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In Topic: Tutorial: Mechanics

02 January 2010 - 08:40 PM

Thanks for all the feedback guys, really appriciate it. Once my IRL slows down a bit (and I come back to the game) I'll make sure to fix typos and the likes, but for now this will have to do.

I actually think a lot of people who qualifies as Arena Junkie could benefit from this tutorial as well, seeing some of these posts:

If anyone could post a link to this in those threads or even start a new thread in the Junkie-section I'd appriciate it. (Or a moderator could copy/paste it there, as it still fits in The Waiting Room)

After all they aren't a moving target so they arent that hard to hit

They may not be hard for you to hit consistently, but my point about clicking requiring 100% focus still applies. I still firmly believe that if you would make an effort switching to using keybinds (dont be lazy, changing to a new setup takes time) you would increase your potential as a player.

I've tried moving my movement keys from WASD to ESDF, my fingers got unbelievably painful and cramped in a few minutes of gameplay because I frequently use Shift and Control as modifiers.

Read the whole post please, you should try to avoid using shift and ctrl so much exactly because of this.

Ability use is capped, but you generally are constantly moving and keybinding allows more precise control of your movements than clicking does.

I think we agree, movement is not limited by the GCD either so this is ofcourse something you'll want to be using efficiently.

When clicking you risk spells not triggering and there's a bigger chance to missclick.

I'm not sure I understand your comment. If you mean miss-clicks then i agree, thats a big possibility when clicking.

best first post ever

Not really my first post here, but I prefer using this account for this tutorial. But thanks for the support, xoxo =D.

Be nice to see some sort of sticky on player spells, auras, spellstealable buffs, dispellable buffs etc.

Great idea! But I really dont think it fits the purpose of this tutorial, maybe I'll make something like you suggest in the future. Or seeing that you've learned it, you could write a tutorial. I'm sure people would appriciate it.