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Will the WoW Token save WoW?

12 April 2015 - 11:08 AM

In perhaps a week the WoW Token will be available to buy giving people the chance to buy game time with gold.

Understandably a lot of PvP players find it the subscription not worth it due to them not spending that much time on the game or perhaps because they do not find the current game situation worth paying for.

When however everyone here can buy game time with gold and the majority here probably does have inactive accounts with over 30k Gold do you think most people will come back just to play around once in a while without thinking about the money they spent?

Personally I always thought that they should have introduced a new lower subscription for players who only focus on PvP as it has always been a tiny minority of the whole game world where most players only cared about queuing arena and nothing else and the WoW Token could be seen as this.