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Posted Seductions on 31 October 2012 - 05:27 PM

Priests – We understand that priests are by far the most under performing healers. Hence forth, we made Inner Focus silence immunity baseline. We also encourage good play, therefore, Shadow Word: Death damage above 20% will be also made baseline. We understand that Pain Suppression glyph is such an old mechanic from previous expansions that it will now be baseline. This will allow priests to choose from a variety of glyphs such as penance while moving, prayer of mending 60% heal increase, and mass dispel quick cast. Also from many PVE statistic websites such as World of Logs that discipline and holy priests could use an overall heal or mana regen increase, maybe we will look into rapture and revamping the spell so rather than 150% of sprit (most priests have 6-9k spirit, giving back 13k mana back at most every 15s when shield break) it will return mana based on % of total mana. But Im ghostcrawler and you all can suck my dick because I aint fixing shit bitches .