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#4193794 Quick Note on Posting Videos

Posted Vanguards on 19 August 2014 - 01:39 AM

If you're posting videos make sure the link is http:// and not https://. This is true for posting on the "video" section of AJ, and also posting using the media tag.


^ works


^ only works as a link

#4193779 Play With the Blues: Thursday August 21 - Twitch Streamers Beta Key Giveaways

Posted Vanguards on 19 August 2014 - 01:20 AM

Play With the Blues: Thursday August 21

Official Blizzard Quote:

It’s time to play with Blues on the Beta realms! Help us put the Premade Groups feature through its paces by creating and joining lots of Dungeon and 3v3 Arena groups. During the playtest, you’ll have a chance to encounter members of the Warcraft Development Team like Watcher, Celestalon, and Holinka, in addition to QA, CS, and CM team members as we join you for a Dungeon run or Arena match.

What: Create Premade Groups, run Dungeons, and 3v3 Arena groups with Blizzard employees!
When: Thursday, August 21, 2014 from 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM PDT.
Where: Level 100 PvE and Level 100 PvP Beta realms
How you’ll know they’re a Blue: Blizzard employees will be in a guild called  or  respectively for the duration of the event.

How to create a Premade Group:
For Dungeons, access the Group Finder pane (bound to I key by default.)
Select Premade Groups --> Dungeons --> Find a Group or Start a Group
For Arenas, access the Player vs. Player pane (bound to H key by default.)
Select Premade Groups --> Arenas --> Find a Group or Start a Group (3v3)

If you want to learn more about improvements to Group Finder in Warlords of Draenor; check out Premade Groups: Looking for Adventure.

For information on how to create a level-100 template character, submitting a bug report, or suggestion; check out Welcome to the Beta Test: PLEASE READ!

Good, wholesome fun for the whole family! We look forward to grouping with you. :)

Twitch Streamers Giving Away Beta Keys

Official Blizzard Quote:

Many prominent Twitch streamers from the PvP and PvE communities have been provided with beta keys to give away in anticipation of this Thursday's "Play with the Blues" event, where we'll be testing the Premade Groups tool for dungeons & 3v3 Arenas on level-100 beta realms. If you've already opted in to test Warlords of Draenor, these giveaways provide you with additional opportunities to score beta access and join us!

These folks will also be streaming and giving away keys during the event this Thursday, August 21 from 3-5 p.m. PDT.

Tune into the following Twitch streams and visit their Twitter feeds to learn more about their giveaways and see the beta test in action:

Twitter: @MagdalenaDK

Twitter: @BajheeraWoW

Twitter: @Chinglishtv

Twitter: @Elvinelol

Twitter: @FatbossTV

Twitter: @VidaMartin

Twitter: @hotted89

Twitter: @Killarslol

Twitter: @Slootbag

Twitter: @kelvinsnutz

Twitter: @SpartySmallwood

Twitter: @SwiftyiRL

Twitter: @SylessNecole

Twitter: @towelthetank

Twitter: @methodtreckie

Twitter: @vanguardstv

Twitter: @ElliottVenczel

Good luck to everyone seeking keys!

#4185250 Skills or Talents that Irritates You

Posted Vanguards on 03 August 2014 - 08:11 PM

What are some skills / talents you are frustrated with? Or perhaps a mechanic in general? Here's a brief list from me.

MOP Skills / Talents:

1. Burst of Speed - This skill promotes a style of play with using cooldowns, and running to reset it which is quite frustrating for players to deal with. Even after playing Rogue myself I find shadowstep to feel much more rewarding when using it properly, and I feel this talent greatly contributes to a bad playstyle for rogues.

2. Angelic Feather - Makes priests run at mount speed, making it unnecessarily too easy to get fears especially with Spectral Guise. The only reason this doesn't seem like a big problem right now imo is the huge number of Shamans you see in arena, but Tremor nerf can change this in WoD.

3. "Trinket" like abilities and Talents: Unbound Will, Desecrated Ground etc. - I feel like these abilities are just far too strong in general to be balanced around.

4. Unpredictable Burst abilities: Lava Burst procs, Starsurge procs - These abilities do far too much damage to be unpredictable.

5. Instant Burst that results in nearly ~30% HP without or with little setup from a single character: Enhance Ascendance, Starsurge, chain Lava Bursts, Chimera Shot Crits and more - They can create ridiculous sudden deaths.

6. Damage Reduction Stacking Talents and Glyphs - Certain classes can stack a near passive 30% damage reduction, while I understand some classes need damage reduction more than others nearing 30% passively seems a bit ridiculous.

7. Stealth abilities such as: Subterfuge, Spectral Guise, perma Hunter invisibility, AOE Invisible from Rogue, etc. - These abilities create largely uncounterable events, and while having some of these abilities in arena is nice I believe there are too many in MoP at the moment.

8. CCs and Haste - This isn't really a talent or skill, but how Haste interacts with CCs. CCs get progressively harder and harder to stop as an expansion drags on. I feel like haste should maybe interact with CCs differently so that a Fear / Cyclone / Polymorph isn't almost 30-40% faster at the end of an expansion compared to the start.


Here's a few from WOD, this is based on a few hundred 2s games and dozens of 3s. Some of this may still be inaccurate, and may have already been changed without my knowledge as WoD gets patched pretty quick.

WOD Skills / Talents:

1. Sudden Death - This proc is making Warriors do insane amounts of sudden burst.

2. 8 Second Horrify from Shadow Priests - Don't really need explaining, but an 8 second stun that isn't on stun DR is insane. I've been told this may be a bug.

3. Double (70%?) Shield Wall from Druids - I believe this class already has too much defenses that has been carried over from MoP, particularly for Boomkins / Resto Druids that never had this skill to begin with. This makes Druids ridiculously hard to kill between their high mobility, and amount of skills usable even while they're in certain CCs (barkskin, displacer beast, etc).

4. Shaman Level 100 Talents - Saying this as a player that plays Shaman, these talents just seem horrible and extremely underwhelming in PvP no matter what spec you are. Elemental fusion could maybe be okay for Elementals.

#4181353 3v3 Help, Ret, Hunter, Rsham

Posted Vanguards on 29 July 2014 - 02:14 AM

Against LSD you want to swap a lot on all 3 targets. Going on Druid whenever you have HOJ or using as a trap initiator depending on which target is hotted works the best for me. Ret Hunter Shaman doesn't have the damage to kill through hots particularly vs tanky comps like LSD, so imo it's better to avoid it all together.

LSD2 your main focus should be the moonkin, and play the comp normally just. You may want to take care of the Lock CS pet at some point. You can also stun Moonkin with cross CCs on Shaman, this helps a lot as Moonkins have so much kiting ability.

Jungle you'll want to focus Feral. In this matchup it depends on who they focus for your strategy. If the Ret is the focus I recommend the Ret to HOJ Feral when Hunter uses Wyvern / any CCs on priest. If the focus is the hunter you would just use HOJ as a CC for trap again. If the Shaman is the focus you can do either depending on how aggresive the other team is.
Ret should use BOP / Bubble quickly in order to regain pressure. Hunter will most likely pet sac nearly first global. You want to beat their opening pressure as best as possible.

As for RMP there shouldn't be too big of a struggle vs this comp. You want to use CDs quickly just as your team's longevity is far better than theirs. Hunter should focus on peeling at the start. Killing Mage is the obvious choice, but Rogue is possible too if he trinkets CCs from Hunter when he's peeling.

edit: also wrong area to post it in, I'm going to move this thread

#4181002 Cya tremor

Posted Vanguards on 28 July 2014 - 01:50 PM

This change is amazing imo, but I just hope they will be on the look out for fear classes as their natural enemy is heavily nerfed.

Obviously balance in WOD is going to be really different, however if you look at it from the MOP perspective Aff Locks and Spriests would be totally out of control.

Thankfully WOD fear is changed to 6 seconds.

Now I just feel like they should change a few more abilities if they're going this route. Icebound not usable while stunned, Divine Protection, Barkskin, etc. Druids especially already have prehots they can predict burst along with and 2 charges of a 70% (I believe it's this number?) Shield Wall in WOD and all their other CDs. If WOD has a good PvP pacing they should not need to be able to use Displacer Beast, Barkskin, and all these buttons in CCs.


Posted Vanguards on 26 July 2014 - 01:55 PM

Gratz on the achievement, and also a pretty hilarious video!

#4173640 Holypia the god

Posted Vanguards on 20 July 2014 - 08:08 PM


That screaming

#4165744 Hearthstone Expansion Pricing Revealed

Posted Vanguards on 09 July 2014 - 10:04 PM

Hearthstone Expansion Pricing Revealed

Posted Image

Official Blizzard Quote:

We’re skimming the slime pools, stitching together our finest Abominations, and preparing the Necropolis for an Adventure you’ll never forget—Curse of Naxxramas is coming, and we know you’re just dying to get in and play! In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the details on how you’ll access Curse of Naxxramas, and unveil the Naxxramas Heroic Mode.

Your All Naxx-cess Pass

Naxxramas is a floating necropolis, home to a host of undead bosses ready to challenge worthy opponents eager to test their card-slinging mettle. To undertake the challenges that lie within each of the five wings of the Adventure, one must first gain access to their secrets. But don’t worry too much about the price of entry—much to Thaddius’ chagrin, it won’t cost you an arm OR a leg.

Naxxramas will open its gates one wing at a time, with a new wing opening each week. The wings of Naxxramas will open in the following order: Arachnid Quarter, Plague Quarter, Military Quarter, Construct Quarter, and Frostwyrm Lair.

Players who begin their adventures in Naxxramas during the launch event will gain free access to the first wing: the Arachnid Quarter. The launch event will last roughly a month or so, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to get your foot in the door—we’ll have more details to share about that later on. The web-choked corridors of the Arachnid Quarter are home to the bosses Anub’Rekhan, Grand Widow Faerlina, and Maexxna. Defeating these bosses will add new cards to your collection and give you a taste of the dangers that await you deeper inside Naxxramas.

After the Arachnid Quarter, the next four wings can be purchased for 700 gold per wing or $6.99 USD per wing. Players can earn the in-game gold needed to unlock the next wing of Naxxramas by completing various quests or emerging victorious from the Arena, or they can choose to unlock the next available Naxxramas wing using real money.

If you’re looking to swing open multiple gates at once, Curse of Naxxramas bundle packages are also available. Spiders are just so good at making things into neat little bundles. . . .

For European Naxxramas Wing Entry details, please go here.

For Australian Naxxramas Wing Entry details, please go here.

Keep in mind that purchasing Curse of Naxxramas wings in bundles does not open or grant access to those wings faster than the one-wing-a-week schedule, but it does ensure that you’ll be able to dive into the next challenges as soon as they unlock.

If you play Naxxramas during the launch event and decide to purchase the remaining wings with real money, you’ll only have to purchase the 4-Wing bundle to access the remaining wings once they become accessible.

If you unlock additional wings with gold and wish to purchase a wing bundle at a later time with real money to unlock any remaining wings, you can still take advantage of the bundle pricing. For example, if you enter the Arachnid Quarter during the launch event and unlock it for free, then purchase the second wing with gold, the remaining three wings can be purchased with real money at the 3-wing bundle price listed above.

Remember to enter the Necropolis during the launch event so you don’t miss out on all the creepy crawly fun that awaits you in the Arachnid Quarter—for free!

Heroic Mode

Once you’ve defeated all of the bosses within any given wing for the first time, you’ll unlock the Heroic mode of that wing. Heroic mode bosses are significantly more difficult than their normal versions, and they will prove to be a challenge for even the most veteran Hearthstone players. Defeating all of the bosses in Naxxramas on Heroic mode will unlock a new card back for your collection.

The undead horrors of Curse of Naxxramas: A Hearthstone Adventure are dying to meet you. We hope to see you creeping through the necropolis with your own “All Naxx-cess Pass” soon!

#4159516 Skill Capped - How to CC as a Mage in WMD

Posted Vanguards on 30 June 2014 - 06:53 PM

Skill Capped - How to CC as a Mage in WMD

Skill Capped recently released a YouTube video on Mage CC. If you're new to playing Mage, this video could be quite helpful as it explains how to make it easier for you to start CC chains even if you're under pressure.

For veteran players, Skill Capped is also looking for players like Proffset to be interviewed for videos. If you're interested in being interviewed for videos, you can click on this link to apply.

#4158308 Yaspresents Online 3v3 Tournament - July 26-27

Posted Vanguards on 28 June 2014 - 06:58 PM

Yaspresents Online 3v3 Tournament - July 26-27

Posted Image

The Yaspresents PvP guild on Stormscale - EU is organizing the Yaspresents
Guild Online 3v3 Tournament with 10,000$ in prize money.

Tournament will be streamed here!

  • First place – 7,000$
  • Second place – 3,000$
Tournament structure:
Eight teams will play in a best-of three double elimination format.
The Loser Bracket Finals and Grand Finals will be played best-of-five.

July 26th and 27th, 18:00-23:30 CEST.

  • Any setup with one healer is allowed.
  • No class stacking.
  • The Tournament is played on TR. Any gear that is available on TR is allowed.
  • The losing team of each match will be able to choose the next map. Nagrand Arena will always be played first. No map can't be played twice in one series.
  • 45 second disconnect rule: If a player disconnects beyond the 45 second mark the game will not be replayed.
Additional info:
Teams that want to apply need to join our guild on their main characters first, you can send a pm to Another or whisper Gambah in game to join (requirement is gladiator title from last season).  Deadline to sign up for the tournament is July 18th, 23:00 CEST (pm Another to sign up).

#4146857 Warlords of Draenor Game Responsiveness

Posted Vanguards on 18 June 2014 - 12:06 PM

Warlords of Draenor Game Responsiveness

Warlords of Draenor will be changing how game responsiveness works. The difference should be roughly 1-10ms. Do you think you'll be able to notice the difference?

Official Blizzard Quote:

I know this is a very open question, but is there anything "under the hood" with the responsiveness changes that could impact theorycrafting?
I was wondering when this'd get brought up. I've hinted about this in the past in a couple interviews... Yes, there was a very significant underlying change here, that may have implications for theorycrafting (though minor).

I don't want to get too deep into the under-the-hood workings of WoW servers, but here's a super short version. Any action that one unit takes on another different unit used to be processed in batches every 400ms. Some very attentive people may have noticed that healing yourself would give you the health instantly (minus client/server latency), whereas healing another unit would incur a delay of between 0ms and 400ms (again, on top of client/server latency). Same with damaging, applying auras, interrupting, knocking back, etc.

That delay can feel bad just due to the somewhat laggy responsiveness feeling, but also because the state of things can change during that time. For example: Holly the Holy Priest is healing Punky the Brewmaster. Punky spikes low, and Holly hits Guardian Spirit in a panic. The server verifies that Holly is able to cast it, and that Punky is alive (great!). The cast goes off, Guardian Spirit goes on cooldown, and a request is placed for the Guardian Spirit aura (that prevents dying) to be placed on Punky. That request will be filled next time the 400ms timer loops, which happens to be 320ms from now. 250ms later, the boss lands another hit on on Punky. Punky dies. Sadface. Another 70ms goes by, and the Guardian Spirit aura request pops up, and goes "Hey guys, I'm here!... Aww... damn, I missed the party. Sadface."

We no longer batch them up like that. We just do it as fast as we can, which usually amounts to between 1ms and 10ms later. It took a considerable amount of work to get it working that way, but we're very pleased with the results so far; the game feels noticeably more responsive.

I can't guarantee that you'll never ever again run into cases where Guardian Spirit went on cooldown and the tank still died... but it'll be literally 40x rarer than before, and the whole game will feel more responsive too.

#4138913 Removing the cyst that are known wintraders and ddosers from site

Posted Vanguards on 10 June 2014 - 07:13 PM

Drpro has been banned, had to verify with the VOD. Usually skype logs can't really be used as evidence since it's easily faked, however admitting it yourself on a stream is another thing.

DDOSers and wintraders with concrete proof will be banned, however this is a hard thing to do. It's very rare people openly admit to it on stream. Evidence such as in game messages and skype logs are really hard to verify with.

As of the moderator issue, most of the moderators of this site has been cleaned many times. If you have a problem with any of the moderators make sure to PM me.

As always make sure to use the report feature! That's usually the fastest way to notify a mod about an issue with a post or user.

#4129550 ProGameX World of Warcraft Arena May 2014 Tournament (3v3)

Posted Vanguards on 28 May 2014 - 05:09 PM

ProGameX World of Warcraft Arena May 2014 Tournament (3v3)

Posted Image


ProGameX will be hosting their 2nd tournament sponsored by Bleached Bones and powered by Blizzard Entertainment eSports team in the following weeks with a total of 8 teams and 1800 euros Prize pool.

See results of the last tournament.

ProGameX WoW Arena May 2014 Tournament will be held on 31st of May and 1st of June 2014 starting at 18.00 CET.

Unlike all the other tournament organizers we are not going to merely focus on the well-known players, but will also give the opportunity for the fresh prominent teams that did not yet have a chance to prove themselves.

Prize pool
1800 € Total, spread among first three teams as following:
900 € for the first place
600 € for the 2nd place
300 € for the 3rd place

Commentator: Sid Compston (@Supatease) & Josh Allen

Tournament structure
8 teams are going to be put into 4 groups thus each group will have 2 teams.
The winner will be determined in bo3 and will be able to proceed, which means that 4 teams will move on to double elimination.

The Preliminary Tournament Schedule and registration

A Preliminary tournament will be hosted on 17th and 18th of May 2014 starting at 18.00 CET and the top three will have a guaranteed spot to the main tournament.

On top of that the winning team of the Prelim tourney will earn 100 euros!

In order to register to the tournament you and your team mates should be the registered users of ProGameX.com.
The registration process ends on 12th of May 2014 23.00 UTC.

Tournament administration reserves the right to make the decisions and alter the rules as the tournament progresses.



Say GG please

waiting for dampening

Blind this all

holinka plays lock shaman

blue lagyna (LSD2)

haxan cleave (WLS)

Last WmD (WMD)

#4115246 Display Name Changes

Posted Vanguards on 07 May 2014 - 10:01 AM

Updated. Several ppl here had both names taken so I added an S or something similar.

#4112204 PvP Live Second Invitational Warcraft Tournament Announced

Posted Vanguards on 02 May 2014 - 06:08 AM

PvP Live Second Invitational Warcraft Tournament Announced

Sign-ups are here.


MAY 24th and 25th, 2014 ON TWITCH.TV/PVPLIVE


Saturday May 24th and Sunday May 25th, 2014

Isaac ‘Azael’ Cummings-Bentley
Jason Mackaw


Frisco, TX - PVP Live is proud to announce the next World of Warcraft 3v3 Invitational Online Tournament in our 2014 $3,000 winner take all Armageddon Series. The tournament will be live streamed through our partner Twitch channel Saturday and Sunday, May 24th and 25th, 2014.

PVP LIVE’s Armageddon Series will continue monthly throughout 2014. The second tournament in the series will feature a double elimination tournament format, with two teams advancing to a single elimination Grand Finals bracket.

The prize pool format has changed to winner-take-all tournaments, where skill determines who will take home $3,000 and who will go home empty handed. For competitors, this means no more week-after-week grind, playing it safe and accumulating points or vying for third place. Every event carries these dramatic all-or-nothing stakes.

The series is officially endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment, allowing us to provide a polished, high-quality event by working with their esports team to tackle - and solve - difficult technical issues that have challenged tournaments in the past.

Our programming contains not only the ultimate tournament experience with top ranked World of Warcraft players, but also our dedicated broadcast team. Our player-centric philosophy will be front and center, bringing viewers inside the experience to learn about the players, chronicle their gaming history and future, as well as providing the top notch shoutcast commentary our audience has come to expect from PVP LIVE.

Founded in 2012, PVP Live is dedicated to creating high-quality, player-centric media properties for the video gaming community. From the casual enthusiast to the hardcore eSports athlete, PVP Live exists to create vibrant, polished media experiences online for all players.