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#4308987 Hunter POM Sheep

Posted Bawn on 20 December 2014 - 01:30 PM

give hunters a mana bar that regens slow as fuck, every trap cost 50% of your mana bar, all your abilities cost mana
to regen mana you need to go in an aspect that make you do no damage

and while we on it just add dead zone back again and remove DKs from the game

#4261858 WoD OP Healing VoDs - including 20min 91% Dampening survivals

Posted ProdeGaming on 11 November 2014 - 09:00 PM

All VoDs are about outhealing the enemy and are some of the most spectacular overpowered Beta(soon to be Live) healings, non healers outhealing 1 and 2 DPSes by themselves.

Every Arena VoD ends by either 20 min time limit(at 91% Dampening) or Win/Draw.(1 exception) Most cases there is little to no attempt made to kill the enemy or win, the intent is outhealing/surviving their dmg.
*Dampening affecting the classes differently is due to the bug of Dampening not reducing % heals. (the % results are according to Skada healing meters)

Destro Warlock (~1% of healing affected by Dampening*)

3v1 - Ret/Mage/Disc http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5477530
2v1 - Ret/UH DK http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5392590
2v1 - MM Hunter/Frost Mage http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5392548
2v1 - Feral/Disc
(from 03:00) http://www.twitch.tv...438185?t=0h3m0s
2v1 - Moonkin/Rogue http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5438124

Ret Paladin (100% of healing affected by Dampening)
2v2's are because Ret healing is most effective/spectacular when healing others

2v2 - Fury/UH DK (teammate healing) http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5438239
2v2 - Destro/RShaman
(teammate healing) http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5407387 (Note: Gladiator Stance Prot Warrior is not a tank in WoD)
2v2 - Fire/Disc (including standing in middle of arena in one place) http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5438466
1v1 - Frost Mage
(ranged outhealing) http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5439561
1v1 - Fire Mage
(ranged outhealing) http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5439601

Some other 1v1 ranged Ret vs Mage
Frost - http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5407579
Frost - http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5439529
Fire - http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5407661

Frost DK (~45% of healing affected by Dampening)

2v1 - Surv Hunter/MW Monk (91% Dampening) http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5439395
2v1 - Rogue/Hpaladin http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5439097
2v1 - SP/Disc
(the only VoD I die in and it's 2v1 at 30% Dampening) http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5439058
1v1 - Ret http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5439016
1v1 - Ret
(stand in one place) http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5439938
1v1 - Hunter http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5439839

Fury Warr (~30% of healing affected by Dampening)

2v1 - Fury/RDruid http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5447456
1v1 - Fury
(for 17min, 91% Dampening) http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5439162
1v1 - FrostDK http://www.twitch.tv/holcel/c/5439233

*Dampening affecting the classes differently is due to Dampening not reducing % heals. (the % results are according to Skada healing meters)

The post been made in relative short time so feel free to tell link errors. I'm not using this twitch account anymore, its purpose was to record Beta balance issues.

#4235713 List of problems that I feel they're either addressing the wrong way or a...

Posted Lolflay on 18 October 2014 - 10:39 AM


- Fear effects right now break on threshold of 1-2 dot ticks, last 6 seconds on max duration and randomly move the feared player around - it was suggested a THOUSAND times to either keep it @ 8 seconds maximum while keeping the player rooted instead of making him run around like a moron, or to design it via glyph. They said a thousand times that Fear moving the player around randomly was the problem, next to it not breaking due to damage - where's the problem of removing the random moving around part, if the damaging part was already fixed ?

- Snares and roots are still a huge problem in the game. They in return create an even larger problem of having to keep retarded abilities in the game that counteract snares ( *cough*BoS*cough* ). Also, both snares and roots are either extremely effective or extremely useless, there's no middle ground. You can either keep the enemy players completely in check with snares/roots and they can't do shit all about it, or enemy players either have way too momentum ( and/or playing classes that easily get rid of them ) where said snares and roots are useless. New hunter auto shot slow being the prime example of polar opposite stupidity compared to BoS

- Instant CC is still in the game. Only displays of proper instant CCs are really AOE fears and RoF that can't be PoM'd. Stormbolt->Frost Trap will still be a fucking thing come WoD. ?!?!?

- Number of extra "trinkets" ( CC breakers ) in the game is still abnormally high. Unbound will, Nimble Brew, Berserker rage, etc. It just creates power creep and it'll continue to create it towards new expansions. Either remove them all or give them all Tremor Totem treatment.

- Rogue

- everyone recieved ability purges, Rogues remained the same for most part

- I partially supported Burst of Speed in MoP, however come WoD I really don't ; explanation below

- Rogues are thriving on level 100 because of the metagame. TBC and Cataclysm were kinda slow for the most part, allowing Rogues to thrive in those metagames because a Rogue with no fear of getting oneshotted is a Rogue that is free to fuck up enemy team completely - contrast to WoTLK where they could get stunned and oneshotted by proper teams, so they had to play very carefully, resulting in the proper way a Rogue should be played

- remove Cheap Shot and Garrote glyphs, they're an overkill

- Nerve Strike is way too powerful on lvl 100

- Feint is too powerful ( although it'll probably get nerfed because of PvE - it's making Rogues the premier ( and really only viable :D ) melee class in first tier of WoD )

- Death Knight

- IBF breaking stuns might be something they've had since they were released, it doesn't mean it shouldn't go

- Conversion as it stands is kind of dumb

- Blood should NEVER be a thing

- Desecrated Ground needs to go

- Monk

- Nimble Brew needs to go in its current incarnation - give it a Tremor Totem treatment or remove it completely

- MWs seem to be way too much mana efficient, Soothing Mist stopped giving Chi but the ability to spam Surging Mist without consequences makes sure they have endless supply of Mana Tea - they're also very strong healers right now in PvE, which will probably warrant a few % healing fixes, so I believe they'll be in a decent spot when it comes to that

- WWs are in a pretty good spot, they didn't deviate too much from their 90 playstyle, but aren't one shot wonders anymore. With added safety of melee classes ( no more oneshots ), they actually have the time to function as a proper melee class now, which is just fine. I'd only look at Surging Mist healing because it seems better than old Orbs.

- Paladin

- Holy : besides WoD having a cast time, they seem fine for the most part. They're not broken ( in fact they're last in PvE parses ), but they're equipped with the tools to deal with melee cleaves which will be prevalent in first season or two

- Ret : seems to do way too much healing, outside of that, damage can get a bit too spikey, however it seems fine

- Warlock

- remove Unbound Will - I've read a suggestion to replace it with Shadowflame, which actually seems pretty decent. ( It might directly contradict the snares&roots paragraph above, but a snare with a cooldown is not actually a problem in this game, only the CDless ones are )

- return Fel Flame or Searing Pain for Affliction

- Fear currently breaks on 1-2 ticks of DOTs, lasts 6 seconds, makes the target flee in random direction. Remove the fleeing part and bump it back to 8 seconds.

- Priest

- Psychic Scream is a talent, lasts 6 seconds, has a cooldown of 45 seconds, breaks when the wind breezes by and randomly displaces the target during the duration of the effect. Return Psychic Scream as a baseline spell, remove the random running around part, keep the 45 second cooldown/6 second duration if need be - give Priests an actual talent tier instead of forcing them to take a spell that has been baseline for their class for past 10 years.

- Mage

- forcing Mages to cast Frostbolts is just fine, they wanted that back anyway, and I fully agree with them on that - however putting all of their damage into novas and prismatic crystal is the dumbest thing ever, it promotes one dimensional playstyle

- Deep Freeze not being a real stun anymore forces Mages to use it on partners instead of the target they're currently focusing - not a real problem for the likes of WMx or RMx, but this effectively stops diversity between Mage comps, and reduces their solo ability by tenfold

- Shaman

- Tremor finally seems to be in a decent spot

- Elemental : does no damage, and they're last in PvE parses on 100 ( I hear that Jaimeretard already rerolled, tells you enough that you need to know about Elementals :) ) - they need a fundamental overhaul of their DPS mechanics, make them challenging enough so baddies ( :) ) can't succeed with them, while keeping them competitive - TL;DR turn them into a real spec/class finally, because every single time they were viable it was because of retarded oneshotting ability

- Enhancement : waaaaay too much healing and survivability, probably take a look at Wolves, outside of that, damage seems fine-ish

- Restoration : seems lackluster on level 100, although they seem really strong currently on level 90.

- Warriors

- seriously, add cast time to Storm Bolt. If CC has range ( and isn't a interrupt/Silence ), it should ALWAYS have a cast time, PERIOD. Shockwave is fine

- waaaaaaay too much damage and survivability, mobility still really really good, MoP all over again

- remove Berserker Rage

- Hunters

- instant freezing trap ? Either make the effect really noticeable while it's flying ( give it a fucking Supernova GFX for all I care, just make it actually seeable with naked eye, it's nigh impossible to notice it on some arenas unless you're using addons to notify you of hunter casting it

- Auto show slows ? Seriously ?

- Druids

- way too good on 100, too much survivability

- they're #1 on PvE parses as Resto afaik, while still healing mostly via instant casts - it sucks seeing shit like Prayer of Mending or Word of Glory casted when Resto Druids can simply do the same effect with instant casts

- Ferals are way too much broken, and need to be fixed. Their uptime together with their damage does not compute at all


I'm sure I've missed quite a few things, however this is all the really glaring issues I've noticed so far.

#3705734 everyone report bug to blizzard

Posted edthelad on 22 May 2012 - 06:15 PM

View PostCtuhlu, on 22 May 2012 - 05:54 PM, said:

people still play?
yes over 10 million people you fucking clown

#3703540 Unholy Frenzy in MoP

Posted Vengeance on 16 May 2012 - 06:18 AM

Official Blizzard Quote:

Also Unholy Frenzy isn't that useful when it's optimal for the class to stack Haste already, plus Fury gets the large Mastery bonus from it being an Enrage.
Hmm, that's not intended. Enrage means an awful lot of warriors for now. It's probably not necessary that Unholy Frenzy needs to be dispelled in PvP anyway so we can just make it not an Enrage.


#3700487 diziet trying to explain the complexities of sponsorship and intellectual theft

Posted hypermode_4274975 on 09 May 2012 - 09:06 AM

Alright, after having read this full thread & something off the mugems thread, while knowing abit about intellectual property I have this to say:

1. It is a perfectly normal habit for companys to look for bussiness avenues that can make them money, if they see a competitor is doing well with a certain non-trademarked service, they will immitate it and try to improve it, that is the most basic foundation of capitalism
2. I have no idea what was in the nao-curse sponsorship agreement, so I (and afaik nobody but the people directly involved) can tell if any promises/contracts were broken. If the contract was based on a tournament to tournament basis (which seems to me the most logical contract), it was curses fair right to not extend the contract, they didn't have any obligations (maybe besides moral ones) to continue the contract. If the contract was a yearly contract & they decided to disband it because muggems alledgedly was involved in arena carries (like, to be fair, most of the people on this site) it was a low blow, but still legal as far as I can see (they don't want to be associated with people willfully breaking contracts with blizzard).
The idea behind a sponsorship usually is trading money for namerecognisciion. In this case, its slightly more complex because curse provided, besides money, also infrastructure, platforms to announce the tournaments (AJ).

3. NAO has no intellectual property WHATSOEVER over holding tournaments, they have taken over the framework used by the russians (prestige-gaming) and they were licenced to do so (judging from comments on the stream & muggems words earlier in this thread).

4. The only party with any intellectual property claims is prestige gaming. They developped the tournament UI (which is a copywritable idea, especially since it was developped by them and non-public) so if the AJ tournament (and thus curse) were to use that user interface, they would be liable for copyright claims (unless prestige-gaming licenses them, just as they have licensed NAO).

5. If you look at this from the ''wow as e-sport'' pov, this tournament is nothing but good, it is bringing wow as an e-sport back to a proffesional (meaning non-player hosted, no matter how good those players did) level. Which means more resources will be spend on it and curse has more places to advertise, which in turn means bigger viewercounts, more money involved & bigger prices for the players.

6. You claim curse ''randomly invited a bunch of teams'' which is exactly what NAO did in the start, it was a tournament-host made decision and I agree with this one. I know all teams on that list, except for the last one listed, because they performed in a NAO tournament.

7. For NAO, it is not sure if this tournament is going to be bad, it might even be good because right now, NAO is a pretty niche organisation with a pretty limited & niche playerbase. Curse has the potential (trough mmo-champion) to interest a whole bunch of new people in the tournament scene, which might then end up on NAO's stream aswell.

8. Your main motives for making this post seem to me mostly because you wern't invited to the AJ tournament, but thats just ad hominem from me

I think I have said everything I have to say here, please feel free to point out any factual errors made by me while writhing this

#3699326 Cata Twilight Drake Pics?

Posted shakeweightx on 07 May 2012 - 02:47 AM

Preview of the MoP glad mount

Posted Image

#3690435 Mugems resigns from NAO

Posted Nmplol on 22 April 2012 - 07:40 AM

View PostDakkrothy, on 19 April 2012 - 01:58 PM, said:

Not being able to boost and earn some extra money as a top pvper is eventually gonna make them quit(inb4 get a real job) unless you're financially overwhelmed. So for the competetive scene - wow boosts and other services is a good thing, IMO.

Whats going to make them quit is how bad the game is. How its the same thing every season. I've noticed most of the people who play are s8-s10 gladiators. Wheres the good legendary rank 1s? Vorrent? Bilian? They quit because the game sucks man. Thats why blizzard is down MILLIONS. The game is going to make them quit, not the fact that they cant make money.

I quit because I hit 2850 s10, mid way though left the team. They reset MMR and leave the kids who sat on the team. My arena partner gets banned for botting. Why in gods name would anyone want to play a game that would reset MMR but keep teams who leveled the first few months? The games bad. Thats why theres hella long ques @ the top, thats why you find full gladiator teams running around in the 2.2k bracket. The bad people are too bad and the good people control the game.

Blizzard tried to cater to the causal player with all the changes they made, like taking off rating requirements for gear. But what that did was made the causal bad player realize, they were 1500 not because of gear, it was because they suck. So they turn to gladiators for sells and it kills the game. Making money has nothing to do with it. Its a bad game. People who have lives or other things to do IRL quit. Those who made this game their life, like you OP, stay and drag on.

Have fun playing with pandas.

#3672734 Mages #1

Posted Kelarm on 28 March 2012 - 06:32 AM

Whining about balance in beta is still useful on some level because if we don't whine blizzard doesn't know what to change and things go live in their original retarded state (jk half the time they do anyway).  Complaining about an indicated design direction like this (improving instant casts even more, especially for mages/ice lance) is easily warranted.

#3649349 The recent R1 Bans - I have no part.

Posted Ctuhlu on 24 February 2012 - 02:57 AM

Re: Glad sellers revitalizing arena participation

Are you fucking kidding me? The Gladiator title, by definition, is supposed to go to the top 0.5% of players in 3v3 and 5v5. The thing is, Glad sells have become so rampant that that number is probably, what, 0.3% now? That might even be generous. The same players are filling the ladder with "Gladiator" teams, reducing the number of unique players that are able to crack that 0.5%.

Sure, maybe glad sells do allow these R1 players to play while not sitting on their rating. So the teams doing sells are playing instead of doing their season-long sit -- but they're just playing against eachother.

The consequence of this is that for normal players, getting into Gladiator range becomes extremely unlikely as the players they have to beat to even get to 2200 are those same R1 players who are now either playing for a low-glad spot just like the normal players are, or are playing for a definitely-safe glad spot which just makes the cutoff that much higher, and that much more inaccessible to the plebes.

These rival/duelist players then proceed to give up on getting Gladiator legitimately since the opponents they would need to beat are the top 0.1% instead of the low end of the 0.5% cutoff. So they pay for these R1 players to get them Gladiator, continuing (and compounding) the cycle.

The R1 players who say that 'sells encourage participation' don't realize that it only encourages THEIR participation. They think the arena ladder is more active only because they aren't sitting on their teams for 6 months like they usually do.

The rivals and duelists and near-gladiators are crucial to the arena ladder 'ecosystem'. You might think they're weak things that can be removed from the food chain with no consequence, but like in nature it just doesn't work that way. The 0.5% system and the ladder in general requires a steady rise in skill the higher you go up the rankings -- but with the abundance of glad selling going on, there is a definite skill gap disrupting the ladder, and it's ruining arena.

#3649033 The recent R1 Bans - I have no part.

Posted sevenxd on 23 February 2012 - 09:33 PM

View PostAyraswag, on 23 February 2012 - 09:24 PM, said:

Sells don't help the game meeting rank 1s at low rating never ever will help the game it will just cause bottlenecks at certain ratings so the top 50 ends up being r1 mains and sells done.
Makes it annoying as fuck when your just chillin on your average warrior then spam que into a team at 2.2-3k which is clearly a boost and are forced to just stop queing or get farmed when you know the owners of that account are 1.8k players.

This isn't really the main problem the cancer of sells produced.

Firstly, this illusion that sells causes the ladder to be more active is one of the dumbest misconceptions around, in fact it does the reverse. People who buy sells...don't then continue to play that team unless it's only a 2.2k sell, which is only ever done in 1 day, Glad/R1 sells sit on that team for the entire season, its those teams that are playing to get whatever their target is Duelist, Glad, Rival etc that makes the ladder active.

This is why TBC and WotLK were far more active than now, when sells were either non-existent (TBC) or far less especially in the earlier seasons (WotLK).

It damages the community, it ruins it for legitimate teams and players from getting Gladiator,teams that work all season to get it - then when you hear about sells and boosts they can get disinterested in Arena and quit altogether.

It means even less players break into the exclusive "0.5%" club, and instead promotes mediocre players up to that level, lowers the quality of players all around.

Basically, if you do sells of any kind you're scum, a cancer on the game who I hope is perm banned away.

I'm reporting every sell team on EU ladders that I can find and if I know the people doing it I'm linking your main accounts as well.

#3647569 Vote to include WoW in WCG 2012 Tournament!

Posted averagepriestz on 21 February 2012 - 11:41 PM

Rozalin it seems like you do not really know alot of the subject. Why do you keep on trying then? The charity will not make any profit, that is why it is called a charity event. In the long right, it might help Athene and co. make money, but the upcoming one is for pure charity, meaning people use time and get payed nothing, got the greater good.

NAO said they were using all their income to pay for the prizes and future tournaments. But what you are missing is the cost of oppertunity. Instead of using 50 hours getting this tournament up, they could have been working or taking care of their education or spending time with their friends. This is what is considering an oppertunity cost. When you do one thing, you exclude the others. Now, if they did decide to work instead (obviously you can't say you want to work exactly 50 hours, now and at this time) you would be able to calculate what the tournament indirectly came to cost. The other things such as studying and social life is a bit harder to put a prize tag on. But I hope you get my point here, that someone is actually not making a profit, but using their own, spare time for free, without being paid.

WoW was never an eSport, regardless of having 1 or 2 teams sponsored for a brief period. It never had the viewers or the large tournaments to back it up. It sure had the playerbase, but not enough people were interested in it. ESL gave pathetic prizes when it was up, and when I played in it I did not even recieve my money. They obviously quickly stopped, since they learned it would never cut it. Same goes for the rest of the tournaments. They tried, some had passion for it, but it just did not earn itself in and people were not willing to travel for the small prizes (such as Dreamhack where I went myself). Many of them also included WoW, due to the fact that they already had another game going on at the same time, so the cost of renting a few extra PC's were probably worth it to see, if they could attract more people.

So yeah, I will go out on a limp here and say that balance has a huge factor in what can make a solid eSport game and what can not. If the game is balanced and everyone can join in on it with minimal effort, it will attract players and a crowd. But due to partially Blizzard and their greed (profit maxing like any other) they wanted people to even pay to join a TR.

eSports brings in money, as you said yourself. But some of them are for the sole purpose of entairtainment, if the losses are not too large. Sometimes losing some money on running a tournament will make you lose profit in the short run, but in the long run when people recall your name on a poster, it will be worth it. A viable strategy is also to take a loss of profit, to make your competitors lose even more market share and hope you can deal with it, better than they can.

I highly doubt that Blizzcon for example earn more than their prizepool of USD 100.000 on WoW, but they do it because they want to show that they do care (talking about the WoW tournament here, obviously, that they set up for Blizzcon only).

#3633491 I whish i can be a retpala <3

Posted averagepriestz on 04 February 2012 - 07:05 AM

I'm going to go ahead and say real issue is WoG still.

Remove plz.

Wings can be worked around like disarm, dispel, STEAL (inc 60K frostbolts), blind, fear bla bla list goes on. Rogues dancing, Mages popping mastery trinket, DKs popping garg, frenzy and pet, Warriors going deadly calm reck, Shamans going Ele mastery proccing mastery (cya 100k fulmination).

Each class has retarded burst that is downright stupid, thats why you HAVE to peel or CC during that.

Problem is WoG with wings, on use trinket and AP buffs doing 120K. Not only is the WoG the sole reason that rets cant be compensated with a slow or some kind of leap/charge/grip. Cause it would simply be too retarded. Our only way of sticking to a target is using Seal of Justice, and that reduces our damage by around 50%.

Besides that, Rets die faster than fucking DKs now days. Sometimes I have to bubble before my sacred shield goes up, because I might end up dying from 30% before it actually procs. Unlike rogues, this only works if u dont get 1 shotted before it procs. The amount of times Ive bubbled to see Sacred Shield proc same time... god.

Also why the fuck do Rets have access to the "if Health % < 35% = WoG +60% Crit" da fuck? WoG would be completly balanced, if speccing Ret actually said "Your Word of Glory can no longer crit".

25.000 offheal doesn't seem too bad.

#3624735 Battle.net World Championship

Posted thrudgel on 25 January 2012 - 05:27 PM

lets face it, california is where all the roleplayers are.
asia is pvp central

#3615404 A Plea to the Twitch Streamers

Posted Ensipid on 16 January 2012 - 11:18 AM

It's pretty short sighted, cus you run so many commercials your viewers are 100 % going to get addblock.

I know I did.