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In Topic: Protip if you happen to look retarded with new models.

15 October 2014 - 10:00 PM

noticed helmets look a lot bigger now on tauren / orc

almost look like a new born baby trying to keep their head up

In Topic: US WoW Arena Tournament Stream Discussion Thread

06 October 2014 - 05:14 AM

View PostBooked, on 06 October 2014 - 02:33 AM, said:

why do you americans wear such ugly ass blue denim jeans, they were cool years ago,get yourselves some nice fkn chinos and stop being shit.

also, pikaboo playing step is smart, because step is better then burst of speed in a whole lot more situations, BoS is good, and sometimes broken, but step is always going too be better, so fuck off and go follow the metagame and play ur shitty bos u little bitches.

aight thats all I got to say
grats to the winners
whoever they are
hope some new people made it too blizzcon, instead of the same old people.

View PostBooked, on 06 October 2014 - 03:34 AM, said:

you know what, even some fkn iceberg denim would be good

my bro.. calm the fuck down.

In Topic: Improving...

25 September 2014 - 08:28 AM

dont just play the "best comp"

you need to understand it...

understand why its better than the rest
understand why it has way more pros than it has cons

you can easily run in with 2 other people and play a comp that is considered the best but to actually play it to its potential is a whole nother ball game my friend.

understand your class and what suits your playstyle.


18 September 2014 - 12:49 AM

read all 11 pages

still confused as fuck

*throws keyboard / back hands monitor through window"

In Topic: Now that MoP is coming to an end...

14 September 2014 - 07:08 AM

View PostWallirik, on 14 September 2014 - 05:04 AM, said:

MoP and people still don't realize the game is better when pve gear is in arena.

tbc/wotlk/cata so good etc, mop no pve gear - mop worst expansion ever? coincidence??

give me back pve gear to play around with my stats pls

i do miss being able to mess around with pve gear to see what i could come up with and see what others came up with

bauble trinket? never would have thought about that in a million years until i saw people use it on TR just added a bit of fun to the game when you had certain pve items involved - nobody liked legendary-ish weapons in arena except for the person using the legendary-ish weapons / items