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In Topic: Ice Nova changes in 6.1

Today, 02:47 AM

Good changes, ice nova as another pseudo-interrupt was fucking stupid.

In Topic: RMD? - How to beat as turbo?

Yesterday, 02:27 AM

What you want is people to justify you in blaming your healer. The entire thread is essentially bashing a semi-inexperienced monk. Now you can either ditch him, blaming the loses vs a stupid fucking comp and spec (combat) entirely on one person, hoping to find someone better etc. Or just chill out, realise it's early season, you're doing ok with the comp and you have a shit load of time left to practice vs RMD (you say you beat everything else). He'll get it eventually and you might just end up with an extremely good healer if you give him the time and space to fine tune some stuff.
As for tactics, all you can do is try different things ("hey lets play super offensive this game, don't drag the rogue behind pillars and we'll see what we can do") etc and decide what works best for your team.

You should spec resto for a day as well and see what it's like to get tunneled by an rmd, it might change your perspective.

In Topic: Resto Shaman [6.1] 24 Jan Update

Yesterday, 12:08 AM

So PTR is finally letting people on.
Things to note:

PvP trinkets got significantly buffed, The proc trinkets giving 240+ versa now baseline, the on use gives 1400 versa etc. That's a lot more damage incoming during burst. There's a new pvp medallion too (removes loss of control of character) with 360+ versa on it, it's going to be a real choice for r shamans.

Echo's works the same way as everything else with 2 charges (double times etc), they don't reset independantly e.g the 1st charge has to be off cooldown before the 2nd one starts. It's fucking amazing for ele due to surge, you sit there shitting out lavabursts because the chance of you wasting a surge proc is hugely diminished. Ele's already strong and with the trinkets and new echo then it's probably back to MoP status.

Echo seems so so for resto, pretty much the go too for pve because anytime riptides off cooldown and not used you could be building a second charge etc. Still prefer NS because it's a life saver and you'll get vastly more NS's off than you'll ever get extra links in a long game. It does however have one rather nice advantage.

The telluric currents change isn't a glyph, it's a new passive. Because of this lavaburst hits players in pvp for 45-50k damage as resto. Hardcasting back to back lavabursts (echo) into something as resto for 100k is pretty fucking broken.

Apart from that, everyones burst seems to have gone up (pvp trinkets), it's a pita for resto atm because you will be reaching for trinkets more often.
Fury wars (hell just wars in general) are the dumbest shit in a while with the new avatar/pvp trinkets. The damage they randomly pump out with execute procs isn't funny and it's not uncommon to get dunked from 70-80% range to sub 20% in the time it takes you to fake a pummel.

In Topic: RBG Tournament: Battle of the Atlantic Worlds Reveal Show

27 January 2015 - 02:34 AM

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In Topic: Resto shaman PVP bonus buffs

24 January 2015 - 08:57 PM


real great buffs would be letting us link while stunned

Pretty much should be our 4 set, we don't need extra buttons, we just want the option to use maybe one of our defensives without relying on a pvp trinket 1st.