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#3533863 shit talking - why?

Posted Donald on 30 October 2011 - 08:50 PM

next time you think about shit talking ppls 'skill', ask yourself a few questions:
- why do i feel like i need to make other ppl look bad at a video game?
- why do i care about calling ppl bad?
- why do i want to make ppl think im good at pixels?
- why am i insecure?
- why am i a virgin?
- do other ppl even care if im good at pixels? or that im calling them bad?
- why cant i play this game for fun?
- why do i think this game is real life?

its just a waste of time. when normal ppl lose to a team, their first instinct is not to say "wow they are so bad." e-grudges are probly the most pathetic thing. you dont know a thing about the person youre talking about and youre going to be cynical about them because you played them in a video game? if anything you should try to play with them to get better.

grow up. be positive. have fun with this hobby. this is not real life.