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In Topic: Does Blizzard realize they have people on payrole who do nothing?

20 April 2014 - 09:38 AM

OP you sound like a child, are you really this stupid?
First of all nobody cares what you work as and where. It doesn't matter. Work ethics at Blizzard is completely different. There are no people with the job title of Balanceman and they don't sit around playing WoW for things to fix. There is no way for you at all to know whether there are employees who do nothing on a paypal. You simply have no idea if they do something else or not and please don't give that idiotic example of cleaning the floor. At many game companies people work together regardless of their job title at different stages.

As a customer you still have a right to complain about slow bug fixes which that idiotic moderator doesn't realize. Of course the process is long but in business there is always room for improvement if customers complains.They could try to get this process accelerated but honestly I doubt that devs at Blizzard care much. They probably have enough stats and charts showing them that players don't quit because of bugs.

In Topic: Will you be buying WoD?

12 November 2013 - 01:44 AM

I'm not sure why people are talking about balance. It's pretty obvious at this stage that the game will never be properly balanced and on purpose. Balance is boring and people would get bored of it. If in theory they would ever hit perfect balance people would get bored of it after some time. And if they tried to unbalance it people would complain that they disturbed the balance. There is a good explanation on YT somewhere about this. It's a game at the end of the day and you play games for fun, not for perfect balance. I hope there's nobody here who genuinely hopes or thinks the PvP balance will be balanced next expansion.

In Topic: scumbag reckful

11 November 2013 - 03:07 PM

OP you are stupid as fuck if this is any surprising. I don't know him and to me it was completely obvious that he was only acting nice. And guess what, he is a bad actor. It was obvious as fuck and yet all those pathetic trash viewers never realized it.

And why do you put him in a bad light? That guy should get a medal for taking the cash of all those trash viewers. Of course you stream for money, what else?

And to that fucktard above, he isn't pissed, he clearly said people stopped donating so he won't waste his time which is a good reason.

If you are stupid enough to donate money to someone playing a fucking game you deserve your entire account cleared.

In Topic: "Charity"

11 September 2013 - 12:05 AM

This forum genuinely could not get any more pathetic whatsoever. Do you actually realize that you are a bunch of kids trying to prove each other that you are more worth than trash? Who the fuck cares if you make more money than someone else, or if you have a fancy imggur shit with random pictures of events in your life? What the fuck seriously? I can't even belive brainshit still isn't banned. All he ever did was troll or make completely retarded posts just like the one above.

Nobody cares what university you get into. Nobody, at all. It's not impressive either. University does not mean shit, not even a little. Yeah, well I guess it does mean something if all you do is get praise from older people such as parents and parent's friends. Gotta praise naive dumb kids to get them motivated but I thought most people actually knew that it was fake praise?
1. You can still fail in Oxford, you haven't gotten the degree.
2. University is worthless. Completely worthless. All that matters in life is that you get somewhere and a university degree doesn't help with that too much. There are a lot of successful people who went to a terrible university and still got there and there are people with Cambridge degrees who are trash.
3. I know a girl in Cambridge personally and she told me that the majority of students there come from wealthy backgrounds. She told me that in the private school she went to they spoonfed them to ensure the grades. Everyone there only has As and A*s and obviously the majority of these people got into Cambridge or Oxford easily. Wouldn't surprise me if Braindance is one of those braindamaged morons who actually think that they got the grades because they deserved them but whatever.

Can't believe people spend this much time to make sure random morons on a forum know how impressive they are. Insecure much?
AJ really couldn't get any shittier.