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Gargoyle is an idiot

28 November 2014 - 05:54 AM

Hey heroes,

Back when I played DK in WotLK you could control your gargoyle by doing pet follow + pet attack. Came back for WoD and it seems like sometime during these 4 years it has developed self awareness and does whatever it feels like doing, including switching targets seemingly at random (assuming it's aggro based or that it just switches target after spectral guise etc). Is there any new trick to deal with this annoyance? Kind of getting on my nerves.


Missing/incorrect Gladius buffs/debuffs? Post here!

20 November 2014 - 12:39 AM

Hey people,

Need your help to get the aura list up to date for the season start. Did a massive purge during beta, but didn't add all new spells yet. Please post here if you notice anything missing or showing incorrectly.