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Bloodline Champions 2 announced!

10 March 2016 - 01:52 AM

As this website spent a lot of time and effort promoting Bloodline Champions back in the day when it was still in closed beta, it seemed only fitting to make a thread about its sequel on here. Promoted as WoW arena, but then without the RNG, many junkies ended up playing the game. In fact, I am convinced most players back in the day found out about the game through this website.

So without any further ado,


"Battlerite is a TEAM ARENA BRAWLER focused on adrenaline-fueled player vs player combat. Short and intense matches, stripped of random elements to optimize the action. Become part of the rite in a battle of reaction. This is vicious “gladiatorial” fighting at its best.

Introducing a wild mix of champions, who each have their set of combo-friendly attacks. There is a character for everyone, whether you are a veteran gamer or a rookie on a rampage. Step up to the challenge and maximise your skills. Predictability leads to punishment, one wrong move and it’s all over."

SIgn up for the beta, and i'll see you all on the other side....

New gameplay trailer released