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In Topic: 2014 NA Regional Drama Wrap-Up

19 September 2014 - 12:18 AM

DIdn't Rynd pilot the druid for Takenotez though and isn't he still in the EU tourny?


18 September 2014 - 02:35 AM

Thread delivered.

All we need now is a Bigmoran mashup of Wizk's "Explaining how blizzard and ESL screwed me and my team over" vod.

In Topic: How is resto shaman in wod?

10 September 2014 - 08:02 PM


Isn't this the same for every healer though? Not gonna say anything about shamans in general, but this does not sound like a problem that is exclusive to shamans.

Not really, it's just about the number of options you have to respond/outplay people.

Pally can aura mastery silences, has trinket and bubble to break cc's. Can HoP physical etc and hand of freedom himself (with glyph) to reduce cc chains.
Druids can "outplay" cc with a premeptive ironbark (which is completely insane now it gives 20% damage reduction + 20% extra hot healing) or just not bother and iron/cenarions the silence anyway. Still has displacer/a nerfed typhoon and shifting to avoid cc + bash. Once they're out they're 100% instants to top people anyway (taking germination OR rampant growth) etc.

Shaman has trinket and erm... trinket. Healing streams too weak to make a dif if you drop it pre cc. You have to be rather bad to either let a shaman pre tremor any of your fears and there's tons of ways to make sure they never can. We don't bring stuns (actually very useful with reduced dr categories) that we can use (cap's only useful with glyph/projection still), our cc is still the weakest out of all the healers given the amount of decurses around, we can't really play with other dps shamans (for tremor) because the cc on your team would be useless etc.

Bash and HoJ etc are now exceptionally good, aoe fear is still an insanely strong cc even with the 45 sec nerf etc.

Not saying shaman output is weak, we're fine when we can cast. It's just too easy to stop that happening and the 2 things (tremor and healing stream) that made us good in MoP are heavilly nerfed. The shear change is really noticable as well, 25 yards means we're running INTO people to stop cc if they position properly.

Finally, the specs simply not fun anymore. Shit cc, 100% reliant on teammates if we're tunneled or cc'd now. Sitting 40 yards away, trying to ground a deep or a silence every now and again.
Compared to the other specs it's just nowhere near as enjoyable as the alternatives.

In Topic: How is resto shaman in wod?

09 September 2014 - 06:57 PM

Not looking good tbh. Priests still have feathers (disc now has silence), locks still shadowfury you into fear or follow up other cc so there's little chance to pre-emtively tremor.

Shadow shits all over use with Silence->Horror->Fear.

Still as squishy as we are in WoD. We get destroyed soo easilly by melee and stun/silence combos.

Our glyphs are fucked too. We lost 5 yard range on shocks (and shear) which we can now glyph.... except we now need to glyph spirit walkers grace for the aura mastery. Once you've taken Aura mastery/ Vigor (down to 3%, so around 9-11k health and still on shottable by everything) and maybe ghostwolf or healing stream you can't afford anything fun like cap/hex/cleansing/double cleanse.

Our level 100 talents are comparatively shite, cloudburst is clunky to use and feels weak though it's better than the air ele which heals for absolutely nothing. High tide is useless in 3's. You can pretty much never use them and not notice a difference.

Only fun thing we got was a reworked echo, free cleansing/unleashes (it procs off riptide ticks which is great but the proc rate is rather low) can be nice but you're losing NS to get it.

They could maybe salvage the spec by making projection baseline, making cap 3 secs by default etc but i doubt they will.

Easiest to train in WoD, extremely easy to cc now and we have the least number of abilities to use (eg nothing but a passive NG proc) under cc.
There again you just meet melee cleaves and rmd/rpd atm on beta (r druids are so insanely overtuned it's not even funny).

On the plus side, our output isn't the worst and our new 4 set (versatility on dispel) is a lot nicer than some of the healing specs got. Remains to be seen if we'll have comps with enough peels/cc breaks to let us sit back and hug pillars the entire game.

Inb4 the kids derail with shaman hate.

In Topic: Good book to read thread

02 September 2014 - 09:52 PM

If you're into the GoT series etc and need something to read then i can highly recommend the 2 series by Conn Iggulden.
They're not fantasy but he's taken a decent amount of artistic licence and wrote The Emperor series (Julius Ceasar) and The Conqueror Series (Ghengis Khan).
Trully fantastic once you get into the stories.