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#4637197 Solo queue?

Posted by Naraga on 26 March 2018 - 01:54 PM

The only thing that's ever going to bring me back are well executed legacy servers.

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#4636938 LL

Posted by Naraga on 30 December 2017 - 08:32 PM

Keeping the board active

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#4636243 PvP Like a Pro

Posted by Naraga on 18 August 2017 - 11:28 AM

“In Legion, it’s quite simple. The most important step is to look up a guide to dealing damage or healing for your class.”


Lmao, how did this make it through the censorship?

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#4631374 Another expansion of LSD

Posted by Naraga on 27 March 2017 - 01:09 PM

people like you are going to complain so much that everything apart from RM gets nerfed and the game is shit. 

Why would that be an issue?


Historically speaking if RMP is good, the season tends to be good.

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#4598701 AJ appreciation thread

Posted by Naraga on 16 August 2016 - 12:14 AM

This thread was more entertaining than I expected.

GJ Rydar & co.
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#4590121 Opinions on Legion

Posted by Naraga on 08 July 2016 - 10:26 AM

They should just cancel legion and release s15 again with some tweaks here and there like removing symbiosis and maybe buffing rets/dks since they wern't the best. Most fun and balanced season I ever played and I know a lot of people that agree

Sometimes I really miss the minus rep button.
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#4588770 Max zoom distance reduced and capped in Legion

Posted by Naraga on 28 June 2016 - 05:33 PM

Questionable argumentation.

Following their logic they should also break every single addon, because there are people that don't know about that specific addon.
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#4586142 So who's playing this Overwatch crap

Posted by Naraga on 02 June 2016 - 02:02 PM

also i think a lot of heroes have depth which isn't obvious or straightforward in their play

there's animation canceling going on and shit

i'll just leave this here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYCWzLpFItY

And then compare that with a frag video of a good Scout player and you realize why overwatch takes no skill.
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#4578096 Legion Gladiator Mount Revealed

Posted by Naraga on 22 April 2016 - 12:48 PM

They aren't really ugly mounts, but they shouldn't be glad mounts. I don't understand what Holinka's issue is with rewarding fcking dragons.
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#4577079 On Pruning, PvP, and Our Goals for Legion

Posted by Naraga on 19 April 2016 - 12:14 PM

How exactly can they write this:
  • Refocusing each spec around their core concepts
  • Reduced reliance on cooldowns, both offensive and defensive

While doing the complete opposite? Classes move even further away from their core concepts, and cooldown reliance is intensified both offensively and defensively in Legion.
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#4574199 Nostalrius is gone.

Posted by Naraga on 07 April 2016 - 04:03 PM

I've considered making a separate thread for this post, but I guess i'll just dump it here so no one can read it.

What we see with Nostalrius is that there is a big customer base that wants to play Vanilla servers. I've read the MMO-Champion thread and it seems a lot of sour virgins are convinced that Nostalrius is a fluke. Its player base is not more than that of one or two high pop realms and its filled with people that only play it because its free. Nostalrius actually proves there is no demand for legacy servers according to them.

This is nonsense of course. It is amazing that an illicit "company" without Blizzard support has managed to attract nearly 1 million account sign ups and has 150k active players. Put an official Blizzard stamp on that, and the amount would double tenfold. Because anything with an official Blizzard stamp will attract hordes of drooling fans. Games like Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch wouldn't have a playerbase if it came from an unknown company. Its the Blizzard tag that makes these games popular, or allows them to survive. I don't know anyone that plays private servers because they are free. Rather, they play them because they want to replay the most amazing game they've ever played. I personally would pay more than the current subscription to play on a legacy server, granted if they do it the right way.

Now we've gotten that out of the way. Lets look at why Blizzard will never release a legacy server. First off: It would be highly profitable to do so. The investment risk is very low, as private servers have proven there is a demand for this service. Even if it ends up not being profitable, it is highly likely the investment sum would be returned and the project could just be terminated again without any real losses. From a company perspective, they'd be crazy not to do this.

However, Blizzard is a huge multinational. These kind of big companies suffer in essence from the same issues as a government does. They become inefficient, incapable of innovating and lose contact with their customer base. They become bureaucratic in essence. This effect gets negated if the original owner/visionair of the company is still at the head of it. Think of a company like Apple when it still had Steve Jobs at its head.

When a company gets too big, the top of it is incapable of being involved with every production process within it. Tasks will be delegated to lead designers, developers, managers, data analysts and so on. These people don't necessarily want the best for the company, but rather the best for themselves. This is an issue all big companies run into. As I said before, this gets negated to some extent if the top of the company still has their hearth in it. If their goal is not to make a profit, but to make amazing games then they can steer the process from the top down just enough to still succeed. If we look at the current board of directors, we see that many of them only signed up in the last few years and that most likely none of them are interested in games whatsoever and most likely don't even play this game. They don't know anything about the games, about what the customer wants, they rely completely on those underneath them for information and just set targets that they want reached.

So what happens now is that all these people that had tasks delegated to them will work for their own advantage, rather than the companies or the games advantage. They will try to put their mark on things so they can put that on their CV for future job prospects, salary raises etc. Subscriber numbers are dropping? Don't worry, we have plenty of data analysts that will show its not because of what we are doing but because the market is saturated, MMMORPG's don't appeal to newer generations of gamers, insert whatever else excuse you want to make up. These people are monkey branching from the get go.

Now we have already seen that releasing legacy servers would be a huge profit maker for the company. But how will this work out for its employees? For the managers, developers, data analysts? If the legacy servers stay small, and make enough of a profit not much would happen. However, these legacy servers are a huge threat to all of them. What happens if these servers start to rival or even overtake the live game in popularity? This isn't a unwarranted fear, it is a very real possibility.

What do you think then, would happen with these managers and developers? They will forever be known within the field as those guys who's improved product is less popular than the 10 year old original product. That would seriously gimp any future job prospects. Who would want to hire these guys? Not even to mention, its a direct threat to their jobs in the first place as higher ups might try to cover themselves and instead put the blame on the ones lower than them. People would get fired over this. And what about the data analysts? Such a thing would show that they were completely wrong on anything and didn't understand what was happening. And then we're not even talking yet about the huge blow to the developers ego it would be, if an outdated game they didn't have anything to do with was more popular than their polished brand new products?

So the safest thing to do for them, is to not run legacy servers. If a company had a will, and that will was just to make a profit. Then of course we'd see legacy servers. But what is best for the company, would turn out horrible for some of its employees. So they need to prevent legacy servers from becoming a thing, ever.

And this also explains why some branches within Blizzard have decided to make this move against Nostalrius. Smaller servers are left alone because these prove the argument that "legacy servers are not in high demand". A server such as Nostalrius is a danger for them, because someone at the top of the food chain whose success is more directly related to the success of the company (such as someone on the board of directors) might take notice of this and start the ball towards legacy servers rolling.......
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#4573137 legion...

Posted by Naraga on 03 April 2016 - 03:42 PM

It's incredible how we've gone from expansion complaints being "blizzard doesn't care about e-sports" and "x is way too strong" to "this is not an MMO anymore" and "my class has 3 buttons" in Legion. I feel like MMOs should accept they're not e-sports and keep the classes complex at the cost of being harder for outsiders & beginners to understand.

Really, the PvP model in WoW has always done best through the POV of an individual player. E.g. Hydra's PVP videos or Pikaboo wrecking kids on stream. The game is not designed for a top-down view of matches.

Blizzard kept adding buttons per-expansion and it probably did get too out of hand for some classes around Cata/MOP, but they've pruned so much that it's just barely more interesting than vanilla combat design.

Vanilla PvP was by far more interesting than WoD PvP.
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#4569279 Bloodline Champions 2 announced!

Posted by Naraga on 10 March 2016 - 01:52 AM

As this website spent a lot of time and effort promoting Bloodline Champions back in the day when it was still in closed beta, it seemed only fitting to make a thread about its sequel on here. Promoted as WoW arena, but then without the RNG, many junkies ended up playing the game. In fact, I am convinced most players back in the day found out about the game through this website.

So without any further ado,



"Battlerite is a TEAM ARENA BRAWLER focused on adrenaline-fueled player vs player combat. Short and intense matches, stripped of random elements to optimize the action. Become part of the rite in a battle of reaction. This is vicious “gladiatorial” fighting at its best.

Introducing a wild mix of champions, who each have their set of combo-friendly attacks. There is a character for everyone, whether you are a veteran gamer or a rookie on a rampage. Step up to the challenge and maximise your skills. Predictability leads to punishment, one wrong move and it’s all over."

SIgn up for the beta, and i'll see you all on the other side....

New gameplay trailer released

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#4564977 Legion Season 1 Gladiator Mount

Posted by Naraga on 12 February 2016 - 11:18 PM

my nigga. They should do some sort of reward how like it used to be. Remember how you would get master riding (310%) after achieving gladiator? They should release a flying mount and award flight in Legion.

But we're talking about blizzard, so this likely wont happen.

Didn't you only have 310% on glad mounts and Ashes of Al`ar?

Those were the days. 280% was the max for the rest of us plebs.
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#4563156 Team Method's Cdew, Snutz, Smexxin win GCD GPL Winter Finals. Drama ensues.

Posted by Naraga on 01 February 2016 - 07:41 PM

Then Method beats out Storm in a 3-2 series which ended up being one of the best series in wow e-sports history.

pls go
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