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#4392616 Correct me if im wrong

Posted Wckedz on 25 February 2015 - 04:37 PM

View PostDysxliec, on 25 February 2015 - 03:56 PM, said:

this patch seems pretty good so far?

what the fuck game are you playing LOL

#4392242 Anyone that has gone Horde > Alliance - worth it?

Posted Whiskee on 24 February 2015 - 08:42 PM

It's A LOT easier yes, but if you do also make sure to transfer to a big realm like Outland, Ravencrest, Sylvanas because trade chat is still the best way to find stable teammates... too many lying/boosted impatient assholes on the premade finder.

Nobody wants a priest anyway but that's another story.

#4390900 favourite wow movies?

Posted Adden on 21 February 2015 - 03:46 PM

#4390216 how come

Posted Breadstick on 20 February 2015 - 02:48 AM

bailamos and rbgs are just both irrelevant i guess

#4389114 Why Do Warlocks Get Rewarded For Being Kicked?

Posted Melbyz on 17 February 2015 - 05:08 PM

View PostGlink, on 17 February 2015 - 05:13 AM, said:

Just wondering why I'm punished for kicking a warlock cast, you know, the only way to slow their damage, by giving the warlock a free shard?

So is it better no never kick or only good to kick haunts otherwise you end up fucking yourself or what?

If you miss the kick you could always trap them, then trap them again, then knock them into a binding shot, or feign death.

PS you suck.

#4389914 Meanwhile at blizzard HQ...

Posted Sosseri on 19 February 2015 - 11:41 AM


#4389822 Meanwhile at blizzard HQ...

Posted Knaittiz on 19 February 2015 - 07:03 AM

this game is getting really fucking weird

#4388482 Scumbag Teammates with No morals

Posted Nicholaes92 on 16 February 2015 - 05:26 PM

Nerds have no morals if I were you I would delete this post, wait for them to ask you for another favor, and then if they have you play again just /dance when the doors open. Yeehhhhh

#4387902 Sapping in combat

Posted Knaittiz on 15 February 2015 - 03:59 PM

View Postjaimex, on 15 February 2015 - 12:47 PM, said:

to clarify, you can sap night elf druids halfway through a regrowth cast (apparently)
so like never? (coz they never cast anything) :DDD :PPP

#4387402 RBG Tournament LOL

Posted hypermode_4274975 on 14 February 2015 - 03:45 PM

View PostThaya, on 14 February 2015 - 03:33 PM, said:

still funny as fuck but the people who did this are literally vaginas

how did you ever get moderator lol

#4387396 RBG Tournament LOL

Posted Thaya on 14 February 2015 - 03:33 PM

imagine going through the process of organizing an entire tournament

and then when you pit the two best teams together for an opener showmatch, they just ddos each other like its a normal element of gameplay and march towards victory

this is so embarrassing

#4387220 ROFL Ironbark back to 30 sec cd.

Posted Knaittiz on 14 February 2015 - 07:52 AM

View PostArteqt, on 14 February 2015 - 07:48 AM, said:

Don't get me wrong I didn't say "THEY SHOULDN'T NERF US HURR DURR". Just saying RMD, DK+Rogue can kill R.Druids in 1 stun+silence easily now.
yep, just like any other healer.

#4372994 RBG Tournament: Battle of the Atlantic Worlds Reveal Show

Posted Datacuss on 27 January 2015 - 02:43 AM

Should be the most exciting tournament in WoW history. No dampening.


Posted panooc on 13 February 2015 - 05:02 AM

i really hope you never become a dev

#4386056 Bow down to your 6.1 overlords (mages)

Posted Zzx on 12 February 2015 - 12:47 PM

Where's dizzeyo? Can't wait for him to get here and tell me how balanced this is