel it was pretty shitty on their part to go behind my back knowing it would screw me over. Look, I understand the game is all about Comp. I would never deny them a much better shot at winning if they needed to play with a Mage. I understand the game changes and at that point MLS was a much better option than WLS. Was it a shitty way to go about it? Absolutely. Not to mention the DK/Mage/Priest (Phil/Mackenzie) team that Pookz was going to qualify with? Yeah, they'd be screwed out by this as well.

Now was I upset or bitter at the time? Sure. Did I revenge "hack" anyone, No. Did I delete any characters? No. May I have provided someone who was upset about this situation as well with a few battle net e-mails? Maybe. Last day of TR and around mid afternoon there is word going around that Snutz got hacked, with his character deleted. I looked into this and found it hilarious, thinking that there is no way for them to come back from a hacked/banned account on the last day of TR, since TR REGISTRATION HAD BEEN CLOSED FOR WEEKS even if they bought a new account. Thinking back to the time where Crysalids RLS got hacked FOUR DAYS before a TR ended and there was no possibility of qualifying again, well unfortunately they didn't have a Pookz on their team. 1 hour letter Snutz's MLS is online and queuing arena. How was this possible? His account was hacked/banned, his character no longer existed on armory... and TR registration was closed. In comes Kalgan. Pookz apparently called Kalgan (Lead Developer of Blizzard) on his cellphone and told him the situation. Kalgan got Snutz a brand new TR registered account, his lock restored on that NEW account, MMR restored and invited to the team as well even when inviting was DISABLED. This was known because right after the phone call, Pookz came in skype bragging about how he just called his "pal kalgan" and got everything fixed. I guess it is about who you know. I've also heard that Pookz was "hacked" shortly after, and had a ban lifted on his account in under an hour. (we've all seen this process take a few days at least)

Regardless of all there setbacks, 2 hours left before TR ends and Snutz MLS is top 12. They're spamming games trying to qual and are getting within 100 rating, but at the same time getting tanked by Diziets Dk/Rog/Sham cleave. Venruki/Sodah/Valrath are also top 8 and 100% qual'd at this point, and begin queuing on an alt team and alt chars. They get Snutz's team, what do you think happens? We all know Complexity.Red was Sodah/Venruki/Snutz.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Even when Toez (Crawlingback) MISSED A QUEUE, they went in 3v2 and Sodah/Ven/Val gave them the win. This put them at within 10 rating of qualification, with only 30 minutes left before the server shut down. EG's shadowplay witnessed all this, and decided to get on one of their high teams as Double healer/lock to 45min draw snipe them. They got in the same game, and after about 15 minutes Cdew DC'd - which gave Snutz MLS the win and enough points to qualify. The snipe ended up biting EG in the ass pretty hard, while unfortunate but pretty funny as well.

Now don't get me wrong, Pookz/Snutz/Toez are obivously all top tier and could most likely qualify regardless. Do they deserve it? Maybe. Do others deserve to have gone? Possibly. It all comes down to Blizzard being irresponsible and not labeling this as an Arena Tournament. They didn't say anything about a top 8, or a LAN tournament, they just didn't clarify anything which in the end gives them the power to do whatever the fuck they want. Benys/Crysalid/Reckful were the RLS that qualified. Why did Venoma/Gravemind/Reckful show up to regionals? (Hint: rhymes with Dalgan) Since when were players allowed to just be substituted at the last minute... I thought this is the reason they make you play on your own account? They did whatever they want and invited whoever they wanted, and made it look legit by personally helping players they are friends with.

When it's all said and done Snutz MLS played well, which is surprising considering I'm sure they had almost no practice. They may have fucked me and others over which you could call a dick move, but they still won a ton of money, so congrats to them. However that 2-3 PHD finals loss might be the perfect definition of what karma tastes like, just sayin'.

tldr; snutz gf has yeast, people got fucked outta qualifying, win trading happens every tr whether you believe/like it or not, snutz mls won a ton of money from a shit game; karmas a bitch.


#3516159 Venoma 1: RLS

Posted Exitwoundsz on 14 October 2011 - 03:02 AM

omg we thought u died.......

#3516778 Venoma 1: RLS

Posted Kelberot on 14 October 2011 - 07:55 PM

I don't know, your play is nothing special, snutz is better (he's also better than azael and his cock tastes like butter) and apparently you don't know what curse of elements is. Also your shaman has way too many wolf shirts and rumor is that he's fat.

I'd rate it a 4/10, but since the shaman collects wolf shirts, I'll have to go with 2/10.



A LOT better than when you came to emberstorm s8

#3514330 Dogno (Igno 2012) - rogue talkthrough 1 jk REMIXXXX

Posted khuna on 12 October 2011 - 12:40 AM

bonus :
weed makes u better

remix by blazin

#3508983 It has been fun

Posted Dakkrothy on 06 October 2011 - 08:43 AM

nobody gives a shit, stop making these wannabe reckful threads... you're all pathetic as shit

#3508936 It has been fun

Posted Mageic on 06 October 2011 - 07:36 AM

The more the community dies the more the enjoyment of the game dies thus killing more of the community. It's why BC felt the best because it had the largest amount of players doing arena and wrath with slightly less; Cata had some good moments near the start when everyone was giving it a try but s10 put the nail in the coffin. Even if you come back next season to find that they fixed the mmr system and balenced the game more it won't be fun as long as so few people are playing arena.

RiP WoW Community it has been fun and will never be the same without World of Ming and the AJ that once was.

I hope to see many of you playing Guild Wars 2 :)

#3483377 BEBEP Fire Arenas 2700+

Posted Easiestsap on 13 September 2011 - 04:49 PM

I have watched all your videos, as sad as it sounds.  I love how you have progressed as a player and you can see it in every video, you would do more shit and manage dr's etc better and better even though most of your first vids were duels. I also noticed you have a much cleaner UI now that you do more arenas that's a good sign =p . It is just nice to see you still making videos and playing a spec no one plays atm props.

#3482774 How do i get Junkie Access?

Posted Bakpakdk on 13 September 2011 - 03:10 AM

Probably getting suspended for "bashing" or some stupid shit like that, but I'll sacrifice in the name of comedy.