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#2960928 Juggernaut change

Posted Isshlol on 08 January 2011 - 09:56 AM

crazieh said:

Warriors are supposed to have mobility issues for obvious reasons. Playing ping pong around the map also doesn't really show a higher skill level either.

There is a difference between your class being just shit (priests) yet retains its "original, fun" playstyle and our upcoming change which not only will make our class worse but also aimed at the tunnelvisioning drooler since they are changing our CORE mechanics that have existed since vanilla.

When your class is "shit" yet it retains its playstyle (aka the reason why you play it, since you got attracted to that specific style in the first place) then it just requires help in the form of buffs to skills/talents/glyphs and whatnot. But what they are doing here is not addressing the problem, its fucking wrecking the playstyle of the class - how would you like it if they wrecked what made your class a priest in the first place?

Is it so hard to see that we will have LESS mobility than during TBC? TBC has OOC charges and a 15s intercept (not gonna count intervene), now there is just Charge and a horrible jump that has tons of pathing issues and can't even get over a small hump on the floor on a 1 minute cooldown.
Lets also add that EVERY other class got more roots, stuns, snares or disorients or whatever since TBC, making this even worse than vanilla where you already had to have 2 heal/dispelbots up your ass to even get over the goddamn WSG map.
We also will be punished for doing anything other than Charging our target as soon as we can, no more focus charges or intercepts, no more clutch stuff to pull off - just zerg your target and hope it dies before you do. There will be hardly any way to differentiate yourself from a terribad warrior apart from pressing your SR macro perhaps.
Not to mention essentially "removing" Intercept is like removing a core signature ability from the class, it is part of what defines a warrior.
HOW can people NOT see that this is not a good change for the game, its yet another step in the dumbing down direction while destroying the fun, finesse & defining characteristic of the class. I just can't believe the dumb & biased comments I see.
It would be like me applauding Blizzard had they removed your Shields in TBC, because back then hitting a shield wouldnt give me rage, putting me at a great disadvantage - so it would be a good change, right?...

Another thing is, they are buffing DK mobility and giving them retarded stuff like IBF breaking stuns - next up Im sure will be Rogues (that direly need it) and Retpalas will receive a damage/survivability boost. So I ask myself, where will the warrior class be amidst all this? We have mediocre to poor mobility with this change, our damage got nerfed (sustained got a slight buff, but when does "sustained dps" happen in pvp if your opponent doesn't suck?) and CS WILL be nerfed, our utility is almost non-existant especially with the Charge DR change and our survivability cooldowns are probably among the worst ingame which was somehow "fine" due being able to be so mobile but that is now gone too.
Apart from perhaps good burst when everything is aligned, why would you take a warrior over any other melee with these changes - especially DK's? Not like DK's lack in the damage department either and with the upcoming Ret damage boosts Im afraid this will feel s5 again apart from when we actually get to sit on our target with CS up, lol.

Thanks for wrecking the class instead of addressing real issues like our damage, a better fix to our stuns (reduce or remove Throwdown) and if you wish to nerf our mobility while ur at just add an increased CD to charge/intercept but not this horseshit. Atleast Blizz has the support a couple of biased butthurts though, great success once more.