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Tmorph codes for old spell sounds and animations.

13 August 2016 - 01:24 AM

As with my other thread, some like change, others don't.
Since Tmorph has been up-dated for the legion pre-patch, I set about changing Shadow strike, Crimson Vial, Kidney Shot, cheap Shot, Mutilate, Eviscerate, Nightblade, and symbols of death, to their pre-patch animations and sounds.

Tmorph can not change the default animations for your character, however, NogginFrogger skeleton transformation uses the old undead animation, of which the code is .morph 7550
  • Cheap Shot reverted in both animation and sound: .spell 1833 30986
  • Kidney Shot reverted in both animation and sound: .spell 408 30832
  • Mutilate reverted in both animation and sound Unlikely to ever be reverted1: .spell 1329 145415
  • Eviscerate reverted in animation and animation: .spell 196819 27611
  • Symbols of Death changed into Slice and Dice: .spell 212283 6434
  • Crimson Vial changed to slower, default potion drinking animation (red vial): .spell 185311 8141
  • Shadow Strike changed into Ambush (small effect at characters feet is across all ambush spells)2: .spell 185438 39669
  • NightBlade changed to pre-legion rupture animation, still triggers 3-hit effect and sound on target. Least effective change: .spell 195452 14874
As for other legion changes, I would advice checking out Advanced Interface Options and Dejacharacterstats.

Up-dated(2nd): I further reverted some spells.
  • Blind reverted to Vanilla - Wrath animation and sound: .spell 2094 65960
  • Evasion reverted to Vanilla - Wrath animation and sound: .spell 5277 37683
  • Shuriken Storm changed to Fan of Knives3: .spell 197835 67706
  • Shuriken Toss changed to different throw animation and sound4: .spell 114014 158692
  • Kick changed to different sound and slower animation: .spell 1766 11978
Up-dated again (3rd, Combat)
  • Run through changed to Eviscerate: .spell 2098 15691
  • Saber Slash reverted to Sinister Strike (90% similarity, can't change free Saber Slash animation): .spell 193315 14873
  • Mastery(Main Gauche) animation changed (if you disliked Legions attack animation): .spell 76806 14873
  • Gouge reverted to pre-Legion animation and sound: .spell 1776 34940
  • Ambush reverted to pre-Legion animation (same as sub): .spell 8676 39669
  • Adrenaline Rush reverted to Vanilla - Wrath animation and sound: .spell 13750 186286
  • Blade Flurry changed to Vanilla TBC animation: .spell 13877 65956
Combat up-date(3rd):

Killing Spree can't be changed, Riposte already uses Vanilla Retaliation animation, You can change In between the eyes to Kidney shot, but the animation plays on yourself. Saber Slash change only uses right handed attack animation, can't find left.

2nd Up-date:

I changed some more spells because I was feeling nostalgic. I tried changing and reverting every single spell the Rogue has, as I found some abilities were unnecessarily sped up (Kick, Mutilate) and I didn't like that.

1 Mutilate animation across the game has changed (much like backstab, see below) I was hoping to find a spell that removed the animation played underneath the character, and reverted the animation to the full lunge and attack that was seen in TBC, Wrath, ect, as currently Mutilate's animation is sped up, much like Kicks. However, this is impossible to do within Tmorph, as all spells that previously used Mutilates animation have been up-dated to Legions (Legions animation is just in the arms while you're character is moving, and is much faster). I tried Warriors Raging Blow, almost all NPC abilities marked as Mutilate, and several guessed names of abilities hoping for a slime chance of success. None of these options worked, unless someone else or I find an old, forgotten spell ID from a random mob, it will likely never be reverted.

2 I went through 50 or so different Ambush based spells to try and find an ID that doesn't also play its animation at the base of the characters feet. I couldn't find one, but since this is a rather (very)small annoyance, and given the animation and sound are both already correct, I didn't care enough to thoroughly go through spells as I did for Mutilate.

3 There was a different animation for FoK during Wrath's first patch, I tried to find it and couldn't. Gone the same way Mutilate has.

4 Funnily enough, I spent most of my time changing a spell I will use once every 50 arena games. I went through pages and pages of different Throw Spell ID's. I wanted the animation that was the same as Throw Weapon, which used the item model in your throw weapon slot (RIP). The closest I found was one that had the sound and the throw weapon spin, but much like Ambush the animation was also played on the character, and the played sound was too high and not dynamic (Volume of spell fx in relation to character position). Final spell was an old Deadly Throw variation, has everything old throw had. Found day of up-date.

Feint is impossible to find. I spent the same amount of time searching for this one as Throw. Trying to change Feint to Wrath's animation (same as WoD), as Vanilla's Feint was melee range, and the animation was shown on you and the target. But to get it's Wrath through WoD version is annoying. There's only 3 spells called Feint in WoWheads and WoWDB's database. So I had to try many different spell names, even opening a thesaurus and getting different synonyms to search. Closest you can get it is just MeleeFinisher1, same as Eviscerate, no ghostly animation or transparent look.

Backstab is impossible to fully change. Old Backstab behaves just like Ambush, and the new Backstab itself is two animations in one spell. One animation for stabbing with your right weapon, another for your left weapon. Since WoWhead lists backstab as one spell, Tmorph can only change one (the right) animation, leaving the other one alone. It looks crap, there's really no point in trying unless someone better than me finds the left side of backstabs animation spell ID.

Old shadow dance animation (a little smoke pillar from your feet) is also impossible to find. Unless a none descript mob uses some weird spell name with that animation, I'll never find it. However, if you dislike the purple glow, just do .spell 185313 265 to remove the glow.

Once Legion comes out I'll check Cold Blood and and smoke bomb, but I doubt they're changed.

Restoring pre-legion combo points.

24 July 2016 - 06:13 PM

Some people like change, others don't.

If you want to revert the change to combo points, and have them appear as they did before the Legion pre-patch, download Advanced Interface Options and enter /run SetCVar("comboPointLocation", 1) ReloadUI()

The addon itself restores some/all of the removed options from Blizzards options menu, but to change the combo points you'll need to run the script above with the addon downloaded.

Season 3 epic Vs Season 3 Blue + Gem. [Clarification]

03 February 2016 - 08:48 PM

On my Rogue I've lucky managed to obtain a few blue pieces with gem slots, now putting a 75 mastery gem into these seems like a pretty sweet deal, especially since I hadn't up-graded my rings yet.

However, I haven't been able to find anything regarding the viability of these gems VS their up-graded counter parts, at least for Rogues.

Has anyone seen any threads of posts I've missed regarding this? A search didn't yield anything for me, but I didn't scrub through them thoroughly.

Just from a quick check I did; it seems blue rings and gem slot yield better damage than the up-graded rings, but only with the +75 mastery gem, all others fall short. Rings are also the only item I've seen that gives an increase in damage. I put a 75 mastery gem into a cloak, and checking the stat different from equipping in BGs and arena shows that cloak giving more mastery, and stats across the board, compared to the gem'ed cloak.

Does anyone have any other information on this. Cloak was the only other item I was able to compare, but giving it has the same stats as the wrist I doubt there are any others.