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#3758088 5.4 PVP Power and Resilience Guide

Posted Eldacar on 03 September 2012 - 01:00 AM

***With the release of Patch 6.0 leading up to Warlords, this guide is fully out-of-date, a full re-write is in progress***

Eldacar's Guide to PVP Power & Resilience

Hello PVP'ers! For those of you that don't know me I go by Eldacar and I am a long time PVP'er and PVP Theorycrafter, as well as a member of Blizzard's forum MVP program. I write PVP focused guides and do everything I can to help the PVP community grow and prosper, which is why I wrote this PVP Stats Guide. You can find me on twitter as @EldacarJS and on the US Official Forums as [email protected] This guide goes into a lot of detail and gets into some complex stuff in a few places, if you have questions leave them in the comments and I will answer them as best I can.

- The base damage reduction of Resilience was increased to 72%.
- The Resilience rating to damage reduction conversion formula was altered.

Summary & Key Points:
-Resilience has linear returns, +100 Resilience rating increases your effective health by 1.235% relative to displayed health.
-PVP Power has linear returns, +400 PVP Power gives you +1% damage or healing in PVP (before spec modifiers).
-The latest season's PVP gear is generally the best gear for instanced PVP, however in world PVP players with heroic raiding gear will have an advantage.
-PVP Power does not cancel out a target's Resilience but it will still help you hit them or heal them harder.
-It is generally ineffective to gem for PVP Power, gemming for primary stats is more effective in most cases.
-The PVP trinket set bonus offers roughly 8.25% effective damage reduction and will always increase your effective health by 32.11% of your displayed health.

Table of Contents:

Section 1 - Resilience
1A - The Exponential Returns of Damage Reduction
1B - The Diminishing Returns of Resilience Rating
1C - Baseline Damage Reduction
1D - Effective Health
1E - The Full Scale of Resilience
1F – Resilience on Items

Section 2 - PVP Power
2A - The Absolute vs Relative Returns of PVP Power
2B - PVP Power's Interaction with Resilience

Section 3 - Gemming for PVP

Section 4 - Closing Thoughts and Remarks

Section 5 - Appendix
Appendix A - Valuation and Frame of Reference
Appendix B - Formulas

Section 1 - Resilience

Everyone reading this likely already has at least a general understanding of how Resilience works; its fundamental purpose is to provide percentage based damage reduction against all damage done by players, the more Resilience you have the less damage you take. That is fairly straightforward and easy to understand; however understanding how the stat scales and all the factors at work is more complicated. There are three main factors that go into how Resilience scales, first is the exponential returns of percentage based damage reduction, second is the diminishing returns of Resilience rating, and third is the baseline 72% reduction that all players have in PVP.

Section 1A - The Exponential Returns of Damage Reduction

The effects of percentage based damage reduction scale exponentially, the more you have the more valuable additional damage reduction becomes. For example, let's say someone is hitting you for 100 damage, if you have 0% damage reduction and you add 1% that 100 damage is reduced to 99 damage, a 1% effective reduction. However if you already have 90% damage reduction and you add another 1% that 100 base damage which was already reduced to 10 is now further reduced to 9. That change in incoming damage from 10 to 9 is a 10% reduction in actual damage taken by adding just 1% of damage reduction.

Here is a graph that shows how the value of damage reduction increases as you gain more:

Posted Image

As you can see at 50% damage reduction additional reduction is worth twice as much as normal, at 90% its worth ten times as much as normal. This kind of scaling isn't unique to Resilience, armor and any other percentage based damage reduction (even in other games) function the same way. Games control the overall scaling of these mechanics by manipulating how fast you are awarded the damage reduction.

One additional note on this, in World of Warcraft different damage reduction mechanics have multiplicative relationships NOT additive, what that means is that the value scaling for any one of these mechanics is only accurate within that one mechanic. At 50% damage reduction from Resilience an extra 1% from Resilience is effectively worth 2%, however none of this has any bearing on the value of additional damage reduction from say armor, that scales totally independently but in a similar fashion. Because these defensive stats scale independently from each other and have a multiplicative relationship they can each be examined and valued independently.

Section 1B - The Diminishing Returns of Resilience Rating

For Resilience the main factor that counters the exponential scaling of percentage based damage reduction is the diminishing returns on Resilience rating. The more Resilience rating you have the less damage reduction is awarded by each additional point of rating, as shown in the graph below. This is how Blizzard controls the overall scaling of Resilience as a whole, and it is what they change when they want to alter the way Resilience scales.

Posted Image

As you can see in the graph, the amount of additional damage reduction provided by additional Resilience gradually declines as Resilience rating increases.

Section 1C - Baseline PVP Damage Reduction

Mists of Pandaria added a new factor to the way Resilience scales, the baseline PVP damage reduction that all players have which was increased from 65% to 72% in patch 5.4. What this has effectively done is significantly shrink the damage reduction gap between under geared players and fully geared players. This combined with the limited availability of Resilience on gear and through gems has significantly lessened the impact of resilience as a stat at level 90. The difference in damage reduction between a fresh level 90 and someone in the best possible pvp gear is now relatively small.

Section 1D - Effective Health

Effective Health (or EH) is perhaps the most critical metric for measuring survivability. Effective health is essentially how much pre-mitigated damage it takes to kill you. If you have 100k health and 0% damage reduction your effective health is just that same 100k. However if you have 100k health and 50% damage reduction your effective health is 200k, because someone would need to do the equivalent of 200k pre-mitigaged damage to kill you.

It is also important to note that more than just increasing the size of your effective health pool, damage reduction also increases the relative effectiveness of heals on you. With 50% damage reduction a 1k heal actually restores 2k of effective health. This is one of the reasons why increasing your effective health through damage reduction is better than increasing your effective health an equivalent amount through raw stamina.

Effective health is really the stat that best indicates the value you are getting from Resilience and it is the stat you need to be paying attention to when evaluating the survivability of your character. Effective health is displayed on the graphs below as a percentage relative to displayed health, an effective health (EH) value of 150% for a player with a 100k displayed health pool would mean that player has an effective health from just Resilience of 150k. When you factor in other effects like armor and damage reduction from talents your EH is higher but we are just looking at Resilience by itself here.

Looking at effective health over the full scale of resilience as shown below illustrates how the exponential returns of damage reduction and the diminishing returns of Resilience rating combine to cancel each other out and generate perfectly linear returns.

Posted Image

As you can see the effective health returns of resilience are perfectly linear, adding 100 Resilience rating will always increase your effective health by 1.235% relative to your displayed health.

Section 1E - The Full Scale of Resilience

This next graph brings it all together displaying both the scaling of damage reduction and effective health based on Resilience rating at level 90 in patch 5.4.

Posted Image

This graph should drive home once again that although the damage reduction you get from additional Resilience diminishes the more you get your effective health continues in a linear fashion anyway thanks to the increasing relative value of that damage reduction.

Section 1F - Resilience on Items

At this point you may be thinking "I want to get as much resilience as possible and become totally unkillable!" which sounds great, but unfortunately it is a bit impractical. Although there is no Resilience cap you are extremely limited in the amount of resilience you can get in game on current season items. Most fully geared players will have around 3375, which is what you get from the PVP trinket set bonus and the PVP meta gem. The lack of resilience on gear is not a big issue because currently a player with nothing but the baseline 72% reduction already has 357% effective health, which is more than most fully geared players had at the end of Cataclysm.

For those of you contemplating using a PVE trinket or two here are some facts to help you make your decision. The 2600 Resilience offered by the PVP trinket set bonus provides roughly 2.31% additional damage reduction from baseline, which is about 8.25% effective damage reduction after factoring in the value scaling. Furthermore the set bonus will always increase your effective health by 32.11% relative to displayed health, so if you are currently at baseline you would go from 357% EH to 389% EH.

Section 2 - PVP Power

PVP Power is a relatively new stat introduced to the game in Mists of Pandaria which acts as the offensive compliment to Resilience. The idea behind this new stat is to encourage players to use PVP gear in PVP by putting major PVP-only offensive gains onto PVP gear (or in the case of healers, healing gains). PVP Power increases all damage done to players (under all circumstances), and healing done (while outside PVE-instances), by a percentage that increases based on how much PVP Power rating you have. The amount of each bonus you get is also dependent on your class and spec.

-Healing specs receive 100% of the healing bonus but 0% of the damage bonus
-All other specs receive 100% of the damage bonus and a partial healing bonus depending on class.
-Damage specs for Druids, Monks, Paladins, Priests, and Shamans receive a 70% healing bonus.
-All other specializations and classes (including tanking) receive a 40% bonus to healing from PvP Power.

PVP Power is currently the primary differentiator between PVP gear and PVE gear. It is a "free" stat on PVP gear, meaning it is not factored into the item's stat budget. As a result when comparing PVP items to PVE items of the same item level all the general-purpose stats should be equivalent but the PVP gear will have PVP Power on it as well making it a better choice for PVP. This fact is particularly important due to the presence of item level limits in all instanced PVP. The item level limits change with each season, but their purpose is to limit the item level of PVE gear to be equal to or lower than the item level of the current season's PVP gear. These two factors together generally ensure that the current season's PVP gear is always the best gear for instanced PVP. However the item level limits do not function in the open world, so in world PVP a player in the latest heroic raiding gear will likely (and unfortunately) have a large gear advantage.

Section 2A - The Absolute vs Relative Returns of PVP Power

PVP Power's scaling is very straight forward; it has linear returns when looking at it in an absolute sense, adding 400 PVP Power will always give you another +1% damage or healing in PVP depending on your spec. So every additional point of PVP Power will increase your damage/healing by the same amount. However I have seen some players around the forums describing PVP Power as having diminishing returns, and they are correct to an extent.

If you evaluate the returns of PVP Power in a relative sense it does have diminishing returns, going from 0%-1% will give you the same absolute damage increase as going from 30-31%, but in the latter case that damage increase is smaller relative to the damage you are already doing. Virtually everything in the game operates the same way. Think about primary stats for example; +3000 strength would give a warrior a pretty nice bump in damage right now. However if Blizzard said "Hey we like you random warrior!" and bumped their strength up to 100,000 then that +3000 strength would suddenly be worth a lot less to them even though it would still increase their damage by the same amount. The reality is that in order for a stat to offer you consistent relative gains as you gear up the stat would need to have increasing absolute returns, in other words it would need to give you more and more damage or healing the more of it you got. (For more info on absolute vs relative valuation see Appendix A)

Now it is time to look at the actual scaling of PVP power, which is shown in the graph below.

Posted Image

As shown in this graph PVP Power's returns are perfectly linear. You gain either +1% damage or healing for every 400 PVP Power you have, this is also the “baseline” upon which the reduced healing bonuses for non-healing spec are based. The red line shows the healing bonus for hybrids (70% of baseline), and the yellow line shows the healing bonus for everyone else (40% of baseline).

Section 2B - PVP Power's Interaction with Resilience

The most common misconception that most players seem to have about PVP Power is that it acts as a kind of "Resilience Penetration" which counteracts the target's damage reduction 1 for 1, that is simply not true. PVP Power increases your damage by the percentage shown in your stat panel, it always increases it by that same amount regardless of how much damage reduction the target has. Your outgoing damage is calculated first, then the target's damage reduction mitigates that damage according to their stats.

Take for example a warrior who's swing always does 100 damage in PVE. This warrior gets a +50% damage increase from PVP Power in PVP, so that 100 damage get's increased to 150 damage in PVP. This warrior has now decided to attack a paladin that looked at him the wrong way. Lets say the paladin has +50% damage reduction; so when the warrior's 150 damage hits him it is reduced to down to 75. That is how PVP Power and Resilience interact, the outgoing damage is boosted up by PVP Power, then the total incoming damage is mitigated down by Resilience.

Section 3 - Gemming for PVP

One of the most popular questions I get is "What should I gem for?" Unfortunately I cannot provide a clear cut answer to that question. The answer is dependent on your gear level, class, spec, play style and more. My recommendation is to check how the pros of your class/spec are gemming, and then experiment to see what works best for your personal play style. However I will say that it is typically ineffective to gem PVP Power at level 90, gemming primary stats is generally more effective for damage or healing.

Choosing the best gem for survivability is significantly more complicated. Stamina gems will almost always provide you with more effective health, but Resilience gems don't lag too far behind in the effective health they add. Additionally Resilience gems scale up in value proportional to the amount of healing you receive because they increase the amount of effective health restored by that healing. For now I recommend gemming for resilience if you are looking to increase your survivability, but I will look at this topic in more depth in a future guide.

Section 4 - Closing Thoughts and Remarks

I hope that this guide has been illuminating for everyone that has taken the time to read it, I have tried to provide as much accurate and detailed information as possible about the way these stats work. If you have questions about these stats or about anything written here feel free to ask and I will do my best to get you an answer.

I error checked this guide many times however I am still human, so if you believe you see an error please let know and I will look into it. I also want to make it clear that although I am a member of Blizzard's Forum MVP program I am NOT a Blizzard employee and nothing in this guide is based on any kind of inside information. All the data in this guide was all generated based on direct in-game observation and calculations based on that observed data.

General Notes
-This guide is written for level 90 players, the numbers are different at lower levels
-This guide just underwent a major update and revision, if you notice a typo please let me know!
-Some of the graph types from previous versions of the guide have been removed to reduce the complexity of the guide, but may return in the future.

Section 5 - Appendices

This is some additional information about some of the ideas, concepts, and data discussed in this guide. Additional appendices may be added over time as needed.

Appendix A - Valuation and Frame of Reference

Absolute valuation compares numbers based on addition and subtraction, IE going from 30% damage reduction to 60% damage reduction is an absolute gain of 30%. Relative valuation compares numbers using ratios, IE going from 30% damage reduction to 60% damage reduction is a relative gain of 100%. Why is this important? Because taking the example a step further, going from 60% to 90% is an absolute gain of 30%, exactly the same as before, but it is a relative gain of 50%, half as much as before. So if this trend were to continue, it would signify linear absolute returns but diminishing relative returns. This guide primarily uses absolute valuation because it is much easier to understand and work with when comparing a large number of data points to a common baseline.

Frame of reference is another critical concept for evaluating data, particularly when most of the data is in percentages. There are two basic methods that can be used to evaluate a string of data points; constant frame of reference, or progressive frame of reference. Constant frame of reference uses one common baseline value as a reference point, every data point is compared to that baseline. In contrast a progressive frame of reference compares each data point to the data point before it. Take for example this set of data points: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. On a graph using a constant frame of reference they would be displayed as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (all data points were compared to a baseline of 0). However on a graph using a progressive frame of reference they would be displayed as 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 (each data point was 1 larger than the number before it).

Using a constant frame of reference makes it much easier to evaluate the actual changes in the progression of a data set, where as using a relative frame of reference allows you to better evaluate changes in the rate of change over the progression of a data set. Since we are more interested in the actual changes than the rate of change when viewing the scaling of stats I chose to use a constant frame of reference for the graphs in this guide.

Appendix B - Formulas

The formula I use to calculate damage reduction from resilience in patch 5.4 is:
Reduction %  = ((28900*0.72)+x)/(28900+x)
x represents resilience rating.

The formula I use to calculate damage increase from PVP is:
Damage increase %  =  x/400
x represents PVP Power rating

#3749606 WoW 2012 North America Arena Invitational Roster

Posted Yes on 24 August 2012 - 05:50 PM

Posted Image

Getting driven to the event venue

#3743172 Evil Geniuses hosts Raid Call World of Warcraft Invitational

Posted Conradical on 12 August 2012 - 10:28 PM

View PostHendie, on 12 August 2012 - 09:59 PM, said:

What is the point of your post?

I am trying to make a point to show why people should protect themselves and hopefully have a better tournament, and you one of the hosters/organisers comes up with some retarded comment and ignores the valid points, very professional.

It's not a valid point. In the first example, you're confusing being the victim of a crime with actually performing the crime. As for the second example, no one is welcoming anyone into performing any crime on them. No one wants to get DDoSed, just like no one wants to have a burglar rob them.

I also don't see how it's unprofessional to try to defend those that got DDoSed when they can't change their IP.

#3739358 Evil Geniuses hosts Raid Call World of Warcraft Invitational

Posted Azaelz on 06 August 2012 - 09:26 PM

Hey guys,

Tried our best to get a good variety of setups - the tournament will end up being about half Lock / Shaman / X which honestly in my opinion isn't bad for how popular the setup is at the moment.  I tried to get a Resto Druid team in there, but the few top ones I contacted weren't able to field teams unfortunately.  That said, we'll have two Priests, and two Paladins, and a good variety of the top teams from North America so it should be a very good tournament.

The goal here is to be able to run consistent high quality tournaments, so if this one goes well and gets a lot of viewers then we're very likely going to be able to have tournaments coming at you on a regular basis with increasing production values etc.  Please do try your best to tune in, and also to spread the word because I know that this is very short notice for promoting a tournament!  Everyone's help is appreciated in spreading the word so if you can mention it on your streams, social media, in game etc, then it'd be great.  MoP is also very close now, so although some of you may not be interested in Lock / Shaman / X, keep in mind the game will change greatly with the expansion, and the only way to ensure we have good tournaments to watch in MoP is by supporting the tournaments that are coming out now.

Thanks, and hope to see you all there!


The website is complete and should be live shortly, but look forward to seeing players such as Hoodrych, Talbadar, Cdew, Filo, Novoz, Samx, Woundman, Khryl, Sodah, Vanguards, Crysalid, Filo etc

#3687630 Mugems resigns from NAO

Posted Banbann on 18 April 2012 - 08:26 AM

Hey man I really appreciate the NAO, didn't know all this drama was happening, I really enjoy watching the tournaments. I think WoW really needs it to keep pvp alive.

#3669016 best 3v3 game ever

Posted Velcore on 23 March 2012 - 07:19 AM

#3649376 How to Stop DDoS

Posted aquatics on 24 February 2012 - 03:45 AM

Hello, my name is Merkx, and today I will show you how to stop DDoS/other internet problems. (If you know you're being DDoSd skip ahead to the bold)

1) If your internet is working for some applications and not others (i.e. skype works but WoW is lagging out) then you are NOT being DDoS'd. In most cases it means the DNS server you use is not working properly (comcast DNS servers are shit). If you have not set a DNS server then you are probably using your Internet Service Providers IP. I recommend switching to Google's or OpenDNS's server. Here's how:

http://i.imgur.com/I2VGU.png > right click your current connection and go to properties > press Internet Protocol Version 4 > properties > http://i.imgur.com/edr62.png

Mine is set to google's DNS servers, you can use whichever you want.

2) DDoS. You know you're being DDoSd if you gradually begin to lag on all programs using the internet and then disconnect from them. Sudden disconnects usually do not involve DDoS. People that DDoS you usually obtain your IP through skype or twitch tv and the amount of people that can DDoS you on the spot is surprisingly low **Do not go to DDoS as the first thing you blame when you disconnect from WoW**

But here is how to stop DDoS if you know you're being DDoSd:

Log into your router > find your mac address (should look like this http://i.imgur.com/6X5oc.png)> change one of the numbers to another number > save your settings and restart your modem

Don't change your mac address too many times per day as it might cause some problems with your ISP but this should change your IP making it impossible for the DDoSer to target you unless he/she gets your new IP (through skype/twitch/etc). Note: Doing ipconfig/release or restarting your modem/router alone will not stop DDoS.

Further Protection: If your attacker keeps finding your IP after changing your mac address try getting a VPN program like HotSpot Shield to "spoof" your IP after you have changed it.
Edit: More stuff to spoof your IP (use whichever lags you the least)

Happy Streaming.

#3646964 Internet badasses

Posted mukuld50 on 21 February 2012 - 08:28 AM

I do realize that this thread will probably get deleted or locked or whatever, but I feel like it is my right to make the community aware of morons like this, especially since NAO and the community was directly affected by these issues yesterday.  Do not ask me how I found this, was completely on accident and random.


Please go to 10:30 in the recording and enjoy the conversation of this fucking retard.

This guy also claims to be a representative of <NAO Gaming> on Darkspear US alliance and spams trade chat with his main character, posting in trade saying he is selling glad and "Sponsored by NAO gaming, with NAO you know you get sure results"

His character:


#3639792 Neroxz 1! NAO Tournament Player!! :D

Posted Epion on 12 February 2012 - 01:28 PM

Posting for free rep

#3551610 Stamina Vs Resilience

Posted Regent on 16 November 2011 - 01:11 PM

I thought the graphs were pretty colors.

#3539244 Ziqo 1 released

Posted Ziqoo on 05 November 2011 - 02:52 AM

My first movie ever released, http://www.warcraftm...w.php?id=203053


#3489300 Disperse's Best of the Best WoW MUSIC/SONGS

Posted Seu on 18 September 2011 - 04:48 AM

hey fags

i put all of disperses' songs into a playlist so make other ones and share them in here plx

http://grooveshark.c...s Shit/60244593

#3483370 BEBEP Fire Arenas 2700+

Posted aidlest on 13 September 2011 - 04:41 PM

wcm link: http://warcraftmovie...w.php?id=199487

Sup guys,
As I promised, here's my second Cataclysm Fire Arenas video. This time it includes heavy metal soundtrack and a few games of each of the following comps:

Fire | Destruction (2400)
Fire | Frost | Discipline (2750)
Fire | Subtlety | Holy (2500)
Fire | Frost (2300)

Unfortunately it's roughly 10 minutes shorter than I planned, and the reason is that I stopped playing WoW about a month ago, so there's a possibility that this will be my last video.


Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark
Motorhead - Ace of Spades
Black Label Society - Devil's Dime
Metallica - Fuel
Motley Crue - Shout At The Devil '97
Ozzy Osbourne - I Can't Save You
Scorpions - Raised On Rock

Thanks for watching, and have fun!

#3482067 Disperse's Best of the Best WoW MUSIC/SONGS

Posted Aberration on 12 September 2011 - 02:44 PM

Hi, I'm done with making PvP videos, for awhile at least, due to this game being complete and utter shit, and the fact that it probably won't be around sooner than we expected.  Arena brackets haven't moved since the first 3 weeks of the season, and the queues are dead.
With that being said, I wanted to post songs that I feel will make your last few experiences in this game a better one. If you don't like them, please don't complain, this is simply just a compilation of a few songs that are fun to listen to while PvPing.

Opinions on these songs are welcome, but none will be removed.

**The genres range all over the Electronic Music spectra, but the most represented in this thread will be Liquid Drum n Bass, Dubstep, and ElectroHouse**


Zomboy- Bass Cannon Remix


Zomboy- Organ Donor

Skrillex- Lustbug


#3474381 Priest PvP Scripts and Macros

Posted Guest on 07 September 2011 - 05:50 AM

Hey, a lot of players have been asking which scripts and macro I use to create my UI.
Posted Image
I'll just make a BIG list of the macros I use here for those who want them.

Show Enemy Arena Frames Outside of Arena
/run ArenaEnemyFrame1:Show();ArenaEnemyFrame2:Show();ArenaEnemyFrame3:Show()
/run LoadAddOn("Blizzard_ArenaUI");ArenaEnemyFrames:Show();ArenaEnemyFrame1:Show();ArenaEnemyFrame2:Show();ArenaEnemyFrame3:Show();ArenaEnemyFrame1CastingBar:Show()

Move and Resize Enemy Arena Frames
/run ArenaEnemyFrame1:ClearAllPoints()
/run ArenaEnemyFrame1:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", -1035, -40)
/run ArenaEnemyFrame1:SetScale(1.23)
/run ArenaEnemyFrame2:SetScale(1.23)
/run ArenaEnemyFrame3:SetScale(1.23)
*Change the numbers on each to move their position or change the scale. This goes for all the macros.*

Shrink the Main Menu Bar and Main Action Bar and Move and Rescale the Bars Above the Main Action Bar. Also, hides the Error Frame completely.
Macro 1:
/run MainMenuBar:SetScale(.05)
/run MultiBarBottomLeft:SetPoint("TOPLEFT",-220,-50000)
/run UIErrorsFrame:SetAlpha(0)
/run MultiBarBottomLeft:SetScale(15)
Macro 2:
/run ActionButton1:SetPoint("TOPLEFT",-250,125)
/run MultiBarBottomRight:SetScale(15)
/run MultiBarBottomRight:SetPoint("TOPLEFT",-220,102)

Resize and Move Cast Bar
/run CastingBarFrame:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT",490,69)
/run CastingBarFrame:SetScale(1.23)

Class Portraits on Frames
Macro 1:
/run UFP="UnitFramePortrait_Update" UICC="Interface\\TargetingFrame\\UI-Classes-Circles" CIT=CLASS_ICON_TCOORDS UC=UnitClass
Macro 2:
/run hooksecurefunc(UFP,function(self) if self.portrait then t=CIT[select(2,UC(self.unit))] if t and UnitIsPlayer(self.unit) then self.portrait:SetTexture(UICC) self.portrait:SetTexCoord(unpack(t)) else self.portrait:SetTexCoord(0,1,0,1) end end end)

Remove Background on Stopwatch and Change Position
/run StopwatchFrame:SetScale(.01)
/run StopwatchFrame:SetPoint("TOPLEFT",81000,0)
/run StopwatchTicker:SetScale(100)
/run StopwatchTicker:SetPoint("TOPLEFT",-430,-730)
/run StopwatchFrame:SetMovable(false)

Move and Resize the Cast Bar
/run CastingBarFrame:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT",490,69)
/run CastingBarFrame:SetScale(1.23)

Remove Keybind Icon on Action Bars
/run for i = 1, 12 do _G["BonusActionButton"..i.."HotKey"]:Hide() end
/run for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarBottomLeftButton"..i.."HotKey"]:Hide() end
/run for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarBottomRightButton"..i.."HotKey"]:Hide() end

Remove Macro Text from Action Bars
/run for i = 1, 12 do _G["BonusActionButton"..i.."Name"]:Hide() end
/run for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarBottomLeftButton"..i.."Name"]:Hide() end
/run for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarBottomRightButton"..i.."Name"]:Hide() end

Show Percent HP AND Health Number on Target and Focus Frame
Macro 1:
/run TF=CreateFrame("Frame")TFHB=TargetFrameHealthBar.TextString;TTSB=TextStatusBar_CapDisplayOfNumericValue
/run FF=CreateFrame("Frame")FFHB=FocusFrameHealthBar.TextString;TTSB=TextStatusBar_CapDisplayOfNumericValue
Macro 2:
/run TF:SetScript("OnUpdate", function(target)TFHB:SetText(TTSB(UnitHealth("target")).."/"..TTSB(UnitHealthMax("target")).." ("..format("%.0f", ((UnitHealth("target")/UnitHealthMax("target"))*100)).."%)") end)
Macro 3:
/run FF:SetScript("OnUpdate", function(focus)FFHB:SetText(TTSB(UnitHealth("focus")).."/"..TTSB(UnitHealthMax("focus")).." ("..format("%.0f", ((UnitHealth("focus")/UnitHealthMax("focus"))*100)).."%)") end)

Move Arena Enemy Cast Bars (all at once). This also resizes the Enemy Arena Frame to 1.23 scale.
/run V={B="ArenaEnemyFrame"} for i=1,5 do _G[V.B..i]:SetScale(1.23); _G[V.B..i.."CastingBar"]:SetPoint("RIGHT",95,0); end;

That's it for the UI Macros. I'll leave some other macros as well that others may be interested in.

Stopwatch Timer Macro:
/script Stopwatch_Play()
/sw :56

Shadowfiend Macro
#showtooltip Shadowfiend
/cast [nopet] Shadowfiend
/cast shadowcrawl

PoM Target - If Target Not in Party PoM Self
#showtooltip Prayer of Mending
/cast [raid] Prayer of mending
/cast [noraid,target=player] Prayer of Mending
/cast [raid,target=player] Prayer of Mending

Shackle Ebon Gargoyle
#showtooltip Shackle Undead
/target [harm] Ebon Gargoyle
/cast Shackle Undead

Mouseover Shackle
/cast [target=mouseover] Shackle Undead

People have asked for my SWP/DP Macro: Here it is.
#showtooltip [nomod] Shadow Word: Pain; [mod:shift] Dispel Magic; [mod:ctrl] Devouring Plague; [mod:alt] Shadow Word: Pain
/cast [mod: ctrl] Devouring Plague
/cast [mod: shift] Dispel Magic
/cast [nomod] Shadow Word: Pain

Spammable Attack Button
/startattack [mod:ctrl]
(take the mod out if you like)

Spammable Mind Flay/Sear
#showtooltip Mind Flay
/cast [nochanneling:mind flay] Mind flay

#showtooltip Mind Sear
/cast [nochanneling:mind sear] mind sear

Spammable Resurrection/Mass Dispel/Shadowform
#showtooltip Resurrection
/cast !Resurrection

#showtooltip Mass Dispel
/cast !Mass Dispel

#showtooltip Shadowform
/cast !Shadowform

Leap of Faith Party Members
#showtooltip Leap of Faith
/cast [target=party1] Leap of Faith

#showtooltip Leap of Faith
/cast [target=party2] Leap of Faith

Fear Ward Healer
#showtooltip Fear Ward
/cast [target=Cdewx] Fear Ward
(change the name "Cdewx" to your healer)

There's been questions about my trinket macro: Here it is.
#showtooltip 13
/use 13

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