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Gold recovery

11 September 2012 - 08:23 PM

I didn't play for almost 2 years, and activated the 7 free days, to find out I was hacked. Only some Naxramas sets in bank, over 50k stolen. I have no idea when, I'm pretty sure before my license ended I didn't get hacked, and in payment history I can't find any "free 7 days" or any other activity since then. I ticketed GM and he gave me some blkue items with 250g but said he cannot recover all items and gold because the logs are gone. Should I keep ticketing till I get a better informed/kinder game master to give me the gold back the at least (I have a screenshot of not long before I quit with open backpack and gold visible) or is there no chance at all? Also, how could I get hacked? When I was using the "item recovery" option on battle.net, there were only like 15 items, and the date of selling them was right at the time when I activated the account back (or the time I logged in, not sure, but in character selection my toon was already naked.) So how could the scum get on my account while it has apparently been inactive for all the time?