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Rank 1 Double Destro 3v3 Arena PvP Stream

15 December 2016 - 08:38 PM

Hello, everybody. My friend who recently started PvP wanted to also try his hand at streaming as he recently obtained Rank 1 on Horde as double destruction warlock, resto shaman.


Here is his stream if you wish to see them in action - he'd appreciate it if you also followed to see when he goes live!



Targeting Specific Totems

07 October 2016 - 09:47 AM



Does anyone have any addon recommendations for how to enable a specific nameplate for things like counterstrike totem / spirit link while ignoring everything else?


I used to use Aloft in Wrath for tremor totem but that stopped being updated a long time ago, I am not very interested in using the standard interface for targeting things like counterstrike when ele shamans are stacking them into walls and the totem name doesn't even come up over the nameplate sometimes, etc.


So basically what I want to do is add a specific colour nameplate for important totems, with another color for or disabling unimportant name plates.


I asked someone if Tidyplates can achieve what I want but was told it couldn't (I haven't explored that myself yet though), maybe someone knows a way to do it with Tidyplates or can recommend a different addon - thanks in advanced. =)