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In Topic: Legion: Holy Paladin not looking too good

21 July 2016 - 05:16 AM

Just queued a bit of games on Beta.

Here are a few things I think should be looked at:
  • We need more baseline crit ( I feel if holy shock doesn't crit it really puts us at a disadvantage.)
  • Artifact weapon being casted? How come Resto Druid's artifact is instant cast lol? Also it locks you out on healing tree if interrupted.
  • Flash of light doing abysmal healing (5% of someones HP bar)
  • Curse of Tongues really hurts us, seems like our casts are so slow with this up.
  • Healing through warlocks seems almost impossible (especially Warrior/Lock/Healer)

I think our utility is fine. We have undispellable sac, and BoP's which can be used to mongo all in with melee cleaves. Survivabililty seems decent, just seems like healing spread pressure needs to be looked into.