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#4432445 WoD's Design Paradigm and the Warcraft Experience

Posted Seu on 06 June 2015 - 09:35 PM

at this point i think the race to write the best essay on how to save wow is more competitive than the actual ladder

#4431986 What 6.2 doesn't address from 6.1

Posted Jim_Jim on 05 June 2015 - 07:52 PM

Denounce will be stronger next patch, not only for damage (But it's not denounce which hits hard now, it's holy shock, people seems to be confused about that, denounce hits hard, but no as much as holy shock.), or the anti-crit part. It's because you have as much crit as the denounce'd target. Next patch, with the new gear, people will have lots of crit, and the hpal too, so, stealing crit will be more powerful.
6.1 : I have 20% crit, the target too, denounce, i have 40% crit.
6.2 I have 25% crit, the target too, denounce, i have 50% crit. I "gain" 10% crit, where the target got only 5%. (The buff can be purged, last 12s)

About paladin's NS, it's easy and complicated to solve, because between 6.0 and 6.1, the only thing that change was the addition of NS, we had our 2 BoP, freedom, sacrifice, we had Saved by the Skill, nobody complains. It was dumb, yes, but it was ok, because hpal wasn't wanted in 3v3, we were "meh, no thanks, need druid.". So removing the previous buff (+100% healing) would send the hpal in the same state as before : not really attractive. Even less attractive considering mage are - of course - not really nerf'd (10% less flameglow vs damage up everywhere and no sheep changes?), and affliction warlock are buff'd too.

Complicated because it's not the NS itself, it's Avenging Wrath, which is the center of our gameplay, which transform a normal spell (Exe.Sentence - heal for 55k) into something overpowered, which was the only thing the hpal needed to have a good CD rotation, to save the divine shield against most of teamq, so, having more time to play, and win. I think nerfing wings while increasing the constant healing would be something that lots of hpal would love to have. In term of healing onlt, a disc priest have more constant healing compared to hpal (Yes, priest, yes, just compare the number), but we have wings, and the 6.1 NS which allow us to compensate our bad healing by having a perfect CD rotation. As i say, before the NS buff, hpal was in the same state of "No thanks, need something else".

About mage's cc (Sheep), i will not debate, my ideas will transform mage's into something they are not used to be : a normal class.

#4429061 May 26: Blizzard on Vanilla servers

Posted Jim_Jim on 27 May 2015 - 06:07 PM


I would love to experience it all again

I think without a complete lobotomy, this is why i don't want a Vanilla realm, because i would probably try it again, and find it "meh". Just because of all the improvement of the UI now, because of the class unbalance, of the PvP system etc... It will defile my good memories.

And for the levelling... if you want to good solo RPG to pex, and have huge stories, just play The Witcher 3. I'm just at the beginning, but it's already the best game i've ever play. I finished a questline, and i was stunned irl at the end, just "Oh my god, why did i do that? :o "
To quote a youtube commentary :

"I've just completed the most terrifying...depressing...haunting...heartbreaking...questline ever..this game is absolutely amazing, i'm lost in this world"
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For people who play it now : it's the Crones.

#4427690 Titles for Banned players?

Posted Bersihasi on 22 May 2015 - 12:16 PM

View PostAoedin, on 21 May 2015 - 11:38 PM, said:

Not sure if it was mentioned but because there have been many disqualifications, the overall pool of players also decreased, thus making the cutoff actually higher (if there were a significant amount of people on the ladder banned). Overall, I think arenamate or whatever site you're using to calculate titles will still be somewhat reliable. Just add 50-100 rating to the cutoff and you'll get your glad/rank 1 for sure.

It is not important how many got banned it is important who got banned.
Example: 50 players got banned (all of them are above 2900 Rating)
Impact on Gladiator Cutoff: Cutoff (Rating needed) is now lower.

Example2: 50 players got banned (all of them are below 2600 Rating)
Impact on Gladiator Cutoff: Cutoff (Rating needed) is now higher

If my thinking is right, 0,5% of the players above and below the current cutoff need to be banned to have the same cutoff (before the ban).

So lets assume we have 10k bans of the playerbase above 1000 Rating.
312728 players above 1000 Rating
1563 Gladiators (Rating Cutoff 2695)
311165 non Gladiators

For every 200 non Gladiators there needs to be one Gladiator banned to keep the same cutoff Rating (+- cause it is possible that there is no player on that specific Rating anymore)

So 312728-10000 = 302728
1513 Gladiators (-50)
301215 non Gladiators (-9950)

Cutoff stays the same if 50 players banned were above 2695  and 9950 were below  2695 .
But if there are 100 players banned that were above 2695  and only 9900 below 2695 the new cutoff is now at  2682.
Lets say only 25 players are banned that were above 2695 and 9975 that were below 2695. The new cutoff would be 2699.

So without ladders beeing updated we can only ask one questions if we want a lower cutoff rating.
For every banned player above the current Gladiator cutoff there needs to be less then 200 Players banned below the current Cutoff.
Cause 1/200 is the ratio for getting one more Gladiator Title (0,5%).


#4427210 Rip Router

Posted KenjiixSebastian on 20 May 2015 - 07:08 PM

View PostDjtrax, on 20 May 2015 - 12:22 PM, said:

why make a post out of u getting ddosed like any 1 cares? its 2015 learn to protect yourself with a vpn/proxy you dumbass its like not having anti virus jesus christ rofl

Obviously players that have been playing wow for a long time dont care and alot of them know but there are new players, not everyone has played this game for years and some dont  even know about ddosing, if I was a new player I would want to know about who was for sure a ddoser and not play with them or have any interaction with them if they whispered me asking to play.  And I know how to protect myself this post isnt even about me, if you could even read, which obviously you must not be able to he had my ip before I had my proxy, just making yourself look like an ass here. Anyway this shouldnt even be part of the game, but the wow community is getting more and more toxic every year so what do you expect, like if someone told me a player would actually try to turn my internet off in a video game back in cata when I was a teenager i would of told them to shut the fuck up, thats how ridiculous this is.

#4425613 Forbearance

Posted Jim_Jim on 17 May 2015 - 03:22 PM


That argument is invalid tho. See combat rogue 7 second kidney. Has been ingame for ages, suddenly everybody complained about it because it was absolutly broken.

Not really the same thing because hpal received one big buff (Exe sentence), and now, everything we got before is suddently overpowered, hpal godcomp is the most op comp in the game (Leaving the druid version "ok"? Haha), and i got suddently lots of wisp to play on a team (It's true, nobody wants to play with a hpal before, and now, everyone lick my balls to play a random mage/x/hpal team). If you revert this buff, nobody will ever take a hpal is his team, like... before 6.1, outside of few selective comps. (Which was nerfed - jungle - ).

Forbearance@30s is needed in the actual state of the game (Combat rogue and/or mage in 60% of team). Execution sentence buff was not. Easy to fix.

As i said, nobody complains about hpal before this buff.

(And i think every hpal wants to have the MoP gameplay back instead of having this one)

#4425583 Forbearance

Posted Jim_Jim on 17 May 2015 - 01:28 PM


It's not really the issue tbh, too many cooldowns that are too strong.

Nobody complains about holy paladin before 6.1, we were "No thanks, need a rdruid", we still had no healing without wings, everything was still dispellable, wings was still a dumb CD. 30s Forbearance was/is strong, but not suddently OP. We still had saved by the skill before. The only real "thing" that change in 6.1 is that they add us the "Hey, do you want to be as dumb as rdruid playing godcomp, take that NS". And with the 2min trinket, it doesn't help.

This is the only thing that need a nerf, execution sentence. Nerf that, and holy paladin will become again the unattractive healer they were before, because without wings+execution sentence, we will not be able to "save" the divine shield against an RMD opener for example, and rotate CD after that.

Because outside of Execution Sentence and the new dispellable and ~15s cd 4-part gear, nothing change. So...

EDIT : Something funny about Forbearance : if a mage stole it, he will have a 30s Forbearance, but if a DK stole it and put it on a friend or himself, his forbearance will be 1min :D

#4423828 BANNED

Posted TOmjashroom on 14 May 2015 - 07:27 AM

Unfortunatly there are too many teenagers who have plenty of time to waste commenting on levelling bots. The fact is blizzard has been asked for years to cut down levelling to a tolerable level and do class quests or something else to fill in the gap if  content has to be done at the start of an expansion.

Also blizzard CAN distingush between kickbots and levellers they chose to ban usall. Now I make my decision:
I will level a new account (my old one got perma banned)..... as soon as honorbuddy finds a way around blizzards new shit and just to flick my finger at blizzard, I will learn how to interrupt hack and make a guiode on youtube,.

Yeah fuck you blizzard and everyone who sympathizes with them.

#4423546 BANNED

Posted Nicholaes92 on 14 May 2015 - 02:30 AM

View PostKorzul, on 14 May 2015 - 02:25 AM, said:

Yeah because noone ever had to sit in long queues pre bg merge right? How will we cope...
I'd rather have long queue times again and games against real people than constantly queue into fuckwits who bought a hb plugin.
Also given i've not put any sort of emphasis on titles/ratings for years now then i'm more than happy at not having to queue into people who feel the need to cheat.
Thats not taking into account the fact the game actually feels more alive now every dungeon/bg etc isn't infested with hb controlled muppets.

I understand you feel good about that but the problem is, the bg ques are already 5-10 mins (at least for me they are) and even at peak peak times when people were still queing mid season the ques still took quite a bit of time and you would get the same teams over and over and over again.  And the problem with what you are saying is that although bans get rid of hb muppets in bgs and hb faggots in arena, it doesn't replace the people who just used it for gear and alts, so you are left with half of the community you had.  If not even less.

#4423297 BANNED

Posted Capstone on 13 May 2015 - 09:36 PM

lazylarry and rbgmonk8817 using honorbuddy to alter the way players interact with them in a competitive environment: ok

you using honorbuddy to level your characters in what at this point is undoubtedly a totally deserted zone: not ok

#4423132 BANNED

Posted Regent on 13 May 2015 - 08:28 PM

Welp Blizzard, you got me, you got me really good.

It was so awful of me using a bot to level my alts.

Wow, I cheated so hard, I can't believe I ruined everyone elses gameplay by leveling my own alts using a bot!!!!!

Its a good thing you are going after the real cheaters, and letting the people who wintrade, and ddos go free, they are obviously not worth your time.

Blizzard is dead, and WoW will be dead before the end of the year.

#4420771 Why is Blizzard silent as WoW dies?

Posted Voksen on 08 May 2015 - 09:55 PM

View PostRegent, on 05 May 2015 - 08:59 AM, said:

Life is a cycle, we are born, we grow and grow, and then eventually we begin to die, our bodies fail, and eventually we pass.
World of Warcraft is no longer growing, they are no longer adding content, they take it away or water it down. These last few months are the first time that I feel WoW is truly "dying." This should be expected, because it will eventually happen. The problem is, why is it happening now?
Why do we not hear anything?
Has Blizzard just lost their touch? Do they not realize what is happening?

Good post.  I'll wager its their solution to an (optimal) resource allocation problem.  Classic management science 101.  Large companies often canabilize or attrition their own products because they are their own strongest competitors.  This is common in high-tech sectors.  Intel, Microsoft, and Apple are some examples.  My theory is based on a few assumptions:

1.) Blizzard is capable of doing math when they want to (especially MBA business math although apparently not game design math).
2.) The objective is to maximize long run profit by maintaining a brand image which is primarily based on staying relevant/current within the rapidly evolving gaming industry.

So they want to be a gaming leader which means they have to innovate, or even better invent (cause invent > innovate aka US > CN WWIII).  They have a cult following based on predominantly aging IP which they need to shift off into newer ventures.  The solution is to reduce the WoW population to a more "long run stable" level (I would guess like 3-5 million "subs" by 2016).  This saves on server/network resources as well as active game development (cause supporting a longterm coast should be relatively cheap).  They keep this "long run stable" WoW as a source of passive revenue stream and reallocate funds to develop something entirely new.  They also use the lower priority WoW maintenance to train entry level staff/devs (like Lore) before they embark on more ambitious and higher-risk/reward projects.

So 2-3 dude/ettes crunched the numbers and decided it was time to begin phasing out WoW.  What will the replacement be?  I have no idea.  Blizzard has been doing some trial runs in different genres but obviously lost the edge when it comes to MOBA.  Hearthstone was free because its a fast way to test the waters and build up feedback.  Overwatch is a refresh of Global Agenda and Firefall - a genre I think was ahead of its time in 2010 but may have come and gone by 2016.  I think they'll have to find the next big genre (requires demographic and gaming trends analysis), couple it with rich IP (they usually succeed here), and then release something extremely polished (old blizz did this but new blizz in a post-2015 gaming world --> not sure if doable).

One thing is for certain, they won't be able to match the success of WoW.  That era is gone.  The world of MMORPGs has advanced and subscription-based gaming in general has declined and is less forgiving.  To properly replace the cash cow that was WoW, you basically need subscription revenue (cause pay-to-play and aesthetic items burn through quickly, and DLC is becoming distasteful).

One thing you can expect is like 2 quickly juked out xpacks for WoW by like 2018.  They won't have a ton of content, but they'll offer just enough new promises to get people xferring/faction chaning and pre-purchashing.  This is the best $$$/conversion rate you can achieve in an end-of-life model where your biggest revenue surge comes from xpack release hype, which they'll milk with smaller more numerous "xpacks", as these purchases start to prioritize over regular subscriptions.

#4412481 so.... what you guys doing

Posted Reliuna on 20 April 2015 - 05:27 PM

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#4409480 Wintrading is back bois

Posted kannetixx on 14 April 2015 - 07:45 AM

if you're boosting or win trading - you should be banned permanently.

#4409198 Q: Anyone else playing other MMO's?

Posted Avengelyne on 13 April 2015 - 07:33 PM

Not MMO's i'm considering but random unrelated post about fighters below.. got an hour to kill at work.

I'm considering getting back into SF4 or trying smash, and will probably make SF5 my main game when it comes out. The cross-play feature they are promising between PC and PS4 has huge potential. Nobody has really pulled it off before.

It has a lot of reasons to actually get good at the game. There aren't many (if any at all) players making 6-7 figure salaries that literally just play 24/7. Arguably the most popular and well known player Daigo, up until Madcatz sponsored him 2014 had a job working at a nursing home 5 days a week.

There are of course sponsored players and those that do make a living, same as WoW streamers, but if you're a beginner in games like League you will probably never reach the top while maintaining an actual job or education. I get why SC2 got huge respect, the inputs per second were insane. I was an MLG coach throughout high-school for Gears, and anybody in any competitive scene ever knows fighters are the most technical, difficult and most respected competitive genre.

My entire rational between considering SF4 over today's Mobas is although Moba's are hugely popular, supported, highly accessible etc., the fundamentals aren't so different from WoW arena. If you have thousands of hours into learning the ins and outs of them that's really all it there is to the game. You aren't going to get recognized if you don't give it all up. What's the point of playing a competitive game without that recognition? Mine as well go play some RPGs or PvE.

Why be a gold, diamond, challenger or whatever the fuck you are when there is a squadron of teenage highschool dropouts getting paid to play it 24/7 that will always be better. The big shitstain part of the whole thing is that there's fucking 6 buttons (really only 4 combat buttons) and it's click to move. The major competitive aspect of Mobas is game knowledge and teamwork. When (and it's when, not if) the next big thing comes round those dropouts will be fucked, and time you put in is effectively wasted.

There was a tournament at my College last month for SF and MVC, 15 minutes from my house. There are local tournaments in Toronto like every other week. Capcom hosts huge tournaments like Blizzcon 4 times per year for different regions, and a world championship series. They also host online tournaments with serious prize pools. That's just capcom. There was a Redbull tournament in Paris with a serious prize pool last month, and there is Evo every year. Capcom supports all of it, and there are NO bots, NO cheating, NO ddosing, NO wintrading, NO pilots. Your success revolves around you getting better at the game and challenging others.

Skills you have there are transferable to other games which is a plus. The genre will never die and has always been around. There is no team synergy, you won't be fucked out of tournaments because you can't find partners, you don't get fucked if your class isn't good this season, etc.

off topic rant below..

It's kind of why I still arena, you can be a R1 player without quing each and every day. You can be a "top player" while it's your hobby. If I ever started another MMO it would be casually. Pouring your life into an MMO is a mistake because they are made to be time sinks, not to be played competitively.

It's a shame really. Blizzard (Activation, actually) has a great game that players clearly care about a lot and love, and the PvP scene could be huge but honestly negligence and empty promises has turned arena to shit. I can only imagine if GCDTV never took off there would literally never be queues (in US). The only way to actually play arena these days is to queue Friday and Saturday night when GCD teams are practicing. Otherwise, you can have some luck between 12pm est and 3am. Usually there are owls that wake up at like 9pm queing then. Hopefully you get lucky enough you don't get alts of alts sniping people with counters. GL, HF. Also, SHIT rewards! Not a single goddamn person liked the S15 mount.

TL;DR: Don't play MMO's competitively unless you want to PvE hardcore or play casually with friends

Play a game like CS or any shooter really besides CoD.

Play a fighter, Smash, SF4, MVC etc..

Don't bother with MOBA's if you want to go big, unless you want to give up everything or be a spec of sand in a desert. They are good for fun and with friends, but just as toxic as korean grindfest MMOs in terms of time sinks.