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In Topic: What to do as LSD vs Ret/hunter/disc

29 June 2013 - 09:46 PM

Played alot of lsd recently and i find ret hunter disc one of the easier hunter teams to face, we do what ppl have said previously by having an imp out ( imp against 100% of hunter teams) and basicly port on every cc that sticks on your druid, dalaran is impossible to win though in my experience.
Killing and training the pet is the only tactic that works just keep pillar hugging while killin pets and only go for cc chains and burst on the hunter with a cap stun and no pet out (remember to cross cc ret so u can cc priest).
You do have to play pretty perfect to win but with a little help from the rng gods ( ele :duckers: ) you should be able to do it.
Remember ground last possible second when it comes to grounding traps as the priest will just mash dispel entire game as ret heals do more then the disc himself lol. (Thats a joke btw before the flame)