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#4545615 Most cancerous comps of every expansion in your opinion

Posted Knaittiz on 27 November 2015 - 07:14 PM

PvE gear abuse made a lot of nearly respectable comps super cancerous from TBC to Cata, so I'm gonna count stupid shit like windfury totem (resto shaman) + 2x lolherald warriors in tbc, double shadowmourne tsg in wotlk or double legendary+vial+whatever RLS from cata out of this list:

tbc disc resto druid hunter

wotlk s5 PHD

cata feral mage rsham (fkin loony joined my secret backwater bg and stole my rank 1 on sp).

mop dno didnt play

but the winner of them all: wod turbo , wwdk is very close although turbo has made me unsub 3 times during s16-17

R.I.P Bragrik, gone but not forgotten.

#4545864 Are artifact weapons going to be usable in PVP? specifically the traits from...

Posted Atosy on 28 November 2015 - 01:04 AM

Maybe it won't be completely balanced, but it will be fun ( fun>balance) and brings more diversity to the game. :)

#4540929 eu ddos thread

Posted Beer on 18 November 2015 - 10:58 AM

View PostNelehx, on 18 November 2015 - 09:26 AM, said:

you're right, but i dont understand why your druid whines on AJ and blames whole german community, and for being stupid enough not to proxy himself??? its 2015 bro, laughable!!11111111!!! and your druid the issue not the german community =)

This is my absolute favorite part of the pvp community...
It's the fault of people, who don't do anything wrong and not the fault of the people who are being asshats. :/

I don't care if it's 2000, 2015 or 2050, it is just wrong that you have to protect yourself instead of someone just not committing a crime.

#4539249 Season Ending Nov 17

Posted FeralNisse on 14 November 2015 - 06:52 PM

View PostJim_Jim, on 14 November 2015 - 05:59 PM, said:

Don't put everyone in the same bag. My team haven't wait a buff to suddently play it, like every enhancement, hpal, or shatter in the ladder.
I really hope mages, hpal, rdruid and enhance will be hotfix soon.

So we can be the only ww/dk/hpal again. (I hate mirrors, that why i can't play with a mage - and they are all arrogant as fuck -)

"dont put everyone in the same bag, all mages are arrogant as fuck" nice logic :D

#4535046 Blizzcon

Posted Xonika on 06 November 2015 - 10:49 PM


#4533978 6.2.3 brings Arms and Enhance buffs.

Posted Wallirik on 05 November 2015 - 03:37 AM

I don't even know how to react when I hear turbo players cry about wwdkpala lol

#4533204 Constructive criticism

Posted dizzcord on 03 November 2015 - 03:01 PM

View PostDivinitum, on 03 November 2015 - 02:16 PM, said:

wallahi send me a PM and ill look into it

غم, قام القادة الخاسرة ما. كان وقام السادس

Then when ur done with Isis just come to Sweden and get job+apatment and therapy cause youre a victim

#4531638 blizzcon championship thread

Posted Bestpriestjkk on 31 October 2015 - 10:31 PM

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Posted Image

#4522056 DK/WW/Hpally Tribute feat Atlas + more

Posted Häxantutto on 16 October 2015 - 01:00 PM


#4517847 Blizzard Response - 2015 European Regional Finals Disqualifications

Posted Nicholaes92 on 10 October 2015 - 02:33 PM

View Posthekumzx, on 10 October 2015 - 08:45 AM, said:

Real issue is whether or not these people should have even been DQ'd for doing pilots last season.

I barely played wow this season and am disqualified, two friends who haven't even logged on another person's account this season - one went to regionals and purposefully avoided pilots to avoid DQ are STILL DQ'd this season.

Whether or not people deserve to be suspended/banned/disqualified aside, Blizzard had the end of last season to DQ people FOR LAST SEASON.  So how the fuck are the using last season to DQ any player from participating in this tournament or titles from this arena season????????????  Maybe FrankerZ knows the answer.
Blizzard can ban you on whatever season they want.  What makes you think they are obligated to only ban you for stuff you did THAT season.  Are you really this fucking delusional?

#4517511 Blizzard Response - 2015 European Regional Finals Disqualifications

Posted Imtaz on 10 October 2015 - 12:59 AM

View PostJim_Jim, on 09 October 2015 - 08:26 PM, said:

Traduction : you have to be an arrogant guy who promote boost all the time (Minpojke), do boost all the time (Noliferqt), post on arena junkies some despicable post (Xonika), be a fotm and say your current class is fine and everybody else is bad (Jaime.), complain that "the game is shit" while continue playing (Everyone), and in the same time, play the jew (=The poor victim) when you have been caught.

Congrats, you're now a Blizzcon competitor and a fellow member of Arena Junkies, the "PvP forum without garbage"


(I know mumumu i'm toxic blablabla)

Complains about mages when ww/dk is the most broken comp in the game at this point :)

#4517103 The events of EU Regionals

Posted Seu on 09 October 2015 - 07:56 AM

View Postjaimex, on 08 October 2015 - 08:25 PM, said:

They checked the other teams and said they werent gonna dq anyone else @ the event, the wording of it made it seem like they found other activities but they didn't wanna hurt their own tournament more idk

if they banned every team with a booster on it the blizzcon champs would be a bunch of duelist middle class dads

#4515309 The events of EU Regionals

Posted Infernion on 06 October 2015 - 02:08 PM

Hey everyone!

I've been reading a lot of stuff on the forums about the things that went down at the EU regionals this weekend, and I was thinking people would like some clarification/update from someone who was actually a part of it, instead of all these rumours.

I'd like to start off by debunking the rumour that Nolifers team supposedly reported Xonika for accountsharing to get him disqualified. The team of Reawakened 1 was in no way responsible for what happened to my team, just like we did not report their team in some pathetic attempt of payback. We respect each other as both players and persons, get along really well and just wanted a fair and exciting tournament.

When we arrived at the hotel thursday, Xonika told our team that he had received an e-mail by Blizzard saying he had gotten a 72-hour suspension on his account for account sharing, which put his account in bad standing for the weekend. Remembering that he had logged his own account from his girlfriends computer earlier that week, he asked his girlfriend to check her e-mail aswell, and just as expected she had also received a warning and what I believe was a message saying she would be ineligible to receive any titles this season.

After having discussed this issue as a team, we thought it'd be best to mention it to the ESL staff to make sure there would be no problem, as it was surely all just a misunderstanding caused by the automatic detector system Blizzard is using to prevent account sharing. The ESL staff told us they would contact Blizzard and thought, just like we did, that this wouldn't be a problem. During thursday and friday we had several conversations with the ESL staff, asking if there was any news on the matter. There wasn't, so we assumed that we would be allowed to participate on the same terms as other teams in the tournament.

When we woke up Friday, we ate some quick breakfast and went to the O2 Arena around 8.30 I believe, as we had to help Blizzard promote the teams better by taking pictures and shooting videos of everyone. This whole process was very poorly organized, and instead of just telling each team when they had to be at the different filming locations so everyone could practice while waiting, we all had to sit and wait in a locker room for several hours.

By the time all teams was done with this entire process consisting of individual and group photos, individual and group filming, filming of the team leaving a limousine, filming of the team walking around and lastly an interview, the time was around 16-17, and we could finally start setting up our characters on the tournament realm and get some practice in.

There was just one big problem with this process though. While the teams this year consisted of 4 players, there was only 3 computers per team. This meant you had to "sacrifice" one player, and basicly prioritize practising your main setup, needless to say that my team prioritized our shatter over our MLS. All the teams played a lot of wargames against each other, and when the clock hit 21, we were told that we had to leave. We left feeling pretty confident that we would place amongst the top 3, as long as we wouldn't choke on stage.

The games saturday was scheduled to start around 12 I believe, which made most teams wake up around 8-9 to get some good practice in before the actual tournament. Blizzard fixed taxis for us to the O2 arena, and upon the arrival we were all pretty pumped for the event, as the amount of people standing in line outside was pretty big (I'm sure people came to watch Heroes of the Storm or Hearthstone). Skipping the line was pretty awesome, and once we got settled we got quite a few of wargames in, once again feeling pretty confident.

Around 11.45, 15 minutes before we were scheduled to play, the top Blizzard employee present came to tell us, that Xonika could possibly be disqualified from the tournament. We tried to explain him the issue, and that it was all just a big misunderstanding, since none of us had been boosting  in the period between the 1st qualifier and regionals. He was super stubborn on the matter, but wanted to make sure no actions was taken that would punish an innocent team, so he decided to double check. 5 minutes before we were supposed to play Blizzard confirmed that Xonika was indeed disqualified, and his pro player badge was confiscated and he was escorted out of the arena. He wasn't even allowed to stay in the arena and watch his team and everyone else play!

While I was explaining to the other teams what was happening, I was told to shut the fuck up, as apparantly I wasn't allowed to do so. The admin was obviously really stressed out and frustrated by the situation aswell, and did come to apologize to me later after the tournament, which I respect him for. It was obviously a heat-of-the-moment kind of thing.

After several players failed attempts at challenging the decision that was made, including our opponents Fewen, Souken, Wafflez and Pyrocta, we realized nothing could be done. At this time me, Froffsy and Livin was pretty demotivated and mad, and Froffsy and Livin didn't even want to try to compete, which I fully understood. We did however go through the options we had, and due to Livin not wanting to set up his druid, we decided for me to set up a holy paladin to play shatter, which I have never played before. Blizzard gave me 20 minutes to do this, meaning I forgot to bind abilities like execution sentence.

The games started, and we lost our first game as shatter vs jungle. A fun fact to mention is that everyone actually lagged out in the end of the game for around 5-10 seconds, but there was no referee behind us to see this, so Blizzard claimed that no one disconnected. People could have used add-ons while playing at the backstage, and Blizzard wouldn't have noticed. The second game Froffsy and Livin wanted to play RMPala with arcane mage, due to no one actually caring at this point, which we obviously lost aswell.

In the meantime of our series, Nolifers team had knocked Fritterus, Cervantes & Cavyx to the losers bracket, meaning that we now had to face them.  We lost in a close series (Kappa) 2-0, and was thrown out of the tournament as 7-8th place. Nolifer now had to face Solari Gaming Yellow, and after having won the first game and being ahead in the series 1-0, there was a break that was prolonged several times. It ended up being around 25 minutes, whereafter Reawakened 1 was told to come meet Blizzard backstage. At this point the tournament was kind of a joke, and people didn't think it could get much worse - They were wrong! Nolifer was told that he was also disqualified. Apparantly Blizzard had been having a meeting since disqualifying Xonika, with some of the heads of their eSports department, and gone through every single player to find out that Nolifer was the only other player who had also done boosts in the time period between the 1st qualifiers and regionals.

Obviously their team was also not satisfied with this decision, and tried to challenge it with no luck. There was actually a lot of teams that tried to have the disqualified teams play in the tournament with no luck. Wafflez, Souken and Fewen even asked the Blizzard admin if all the teams could vote for it, and have them play if the teams would agree. All ideas was shut down.

They chose to drop out of the tournament instead of playing RPD, meaning that Three Languages One Team was no longer in the losers bracket. They had now advanced to the winners Bracket, and had  to face Solari Gaming Yellow. This also meant, that my team was supposed to face Reawakened 1 in the losers bracket instead of TLOT, which we got a free win for as they dropped out. As TLOT won Solari Gaming Yellow in the winners bracket, we had to face Solari Gaming Yellow on the mainstage.

I convinced Livin to set up his druid for us to play MLD, as I figured we maybe had a chance with that setup. This is where it got really funny. Blizzard didn't even show our promotional videos, probably because Xonika was in them. They didn't even mention the disqualification, and actually said that we had been practising MLD for the tournament. I'm sure Venruki, Vhell and Lore was told that it had to be this way, they had to do what they were told of course. I'm pretty sure they even tried to challenge the decision made by Blizzard off-screen, so props to them!

As we didn't really have much time to set up our characters, I forgot to track all enemy debuffs, meaning I couldn't chain any CC in the first game. Livin also forgot glyphs in the first game, aswell as forgetting to bind dispell for both games. It was kind of a disaster, and we ended up losing once again.


On the entire ban situation, I can say with 100% certainty, that Xonika logging his account from his girlfriends computer trigged the investigation of his account. He might not have gotten disqualified only because of him doing this, but it's what caused the investigation. Xonika didn't boost from the 1st qualifier to regionals. We knew that Lagyna had already been disqualified for doing this, why would we take the chance?

The Blizzard admin kept mentioning the fact that they looked into the accounts from the timeperiod between the 1st qualifier and regionals, but Xonika got the suspension for having boosted since the account creation. The rules was very inconsistent, just as they have been during the online qualifications. He was disqualified based on the fact that his account was in bad standing during the tournament.

It amazes me how Blizzard can say that they are 100% sure no other teams boosted in this time period, as we know for a fact that they did. Xonika didn't account share in the time period that was in the rules. If Blizzard was gonna disqualify people for having accountshared since the creation of their accounts, no teams would have been playing at regionals. Literally everyone there has done boosts, and does them every season, meaning they should find some other way to punish the players,  instead of disqualifying them from the only tournament that is held every year.

The question is - What will happen next year? What will happen at Blizzcon? Surely they will have to actually CLEAR players now, else ANYONE could get disqualified the next tournament for having boosted since account  creation.


I know I might sound super salty, and yes, this does indeed suck. But I'm happy for the teams that made it, and I enjoyed the weekend a lot. It was nice to finally get to meet all the players, and we all had a lot of fun, even though the mood took a big hit for some players saturday.

I thought I just wanted to clear all of this up, as Blizzard seems to be trying to hide what happened from everyone. The community deserves to know exactly what went down, which is why I wrote this wall of text that most people will probably not care about.

Once again, congratulations to all the 3 teams that made it, no one should have any hard feelings towards them, this is Blizzards fault. No teams reported each other for account sharing. Remember the fact that they could've qualified either way, it wasn't set in stone who was gonna qualify.

If you have any questions ask them here, and I'll answer them as fast as I can :)

#4514709 Progressive Wotlk Server Launched Today

Posted Lirox on 05 October 2015 - 07:04 PM

View PostLzd, on 05 October 2015 - 05:34 PM, said:

Anyone tested honorbuddy with it?
youre an idiot if you want to honorbuddy on these servers

#4513068 Alessia #2

Posted Avizura on 03 October 2015 - 04:32 PM


Hey guys,

me & my friend decided to make another movie since people were asking for it.

The movie also features a few skype games as requested.

Make sure to watch til the very end!

Thanks for watching hope you enjoy ;D

Put it on FULL HD!


Urban Contact - aurora

Rameses B - Safe Haven

odesza - How Did i Get Here

Pretty Lights - One Day They'll Know (Odesza Remix)

Philter - Flutterby

Thanks to Ayunix for the help!