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With 6.2 around the corner, should we go holy again?

10 May 2015 - 11:29 AM

Looks like damage is going to be so insane we should consider rerolling holy for spirit of redemption. Guardian spirit will help out tons too.

What are your thoughts PTR people?

Are we suffering the worst from the -10% (disc)?

15 March 2015 - 04:46 PM

Seriously most teams we meet now just go full turtle mode knowing that we most likely can't get a kill if they do so, and knowing that we will lose in dampening because I am a Disc.

Once dampening gets high enough these teams turn on the pressure and I can't keep my team up anymore because the heals do so little that I am forced to spam flash heals and either go oom (because Priest is the only class with mana left in a game where everyone else has energy or rage as resource) or my team/myself simply die through unhealable damage.

Are other Disc's experiencing the same issues or is it just me?

They should rework our 4 set bonus to be something usefull

07 March 2015 - 04:30 PM

Any suggestions guys? Perhaps the Cata freedom on shield one, or something completely new?

Cause the current one is just the sorriest excuse of a set bonus I've ever seen in this game. The Priest dev must have been so lazy to come up with something that he decided to nerf painsub with 1 minute and have the set bonus give that 1 minute back.

Painsub should be 2 minutes again baseline and we should get a functional 4 set bonus back.

Meant to post this in the Priest forums sry guys.

For our lvl 100 talent, which should we take?

28 February 2015 - 11:56 AM

Words or Mending or Clarity of Will? I'm leaning towards Words of Mending because the prayer of mending stacks up to 10 times now I believe and obviously its a pick and forget passive. Since Clarity of Will is dispellable it is probably only situational right? I guess it has its purpose in 2s though.

6.1 healer damage buffs shows Blizzard is steering even further away from sanity and mo...

24 January 2015 - 12:21 PM

Healer homogenization, the attempt to make every healer good at everything and part of the reason why healers are so extremely unbalanced right now. When every healer can do everything and have nothing unique left, why would you settle for any other healer than the one with the highest numbers?

The damage buffs for healers are another step towards Holinka's perfect homogenized world fantasy. This gets proven by the fact that the traditionally offensive healer, in times past counting as a 3rd dps, not being included in the buffs. Apparently Priests (And Monks) already do enough damage and the other healers need to be brought up to their level, because unequallity cannot exist in Holinka's mind. This communism of WoW doesn't work just like it doesn't in the real world. Healers (and dps) need to have unique aspects and mechanics which would make you want them for certain comps even if they put out less numbers, or different numbers than an other healer.

Not every healer needs an interupt, not every healer needs CC, not every healer needs an auramastery, not every healer needs a freedom, not every healer needs a blink, not every healer needs dispel magic, not every healer needs to do damage, not every healer needs an instant "whoop I'm safe" ability.

We need to start making healers more unique, rather then homogenize them even further. I don't even know how Blizzard comes up with this. I have never seen an Rshaman or Hpaladin complaining about not doing as much damage as a Disc. Healers should compliment setups and be taken for synergenization, even if that means they are limited to a few comps to be viable. If not, we get the current situation were one healer (rdruid) dominates every single comp because he has everything other healers have + higher numbers. Just like communism in real life doesn't lead to prosperity for all but only for a few elite, in Wow it doesn't lead to all healers being viable, but rather all but one or two being excluded from the game as a whole.