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#4636572 Any Servers Worth Playing?

Posted by zenton on 26 September 2017 - 08:00 AM

Warmane WOTLK has a decent community and playerbase, although not that big*.


They launched a Cata server too, which is also pretty much dead.* I am not aware of any other well scripted and/or populated Cata server.


As for MoP, pandaWoW was hiped for time, not sure how it is now. There is a Hungarian MoP server, in fact one of the oldest private servers still running since vanilla: Tauri. Mostly populated by Hungarians, but it's well scripted and has a big playerbase - there is even a twink community (have a lvl 69 twink mage since TBC there).



Warmane is btw hugely responsible for it. The ruined both arena-tournament AND Molten-WoW (the former was the greatest arena/bg server of all time and the latter was a really decent Cata server). Sure, they launched the progressive WOTLK Loarderon, but that's too little gain for the losses.

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#4636499 PvP related changes that Blizzard could easily implement

Posted by zenton on 11 September 2017 - 01:09 PM

so yea I'm glad I can play some games with people I enjoy playin with from time to time rather then playing dota on EUWEST with 4 russians


So if you don't have people to enjoy playing with, then too bad, you are basically screwed? Also how would soloQ affect your particular team? If they would instantly leave they might not enjoy playing together as much as you think.


To probe this thought further:



Normally the only thing holding them back from leaving so soon was the fact that they don't want to be stuck in lfg. Plus whose to say they would even want to q with you? If they are 1900 in solo q why the fuck are they going to want to start fighting premades at 0 rating.


Don't you find it very telling, that joining LFG is the only thing holding back ppl from leaving their team? Isn't this maybe yet another evidence for LFG being utterly bad?

SoloQ would be not to fix the "game", but to fix a fixable issue: playing the game instead of constant search and hope that this time, you could get people to play through losses. It would simply neglect the biased and fallible human judgement based on -most of the time- unverifiable achievements/ratings and would drop you directly into the arena.


Answering your question ("Plus whose to say they would even want to q with you?"): maybe they would if that's the only way to get glad titles/mounts? 

No pver is going to think "OH BOY SOLO Q IM GOING TO ARENA NOW ALL THE TIME".


No, probably not. But at least some of them could join and play the game on occasion and maybe -who knows?- get lucky, find people to play with. Maybe not, but it's a better bet than LFG.



One last note: 


I think no one argues that soloQ would suddenly fix the game and the deep issues with it (and it would definitely not bring back Mending and baseline SW:D to disc  :mad: ). It could however offer a chance to play competitively for people without the EU top50 on friend list and without 5 hours of play/day. Not just pvers but in fact many old pvpers. 

I just don't see how could you not understand this and how would soloQ ruin your gaming experience or steal your titles/team members.

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#4636236 Disc improvement without crazy changes

Posted by zenton on 15 August 2017 - 08:35 AM

How can people ask for more prune ... :mad:


How does a reduced Stun duration equal to prune?  :huh:


On the other had, what they really should do (and this is no new idea) is grant interrupt protection/reduction if you successfully fake an interrupt.  Reward skillful play. F.e. a pvp talent, "if an interrupt lands at you while not casting, the effect of all incoming Interrupts is reduced by 75% for 3 sec" - might be considerable to give it for all casters/healers.

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#4609615 Everything wrong with priests in Legion (Rant/Facts)

Posted by zenton on 07 October 2016 - 09:20 AM

Although stated in other threads as well, I agree with most of you say.


Disc itself isn't particularly weak (yet you can check ladders for how many are in top), but certainly has issues, thinking foremost on the fact that you rely on your teammates MUCH more than before - if you are carried by an assa who has a little brain to maximize pve dmg and a mage who doesn't mess up with poly, than you barely have to heal, but if not, then you can spam Shadow Mend all day and still watch your teammates drop. 


This is a significant drop in skillcap.


On top of all that, it is definitely not fun. Anyway, if I may reflect on the points you made:


1.) I have no real idea what to do with our damage in current iteration of Atonement. More below.


2.) Disc was unique because of the shield(s). It should be meaningful. Now I understand that it was nerfed in Legion because you could shield up the entire raid and cast nothing else, so my solution would be:

Buff shields, give them some dispel protection, give them 3 charges and bring back weakened soul. Maybe all of this via a talent..


3.) Instant Prayer of Mending. Definitely. A well designed, iconic spell. Non-understandable why they removed it. I would also love to see Binding Heal's return but that's not gonna happen.


4.) More at atonement.


5.) Agree, mostly uninteresting/straightforward talents. SW:Death, Penance heal and maybe Grace should be baseline.


6.) In pvp environment, I think Atonement should be changed to give X% dmg reduction instead of heal (and maybe provide a dispel protection for Shield).  This way, you could freely buff back Shields, give Prayer of Mending (via pvp talents) and maybe buff basic heal done (not required if shields would be a thing). So basically you can deal damage if you maintain the momentum and it still has some "benefits" but are not exclusively forced to spam Shadow Mending (+ Penance) if you start to take pressure/fall behind.


Just some thought for food..




I would really like to say this to all of you, who comes up with the awesome and thoughtful advise of "deal more damage, play with a rogue mage" - is this really all you can contribute? Is this REALLY what this site became of? Pissed of and biased people flood any attempt for constructive discussion because they cannot see over the flaws of ONE particular comp (RMP)? 


Screw you, really. Go play zoocleave with druid, make them to blow up a healer and stop complaining about dispels. Play shadowcleave if you want to be successful with a warlock... See? Did this solve anything? Whats the point to come here and literally shit on every argument, instead of refuting them? Instead identifying the core of the problem and work out a solution? Its ok not to agree with some of the points stated to above. But I don't care how high rated or pro or "well-known-internet-celebrity" you are, if you have nothing to contribute, but your useless "advises" than please, don't even post. But I guess you guys don't even bother to READ and follow a discussion. You did your shit, time to move on to the next thread and insult someone/something else.


And this is totally independent of me playing priest or you playing enhance. It's about making this game better or only caring about how fast and easily you can get your rating and sit on it the rest of the season. Aren't we doing this for fun? For an express of skill, dedication and passion? Or all that matter is how you can /spit on that fucking RMP? Do you want to make the game better for EVERYONE, for your class, for classes you never played, make it better in respect of the game itself or you only care about how can you slap your e-dick in others faces?


And you people wonder why Blizzard makes bad decisions. Just imagine a dev reading this thread.

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#4608838 Please share me your disc experience

Posted by zenton on 03 October 2016 - 12:18 PM

If you want healing power, don'the rely on mastery/atonement. This is just a bonus "hot" for your team while you get offensive. Stack crit/haste...


Unless you mean talents and traits, this is actually false. You have set secondary stats in instanced pvp. The only thing that is relevant from your gear is the item lvl.


On the original post - try to control the pace for the fight and not fall behind and make your . You basically lost all your "scariness" if you have to spam Shadowmend/Penance.

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#4604272 Current state of mages

Posted by zenton on 13 September 2016 - 03:11 PM

deep freeze removal was never explained, the spell was pruned from the very first alpha build

remove curse was justified when they remove it + resurrect from all non healer specs as "this is something that only fits the class fantasy of healers" - they then restored remove curse to everything that had it before apart from mages, but gave no reason why

Deep Freeze removal is the perfect example what happens when Blizzard listens to toxic nerds like 80% of this site, who has no understanding of the game or are just simply raged by their own bias and deny to think out of the box just a little bit.

Deep Freeze was never the issue, but it was so much easier to go and shout at it through whole of WOD - to just rage and throw fallacies at the others, rather than identifying the problem (mage-druid synergy, double Ice Nova, Blazing Speed - or now in Legion, Kleptomania, Shimmer and non-cd Dragon's breath and so on) and find a good solution.

Half of the time it's not even Blizzard who comes up with stupid ideas - they just listen the community..
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#4589101 [EU] Mage Legion Changes Feedback

Posted by zenton on 30 June 2016 - 05:31 PM

Well said but unfortunately I don't believe anything will happen.

Maybe they give back a nerfed Deep Freeze in the middle of the 2nd season...
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#4562169 Akrios Farewell - remark

Posted by zenton on 27 January 2016 - 01:49 AM

Ok so was playing some rogue games on live and then on AT (Warmane LOL). And I just remembered how things was and watched Eviscerate Arenas 5 like the 200th times. It also came to me as I saw Flaw's video containing the first clip from Akrios like in 5 years.

To get a point for this I just felt I have to post Akrios's last entry he made on roguerogue.com. I simply never read anything else more true about this gaming and with Legion TM coming up I felt it's maybe time to post it again - for those, who read and remember it, who didn't know about it/didn't play by the time - and mostly, for anyone with a critic thinking and desire of understanding of higher patterns in our world - not even talking about the game itself.

And, should you be a person who would rather troll on this or send me to wherever, I say w/e. You just make up the points made by Akrios and anyway.. there are so many useless, trash and forgotten-in-a-week topics that it doesn't matter anyway.

Sorry guys, I'm fcking drunk.

So here it is, the farewell from Akrios. Time you peeps remember it and it's still fcking true (heh and tournament realms aren't even up/announced anymore). Also don't forget to check out this:

posted by Akrios on July 25th, 2010
Let me preface this by apologizing for not posting sooner. I’m also sorry if the following isn’t something you’re interested in, but it’s just my personal thoughts and feelings summing up my experiences revolving around the game. Some of this is from an article I drafted but never posted a few months ago. I haven’t been posting any of the comments that you might find in some of the articles under my name.

What am I doing now?

So as most of you have probably assumed, I’m essentially finished with the game, and have been for a while now. I never “quit”, which I always found ridiculous for people to say. Quitting makes it sound like an addiction. I played because I enjoyed playing, and I gradually lost interest. Since about last summer, I began playing more and more casually until I simply didn’t log on at all.

There’s a lot of reasons for this. Personally, I’m kind of moving on in life from wanting to sink a lot of time into gaming, my interests have just gradually changed.The game itself has also changed and become undeniably worse than it was in the past, both from a raw gameplay and game experience standpoint and from a community standpoint (I’ll detail my thoughts on this below).

The Decline of the WoW Community and its Understanding of PvP

When I refer to this, I’m not just talking about numbers, but about attitude. Maybe I personally changed, but over the course of this expansion I felt I witnessed a really decaying community that both didn’t understand what used to make this game good, and didn’t really help make the game more fun. What really made the game for me was the people I interacted with, and this had become abysmal.

One of the things that made me realize how much the pvp community specifically had changed was the reception I saw when Drakedog 9 was released.

Here’s my take on that video. The editing was incredible, first and foremost, from Vurtne. You can tell a lot of time and effort went into it and it shows. The video looks and feels beautiful, even if you forget the PvP content itself. It flows extremely well. It’s not the best editing I’ve ever seen but it’s comparable to the highest caliber of PvP video editing.

The content itself is world PvP. Having made a world PvP video in this expansion, I know how tremendously hard it is to find content, but Drakedog did, and having managed to do so is really a testament to him wanting to make the best product. Arena clips are vastly easier to procure, with some effort a solid arena video can be finished in a month; a mediocre one in a week; an unedited one in a few days. The content itself was solid, exciting 1vn that demonstrates control.

What was the reaction of most? People hating on world PvP. Really? What the [email protected]#$? You may say that this is just one video and you can’t base your views of the whole community on just one example, but what this critique leads me to is a deeper understanding that a large percentage of WoW’s current player base has no %^-*ing idea what this game was and why it was so good. That epic PvP encounter in the roaming world, a random battle behind some mystifying scenery that will only happen once, where the only reward is pride. World PvP is WoW as a game, as a memorable experience. And THIS was one of people’s biggest complaints about the video. Players who have no idea what world PvP, is who would prefer a scripted arena match that can be decided before the gates open. I love(d) arena but it can NEVER be seen in the same light as world PvP to me. It’s just not the same experience and 99 percent of the time doesn’t even come close.

Things used to be much different. I felt like I was gearing my character and spending the time and practicing to become better so that I could kick [email protected]# when that moment came, whether in dueling or in world PvP or even in Arena.

But at this point in WoW? People blindly accept that arena is synonamous with PvP and Skill, and they are happy to sit idling in Dalaran until their partners log on, and are willing to call this a game. You can blame Blizzard all you want for ruining wow, but the community let it happen and gradually accepted it, and what hope is there for the game to improve when the community doesn’t even know what the problem is.

A lot of players who never played before WOTLK have no understanding of this game or its potential depth. They are told that 3v3 arena is all that matters in understanding skill and they follow this idea pretty blindly.

This all leads me down another path of thought. People talking about skill who have no $%^-ing idea what skill is or what they are talking about.

This isn’t really a new trend but it’s one that has expanded greatly. You have this entire segment of the player base that only see this game through arena and arena ratings and gear scores. A lot of these players are elitists, and they don’t even know why. A big reason is that they emulate what they see from peers I suppose. These are the players that base skill entirely on meaningless arena rating. Not on reaction time, timing, control, movement, consistency, coordination, but arena rating.

So here’s a quick explanation of top level arena in WoW and how it relates to skill, because I think a lot of people don’t understand this. Skill is not the major factor in success in WoW arena. It may have been in BC, or even earlier in WOTLK, but as the expansion has progressed, what determines your success in arena is moreso the following factors:

What Comp Do you Play? What class do you play? What Spec do you Play?

Since the inception of arena, this has always been true to a certain degree, but in the past (TBC) skilled players could overcome the fact they were playing a weaker comp or spec or even class in arena. Today? Look at the trends of beast cleave or wizard cleaves. Want to succeed as a rogue? Make an RLS. I played RLS early this season for less than a week and barely knowing the comp got 2750+ mmr with cirranis who clicks out of his spellbook and shoewhistle, an alt warlock. I exaggerate because they are both competent players, but the key is certainly the comp. I’m fairly certain I could play with any competent RLS and succeed at the moment. I think any two decent healers and a warrior can achieve ratings for the same reasons that DK/Pally dominated 2s early in the expansion.

Is skill a factor? Yes, but what’s much more important than that is the people you play with and the classes you play with. Which brings me to my next point in this rant.

The Other Big Factor in Success in Arena is Who you Know in WoW and Who you Play with

You know what’s more important than skill in this game? Playing with the most well connected players and socially networking with them. When I was looking around to get sponsored in the past, I got a first hand look at what it took. Step one is be friends with other people who are sponsored. If you are not, you will almost certainly not succeed. That’s it. If you aren’t good friends with the handful of sponsored players, don’t expect to do anything unless you can qualify for that once a year tournament realm, and can find the right comp and committed players for it which can be almost impossible.

Look at the example of EG tryouts last year. Myself, perplexity, scythe, and litreacola were all passed up in recruitment in favor of a rogue named smatin. Not even speaking for myself, but smatin was a pile of *[email protected]# compared to any of the other rogues I mentioned, but since he was friends with tenderloin (eg’s shaman at the time to replace kollectiv), he was selected.

That’s just a single example, but I’m sure many players trying to break into top pvp can attest that who you know is much more important than how well you play. You can argue that WoW is an MMO and social aspects are part of this, but I still think that skill should be the most important factor in your success in arena. Unforunately, it is far from it. This is one of the big reasons I no longer care about WoW, because I don’t want to spend time wandering around guilds and ventrilos trying to find a good resto shaman just to succeed.

Some Final Thoughts

Now don’t let the above rant fool you, most of that was written in frustration a few months ago. The game obviously wasn’t all bad. As lame as this may sound, I learned a lot about people and life and had countless amounts of fun playing on and off over the years. At its best WoW was an engrossing experience and I feel like it had a lot to offer.

I probably had the most fun in this game making videos, it was a unique experience and it let me be creative. I made them because I enjoyed making them, BUT I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE FOR THEIR SUPPORT! I’ve had a ton of support both with videos and this site over the years, and I hope that I’ve been of some help and offered you some entertainment along the way.

Although I’ve always tried to keep my personal life separate from gaming, I will mention that things are going really well for me. I never felt that WoW stopped me from having a social life and that this was just a myth because so many gamers are social disasters, but it was a time investment and it did affect my lifestyle. Since I moved away from playing over this past year I’ve been going to the gym 4-5 times a week, done better in academics, smoked a lot less weed (although you might argue this isn’t a good thing), and I’ve gone from meaningless one nighters to more meaningful things. On the off chance you care, life is good.

So thanks for the support along the way, and helping to make my personal experience with the game more than it would have been. I don’t know what I’ll be doing next in terms of gaming, or if I’ll ever come back, I may continue to update the site intermittently regardless.

Thank you and good luck.
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#4558023 Not liking DfA

Posted by zenton on 30 December 2015 - 01:42 PM

Pls don't call the spec "sin".

Muti or Assa.
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#4558020 DP comp suggestions

Posted by zenton on 30 December 2015 - 01:34 PM

Thing is, current meta is all about:
1.) spellcleave - like shatter
2.) cc "cleaves" - like RMD
3.) zerg comps - like turbo

Disc, simply as the spec works (and worked) finds it's place hard in this new meta. We certainly have our place but old sinergies changed, some disappeared completely, some new arose.

As for RMP, since the comp turned into a cc-90%-the-time-and-then-burst-in-2-globals comp a resto druid fits in much better than Disc. Your partners have to be really on the top to make it work in higher ratings.
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#4556826 Legion Rogue Preview

Posted by zenton on 22 December 2015 - 03:52 PM

And to be honest, that's outrageous. Like justifying almost all idiotic changes they made.

Now look at this. Just look:
Thuggee Talent Requires Rogue (Assassination)
Requires level 75 Each time you deal Bleed damage, you have a 15% chance to reset the cooldown on Garrote, but Garrote's silence now lasts only 1 sec.

Also Garrote will have a 15 sec CD baseline.

And Hemmorrhage for Assa.

They literally are shitting on this class. First ruining whatever remained of Sub now Assa. WoW. So the class is essentially losing almost all skill level and almost every fckin situational ability is either removed or turned into a fckin pve rotation ability. Congratulations. But hey, you can run around like a retard and shoot with pistoles right?

I'm sorry for this mood but I simply can't find any other words to say. Like if you think that it can't get any worse after cata vanish, bos, and all the shit since then they manage to do and people like it. My two rogues aren't even 100 and after this I doubt they will ever reach it. Each day passing I feel that Akrios, Unmercey, Krymu, Neilyo and all the others was right to quit the class (or in their case, the game) way before.
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#4554996 Legion Druid Preview

Posted by zenton on 17 December 2015 - 09:33 AM

It is literally offending, them saying "restoring spec identity and giving meaningful choices, diversity" when in reality, they just make us to choose from ALREADY existing, ingame features/skills/talents - with some of them, like cyclone being around for like 8 years. And this fact is independent of whether said talent is balanced/fun or not (like rake stun).

It's just simply outrageous that they want to sell cheap ability pruning as "Interesting" or whatever shit they are posting between new animation and pet battle threads.
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#4540668 Legion Rogue Preview

Posted by zenton on 17 November 2015 - 09:28 PM

"and nobody feels really powerful when they get opened on by a Rogue with full CDs."

Yet in old times, one had much more options to counter a rogue play. And vica versa. That was the beauty in it, to perfect your play. People just didn't understand the class and it's deep mechanics and tricks. It was all about decisions, realy. Your only "rotation" was your main combo builder (SS/Muti/Hemo)+basic finisher (Eviscerate) and the whole rest was all about situational adaptation; the openers, the follow-up, the finishers, vanishing, everything.

But enough of nostalgy this ship has been long sailed away.
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#4539855 Legion Rogue Preview

Posted by zenton on 16 November 2015 - 02:58 PM

It's very sad to admit, but this class is indeed dying since 4.0.

What happened to vanishing stuff? Max range garrote. Deadzone dance. Energy pool. Situational Finishing Moves. Once one of the most skillcapped and fun class (if not THE) and now ever since the end of s8 they are slowly but steadily chipping the way everything from what was to be a rogue.
And these changes they're making with legion..

Neilyo, Akrios, Unmercey, Acrono or just any decent rogue who played the class in it's shining days are indeed rolling in their graves.

edit: cata pre-patch was actually 4.0
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#4415427 Can anticipation compete with MfD?

Posted by zenton on 26 April 2015 - 11:12 PM

Sub would definitely be the spec to use it as it's where you're most prone to have "wasted" combo points and fastest overall generation, not to mention for keeping damage up 1 FoK is anywhere from 2-5 CP depending on the matchup and positioning.

If you're energy tapped trying to keep up rutpure/SnD then you're probably trying to mash hemo/BS too much on every global (especially if you don't have FW or a potential kill going). I might try this the next time I q sub...

I have to disagree. Sub's most advantage comes from being able to throw out immense cc, fast swaps, and off-stuns, like Shadowstep-Kidney. On top of these, you need to maintain SnD and Rupture. This means many many CPs and MFD is in short a free 5 cp every minute. Anticipation simply cannot compete with MFD in current Sub-meta play. Maybe Mutilate if it would have more energy regen (or not tied to Rupture).
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