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Have some fun why not ?

21 January 2015 - 11:09 PM

Just posting this because many doesn't seem to be using it enough , right now as we know items scale to 590 in 90-99 BGs & Skirmishes . Retarded old school items scale too and their proc scales too.

I am talking about blues / epics with retarded procs like

Dark Iron Pulverizer   Chance on hit: Stuns target for 8 sec.  low proc

Dazzling Longsword Chance on hit: Decrease the armor of the target by 952 for 30 sec.  While affected, the target cannot stealth or turn invisible. procs alot

Bloodrazor  Chance on hit: Wounds the target causing them to bleed for 1000 damage over 30 sec. procs alot

Those are the ones i found in front of me , I am sure i am forgetting a lot more retarded  items . Feel free to post yours. It is super fun leveling with in bgs / skirmishes with items like those.


Malown's Slam  Chance on hit: Knocks target silly for 2 sec and increases Strength by 50 for 30 sec.  
( No DR procs ALOT )

Earthshaker Chance on hit: Knocks down all nearby enemies for 3 sec.   ( No DR procs ALOT  but i haven't tested this one )

Pendulum of Doom  Chance on hit: Delivers a fatal wound for xx damage.   ( Speed 3.90 Slowest weapon in the game i believe )

Ravager  Chance on hit: You attack all nearby enemies for 9 sec causing weapon damage plus an additional x every 3 sec.  ( 2x these and you have bladestorm 24/7 on fury , the item is from old SM removed from the game atm )

Conquest gear

08 December 2014 - 11:32 PM

So we weren't happy about having to do RBG for conquest gear ,
Now we have to

Do Ashran daily for the chest for a chance to get conquest gear
Lvl up  Garrison &  Gladiator 's sanctum to do coliseum  for a chance to get conquest gear
Do RBG  for a chance to get conquest gear
Farm Rep to get Versatility gear

I think blizzard should spend more time on doing useful stuff for pvp like maybe reducing the dmg instead of dying in a stun for most classes & balancing healing accordingly .

wow right now

29 November 2014 - 08:47 AM

I am coming back to the game & was wondering what class to play. What classes are bad / OK / good / op right now. I have been to beta and it seems prot warriors & dks were too strong same as feral before it got nerfed. Rogue & mages were OK. Sp were byfar the best casters. is it still the same like this

Conquest gear requires Ashran rep

14 October 2014 - 01:29 PM

Now you need to be revered with Ashran factions to buy conquest gear, Just incase you didn't know , you will need to grind rep for pvp gear ^.^



6.0.2 Last Minute Hot Fix

14 October 2014 - 12:12 PM

Death Knight
Obliterate damage increased by 8%.
Scourge Strike, Death Coil, and Festering Strike damage reduced by 5%.
Blood Boil and Death Strike damage increased by 20%.

Lacerate, Mangle, Maul, and Pulverize damage increased by 5%.

Black Arrow, Explosive Shot, and Serpent Sting damage increased by 12%.

Arcane Blast, Arcane Barrage, and Arcane Missiles damage reduced by 5%.
Supernova damage reduced by 15%.
Fireball, Frostfire Bolt, Inferno Blast, Pyroblast, Frostbolt, Ice Lance, Frozen Orb, Waterbolt, and Water Jet damage increased by 5%.

Rising Sun Kick and Fists of Fury damage increased by 10%.
Chi Explosion (Brewmaster) damage reduced by 30%.

Avenger’s Shield, Consecration, Holy Wrath, and Shield of the Righteous damage increased by

Mind Blast, Mind Spike, and Mind Flay damage increased by 10%.

Chain Lightning mana cost reduced by 43%.

Assassin’s Resolve now increases damage by 10% (down from 15%).
Ambush and Backstab damage increased by 13%.

Agony and Unstable Affliction damage reduced by 10%.

Raging Blow damage reduced by 10%.
Wild Strike damage reduced by 8%.
Devastate, Revenge, and Shield Slam damage increased by 5%.

Buffing dk dmg which is already the strongest dps / best survivability on beta ??????
Nerfing afflication dmg which is roughly the worst class on beta together with frost mage????