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#4018900 Top DK 3s Comps

Posted Gamegon on 25 December 2013 - 04:49 PM

Best advice I could give you is to not play any other than boomkin/dk/healer or Shadowcleave.

Let me begin with telling you the flaws of PHD. Firstly after cataclysm, dks haven't got much things to actually control the game than just pumping damage which isn't necessarily needed for a hunter comp. Believe me, I've met hunter comps as PHD and the only thing I can do is sit on their hunter while my hunter and my healer are trying to cordinate their cds together hoping to survive. I don't really have anything than just asphyxiate (which isn't even enough) to support my team with, Rets, warriors and enhancement shamans got way more things to support their team additional to damage. The only way damage will be something worthy is when you meet spellcleaves but that can also depend on how good your opponents are.

Let's compare it with Shadowcleave alright? So basically let's say we meet a hunter comp and you're meeting KFC or Thugcleave, what it ONLY require for you to survive them is whenever they try to approach your resto shaman (which may be your weakest point, but if your resto shaman is smart he should survive easily) he can, if not stupid actually use demonic gateway whenever you tell him to. Why should it come from the dk? Because the dk can use death grip or asphyxiate if the warrior decides to heroic leap to get back on our resto shaman or the rogue vanishing and cloak of shadow (subterfuge needs nerf kkthxbb). Additional to the beginning where it's all about going defensive, after that you can go on whoever you want except for the healer as shadowcleave against hunter comps. Later you'll see how they die like flies. Why you may ask? Cause you can damage them hard (cause of dots obviously) at the same time as you peel off your teammates. And against spellcleaves it's all depending on how good your team is.

And then dk/boomkin/healer which isn't directly effective as shadowcleave but it is handy, however the skillcap is high and your boomkin teammate is required not to be a LSD 2.0 hero (<----Very important). It's all about turtling, since the boomkin's offheals and CCs are compensations to the demonic gateway.

So a quick summary of Shadowcleave and dk/boomkin/healer:
  • Your teammates are required not to be dumb
  • Your teammates needs to understand common sense
  • Your warlock at some circumstances needs to be able to dmg even if he is getting focused. Pretty much a l2p issue, I've had loads of warlock partners who pretty much do nothing if they get focused.
  • Boomkin requires to be smart and actually know how to use his defensives properly.
Oh and I also forgot about how to beat mage/warr as shadowcleave. Well, peel off your rshaman during the whole game and stop the warr, otherwise if they go on you or the warlock. Consider it as a free win.

Same goes for boomkin/dk/healer but except that if they go on your rshaman or boomkin, you're screwed.

I only see shadowcleave or dk/boomkin/healer as the optional comps for high ratings. I'm not saying PHD is bad but you'll have to be really lucky with who you're meeting.

#4018729 super edgy thread of radical opinions

Posted Bigmoran on 25 December 2013 - 07:45 AM

idk what category to put this under

merry christmas to all u swines

anyway...here's some opinions i hold about the game/community

post ur responses/ur own radical opinions pls

1. no hunter is good at this game. they have the best defensive buff in game, most potential for cross cc. one of highest damage instant cast bursts. insaneparty buffs. but they all complain and claim that other classes are their overlords. l2p

2. dk's do too much damage. ur all big babies and liars when u claim u dont have sufficient defensive cds. blood presence is better than prenerf d stance. do damage u big idiots

3. min maxing stats doesnt actually make u better at the game and wont improve ur ratings

4. treeform is still good. u all went sotf cause starship did. it was as good last patch

5. most of u suck at using sotf

6. warriors are actually pretty balanced

7. they should bring back RoV. its infinitely better than blades edge

8. you should all stop qing 5s and play 3s again

9. wow is fun

10. if u play as healer dps in 2s and u pillar/play defensive, u should be banned

11. on a similar note, as healer melee vs healer melee in 2s, the optimal strat is for both dps to train each other's healers...abide by this rule pls

12. monks are actually gods but no1 plays them

13. most rshamans suck at using CDs effectively

14. do more damage and u will win more games

15. abolished should be banned from aj for being a bad troll

16. braindance is actually a swell dude...u should get to know him personally

17. braindeadly pretends to not care about this game yet makes endless videos/tweets bashing it.  what a loser

18. rep pls


#4016461 Glyph selection

Posted Crawthz on 20 December 2013 - 06:34 AM

Polymorph is mandatory, even when you think it wont be. Sometimes you need to peel a lot so having your own Living Bomb break polys aint good.

Armors against any team with a melee for 16% dmg reduction.

Ice Block against teams that can magically burst you down like elecomps, destrocomps or magecomps.

Decurse is bad atm so not worth using.

Splitting Ice when playing castercleave

Evocation when you can't think of better one.

I personally never use Deep glyph at all, because I like the extra 1sec CC it provides

#3892908 Discipline Priest Basic Guide

Posted Nokilolz on 29 May 2013 - 07:57 PM

Saltyz Discipline Priest Guide


Hey guys my name is Phil and I've been playing wow since season 3 back in The Burning Crusade but more of a raider. I never took arena to serious til end of season 5 going into season 6 playing only rogue. I achieved gladiator season 6 on rogue playing RMP. I decided to switch mains to priest during wotlk as I enjoyed the playstyle. I got Gladiator on disc priest during season 10, as well as resto shaman season 10 and 11. ( I used Jonte's guide as a outline to write my own, so shout out to jonte!)

Talents :

Tier 1-

Psyfiend - Right now with tremor being such a short CD, have more fears more often is a really good thing, can also be used to eat traps vs hunters if timed right ( Hydra skill points).

-Alternatives- Dominate Mind – I choose this a lot in 2s more so than 3s. You can use dominate mind for long CC chains with your partners such as a hunter, feral, or mage. You can potentially use Dominate Mind to set up a 30+ sec long CC chain to set up a kill!

-Alternatives- Void Tendrils – Of all three this is the one I use less, It has it's situations where it could be potentially used such as vs melee cleaves when your playing a comp that doesn't have heavy snare peels such as something without a mage.

Tier 2

Body and Soul – This is the clear cut choice for this Tier now that Phantasm got the nerf where it doesn't make you untargetable anymore. The combination of Body and Soul is really good with the Tier 4 talent Spectral Guise to set up sneak fears and potentially avoid CC!

Tier 3 -

Mindbender – I use this talent majority of the time because of the short CD as a resource of getting more mana back, and also because you can also align it with your partners to burst damage. The cooldown of Mindbender being 1 minute compared to shadowfiend's 3 mins opens up the possibility for you play a little bit more offensive with your team being able to use more globals on offensive dispels, rather than playing Cataclysm style sit 40 yards and heal.

From Darkness, Comes Light – I've never really been a fan of RNG talents or spells that rely on luck or random events to occur so having a proc chance heal at only 15% doesn't really interest me enough to choose it over such a talent like Mindbender.

Solace / InsanityThis talent is really useless for discipline priests, and never bothered to even play with it.

Tier 4 -

Spectral GuiseThis is the only choice for this tier than I would ever choose, it's TOO good to not select otherwise. You can use Spectral Guise in so many situations that it's such a valuable talent. Spectral Guise gives you that brief invisibility to where you can use the combination of Spectral Guise & Body and Soul to sneak into the enemy teams for fears that could have been preventable otherwise. Not only can you use Spectral Guise offensively but you can do some creative things as well such as invising right before a hunter might scatter you so you can get your image to eat the trap for you, or use Spectral Guise to juke the enemy player to avoid a potential CC such as a priest running at you to fear you. I would never not take this talent over the other two in any situation.

Tier 5

Power Infusion – Just like Tier 4, this is the only choice I would ever take out of this tier. Power infusion does so much for a disc priest offensively, and defensively that it's impossible to not take. Using power infusion offensively can be used for faster offensively dispels, or even faster defensively dispel on your team mate to continue pressure. Defensively this talent is just as good, because getting off faster heals is just as important, even though disc priest casted heals are weak and we rely more on Shields, Prayer of mending, renew, and Spirit Shell for most of our healing in the current state.

Tier 6 -

Divine Star – This choice is rather obviously now too because of the mana cost alone. Anything that costs 20k+ mana in arena is going be very hard to want to choose to use frequently. Divine Star does heal in a forward direction in front of you so you can use it to heal more than one target at a time which is very useful vs dots and spread pressure teams. It's the only viable choice from the last and final tier.


Major Glyphs:
  • Glyph of Penance – This is a new glyph that came out with MOP which gave penance a cool utility of being able to be channeled while moving. You can use this to juke interrupts easier, and also heal behind line of sight starting the casting in the open and then walk behind the pillar.
  • Glyph of Mass Dispel – This glyph is a priority vs teams that have shield immunities such as Mages and Paladins, with the recent nerf in 5.3 in order to remove their shields with mass dispel you need this glyph to do so.
  • Glyph of Shadow Word: Death – This glyph is as one of the ways priests can get out of CC based on using Shadow Word Death at the correct time to where the dmg from death breaks the CC on you just as it lands.
  • (Alternative Glyph) Glyph of Prayer of Mending – If your not fighting a team where shadow word death actually can come to use of breaking CC, I would swap that glyph out for this one. It really does increase your heals from Prayer of Mending to a noticeable amount, such as trying to live vs a team like enhance feral if their swapping to you.

Minor Glyphs :
Honestly there isn't any minor glyphs that change any gameplay for pvp, all of the minor glyphs are more RP based and visual changers, so choose whichever you enjoy! :)

Gemming / Reforge / Enchants

Red Gems: +160 Intellect
Yellow Gems: If your trying to match for bonus + 80 int + 160 Mastery, if not and your going for best in slot stat use +160 Intellect
Blue Gems: +80 Intellect + 160 Spirit
Meta Gem: Use the Burning Primal Diamond ( +216 Intellect + 3% Critical Effect) meta until you can get the Tyrannical Primal Diamond ( +665 pvp power + 775 pvp resilience)

As a discipline priest your most valuable stat priority is spirit, majority if not all the pieces of gear that you will get has spirit on them so reforging is very limited after that. I like to reforge pieces that has second stats along with spirit to mastery to maximize the use of your shields, so your reforge priories should go a little like this;
Sprit > Mastery > Haste > Critical Strike

The enchants that you choose are the generic healing enchants that pretty much all Resto / Holy / Disc talents choose. Enchants like:
-Greater Crane Wing Inscription
-Enchant Chest – Glorious Stats
-Enchant Wrists – Super Intellect
Greater Pearlescent Spellthread
Enchant boots – Pandaren's Step
Enchant weapon – Jade Spirit
Enchant Gloves – Superior Mastery

Common Comps to play as Disc Priest as of 5.3

Priest Hunter Death Knight- The goal of the priest in most of these comps are relatively the same, in the beginning build up your spirit shells on your partners so they can create the most pressure possible without having to worry about falling behind early and playing defensive. Try to build pressure early with your team with offensive dispels and fears ASAP.
Priest Hunter Ret -
Priest Hunter Feral -
Priest Ele shaman mage – I think this is going to be a popular comp coming out soon, i've seen people like Jahmilli and Porkz play this comp very succesfully, and will become more seen.

Workable Comps -
Priest Mage Rogue – I feel like this comp if played right is relatively always viable and fun to play. It is by far my favorite to play when it's very strong for sure!
Priest Mage Feral – Just like RMP this comp is viable majority of the time, and can be played as a tier 2 comp.

Key-binds -
I would never recommend anyone to copy anyone’s key-binds. The key-binds that you create should be comfortable for you and you alone. Having key-binds that you can comfortably press without having to think about all the time is what makes you react faster in every situation!

I know I’m not a well known player or a top tier player along the likes of Sodah, Hydra, Fuzionn, Zunniyaki, or Mackenziee but I tried to release a guide that's easy to read for any beginning disc priest that's interested in getting into the class like I was when I was watching hydra and those players back in the day. I hope to use my previous gladiator knowledge and constant gladiator rankings to try and supply some knowledge in the community through the guides and forums!

If you have any interest please check out my stream at www.twitch.tv/saltyz


#3898722 shadow priest dmg reduction gone

Posted Guizado on 12 June 2013 - 02:43 PM

Posted Image

#3903763 Tweetin' Holinka with some Mage changes. Thoughts?

Posted Kettu on 23 June 2013 - 03:02 PM

View PostZerlog, on 23 June 2013 - 01:21 PM, said:

I like how blizz dont want to change anything major cause they dont want to change to much before a new expansion.

Decides to totaly change the game just before the endgame.

Posted Image

Perhaps a moderator should grant this guy a one way ticket to grinding bananas in the jungle.

View PostZerlog, on 23 June 2013 - 02:49 PM, said:

Actually most ppl on aj have tweeted holinka a few good ideas tips, but they dont get answered or looked at, thats why the game is what it is, they only answer most random questions, sadly.
Hello, if there are ddos'ers out there, please ddos this guy off the internet for life. I am sure many people would be grateful. Ty.

#3903339 Remove MMR/achievements

Posted Braindance on 22 June 2013 - 06:13 AM


Remove MMR and statistics/achievements - revert to BC system


MMR lived its purpose during WotLK were the ladders were much more active; achievements don't show much anymore, since they were accumulated since 2008.

Both present an enormous barrier to the newer, ambitious generation of players that have a really hard time breaking into the established glad cartels. I have seen plenty a player that quit the game/stopped pvping because they reached their rating ceiling and couldn’t get further (but not their true skill limit).


             I.      Removing MMR

a.     Shorter queues – high rated players meet lower rated players and vice versa, with the same net effect on the speed with which team rating is gained (for the more experience players)

b.     Much harder to abuse. There have been countless examples of how MMR has been exploited in the past. I don’t remember such stories from BC, apart from the traditional win-trading

c.      Discourages team hopping. This might seem bad to streamers/high rated players, but it also makes lower rated players take care of their team, strive harder to maintain w/l and increases overall activity since you have to work harder for your rating. Also increases glad spots due to less disbanded/inactive teams

d.     Much harder to snipe due to (1)

e.      Effectively kills boosting, since it requires much more effort and time. This safeguards players from unemployed leeches that sell pixelated titles, and actually forces them to play the game themselves

          II.      Removing achievements/statistics

a.     Removes the huge barrier between new/returning players and current players

b.     Allows everyone to start with a clean slate every season

c.      Gives new players the chance to get to know other people instead of isolating themselves in cliques. Playing test games or facing someone in the arena then playing with him would become a thing again

d.     Makes player reputation on the server a better metric for ability/skill

e.      Becoming better becomes the carrot on the stick and not the achievement

f.       Forces higher rated player to take games more seriously, since rating is much more ephemeral than it is now

Share your thoughts and please make this thread open to members since they are the bulk of the pvp community

#3898821 PvP and 5.4 PTR testing

Posted hoodrych on 12 June 2013 - 05:43 PM

View Postfant0m8, on 12 June 2013 - 05:20 PM, said:

Maybe they could watch some of the many 2400+ players that stream their play literally every day for free? Holinka has actually tweeted about Reckful in the past (I think it was when he was playing SPriest - and Spriests later got nerfed in 5.3).

If they can't experience their game themselves, they should at least watch people playing it at a high level.

They do? Do you really think the Senior PvP designer doesn't watch "high rated" streams?

The game isn't all about balance at a 2400+ level. The majority of the WoW arena population isn't even close to 2k. The majority are playing 2v2 and are in the 1400-1600 bracket. The game has to be fun and easy to understand (not changing abilities every week) for new players to learn and grow.

Not to mention there is an entire other aspect of the game (PvE) that has a huge player base of it's own who all have different opinions on what are good changes and what aren't. They matter too.

The bottom line is we've seen constant changing to PvP this expansion more than any other. There is effort and they are listening. The game has so many abilities and other factors to consider that the devs are just limited in the amount of changes they can push through.

#3898774 PvP and 5.4 PTR testing

Posted Dizzeeyo on 12 June 2013 - 04:24 PM

View PostDjandawg, on 12 June 2013 - 03:40 PM, said:

Absolutely not. I will not test a game patch of a million dollar company that releases their product without testing themselves.
I think at this point it is naive to think that they run any pvp tests at all. If they did, they would catch stuff like Hunter stampede, warriors and mages doing too much damage on 5.0/5.1 or 5.3 enhancement one shots.
I am not talking about in depth tests that they should do, that require some variables values alligning to generateall outcomes, like a buff from partner + dmg proc + trinket proc + tailoring proc etc. I am talking about testing the damage of  a guy, pressing a single macro in arena, without setting anything up.That is 5.0 hunter stampede, warrior and mage dmg or 5.3 enhancement one shot. And you can be certain that those have been reported. It just shows that, not only they don't test impacts of stuff like cc , mobility or damage resulting from proc chaining, they don't do elementary tests and they sure ignore the feedback of community when it comes to the most trivial things that they missed due to no testing.

I will use PTR to play classes I don't have and play with friends that are on different factions/realms.

View PostKreeds, on 12 June 2013 - 04:21 PM, said:

yea sure ill go test a game that they dont give a fuck about, infact the last time we all tested their game and told them what needs fixing they did absolutley fuck all. kiss my arse will i test their game...

actually some of the most retarded thing ive seen in a very long time, well done

you do realize its called a PUBLIC TEST REALM, and not a hi come derp around with your friends and then bitch afterwards that aspects of the game that you couldn't be bothered to help test when you had the opportunity to realm? lets say they have maybe 200 internal testers? (i have no idea how many ) how likely do you think they are to find every single bug/problem, and how much high end pvp experience do you think they even have?

now compare that to 10,000 2.2k+ pvpers bothering to log on and spam arena games for a week on the ptr, and feeding back through forums on their experiences. how massively more useful do u think the data they get from that will be?

arrogant idiots like both of you, who dont use the ptr for its actual purpose are one of the main reasons that some completely retarded things go live in this game

View PostWildeHilde, on 12 June 2013 - 02:58 PM, said:

1.) Blizzard should reward beta testing
Be it free levels for alts, mounts, titles, pets or transmog on the tournament realm but we need some encouragement to get the PvP community to test.

2.) We should test anyways

from the amount of bitching that goes on through this site daily, i don't really think that the "pvp community" (lold) should need additional incentives to go spam games on the ptr, do you?

#3901752 About the recent Fel flame change

Posted Mitoo on 18 June 2013 - 07:23 PM

View PostNiNLeX, on 18 June 2013 - 07:08 PM, said:

Warlocks have been playing without casting while moving up until MoP so definitely not. And KJC can still be used situationally, which promotes more skilled play instead of just running around and casting fears into everyone. Only dot you are casting is UA and it's like 1,2 sec cast so not very hard to apply. Only real effect that losing this is that you can't chase people around corners and keep channeling grasp / drain and casting fear from behind LoS. I would rather take passive 10% damage for my dots instead of KJC any day, but I guess that's personal preference.

There are 2 more specs, not just affliction.

Yes locks didn't move and cast before, but game was different before also. They had much much better survivability and could just stand there and take a beating while doing dmg, which is not the case now.

KJC is op when you look at just the ability, but when I look at the whole 3v3 arena game, i don't see how the locks will be good as they are now in 5.3. Even affliction is almost great at the moment, and you can play all 3 specs and all 3 are very much viable.

Locks, for me look like a most balanced class in 5.3, when you look at the big picture, even if they do the channel and hide behind pillar shit that annoys me as a rogue :)

I'm afraid in 5.4 they will go back to "blah", I hope I am totally wrong :)

#3901687 About the recent Fel flame change

Posted Chanimal on 18 June 2013 - 04:20 PM

I don't think getting dots out and maintaining them while being trained without fel flame will even be a problem at all. UA is such a fast cast now.

More annoyed about the fact that it'll make killing totems so much more annoying and harder.

#3897987 Finding partners with no achievements

Posted AcerMVP on 11 June 2013 - 01:45 PM

There's three things I require when I play with people:

A: Synergy: Try playing a few games with out skype. See how far you can go without using skype. I've hit 2400 with out using skype and when we started to use skype, the synergy felt like it was there, because of how well we knew each others play style. We eventually hit 2783 back in s7. Remember synergy requires you to be focused as well. Play with out addons telling you what to do every second. Watch the game, see when the person uses their trinket. Watch your team mate and peel for them when it's needed. This way you learn how to play with a partner you haven't even talked to yet.

B: Communication: Now that you guys know you have a nice a synergy going, learn to communicate. Do a few bgs before you join an arena. Talk to each other, find out a little more about your partner. See how well he communicates with you and try to adjust to each others voice and learn to listen/speak.

This is something that I still love about this game. The social aspect of it. I've met some really cool people in the past that I still keep up with till this day. My very first partner from S1, I still talk to him till this day and we still play together from time to time. We're actually great friends now.

C: Don't care about winning. The more you care about winning, the less fun it is. If you win great! Be happy, rejoice, but never let that be the motivation to playing a video game. The motivation should always be to have fun. When you have fun with the game, it brings positive thoughts. Positive thoughts mean positive results.

And that's how I find partners.

#3864219 Shuriken Toss

Posted Hyuru on 20 March 2013 - 09:58 AM

View PostSpammer, on 19 March 2013 - 10:51 PM, said:

Dying to bad undergeared rogues cause I can't heal through ST/DT since 2013
I'm sorry, but that's a l2p problem... If you can't outheal 7-12k hits and 14-24k crits you should probably not play a healer.

#3865657 5.3 PTR Patch Notes - New Arena, Resilience Change, New BG, and More

Posted Conviqx on 23 March 2013 - 01:32 AM

View PostTwocat, on 23 March 2013 - 01:28 AM, said:

So elite gear will now entirely be just for show?
Now up the RBG requirement on them to 2800 so they're somewhat prestigious.

you can shuv your rbg's in your peehole

#3832114 Why do you play this game ?

Posted ApplejackxD on 07 January 2013 - 02:38 PM

I play it cos it's fun. I'm real sick of people who think someone cares about them quitting, they'll crawl back to it anyway.