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WoW Down to 7.1 Million Subscribers

06 May 2015 - 09:12 PM

WoW Down to 7.1 Million Subscribers

Blizzard announced that WoW is down to 7.1 million subscribers. This is 2.9 million lower compared to their 10 million subscribers announced 1 quarter ago.

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The State of the Game

03 May 2015 - 02:45 PM

If anyone hasn't seen it yet this post is extremely well made:


Patch 6.2 - Mail PvP Armor

27 April 2015 - 02:53 PM

Patch 6.2 - Mail PvP Armor

The mail Season 17 PvP set shown on MMO-Champion. Colors are not finalized and is currently used on the green and blue set.

PvP Q&A With Holinka

16 April 2015 - 09:52 PM

PvP Q&A With Holinka

A PvP Q&A was done between Holinka and Lore today at 12PM PST. The original article and summary of the VOD was posted on MMO-Champion.

VOD Link on Twitch.TV/WoW

Class Synergy
Player Question: Any plans to promote synergies between different classes? It seems like there are a couple synergies define and entire spec’s balance, yet without them there wouldn’t be any viable comps for those classes.

· They believe class synergy and the PvP meta is largely made by the community i.e. Rets with Hunters.
· Different regions show different strong compositions and meta.
· They want to watch out more for when certain synergy is too strong.

Player Question: A lot of specs that rely on crit or Multistrikes are falling behind in PvP. How do you deal with this without breaking PvE?

· They wanted to try to not have the difference between sustained damage and crit damage be too massive.

· Some classes benefited from this more than others.

· They will buff skills that they feel are too weak with the reduced crit and multistrike such as what they have done with Lava Burst.

· They feel the game is better without having the battle be based on the crit lottery.

Nemesis quest
Player Question: Have you rethought letting the Nemesis quests work in BG’s or lowering the totals of some races due to the extreme lack of Pandaren and gnomes and some other races still not being represented well?

· The nemesis quest is being talked about.

· They designed it to be a WoD thing that is done out in the world, and they currently want to stick to this. But they will be looking at the requirements for it.

PvP vs PvE
Player Question: Why can’t each ability just be split into a PvE and PvP version, to help with many balancing issues?

· They want to add more “knobs” that lets them deal with adjusting skills for pvp without effecting pve. They don't think having a PvE and PvP version of every skill is the correct solution.

· They are talking about other plans for the future to solve this and are excited about it.

Player Question: How are CCs balanced with each other? Some have ZERO CD, yet are very powerful, and hard to dispel. Shouldn’t zero CD CCs be easier to dispel by more specs, even DPS, and hard to dispel CCs have longer CDs?

· High level goal with CC effects going into WoD is players want to be playing their characters more.

· They would first want to take more CC out of the game before breaks.

Player Question: Mobility & CC breaks remain very strong, any plans to address in 6.2?

· This would not be a goal for 6.2.

Player Question: Will CC ever be removed or thoroughly rethought for PvP?

· CC is one of the most important parts of the game. They have no plans to remove all CCs from the game.

· There may be too much CC right now however.


· Blizzard is very thankful for all the people hosting tournaments for WoW.

· They want to continue to find ways to help those people hosting tournaments out.

· They have things coming that they wish they could share today.

· They think battlegrounds could be fun to watch too.

Dampening Mechanic
Player Question: Are you satisfied with the Dampening mechanic? Having games based around Dampening might hinder class balance.

· They are happy with this mechanic.

· They wanted games to end in a reasonable amount of time, and they are.

· They think that building comps around the dampening mechanic is a strategic option that players can pick if they wish, and have no problems with it.

Alt progression
Player Question: Are there any changes to PvP Alt gearing? Farming 27k pts is not fun at all when you already have a full geared char.

· They are happy with where they are going with 6.2 with alt progression in pvp.

· They do want to make sure that you still need to play the alt to gear it up in the end.

· They are still very open to feedback and will take it step by step.

Player Question: Are there any plans to bring back the 27k Conquest Vendor?

· They do not have plans to bring back the 2700 CP vendor. They feel the system did not make a lot of sense for the average player.

Ilvl in PvP
Player Question: Will we see WoW PvP offer normalized ilvl gametypes or simply reduced emphasis on ilvl increases to make it easier  to get into?

· They hear the request to keep everyone at the same ilvl for pvp a lot. However if they take away the gear progression from pvp, they need to figure out what players would do to progress.

· They have tried to shrink the gap between the highest and lowest player ilvl.

Race Balance
Player Question: Do you believe that a majority of high ranked players seem to be Alliance, specifically Human, Night Elf, and to a lesser extent Dwarf. Is this an issue?

· Going into the next expansion, looking at the racials is a possibility.

· They want to make sure they are all interesting and fun, and not boring.

Solo Queue
Player Question: Any plans for rated arena queue? New BG & Arena maps? Feel PvP content development is too focused on Ashran.

· They feel solo queue experiences can be very toxic.

· When you have pre-made groups you will have a leader which will set the tone for the group. If you act out of line, they can kick you out.

· They think the group finder has been a very big success.

· They have thought there might be a dip in progression in Rated BGs, but participation is up by upwards of 50% to 60% even with less rewards just because of how easy it is to group.

· No plans for Solo queue rated pvp at this time.


· They felt Ashran was the new type of content that players wanted, however they feel it did not hit the mark. Blizzard is very unhappy with how it turned out and really want to improve it.

· Faction unbalance is an issue they are still working on.

· They thought server communities was important at the start for asharn, turns out it was not.

· They might make the conquest able to be rewarded higher than 500.

· One thing they are thinking about, is allowing you to cap your conquest just on asharn, but you would need to participate in all areas of asharan to achieve this.

· They may restrict it so only groups can que for ashran, and not raids. They are open to feedback on this.

Alterac Valley
Player Question: Any future changes planned for Alterac Valley?

· They do want to keep it balanced and up to date as they have gotten lots of good feedback, but no key game changes planned.

Player Question: Given that the majority of PvPers only play random battlegrounds, what are you doing to make these more fun and balanced?

· There is a good spread of participation in Random BGs, Rated BGs, Arenas, and Ashran.

· They certainly want to make BGs more fun and improve it mechanically.

Player Question: When will the botters be stopped?

· They know botters do not make the game look good.

· They put a lot of effort into stopping them.

· They are not transparent for a few reason. One key reason is they do not want to tip botters off. If they come up with a new method, they don’t want to inform botters of this while they are working on the system.

New Legendary Ring proc
Player Question: The new proc on legendary ring, will it work in PvP?

· It will work in world PvP.

· It is disabled in instanced pvp (such as Ashran and arenas).

Low Level PvP
Player Question: Does low level PvP get a fair shake when classes get revamps? Currently Priests, Ferals, Warrior, etc. deal significantly more damage than other classes.

· They focus on high level pvp for balance.

· If something is very unbalanced - such as a single spell, they want to hear about it and fix.

· If you find that some classes are stronger at say level 20, that is not something they spend a lot of time on.

Player Question: When will XP-Off players be able to queue a Wargame without switching experience back on? There’s really no reason for having to do this; can you please see that it’s addressed?

· There is an open bug that XP-Off players can not que for wargames. This is being fixed.


· Many, many more class changes are coming to the PTR. What we have seen is a very small amount of them, and changes have already been made to some of those.

Player Question: Are you considering bringing back some of the pruned abilities? My DPriest would love swap back or baseline fear.

· They are happy with the ability pruning, and in fact will probably prune more abilities down the road.

Player Question: Since spellcasting  can be interrupted, will we ever be able to disarm melee? Should be a two way street.

· Disarms was removed in WoD when they were trying to reduce CCs.

· They don’t necessary think since melee can interrupt spellcast, spellcasters have to be able to disarm them.

· They do think they should be balanced against each other, such as how casters can control melee.

Player Question: As the lead PvP designer are you happy with the way PvP turned out in WoD?

· Blizzard is happy, but not satisfied with how PvP turned out in WoD so far.

6.1.4 Patch Notes

01 April 2015 - 02:56 PM

6.1.4 PvP Patch Notes

Official Blizzard Quote:

Gift of the Naaru now actually gives other players a gift. However, as beings of pure light, they probably got you a rainbow, or something? You should make them a list.

Gnomes can now equip and wear goggles regardless of class or profession requirements. However, the goggles do nothing.

Every Man for Himself has been redesigned. It now grants Humans a third trinket slot.

Orcs now receive a state-funded rebate for being more "green."

Corrected an error where Walkers were able to gain benefits from eating and drinking.

All Worgen characters must now wear a collar and carry around little blue baggies.

Death Knights
Mastery: Blood Shield has been renamed to Mastery: Health Shield, because ew.
Breath of Sindragosa is now minty-fresh.
Bone Shield: now with 50% more calcium!
The Death Knight unique skin colors have been made darker in response to player requests for darker Knights.
Dark Simulacrum is now 37% easier to pronounce.
Mind Freeze now renders the target unconscious and causes them to slowly turn to ice, unless you erase their memory of the incident and spend the rest of your life in seclusion.
Outbreak no longer applies Blood Plague and Frost Fever. Instead, it applies a new, airborne version of a virus first encountered 30 years ago. Enemy players will have to work together to develop a new serum to cure the virus before the military bombs the whole city.

Balance has been redesigned. The damage you deal is now variable, based on the current number of threads on the forums demanding nerfs or buffs.
Remove Corruption can no longer be cast on the members of your guild's loot council.
Cyclone is now dispellable, but only by other Druids.
Druids in Tree of Life form will now bear fruit.
The Moonkin model has been updated, but it's too adorable to kill, so we aren't going to implement it. It's pretty great, though.
Gift of the Wild has returned. It now causes the casting Druid to leave a freshly-killed bird or rodent on the doorstep of the target player's Town Hall.
New form: Meatsquatch. Transforms the caster into a creature that's half hamburger, half Yeti. Abilities include Devour Meat and Sabotage Cooking. MEATSQUATCH!

Seem fine.

Alter Time will now automatically update for Daylight Savings.
Overpowered has been nerfed for obvious reasons.
Blink's tooltip has been updated to: "Teleports the caster directly into the nearest rock, shrub, or fence." Functionality unchanged.
Due to drought, Conjured Water is now being rationed.
Invisibility can now only be used when no one is looking, including the Mage.
Mage Armor has an even newer, more unique icon.
To better illustrate the difference in effectiveness, Fireball has been renamed "Ball of Fire" and Pyroblast has been renamed "Great Ball of Fire." Goodness gracious!
Despite their many heroic deeds over the years, player Mages are still nowhere near as cool as Jaina or Khadgar.
Seriously, did you see what Khadgar did with the dam in Tanaan Jungle?
All of the elements were like FWOOOM and then he threw them at it like KAPOW and all the water went WOOOOSH.
It was awesome.

Crackling Jade Lightning still exists.
Serenity now causes the caster to don a brown coat and get really sad about Wash.
Storm, Earth, and Fire has had its powers magnified, and can now be used on a total of 5 targets. Because of this change, it's been renamed to "Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart."
Monks can now activate a brief montage cutscene that shows their character farming materials for flasks and food, reading up on boss encounters, and practicing their rotations, instead of having to actually do any of those things.
Monks now automatically Roll everywhere instead of running while out of combat.
Energizing Brew has been renamed to Red Ox. The effects remain the same, but it gives the Monk wings when activated.
Abilities without the words "Chi" or "Zen" in their name have been fixed to correctly have one or both. Enjoy Spinning Zen Crane Chi Kick.

Empowered Seals no longer causes the user to belt out "Kiss From a Rose" at the top of their lungs.
After several years of deliberations, the Templar has finally reached a Verdict.
Inquisition is back. Isn't that surprising? No one expects Inquisition!
Blinding Light now causes affected players to rev up like a deuce, whatever that means.
Execution Sentence has been commuted and replaced with Life Imprisonment.
In an effort to provide a friendlier image, the Order of the Silver Hand has designated several Raids, Dungeons, and Battlegrounds as "Judgment-Free Zones." While in one of these zones, all Paladins will have their Judgment spells disabled.

Leap of Faith can no longer be used on players channeling Hearthstone.
Leap of Faith can no longer be used when the Priest is standing next to a cliff.
Leap of Faith can no longer be used on players on or near elevators.
Priests are now 80% less annoying.
Spirit Shell now melts in your mouth, not in your hand.
Spectral Guise no longer summons a bunch of creepy ghost dudes to follow you around. We misread it, sorry.
Angelic Feathers can now be used to tickle sleeping party members.
Instead of granting vision of the surrounding area, Mind Vision now allows the Priest to look into their target's deepest thoughts. Not recommended for use on King Varian. Dude's got issues.

After earning enough Combo Points, the Rogue's next finisher will include fries and a drink.
Distract can now be used on people who write patch no... ooh, shiny!
Due to Ravenholdt's increased need for secrecy, all further Rogue updates will be presented using invisible ink.

Grounding Totem now causes party members to reflect on their life choices and consider that maybe quitting their job to write that novel wasn’t the best idea.
Capacitor Totem is what makes time travel possible.
Lightning Bolt can now only be cast while moving. Stopping or standing still will interrupt the cast.
Using the /kiss emote on Hexed targets will now cause the effect to end immediately, and you're just going to have to live with that.
New ability: Water Shock. Used by chefs to keep noodles from overcooking.
Ascendance will now properly make the Shaman gradually ascend in the air during its duration.
Tremor Totem now has a chance to summon a giant worm and/or Kevin Bacon.
Bloodlust has been renamed Heroism.
Heroism has been renamed Bloodlust.
Unleash Life, uh... finds a way.

Cataclysm has finally upgraded to Warlords of Draenor.
Due to the events in the Warlords of Draenor opening cinematic, Mannoroth's Fury is significantly less furious.
Warlocks can now find and complete an epic, 47-step quest to earn Chromatic Fire. Finally, you can experience the true essence of the Warlock class: rainbows!
Chaos Bolt can no longer be targeted. Chaos Bolt does what it wants. You're not Chaos Bolt's dad!
Dark Soul has been completely redesigned and made way more difficult to use, but we're not going to tell you how. You're going to have to figure out Dark Soul for yourself.
In addition to no longer generating Burning Embers, Rain of Fire no longer deals damage.
The Destruction passive Backdraft continues to remind you of that weird Kurt Russell movie about firefighters.

Hamstring has been removed and replaced with a new ability called Ham Sandwich. Sorry about that, one of our designers got hungry.
Spell Reflection. R, E, F, L, E, C, T, I, O, N. Reflection.
Warriors who use Whirlwind immediately after Bladestorm will get really dizzy.
Gladiator Stance has been made 55% more entertaining.
Due to increased concerns from their coworkers, all Warriors are now required to take Anger Management.

Followers' Followers: Your Followers have gained so much stature that they've started to attract Followers of their own. Followers' Followers will now appear in your Garrison, and your Followers will be able to send their Followers on Missions.
The new Followers' Mission Table will appear behind your town hall. This object is not clickable by you, but your Followers will go to it when you send them on Missions, and soon thereafter, you'll see your Followers' Followers walking out of your Garrison.
Your Followers will receive rewards from the missions your Followers' Followers return from, but we have no idea what they are and they aren't telling us.
The S.E.L.F.I.E. camera mission "Field Photography" is not appearing for all players due to its random nature. We didn't change anything; we just wanted to point out what random means.
In order to comply with a new noise ordinance on Draenor, Garrison Jukeboxes will no longer play after 10 p.m.
Followers can borrow toys from your collection to play with while waiting for new missions. They won't put them back, though. Seriously, there's going to be toys everywhere.
After sending max-level epic Followers on XP missions, you can rush outside to see them leaving your Garrison, and questioning why they continue to put up with you.
New Follower Trait: Binge Watching. Causes the follower to completely disappear from your Garrison for the entire weekend whenever a new season of House of Cards releases, and then never shut up about it once they return.
Players may now freely travel from their Garrison.

New Quest Hub: Terminus
Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive, survive.
To get to Terminus, pick up the quest "You're the Butcher or You're the Cattle" from Grick Rimes in Stormwind or Orgrimmar and follow the tracks. This quest is unavailable to Walkers.
Complete quests and earn reputation with the Terminants to gain access to the Walker’s "Cannibalize" racial ability.
To alleviate confusion between franchises, the quest "Trouble at the Overwatch" has been renamed. It is now called "Trouble at the Hearthstone." Wait, no. "Trouble at the Heroes of the Storm." Argh, this is hard.
The Legendary quest "Draenor’s Secret Power" was incorrectly requiring 4986 Apexis Crystals, and has been corrected down to the intended 4983 Apexis Crystals. We have no idea what Khadgar's been doing with the extra 3...
Senior Historian Evelyna on the Timeless Isle now only asks the Mur'ghoul question.
The quest item Fox Poop should no longer appear for players who don't have that quest. Players who do have that quest should just get it over with, it's not that bad.

Players now take 10% less damage in PvP.
A number of Crowd Control (CC) changes have been made. Consult your class trainers before using CC.
Only use CC when you need it.
If your CC lasts longer than four hours, seek immediate medical attention.
Killing the enemy faction's leader in Ashran now awards 16 Conquest Points.
All CC effects have had their durations reduced by 33%.
Killing the enemy faction's leader in Ashran no longer awards Conquest Points, and instead awards 150 Artifact Fragments.
Ashran events now begin when you least expect them to.
All CC effects have had their cooldowns reduced by 33%.
Players now deal 10% more damage in PvP.
Tanks no longer take extra damage in PvP, but instead have to play with their hands tied behind their back.
Killing the enemy faction's leader in Ashran no longer awards Artifact Fragments, and instead awards 219 Apexis Crystals.
The Battle for Gilneas has been renamed "The Battle for the Waterworks."
All CC effects have had their effects increased by 33%. For example, Fear is now 33% scarier, and Cyclone is now 33% windier.
Players now act like they take 10% less damage in PvP, but they really don't. They're just kidding around.
Fixed an issue causing some classes and specs to be completely broken in PvP.
A new 1v1 bracket has been added to the game: Rated Ashran.
Killing the enemy faction's leader in Ashran no longer awards anything, because the satisfaction of victory should be its own reward, damn it.