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In Topic: aus and brazil servers are ruining arena

07 December 2014 - 07:11 PM

View PostRynd, on 07 December 2014 - 05:19 AM, said:

what are u talking about dude?

btw all the arena servers are located in west coast

It doesnt work like that.

There are different blizzard servers located in different places, when you join arena if you face for example a 3x russian team in eu they re hosting the game in their east europe server if you re playing with people that doesnt have the same server as you, the other team will always host the game.

For example, if im playing from dun modr ( spanish realm, server located on france) with people from outland or ravencrest (server located on denmark or germany not sure) and we face a 3x russian team they host the game all the time, and my latency might increase to 150, if i play with another 2 spanish then its random, cos theres 3 people from the french server and 3 people from the east europe server, i had a conversation with novoz about this and he said it works like that aswell on US, so in that way if you face a 3x aussie players playing from an aussie realm and you have 1 guy on east coast realm 1 on central and 1 on west coast or anything that its not 3x the same realm they will host the game and you will end up having more than 200 ms, nothing you can do about that.

I would say you could ticket blizzard and ask them about do some middle host protocol, for example if theres east coast vs aussies then the west coast server should host the game but im not sure how receptive they will be about that, its not a easy task as a server administrator

In Topic: My Thoughts on MoP PvP and the direction of WoD

12 November 2014 - 02:45 AM

View PostTalbadar, on 11 November 2014 - 06:21 AM, said:

He's been in contact with a lot of the top players and constantly looks for feedback to relay to help out.

Most of the players he has been in contact with are from US if not all, some of them not even playing the game anymore, EU needs to have a word aswell, in that way even tho i appreciate holinka's work something needs to be changed

Im wondering when will they fix the buffs to make comps something consistent, you couldnt play rld or wld or other comps as warlock without playing with a shaman in your team because of how strong mastery buff and spell is for warlock, that capped the healer setups A LOT, decreasing the amount of monk healers, paladins etc, and its not changing at all in WoD, i have some serious theory about how to make it work in order to not change the gameplay but to allow more comps to be played.

To be honest i miss to meet different comps with good variants of healers, im pretty sure most of the paladins, monks, rogues maybe holy priests etc know that feel aswell, the feel of having some really good comp to play but in the other hand to not have that many other options left

In Topic: BlizzCon® 2014 Opening Ceremony and eSports – Free Live Streams

08 November 2014 - 06:54 PM

totally unexpected, thats more than probably the best comeback i have ever seen

In Topic: official push push fan thread

08 November 2014 - 03:01 AM

their whole team is really good but i would say that mage is one of a kind, looking at them you can already tell that the guy is the one leading the arena, its really hilarious for me to see a team of koreans performing like this when they shouldnt be having the same level of practice us/eu teams do, really impressive it kinda remembers me the old council of mages korean team

In Topic: rbgs have the highest skill cap

04 November 2014 - 07:44 PM

Its pretty weird to compare rbg teams nowadays, at least on EU because theres only a few teams who actually play rbg to be the best rbg team, for example eheroes, most of the people who could make a group and tryhard for weeks/months to get to the level of their gameplay and eventually give proper rbg matchs wont do it, included me, cos it takes way too much time and dedication, more teamplay and solid tactics/setups with different players, rbgs itself are harder to theorycraft than normal arenas and are way less rewarding, thats why most of the players who ever did rbg this past 2 seasons only did it to get extra cap / dodging good teams cos totally cba.

I personally do not like RBGS, and i enjoy way way way more arenas, but i do respect those who want to be the best on rbgs, sadly for them its a pretty dead ladder compared to what it used to be