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#3805891 New totem changes

Posted Force on 16 November 2012 - 04:31 AM

Its ok, you come out of 5sec stun followed by 5 sec blanket vs shatter or another 10sec+ controls, where you take damage like shit and nothing you can do - after all you have like 5-35% (or dead) and you can heal to full... jk - you must use at least unleash before NS, or you can use your imba totems... BUT WAIT its execute phase - you dead bro.
you in that cc, instant cc, 12+sec, as khuna said - you ll have all that awesome CD's - but you'll never use them, coz after all you got no shield on your teammate (nobody cares, that for those big heals you must spend 3 gcd earth shield +20% - riptide (+25%crit) -unleash +70% heal - now you can heal for 250k if crit on low hp mate).

Next thing - tremor, i dont think its imbalanced(without talant + destroy thing), every class come with special tools, you can whine about druids (especialy feral) in the same way - you cant poly them (root and slow). The only way tremor imbalanced - coz you have too many instant fears, you cant los them by all healers, so shamans can avoid 1 fear every minute(dont like that talent) take out tremor, but let them cast all those fears.

If that "nerf" come out - you'll see rshamans as often as disc priests now. Blizz always take class\spec from shit to top or vice versa, who cares. just reroll to other healer. that shine in that patch.
Pallys is the way to go i think, you can assist, you can CC and heal while runing like a wind.

P.S. no offence, sry fo shit engl =)