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In Topic: Unpopular opinions thread

Yesterday, 09:48 PM

I thought the ret and enhance 2 piece PvP nerf was uncalled for.

In Topic: How to deal with Resto+Surv...

24 January 2015 - 10:07 PM

You may want to kill the druid and CC the hunter, or at least interrupt their CC chain.

In Topic: [rDruid] How to survive melee/physical cleaves

24 January 2015 - 10:05 PM

Here are some general tips:

1) Trinket if you have no hots and are stunned at 70% in bear form.
2) Bear form when the rogue switches to you unless he has no kidney shot.
3) Keep faerie fire on rogue. I would even spam it if they are not on you. If they are on you, use faerie fire in bear form.
4) Rotate defensive cooldowns and ask for peels.
5) Use enraged regen in bear form. Also powershift and then travel form away once you have enough distance and can't be stunned.

Hope that helps. You should have excellent peels since you're playing with a warrior and DK.

In Topic: [A] High level warlock returning to the game, LF teammates

24 January 2015 - 09:55 PM

Late reply but I've been trying out resto sham lock and ret. It has worked pretty well and we're floating at 2.1k at the moment. I've seen you post on the forums and your content is usually constructive. If you're interested in trying this comp then feel free to PM me here.

Kind of a scumbag move to ditch my current lock doesn't use a mic for some reason.

In Topic: [A] Multi rank 1/glad players looking for more friends!

24 January 2015 - 09:50 PM

View PostCuddlybunnyz, on 03 January 2015 - 02:57 AM, said:

I have a solid group of high glad/rank 1 people i play with, except most of the time we are looking for other dps classes to play with for 3s purposes!  If you are a shadow priest, DK, lock or warrior we probably want you most of all!  Highly preferred are people from BC and wrath who like to remember the good ol' days :)

Please be around 2200 or so already this season, we are all floating around there messing around, and be fun!


Did you ever play on CAPSLOCKCREW or played with Hafu? I remember coming across you a few times in BC. Good ol' days of 30 yard cyclones and hunter dead zones.