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#3672293 Craze's Gladiator Priest PvP Tips and Tricks

Posted Deliriumz on 27 March 2012 - 07:05 PM

View PostHackattack3, on 27 March 2012 - 04:48 PM, said:

Main thing this video highlights is current sad state of 2s.  I was really disappointed to see how basic and easy the play style is at the high end 2s level to pull off kills.

There zero impressive cc chains or any really amazing cc coordination.  


vs hunt/pal, all you needed to win was a double fear on hunter + pal.  Not to mention you were on sewers, hunter's worst map.  You got an extremely lucky fear path, both hunter and pal went opposite was out of LOS, and your mage globaled the hunter.  You chipped in for maybe 10k with holy nova.

vs spriest/rsham, video of a practically non-viable comp compared to mage/priest, and the only clips you show are when the priest is already OOM.  Grats for mages having endless mana I guess?  Not sure what you did here except keep the priest OOM.

Vid is perfect evidence of why removing glad from 2s was a good idea.

spriest/rsham is a viable comp, and does pretty well against mage/priest. Practically non-viable comp?? LOL. It's played nearly the same as lock/sham which is boringly overpowered, plus you have mana burn which has always been OP in 2s.

I thought it was a great video for its intended purpose: to help learning disc priests get better. Why is it the only people flaming the video are non-glads or glads from 2s? He took all his clips from a series of like 5 games like he said, it was everyday play, not mega godly moments captured over months of footage. seriously gtfo haters, AJ needs more vids like this.

#3671890 Craze's Gladiator Priest PvP Tips and Tricks

Posted Ayrasaurus on 27 March 2012 - 02:39 AM

I see tips and tricks but i dont hear no lisp

Edit: Nice vid

#3649376 How to Stop DDoS

Posted aquatics on 24 February 2012 - 03:45 AM

Hello, my name is Merkx, and today I will show you how to stop DDoS/other internet problems. (If you know you're being DDoSd skip ahead to the bold)

1) If your internet is working for some applications and not others (i.e. skype works but WoW is lagging out) then you are NOT being DDoS'd. In most cases it means the DNS server you use is not working properly (comcast DNS servers are shit). If you have not set a DNS server then you are probably using your Internet Service Providers IP. I recommend switching to Google's or OpenDNS's server. Here's how:

http://i.imgur.com/I2VGU.png > right click your current connection and go to properties > press Internet Protocol Version 4 > properties > http://i.imgur.com/edr62.png

Mine is set to google's DNS servers, you can use whichever you want.

2) DDoS. You know you're being DDoSd if you gradually begin to lag on all programs using the internet and then disconnect from them. Sudden disconnects usually do not involve DDoS. People that DDoS you usually obtain your IP through skype or twitch tv and the amount of people that can DDoS you on the spot is surprisingly low **Do not go to DDoS as the first thing you blame when you disconnect from WoW**

But here is how to stop DDoS if you know you're being DDoSd:

Log into your router > find your mac address (should look like this http://i.imgur.com/6X5oc.png)> change one of the numbers to another number > save your settings and restart your modem

Don't change your mac address too many times per day as it might cause some problems with your ISP but this should change your IP making it impossible for the DDoSer to target you unless he/she gets your new IP (through skype/twitch/etc). Note: Doing ipconfig/release or restarting your modem/router alone will not stop DDoS.

Further Protection: If your attacker keeps finding your IP after changing your mac address try getting a VPN program like HotSpot Shield to "spoof" your IP after you have changed it.
Edit: More stuff to spoof your IP (use whichever lags you the least)

Happy Streaming.

#3648958 The recent R1 Bans - I have no part.

Posted infectionx on 23 February 2012 - 08:35 PM

I doubt people who got banned will move on to be honest.
The real question is when are the annoying people who quitted the game will leave these forums  B)

View Postxdarksimx, on 23 February 2012 - 08:33 PM, said:

Good choice, you pass level 1.

Level 2: Do you prefer chocolate chip waffles or chocolate chip pancakes
Damn it you are good...i will go with chocolate chip pancakes  :lol:

#3633802 Neilyo 19

Posted Sasotori on 04 February 2012 - 08:56 PM

I'm sorry, but your movies just get worse and worse.. :(

#3023654 Mage Issues and CC

Posted Nadagast on 28 January 2011 - 03:13 AM

There seems to be a disconnect between popular opinion of Mages and top Mages opinions on how strong the class is right now.  I think a lot of it has to do with the very weird state CC is in right now.

I think the fact that magical non-CC debuffs (like Warlock dots for example) are in the same category of debuff as magical CC is what's causing this disconnect and also really hurting the game.

To dispel any non-CC magical debuff, you need an instant cast dispel because they aren't super important, but they are nice to remove.  Think of stuff like Warlock DoTs, Faerie Fire, a Frostbolt snare, etc.  These are strong effects, but they are not close to the power of magical CC effects.  When you apply this same instant dispel (that's perfectly fine when it dispels non-CC effects) to magical CC, which is far more important, it becomes very overpowered at higher levels of play.

At low levels of play you can CC DPS effectively with magical CC, because for any number of reasons (team coordination, healer skill, etc) the CC will actually stick for a reasonable amount of time.  But at high levels of play dispel is so strong that casting magical CC on people that aren't the healer is almost a waste of time, (see http://www.arenajunk...ad.php?t=193267 for a longer explanation of this) unless you have a bunch of debuffs to cover it, like Warlocks do (and even then it's often much weaker than it should be unless you cast UA first and they don't dispel Fear first try).  Now, normally I have no problem with abilities scaling with skill.  That's a good, healthy thing.  The problem is that dispel scales too well with skill.  It's too powerful at shutting down magical CC (Mages especially since they have a harder time getting up cover debuffs, but also stuff like Psychic Scream, HoJ, Freezing Trap, etc) at high levels of skill.

I think it would be good if they changed magical CC to a different category and gave every healer spec a 'Dispel CC' ability with a 1.5-2.0s cast time, and a very significant mana cost.

Dispelling CC and dispelling other magical effects are so different in level of strength that I think it's difficult to balance being able to dispel both with a single spell. Mashing CC in with other magic effects causes all sorts of bad things to happen, like:
CC cast on the healer/dispeller becomes far far more useful than CC cast on the rest of the team.
Fear being better than Poly against non-Shaman teams because Warlocks can protect Fear with random other debuffs much more easily than Mages can.
Arms race between dispellers and CCers.
Shadow Priest teams can be very difficult to CC simply because of the power of 2x instant dispel.
RNG on which debuff you'll get. Getting the CC first can win you the game but hitting something else first can lose it.

Maybe a 1.5-2s cast CC remover (would remove most non-physical CCs, Hex, Poly, Fear, Entangling Roots, Novas, Freezing Trap, etc) would be overpowered for DPS or overpowered for healers. But what we have now is a really bad situation, and it's an absolutely huge part of top Mages complaining, I think, and rightfully so.

Assuming this were to happen Mages would need to lose some of their Novas as well (maybe let them keep the real Frost Nova spell and the pet Freeze ability, but remove the rest of their roots).  But I think most Mages would be happy trading a few roots for CC that sticks for longer than 1 second unless used on the healer.

#2721774 MLG HD?

Posted nihilísm on 16 October 2010 - 10:03 PM

apendixlol said:

can someone link the stream im 2 lazy to find it

Sorry, too lazy to link it, but not too lazy to type this.

#2569907 R.I.P. ZG Mounts

Posted Juicydaddy on 01 September 2010 - 01:17 PM

Though it was only RP's and virgins who cared about the look of a mount (or the look of anything for that matter) ? Not competetive arena players =(

#2215802 Biggest No Lifer EVER on WoW

Posted Raia on 26 May 2010 - 03:09 AM

Fatalityz said:

he camps litterly every low level on my server hes killed preety much any lvl 30 thats ever been to STV so hes kind of commonly known on my server. Preety Ironic that you call that hypocritical if I was going to compare that to something hypocritical it would be maybe sum1 named after some terrible pop music girl maybe with a sig to go along with it u know something like that.

Male blood elf rogue with an anime sig and 'z' at the end of his name lmao.

Keep us up-to-date with this nerds Twitter though, it's what I would do if I was bored too ;)

PS: Taylor Swift #1 - Haters gonna hate

#2134958 SO when is EU TR coming?

Posted Entarion on 28 April 2010 - 09:50 AM

Tankz said:


ur elesmart dude. elesmart.

#2119209 To juke or be juked

Posted Shadyboss on 24 April 2010 - 08:26 AM

crazieh said:

It's far, far easier to fake than it is to actually hit someone on cast.

Haha gave u 2nd blob brah

#1997673 Initial 3.3.3 Reaction and Solution

Posted killer5025 on 26 March 2010 - 01:07 AM

Neloangelo said:

and emote spammers in arena

Sorry you get raped by every possible character we boost, we just can't help emote spamming you after you tried to flame me :) xxx

Elelolxo out!

#1979740 MLD (Aff) vs WLD

Posted Vilerose on 22 March 2010 - 04:10 AM

:mad::mad::mad: wld :mad::mad::mad:

#1936458 Dying to TSG as a priest? Not anymore!

Posted Seu on 11 March 2010 - 03:01 AM

favorite quotes from warrior forum go!

"going to quit if this goes live. if anything dismantle is too strong.
also this makes no sense at all.
good thing my hunter is "already" 52."

"Yo dawg, we heard you already rape warriors, so we thought u'dd liek to rape them even moar cuz warriors able to hit things 6sec ouf of 90 is fecking shit, so now you can take their axe away when they go to chop stuff and start dancing whenever you see a wurrior entering arena"

"Blizzard is so fucking stupid it's infuriating. If they're going to nerf anything they need to nerf the amount of snares and novas frost mages have that dont share dr's."

#1516541 Moving the default UI WITHOUT addons *HOW TO!*

Posted Kewpa on 21 November 2009 - 12:38 PM

Player =

/run local f=PlayerFrame; f:SetUserPlaced(true) f:SetMovable(true) f:EnableMouse(true) f:RegisterForDrag("LeftButton") f:SetScript("ondragStart",f.StartMoving) f:SetScript("ondragStop",f.StopMovingOrSizing)

Target =

/run local f=TargetFrame; f:SetUserPlaced(true) f:SetMovable(true) f:EnableMouse(true) f:RegisterForDrag("LeftButton") f:SetScript("ondragStart",f.StartMoving) f:SetScript("ondragStop",f.StopMovingOrSizing)


/run local p=PartyMemberFrame1; p:SetMovable(true) p:SetUserPlaced(true) p:HookScript("onmousedown",function() p:StartMoving()end) p:HookScript("onmouseup",function() p:StopMovingOrSizing ()end)

Arena Frame=
/run local f=ArenaEnemyFrame1; f:SetUserPlaced(true) f:SetMovable(true) f:EnableMouse(true) f:RegisterForDrag("LeftButton") f:SetScript("ondragStart",f.StartMoving) f:SetScript("ondragStop",f.StopMovingOrSizing)

Just save these macros put em on your bar somewhere click one of them then move that frame then do console reload ui.

if you want to reset

/run PlayerFrame:SetUserPlaced(false) TargetFrame:SetUserPlaced(false)

To move them drag once you have put typed in the command