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#3796130 A look at shockwave

Posted Vaximlol on 28 October 2012 - 03:22 PM

I posted a post on the Wow PvP forums about shockwave and I wanted to post it as well. Unfortunately I cannot post in any other forums on arenajunkies so I posted it here. I hope it's the right place for it.


First of all, everyone reading this post should know that I play a mage in arena and that I have a lot of hate for warriors. That being said, I will try to be as constructive as possible by comparing Shockwave to all the other the stuns in the game.


- Warrior -
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Duration: 4 seconds
Type: Physical
Damage : 75% of attack power (medium damage)
Comment: AoE

Storm Bolt
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Duration: 3 seconds
Type: Physical
Damage: 100% weapon damage (medium damage)
Comment: Single-target

- Death Knight -
Cooldown: 1 minute
Duration: 3 seconds
Type: Physical
Damage: N/A
Comment: Single-target, requires pet which requires unholy spec

Remorseless Winter
Cooldown: 1 minute
Duration: 6 seconds
Type: Magical (can be dispelled) ** confirmation required **
Damage: N/A
Comment: AoE, requires 5 seconds building time while sitting on someone

- Druid -
Mighty Bash
Cooldown: 50 seconds
Duration: 5 seconds
Type: Physical
Damage: N/A
Comment: Single-target

Cooldown: N/A
Duration: 4 seconds
Type: Physical
Damage: Light bleed
Comment: Single-target, requires prowl

Cooldown: 10 seconds
Duration: 5 seconds (for 5 combo points)
Type: Physical
Damage: Good ** confirmation required **
Comment: Single-target, requires a bit of building time (combo points)

- Hunter -
Cooldown: 1 minute
Duration: 3 seconds
Type: Physical
Damage: N/A
Comment: Single-target, requires pet which requires beast mastery spec

- Mage -
Deep Freeze
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Duration: 5 seconds
Type: Magical (can be dispelled)
Damage: N/A
Comment: Single-target, requires target to be frozen of fingers of frost proc

- Monk -
Leg Sweep
Cooldown: 45 seconds
Duration: 5 seconds
Type: Physical
Damage: N/A
Comment: AoE

- Paladin -
Hammer of Justice
Cooldown: 1 minute (30 seconds for fist)
Duration: 6 seconds
Type: Magical (can be dispelled)
Damage: N/A
Comment: Single-target

- Priest -

- Rogue -
Cheap Shot
Cooldown: N/A
Duration: 4 seconds (5 seconds with glyph)
Type: Physical
Damage: N/A
Comment: Single-target, requires stealth or shadow dance

Kidney Shot
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Duration: 6 seconds (for 5 combo points)
Type: Physical
Damage: N/A
Comment: Single-target, requires a bit of building time (combo points)

Paralytic Poison
Cooldown: N/A
Duration: 4 seconds
Type: Physical
Damage: N/A
Comment: Single-target, needs a bit of building time (5 stacks on the target), does not DR with other stuns

- Shaman -
Capacitor Totem
Cooldown: 45 seconds
Duration: 5 seconds
Type: Physical
Damage: N/A
Comment: AoE, requires totem to survive for 5 seconds and to be within range of enemy

- Warlock -
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Duration: 3 seconds
Type: Magical (can be dispelled)
Damage: N/A
Comment: AoE

Axe Toss
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Duration: 4 seconds
Type: Physical
Damage: N/A
Comment: Single-target, requires pet which requires demonology spec

Source: Wowhead

-- WRAP UP --

Cooldown: 10 seconds - 1 minute
Duration: 3-6 seconds
Type: Mostly physical, a few magical that can be dispelled
Damage: Only druids also have stuns that do damage
Comment: Mostly single-target, a few AoE stuns

If we compare Shockwave to the other stuns available in the game, we quickly see that it has a very low cooldown to start with. It's the second lowest, only beaten by the druids' Maim which requires to build combo points. As for the duration, it's average, nothing to so here. Same goes for type, it's a physical stun like most of them. Damage-wise, it's a very strong ability considering that only druids have stuns that deal damage as well (pounce, maim). That is a clear advantage, but it adds up even more when you look at the AoE component of Shockwave. Not only does it do medium damage, it also does it to multiple targets. Other AoE stuns don't do damage, have higher cooldowns (shadowfury, leg sweep) and some require some setup or building time (remorseless winter, capacitor totem).

All that being said, Shockwave is clearly the best stun in the game and by quite a large margin.

TL;DR : Shockwave is the best stun in the game: very low cooldown, average duration, does good damage and is AoE.

#3795867 Chaos Bolt nerf in 5.1

Posted saffie on 27 October 2012 - 07:07 PM

^this guy is playing KFC and lurking warlock forums because he met a destro warlock once in arena and got owned because he is too shit to see the chaos bolt coming, now all he does is run around and whine about one of the lowest tier classes on their forums and flex that he managed to get high rating with the cheesiest comp where they more or less bring the healer as an accessory even though the best he has managed so far is duelist.

+rep if you agree.

#3794524 Chaos Bolt nerf in 5.1

Posted Smir on 24 October 2012 - 03:30 PM

View Postrob-hype, on 24 October 2012 - 03:11 PM, said:

Well needed, they need to fix aff for a bit more pressure and reduce Demo dmg now.

first of all, there isnt a single specific change posted (or did i miss something) its just a thought at all

and even if they will release everything at the same time in my opinion its always the wrong way they do it (not talking about this specific thing now, its just general shitchat :) )

they should first solve the problem that avoids peole from playing the other speccs, and once they think, that they did a good job with that they HAVE TO downgrade and overwork the once broken specc many people are force to play at the moment

e.g. hunters (Even i think it will be way better if the pets would for christ sake finnaly get fixed) they should first see how they could make the other speccs viable in a better way, and after they did that they shall take a look at how to change around bm specc

if they dont stop the way they act now and did since ages in pvp it will still be (and the game got worse and worse, so changing stuff like they did got worse and worse too) it will never stop to
class op -> change -> freakin bad
class bad -> change -> freakin op

cause i already predict, if they do it like in sc2 (where they look at the ladders to see what needs balancing and what not) they will see a ton of hunter and wars, and the least classes/speccs they see is healpriest and rogues
so they will totally forget about mages (and with the dispel change in panda i see a big problem in the magecontrol, not even talking about dmg, its just the control a mage has since the dispelchange)

so they will nerf wars and hunter to the ground, some teams will then just sit out their raiting and dont risk to drop again
they will fuck up at buffing rogues and priests at the wrong place and most likely forget about mages (as ther are not that many in the top20/40 on most bgs)
and if they do it like they always did it, suddenly rmp will become an op setup again

long story short (if you cba to read all the bullshit i wrote befor)
thats a big wow problem, they start on the wong places, befor you change the current problem, get a backup first and then adjust the problem
but thats only for nerfing, for buffing i actually dont know how they could make it better, beside us
if the community gives more constructive feedback and dont just whine and cry there (like here "I ALLWAYS GET 200K BOLTS NERF PLS") it will hopefully help

if you are annoyed by my typos, i am sorry, but i cba to read over it again ;)

#3794446 Chaos Bolt nerf in 5.1

Posted Nitric on 24 October 2012 - 12:17 PM

View PostBonjourhihi, on 24 October 2012 - 11:50 AM, said:

5.1 update : Banish now also works on Aberrations.

mean we will be able to use banish on warrior and hunter ? seems a pretty good buff for us.

It says Aberrations, not mongoloids.

#3795576 A dying breed

Posted Hyrmine on 26 October 2012 - 06:55 PM

View PostBloobungle, on 26 October 2012 - 06:05 PM, said:

Thanks for actually putting together a thoughtful response.
Do you simply think the poor game designs have created enough of an uproar that our entire community continues to play out of pure hatred for balance? Are we all psychologically impaired?

The examples we are setting for the up and coming PvPrs is awful. Would you pick up the game and say" hey, these guys make things sound fun. I'm going to learn how to pvp."
people don't play because of their hate but we can argue whether we actually are impaired since it is piss easy to find people in the pvp community to bash the game and find things to complain about but still nobody quits.
People tell each other that they would love to quit WoW for another game if there was any good alternative but the sad truth is nobody actually bothers trying any other game and just sticks to playing WoW simply because they are used to it.
MMORPGs are in a completely different kind of market. Usually consumers stop paying for stuff they don't like and buy from companies who make items they like. That way always the best product will have the best sales. WoW is different since it involves an addiction element. Even if right now, a MMORPG came out that was better than WoW, it wouldn't "kill" WoW simply because WoW players are too much into this game. Literally nobody here will agree that they are addicted and not many are addicted in a common way but everyone is too used to playing the character they have played for years that they start complaining the second they log on any other MMORPG.
It's a bit funny that players actually laugh at other MMORPGs and call them WoW clones but the sad fact is, unless another MMORPG is a clonse, NOBODY will play it.Why is that so?
Because WoW players in general are too stupid to adapt. Back then in TBC you had to go queue in a city if you wanted BG/Arena but now you can queue anywhere. Let's say there is a new MMORPG where you had to run to the city every single time you wanted to go BG or if one of your team has to sit there queuing at NPC. What would people do? They would Alt+F4 and go cry right here that X game is trash because you can't queue anywhere and add a typical "fuck that" to their post.
People always assume that WoW invented the whole genre but nobody seems to know that the reason WoW became the MMORPG king is only that they copied from every single MMORPG that existed back then and merged all good ideas together. This together with the fact that it was a Warcraft game made it easy for them to rule the market. Back then Blizzard was gold. WC3, D2 and SC were the most popular games around and even I spent many hours playing WC3 online that was filled with active players. Then WoW came out  and all Blizzard players rushed to play it, even if they never played any MMORPG before. I still remember many people in the clan I was in quitting just to play WoW. None of them ever played Everquest or other MMORPGs which is why nobody complained about WoW being a copy but now where everyone plays this game people all gladly call all other games cheap copies.
Even though the only way to really take the market from WoW is to copy it and improve upon it. This together with hype would beat WoW but even then fanboys, which is nearly every WoW player, would run around flaming the other game and this is why we all still play WoW and this is why there are no better MMORPGs. Not because it is so hard to beat this game, nor are all the companies too shit. It's only because their marketing departments know that WoW players will never give any other game a try, no matter how good it is. On a side note, don't bother arguing with this telling me that you are 'so' different and would gladly switch since even if the whole AJ community would switch MMORPG, it'd still not be enough. We need to get the dumb playerbase to switch too, which is the hardest task.

And no nobody here is setting a good example for PvPers. The only time anyone will look up to you is when you do something that he can't. There needs to be something in the game that makes other people say "Wow thats impressive! Tips? :D" but nobody these days will do that since the game is so faceroll right now and will always be from now on. Every time people see a rogue R1 player they go and flame him for playing "op comp" RMP. Every time people see a warrior R1 they will flame him for facerolling here and there. High rated players were way more rare in TBC which is why it was different then but it all changed and it won't come back. That's just ignoring that every 'newbie' who takes a look at AJ or anything PvP would be scared off since it's all about insulting each other, complaining and whining or having YT channels where you put the dumbest shit there is, just to entertain people, instead of getting subs because of how good you are.

#3781814 Realm firsts

Posted YndigoDS on 27 September 2012 - 01:16 PM

View PostStarcookie, on 27 September 2012 - 01:14 PM, said:

Realm first priest was all I got. :(

inb4 someone says you wintraded it

#3752972 How do I become a Junkie?

Posted Jacquelol on 28 August 2012 - 11:09 AM

View PostEpilol, on 04 June 2011 - 01:33 PM, said:

I started playin wow 2 months ago and i'm 2.4k, do you like frost dks honey? Posted Image

and yet a gladiator title!

something sure smells

Posted Image

#3742049 Nice game blizzard

Posted Minpojke on 11 August 2012 - 01:04 AM

Blazin aka the most retarded guy in eu is trying to come at me when i got r1 in 3s s10 with 95% as sp rogue druid not to mention that we were 1 out of the 2-3 only legit teams in eu who played up after the mmr fix when he got carried in s9 to r1 in 5s and not to mention how he migrated to charge this bg for r1 as tripple dps and ended up with negative winratio

#3739257 Your Game List

Posted Singus on 06 August 2012 - 05:39 PM

Currently playing:

DayZ (some ArmA II as well)
Crysis Warhead & War
Diablo 3 (not very often though)

Going to play/finish:

Bioshock series
Hitman series
Metro 2033
Dota 2
Crysis 3
Curious about what happens to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

Some games like TESV: Skyrim, Fallout 3/New Vegas, Starcraft 2, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: SoC & CoP and any of my Total War games I like to reinstall and replay sporadically for maybe a month. Gives me back some of the atmosphere of exploring a new, great game.

#3736058 your fav rage arena videos!

Posted Jacquelol on 29 July 2012 - 02:36 AM

#3737981 World of Warcraft loses 1.1 million subscribers

Posted Hydrixia on 02 August 2012 - 11:52 PM

MoPs gonna come out, theyll get like 2m subs for the xpac and they're going to think they fixed the game. hUHAEUHAUHEUAHEAAaeae

#3724891 So hunter/healer/melee is dead (yet again)

Posted Pawzz on 03 July 2012 - 11:44 PM

View PostRoalviro, on 03 July 2012 - 11:04 PM, said:

Hunter Ret Rogue would be considered Hunter/Healer/Melee

Would you consider the rogue or the ret the healer? Both heal more than 25% of the healing classes in wow.

#3725086 All Female + Bailamos RBG Team History

Posted Bailamosx on 04 July 2012 - 11:22 AM

Title says it all. Bailamos will make history forming an all female + Bailamos top 1 RBG leader team. Preferably girls that can go on cam during the livestream. I really need female mage, dk, boomkin. Healers are full.

Also: <Girls Should Be Healers>  looking for masculine, take charge men and submissive, quiet women. (Women please have 525 tailoring/cooking)

#3711034 Awesome new pvp changes inc!!

Posted Udderly on 05 June 2012 - 04:40 PM

WPVP dismount!
We know this is a concern and we have some things in mind for helping in this regard. First, we’re limiting the use of flying mounts within Mists of Pandaria to level 90. Second, with so many players taking part in the quest hubs, we think we’ll see a lot more PvP happening out in the world. After all, you have to land sometime. If that’s not enough though, we have an item that we’re adding to the game that players will be able to use from the ground that makes it possible to dismount a flying enemy player (within a reasonable range and PvP flagged). We’re still discussing the particulars of how this item will be available.

Also, arenas:
Yes, actually. Players will be able to see their opponent’s class and specialization before the match begins. They won’t be able to see the specific talent choices or glyphs being used, however. From there, it’s a bit like playing poker. You won’t know what exact abilities your opponent is using, but you’ll be able to modify your own talents in the staging area before the match starts to try to anticipate what they could be using.

#3705383 (US) Major TV news program LF hardcore gamer to interview

Posted Kekmoo on 21 May 2012 - 11:05 PM

View Posthypermode_4274975, on 21 May 2012 - 11:00 PM, said:

12+ a day, thats pretty hardcore, I would go to the pve section of the game though, there are alot more of such players there
Dunno man, gotta wait 12+ hours just for a queue pop.