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In Topic: Rdruid/Fury in 2s

12 March 2015 - 04:00 PM

My healer and I win about 80%-90% of our games vs rDruid Hunter, I think the biggest difference is that I run with a resto shaman. He does also have a rDruid that we run sometimes but it's a lot harder. I'll go through a few things (from a warrior's point of view) that I do to prep and win the fights.

1.) Before the gates open: I adjust my talents and glyphs accordingly (Warrior). Or as rDruid

2.) After gates open: rDruid stays in stealth, Warrior opens hunter. Don't be afraid to use offensive cooldowns early, the advantage will come when the enemy druid comes out first. If you have to come out before the enemy druid make sure the warrior spams /cast [@arena1] Stormbolt to prevent the clone after you're bashed. He could also mass reflect if you are close enough but make sure he uses it at the last second so that the druid doesn't moonfire then clone. You can try to clone off of the stormbolt but the hutner will most likely lock you, use this time to juke the hunter then bash or bear roar the druid to get the clone afterward. You should be able to force a deterrence if it all goes well, if not the warrior can always focus charge the druid (to interrupt a clone cast w/ warbringer) and sit on him for a little. Basically you just want to put out as much pressure by swapping, doing the most damage output you can and stopping the CC chains, it's a game of cat and mouse. If you guys lose the exchange in the beginning then the warrior will have to stop the cc chain, this can be done by sitting on druid, reflecting traps, stormbolt/warbringer stun to stop casts or even fear. Basically just play as defensive as you can if you lose the exchange until you can turn it around with either damage or cc.

3.) Dampening 50%-60%: This is when the match really starts. Either team can beat the other at any given time just by setting the fight up. The advantage you have is that either target is viable, they can only kill the warrior (this is slightly less true now that every hunter runs BM). The warrior will be kited non-stop by both enemies and you'll just have to play smart. I personally swap targets a lot during this phase and try to work them both down, there is no "good" time to describe in which to swap but just use opportunity. For example: Druid blinks in offensively for a bash -> clone on you, warrior focus charge stops the clone, reflects a trap possibly and can put a lot of pressure on the druid. The opposite example of this would be the warrior on the druid, you see the hunter coming at you slightly, the warrior can swap to the hunter, if he is about to throw a trap the warrior can easily reflect it at that time and save you from the CC chain, doesn't matter if he breaks the trap by being on the hunter, it saves you a trinket.

tldr; Be dynamic in your games, don't just try to follow a "strategy". Arena is all about taking advantage of opportunity and positioning. Don't get caught up in "I have to kill X" or "Should only play defensive until X". Just try to control the flow of the match, if you can't right away then coordinate a way with your team mate that will allow you to gain that control. Allowing the other team to feel like they have control, is often times a form of control (when you can predict their moves, you can counter them).

Hope that was the least bit helpful, too many scenarios to go over in general. Lastly, I found that recording my matches and going back to watch them with my team mate after helped improve our overall gameplay.